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What the fuck?

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I read this over this semester and it was one of the most magical and musical experiences of my life

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Do you faggots not Google books before you read them or after you get confused, instead of just sprinting straight here to make low-effort posts which are exactly like several thousand others in the archive?

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>lol quirky response
go back to r*ddit

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don't talk shit faggot.

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Ooooo sorry faggot I didn’t know it upset you so much

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>>lol quirky response
>go back to r*ddit

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It's ok friend. If you like moderating peoples responses so much you should check out a cool website my girlfriend uses called Redd*t dot com.

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you both go back too

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Trying to tell people what they should and shouldn't post and where is the most R*ddit thing of all. You have become what you hate.

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"Ratatattat, I'm a real nigga like that." - Jamie Joyce

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I'm not saying don't post it. By all means post it, retardation is good entertainment

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Finnegan wake
Finnigan is awake

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>you both go back too

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I like this so much I wish I could upvote it.

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William Guppy said trying to read this is a waste of time. Disregard.

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>creeked a jest

>oi m8 u creekin a jest


I literally just read all of those words out loud and it's some wild shit.

someone dare me to record it and put it on vocaroo.

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fuck you punk hypocrite, if I hadn't been here you'd be doing the same thing as me. 4chan and reddit are cesspools

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cringe but do it

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>fuck you punk hypocrite, if I hadn't been here you'd be doing the same thing as me. 4chan and reddit are cesspools

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am I wrong

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>am I wrong

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