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>Here, for example, is a truth to be shouted from the rooftops: any man who surprises his own lover or the mother of his children in the arms of a seducer must kill them both. The dilemma is, in fact, quite simple: if the man who is betrayed were to respect the life of his adversary, he would no longer respect his own. By not killing, he would increase his own reasons for dying. In Sicily, a land that is fortunately rich in violence, though for all that no less civilized, adultery is extremely rare, precisely because the custom of the personal vendetta is prevalent.

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>In Sicily, a land that is fortunately rich in violence, though for all that no less civilized

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based Sicilian monkey men

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>tfw your banging thicc qt Sicilian phenomenologist TA rejected your friend request and sent you an awkward email about it

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man sicily is a fucking shithole

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(pic related marinetti explaining why hes black)

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Marinetti was a tard

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Does Sicily have more or less niggers than the rest of Italy?

The natives excluded of course.

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kys tranny

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holy.. based...

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a based retard

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