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I want to share something I learned while reading Camus that had some practical value in my life, especially if you're a very neurotic, logical guy (like me). It might be a brainlet argument, but it worked for me so I guess there is some value in it.

Basically I tend to analyse fears and anxieties into oblivion, always grasping for answers as into why I feel the way I feel, even when I realize the problem lies in the emotional part of my brain, my logic always hijacks any emotional solution and I go back to the same problem. So at one point I thought to myself "Okay I need to find a logical solution to an emotional problem before I jump to resolve it emotionally, which is where it needs to be resolved". The problem is there is no solution logically to fear or anxiety, but yet I still need one.

So after reading Camus, I thought "what if the logical conclusion to fear is just absurdity? Absurdity in itself". And I fucking swear this had a click on me and literally ALL my fears have been toned downed and I've been much happier since. For example, I was really afraid to drive and no matter how I tried to rationalize that there was no problem with driving 10 minutes around the neighbourhood, I still wouldn't do it. Watch a motivational video? Yeah that worked until I got to the car but I still wouldn't drive. But after reaching this "logical conclusion" of absurdity, I drove 1 hour and all other fears I had postponed to face are one by one getting resolved

Don't know if I'm retarded or a genius, but it worked so I hope it at least helps some of you. You're free to draw conclusions of why this worked

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Absurdism is redditier philosophy

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I'm glad you found tranquility OP, Camus is good entry level philosophy
Now keep reading the stoics and the Greeks then move on to Schoppy then Cioran

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if it works it works I guess

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Im going to try it and see

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Based and truthpilled

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Shut the fuck up, idiot.

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No man that's embracing the absurd in application. Good for you!

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I know it's the same guy making these camus threads. You're obviously quite young which is ok, everyone finds Camus good when they're young. However, these threads are not smart, nor are they insightful. They are not fun, and come across as uneducated and cringey. Nobody wants to re-read the same very basic ideas they came up with when they were 15 and smoked weed for the first time. Do you realise how embarrassingly haughty and idiotic you sound? You will think bach to this in a few years and realise though - I'm not saying i never did this because I did, i just want you to stop now, cause i carried on for far too long.

Also stop samefagging not one person on this board would reply 'based and truthpilled' to whatever the fuck you just wrote.

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Cringe, based, pilled, and OP is the child here absolute state of /pol/tards, what's next some text about christianism is the answer and all that?

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Didn't realize Sartre came back to life just to fling shit at Camus posters.

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Op is more Alain de Botton than Camus lol

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OP here

No I never made a Camus thread and honestly didnt real care for Camus until a few weeks ago. Also seeing you seethe fills me with joy, please continue

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>Do you realise how embarrassingly haughty and idiotic you sound?

I actually think Camus makes valid points, but please enlighten us oh almighty anon

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Based Camus poster. Check out Dostoevsky and Tolstoy, Camus loved their books. He wrote extensively about them in his journals and even made plays based off Dosto.

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Camus makes valuable contributions to philosophy. Op just bastardises Camus' efforts.

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OP again

I'm literally just giving an example of something that happened to me which I though some people might take value from. Im not sucking Camus dick and explaining his philosophy, Im just talking about a conclusion I took as a tangent from reading him

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No he really doesn't. He's engaging with one piece of Camus' philosophy by way of
>What if the logical conclusion to fear is absurdity
which, if you read MoS that point is heavily talked about.

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Jc it's like i'm in year 9 RE again

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and what about it?

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Holy shit lmao

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>Jc it's like i'm in year 9 RE again

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Lmao seetheing. Camus had established defacto western philosophy since his was alive. I bet you think Jordan Peterson is the next big thing

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I have no problem with camus i have a problem with OP. Did you read the thread?

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The real problem is you coming into this chill thread and fagging up the place with your pretentiousness. Oh no, OP didn't read The Rebel and meditate on the idea of Rimbaud's work as artistic rebellion, he only applied something from one of Camus' easier texts. How terrible.

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No OP, don’t keep reading philosophy and continue in the cycle of useless mental masturbation that will only serve to feed your ego so you can think to yourself you’re so smart. live in the real world instead. read Nietzsche or Wittgenstein so you can kill your desire for philosophy by seeing what it really is

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Fuck off Bible poster. Your Philosophy is based on Mesopotamian monkeys that lived on roofs.

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Uh oh, somebody had a bad day. It's okay if you didn't actually read Camus. Try starting with the wiki page.

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>ywn be best pals with Camus

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Who hurt you my guy?

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Lot's of peoples seem to enjoy op's wonderful argument which he has decided to bless us with. I had reservations at first, but now i've seen the light thanks to these two. I have decided to go get my daddy's revolver, stick one bullet in it, and fire it into my brains. My previous reading of Camus made me think this was stupid, yet, thanks to this 4chan thread, i've decided to just 'embrace the absurd' and do it! Yes, there is a high chance i will die, but if you attempt to argue with me, you are pretentious and reductionist. Maybe you don't understand, but it's really only guys who are very neurotic (like me) who really get camus you know? Most people just associate their random changes in psyche with the nearest thing they've read. But not me. Anyways i've been inspired by OP to take up driving! I hope im as good at is as Camus was.

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Why are you seething this hard? Genuine question

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>be OP
>share something in the hopes of helping people
>Get barraged by pretentious faggots


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Because two years ago you could have had a decent discussion about camus. Nowadays lit has flooded with people like op and the board is slowly degrading. I guess its 4chan i don't know what i expected. If you really want to fuel op's enormous ego go ahead you're not doing him or yourself any good.

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This isnt even a discussion about Camus you complete utter baffoon. Op just had an idea while reading Camus and decided to share with us

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Are you actually illiterate? Go back to watching the school of life you clearly need someone to read things out to you.

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I wish i could wait five years and show you this thread. Please put this all in a word document and come back to it in a few years. If you think i'm still an idiot, then fine. Just please do it.

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Why do I need 5 years to see you're a pretentious faggot?

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Even if OP is wrong, why are you this butthurt by someone who just posted this thread so he could share something that apparently had positive value in his life?

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Congrats, OP.
I really feel u.
Unlike those reactionary fags, I really reccomend you read the stoics, and whatever you like. Also, check budism and hinduism, those aren't meme religions like christianity.
>Inb4 muh jew mythology is better

Agree with you.
The /pol/fags invade this good board and want to roth everything on it. Fuck them.

May Guénon (pbuh) be with you, lads.

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Pls, get out.

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ok anglo

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Upvote, fag.

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Because most people would need two.

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Ahahaha seethe more

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I've been in here for 2 minutes and I can tell you're a faggot

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Because that translates into "I don't give a fuck anymore" which turns off the reactive part of your brain and body. Adrenaline has a very short half life(2 minutes), being anxious is an active response that needs to be maintained by its constant production. Adrenaline derives from dopamine and works by turning you into superman both mentally and physically, with the bad side effect of overclocking the entire system. The system gets tired and becomes less responsive to adrenaline, which in turn means the next time you react and release it you will need more adrenaline for the same effect. Throughout months your anxiety then builds up as you condition yourself for more and more adrenaline with less and less good effects, leaving you only with a turbo button that just overheats the system. By embracing the complexity in front of you with its brute input, by embracing immediate reality as an agent with limited control of its environment, you stop secretly believing that you are some impossible kind of god, able to control everything, able to predict and prevent everything, responsible for everything, yet living his life as a human on Earth. You stop having high standards for yourself that can only be approached by injecting adrenaline into your veins. You limit your interest to smaller things. You stop pressing the Superturbo button.

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HAHAHAHAHA cute post.
oh my sweet summer child, this hunger for pringles is endless and there is no escape except death.

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Schoppy is a faggot. Id much rather stick with Camus

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Holy... based. Ty fo the explanation

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it's quite predictable attitude for young people to reject Schopenhauer's thesis.
have a nice life, good luck.

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Nietzsche obliterated schoppy, nice try

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what's up with the "I don't give a fuck" attitude? I went the complete opposite way, giving everything it's fair share of credibility, it didn't hurt me a single bit,

I didn't like that I can pull out anytime if I simply stopped caring

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Its not the "I dont give a fuck" all the time. Just at the times you're hindered by fear

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>Nietzsche obliterated schoppy, nice try
This man who suffered greatly and lived a really miserable life in isolation didn't refuted Schopenhauer. In fact he went mad while trying to refute Schopenhauer.

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Imagine getting completely wrecked by a girl you fell in love with,

"hehe I didn't love her in the first place, there are many fishes in the ocean, out of 10, one will say yes" and million other coping mechanisms

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>just at the times you're hindered by fear

you mean all of the time when stuff actually matters?

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Nigga what

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Low quality bait

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when do you feel anxiety? (excluding the cases where the person is obviously ripe for therapy) when you want to do something that's important to you and you fear the consequences, or you think you're not good to do it, or a different reason you come up with,

do you really want to solve that part of your life with the reaction of "I don't give a fuck"?

also, I don't believe that kind of stuff is selective, it's more habitual, spills over to different areas of life easily, but do as you please

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I wish i had realised earlier. It was me who was retarded all along.

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Its not "i dont give a fuck about the thing" its "I dont give a fuck about the consequences of me doing X"

At least thats how I interpert it

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The fact you think this is a consequence of studying philosophy is mind numbing.

>> No.15336091

I like Camus c:

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wtf are you even talking about lad kek

I dont even study philosophy, Im just commenting on what the other guy said

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>Adrenaline has a very short half life(2 minutes), being anxious is an active response that needs to be maintained by its constant production. Adrenaline derives from dopamine and works by turning you into superman both mentally and physically, with the bad side effect of overclocking the entire system.

So anxiety derives from adrenaline, and adrenaline turns you into a superhuman. So anxiety turns you into a superhuman? Its literally the exact opposite

Maybe I misread what you said, If I did please correct me

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same anon, same

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Camus was pretty cool. Why do people always fag up his threads?

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Pretentious fags hate Camus

>> No.15337271

He's easy to make mistakes about, so a lot of people mess up his words for bait. This thread is full of people saying 'I never said i walked home, i strolled home!' and then someone bites.

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Whatever works, fren, whatever works.

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What a faggot lmao

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