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Nice arguments, well-thought out post
This board is fucking trash these days

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Good point

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really is
ever since i started browsing it has steadily declined in quality
maybe it's my fault

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>Nice arguments, well-thought out post
>This board is fucking trash these days

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I love Tolstoy, Crime and Punishment, Fathers and sons, the list goes on.

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Anon, honestly think to yourself, what have you done with your life? Don't try to deflect with a soijak, just try to ponder the choices you made that led to this moment. Why are you here?

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I see someone saw the Billy Mays soijak thread yesterday

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>Nice arguments, well-thought out post
>This board is fucking trash these days

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I imagine OP as a literal retard, drooling at his keyboard and laughing alone in a dark room while he posts his "epic meymeys"

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>REEEEE I can't push my agenda if you don't give me any openings using an argument!!!

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I don't have any agendas to push, I just want to read actual discussion on a forum. I'm not autistic enough for this shit

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The likelihood the faggot OP has read a word of Tolstoy is zero to none

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Tolstoy was a hippie and hippies suck.

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The likelyhood the faggot OP hasn't read a single sentence outside of 4chan is zero to none

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The only issues with the hippie movement (too much sex and drugs) are CIA induced

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Tolstoy became a hippie after most of his major work, though.

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>t. pseuds seething I slew their sacred cow

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Anon, please, take my suggestion to heart. Why are you here, in this thread, on this day? What else could you be doing right now? How could your life be different?

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Based OP

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