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What is the most chad, high test and alpha-male book there is, /lit/?

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Atlas Shrugged

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The Bible.

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sun and steel

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and why?

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Black Against Empire

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Illiad and Odyssey

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Illiad is the most boring book in existence, it feels like every page is the same thing all over again

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Thus Spoke Zarathustra

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I asked for Chad, not Incel books

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>write work that might as well be Plato's
>publish under Plato, need none of the glory
>people can't tell whether it's Plato or yours
>eventually when they realize that it isn't Plato, two thousand years later, they don't even remove it from the canon, they just name you Pseudo-Plato

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Pic related

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anything related to stoicism
stoicism is chad philosophy

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Three way tie between the Bible, the Bhagavad Gita, and Twilight of the Idols

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Based and valid opinion, altough im still on the fence

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thats not very chad

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There is no such thing. Reading literature is the single most feminine activity there is.

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Low test statement and objectively false
Knowledge is power and power is strength so its basically the same as lifting

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War and Peace
mere psueds tremble at its page count

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This. Always audiobook. That's how the Greeks did it.

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This, it's true for our times at least

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>There is no such thing. Reading literature is the single most feminine activity there is.

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True. That's also why /lit/ has a lot of female posters, a lot more than most boards outside cgl

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Meditations by Marcus Aurelius is universally considered a chad book. Lots of veterans reference that book, and stoicism in general , when talking about keeping their sanity under torture and in POW camps.
Plus its pretty easy to read, its like a handybook that you can just open and close after reading one entry..

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anything universally considered good is probably bad

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The Communist Manifesto, unironically.

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A story about a man regaining his manhood which was taken from him.

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Old Man and The Sea

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It's a very comfy read.

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>reclaiming your land, means of production, and ideology from crapitalist boomer claws
>not Chad powermove
Seethe, lolbertarian incel

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Knowledge only strengthens your ego, it makes you think to yourself, I’m so smart, I know more than everyone else. If you know so much, why are you still weak and scared? Why aren’t you happy? Why do you care about your image and what others think of you? Why can’t you achieve your dreams?

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>Instead of just becoming capitalist overlord yourself
cope and cringe

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>dooming the planet and, by extension, your children and people for paper with faces on it

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Wouldn't know the answer to any of these questions because they don't apply

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>not doing it to destroy the system yourself when youre at the top to return back to better and more primitive days

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There were tons of fake Platos who'd hash out astrology and palm reading guides, early hucksters. By contrast, it makes Pseudo-Plato that much better.

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t. basedjak incarnate

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>t. basedjak incarnate

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Unbased and redditpilled

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You are a verifiable reel-to-reel projector. Seethe harder.

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It’s actually true. You don’t have to read the whole thing

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Without a doubt.

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