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Why is everyone and everything so irrational?

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even you?

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That is a very irrational belief that you hold. You have only interacted with an extremely tiny subset of all people and yet you feel confident enough to pass the judgement that everyone is irrational. If anyone's irrational, it's you.

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I like to think not.

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c'mon anon I bet you've done at least ONE irrational or silly think today

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How could dinosaurs evolve if you never met every dinosaur?

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I am an EXTREMELY rational individual. Ask me anything.

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Can we be friends?

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what do you mean by this?

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Because rationality is a meme. "Reason" is mostly a tool humans use to understand and model patterns of behavior in reality, which is then extended to abstract things as a way for humans to a posteriori rationalize their behavior and beliefs. It's both a blessing and a curse. If you are unable to deal with the ultimate fuzzyness of how people and things work, you'll end up believing in any superstition that makes everything "perfectly fit".

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You're not arguing against rationality, you're saying humans are not good at using reason.

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>you'll end up believing in any superstition that makes everything "perfectly fit".
However, what if believing in God is aligned with understanding there is chaos in this universe, usually caused by people not believing or having faith?

Belief can be an all-inclusive system, don't assume that people simply believe in something to make 'sense' of the world. God is an active force, for instance, so perhaps this world view is phenomenological.

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>oh nooooo you can't make general assuptions about a population after getting exposed to a statistically significant proportion of the population in question

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Don't you understand, anon?

Rigid body physics modelling is irrational! It's just a generalization!

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that's not a rational decision

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Yes it is. You believing that it's not just demonstrates how irrational you are.

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To annoy thomists

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The most racist people I've know have actually been extremely sheltered, most of what they assume is based on second hand internet information

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That would be like saying humans aren't good at walking because they walk differently. Some walks are more efficient than others in different settings, and some people walk so crooked they need help, but most people fall into a category of people who walk all day but aren't conscious enough of their walking.
The problem is that when people become idle enough, they start acquire conciousness of their walking and so start to produce theories about how to better walk, what way of walking is the perfect way, what it is to walk. This produces the idea that there is some ideal walk, and that for some reason most people don't do that - and then we come to the anxious notion that "omg people are awful walkers! this is unacceptable". But the fact is that to most people the stress and time necessary to achieve this "ideal walk" is way bigger than the reward they'd get for it, because they already walk good enough for their setting and lifestyle. They do not need to achieve this faux-perfection and to expect this to be a goal for most people is the by-product of idleness and self-consciousness.

I don't get how that does not make everything fit in place. I'm not putting down people with beliefs nor being an edgy atheist. I think you can have an informed belief that helps you engage with life and yourself in meaningful ways. But what mostly drives people to attach themselves to beliefs, specially the ones that require you to make considerable leaps of faith, is the human necessity of patterns and inteligibility.

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>reduces discussion about generalizing people to racism
>invents fictional anecdotal evidence to support position
>conclusion formed from anecdotal evidence isn't appropriate

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i wasn't talking about racism but about making assumption about humanity
though it's interesting how the most racist populations are those who have a more direct experience with outside groups, the theory of "exposure reduces racism" has been debunked long ago

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>the most racist populations are those who have a more direct experience with outside groups
That's because genetics follow behavior and environmental conditions, people who've been in a constant state of war like those living in the Balkans develop more racist genes. Brown people aren't exactly outside groups in America, we're just not that segregated anymore. Believe it or not you're capable of overcoming useless evolutionary traits through your own willpower

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>insinuates walking form an appropriate allegory for factual reality
>actual analogy is about the deviation in walking styles like being the deviation in thought
>factual reality isn't a process, it just is

>useless evolutionary traits
That useless evolutionary trait would be the difference between your business/home being burned down in Minneapolis and its inevitable economic crash that will come.

Like how marketing companies don't take into account racial demographics.

Like how political campaigns don't take into account racial demographics.

You are indoctrinated. You are brainwashed

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>constant state of war like those living in the Balkans develop more racist genes
that's not how evolution works my fren, not in such a limited timespan
>Brown people aren't exactly outside groups in America
They are, you get a limited exposure to them and you must realize that behavioural dinamics change as their population density increases.
So for example 1 brown person who lives in a white community will behave very differently than that same person if a significant portion of the community was of his own ethnic background.
>capable of overcoming useless evolutionary traits through your own willpower
like what? observing criminal behaviour in certain groups?

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>is the human necessity of patterns and inteligibility.
But that's exactly what I'm talking about. What if you believe in a God, and in a universe, where not everything has these patterns. What do you make of the world then?

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Treat people as individuals, not as abstractions that exist in your head. If you see for example a Jewish person and automatically treat him with malice, you're spiritually sick.
Your on a never ending train ride of shit anon, you have a black and white world view where you're assumed as the good guy. Not everything bad that happens is a justification against the other

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I'm honestly not sure what he meant by that. Does he think that life is a movie and that everything is a plot device or something?

Because it kind of is like that, except with a delay in understanding. In other words, in my opinion, if you believe in God, sometimes nonsense will happen, and you should still stay strong in belief, because when you look back you'll see what happened when you are older, more intelligent, and wiser, and you will be glad you believed in God.

That's why a lot of it is chaos: because many of us cannot comprehend the grander picture: why everything is the way it is, and hence the lack of belief.

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>you have an X view....
You're wrong. You're literally just wrong.

I wish this was an insult to you but you people have an irrational, socialized brain, made to not prioritize truth.

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>reason good!

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Because rationality serves no good and was a mistake

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Racism itself is a form of socialization though, what you're proposing is not truth it's just a useless and paranoid trait that's been somehow passed on to you. I'm not saying that nonwhites don't have these traits as well, but people eventually realize that the mysterious demonized other isn't actually that different from their own group.

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free will

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>Treat people as individuals, not as abstractions that exist in your head.
the abstract models of behavioural patterns have a predictive power
why would i need to avoid using my reason?

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So what you're saying is racist people take an impartial look at the data and come to their own conclusions rather than rely on anecdotal information and emotion?

Are you telling me being racist is based?

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nice, now move to africa

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>why would i need to avoid using my reason?
Anytime your reason leads you towards justifying inane cruelty, you should slow down a bit. There are paranoid schizophrenics who would kill people they think are gangstalking them, sometimes the brain itself can become a catastrophe. In the end it wasn't even logical, it was all just rationalizations based on shaky information and statistics that agreed with the initial prejudices

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If vibrations are a key component to existence and reality then it wouldn't be surprising that our thoughts vibrate in and out of different states of acceptance.

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The most insane thing is that people as irrational as yourself will mock creationists because the same media that gave you your views has convinced you that you're superior for holding them.

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You're brainwashed. You're indoctrinated.

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Racism is a defense mechanism usually developed under a hostile environment, it's not rational in all contexts and certainly isn't rational in America

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Nice, you're also a self professing Christian on top of being a racist, I would love to know how that works, let me guess though the tower of babal proves ethno nationalism? xDD

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>isn't rational in America
I see you've never been to detroit/philly/nyc/la/phoenix/any large city in the US

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>You're brainwashed. You're indoctrinated.
says the stormfag drone who exists in a perpetual circle jerk of paranoia of hatred

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>Nice, you're also a self professing Christian on top of being a racist, I would love to know how that works, let me guess though the tower of babal proves ethno nationalism? xDD

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>justifying inane cruelty
is avoiding certain people or treating them with suspicion an act of cruelty?
>it was all just rationalizations based on shaky information and statistics that agreed with the initial prejudices
>nooooooooooo you can't just use available information on the subject to form your opinion if it leads to a world view that doesn't fit my moral framework, god forbid you would dare to question my assumptions based on faith and limited personal experience

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Do you also believe Jesus was Ayran and not actually Jewish? I'm curious how that works, we both know that the Catholic church has historically approved interracial marriages, and Christianity has also promoted racial equality from a theological perspective

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>is avoiding certain people or treating them with suspicion an act of cruelty?
Sometimes you're just being a cunt, it depends on the context but I'm sure you know deep down when you're actually just being an asshole

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have you ever visited detroit

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>Implying I'm Catholic
I'm not the guy you were talking to, I'm a guy that thinks you're a massive faggot. What about the massive amount of medical debt the Catholic church pays off? Or do you just enjoy being a repetitious nexus for anti-christian soundbites?

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Have you? I've actually been to LA, and walked all over the place on foot, I've conversed with homeless people including spooky blacks too

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I will sometimes become confused when spoken to by name, because I forget that I am an object to others. It's really quite silly to have a name in the first place. No one seems to realise that this body is just emanant from my real form. Are they irrational or am I?

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I'm not attacking Christianity, I'm attacking racist Christianity which is untenable and ridiculous

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It really just depends on how you use it. Like a knife, you can either stab someone to death or you can make some nice food.

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Yeah the difference between you and I is that I'm white.

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It's crazy isn't it?

I have a theory about these people. Basically, I think different minds evolved different priorities. Some minds focus on factual reality while other minds see the main priority as socialization, projecting their value to others with their thoughts instead articulating their thought in the most reasonable way. Their brain cannot comprehend objective thought.

It's not that both people have the same thought process and a social block manipulates what one expresses, it's that the thought itself is generated already favoring their different priorities. It's not something they do consciously in any way or perhaps something that can even be fixed.

He would have built his small business in Minneapolis black neighborhoods to trigger the racists.

Isn't it funny how those who are the loudest opponents of stereotyping have to pigeon-hole those they talk to?

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>I'm attacking racist Christianity which is untenable and ridiculous

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Why are you assuming that I'm not white? I'm pale and scrawny as shit, but I don't act like a cunt towards people

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Do you never act cold or avoid certain people?
It doesn't have to be an entire group, like for example you see a drunk/high homeless guy who wants to try to talk to you, would you start a convo with him and treat him like one of your friends or would you move on? Is that being a cunt?

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He's saying he's found that people with less exposure to certain people hold more extreme negative beliefs about those people.

You're trying to dismiss it as being not relevant but you come across as aggressively trying to run away from something that was a pretty sound example, especially since topics like this will always be more anecdotal than not, and OP's claim is most certainly anecdotal to a degree.

You can do better than this.

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>Is that being a cunt?
It's being a cunt if you're acting cold towards some of their race, yes.

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>Isn't it funny how those who are the loudest opponents of stereotyping have to pigeon-hole those they talk to?
Yeah I've never really cared enough about the world to be racist, but if the best rhetoric that dude can bring forth is what I can find on twitter he's a massive faggot.

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So what you're saying is you're basing your opinions against racism in America on your own anecdotes about the relationships you formed with blacks and literal homeless people rather than on data? Hmmmmm...what are you telling me here, anon?

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you can infer potential behaviours based on looks, body language, socio-economic and cultural background
the probability that a drug using homeless man will try to ask you money or even steal it from you is higher than that of the average middle class guy, though obviously NOT ALL HOMELESS DRUGGIES ARE LIKE THAT
same thing goes for race, you can expect memebers of a certain race to behave in specific ways, NOT ALL OF THEM THOUGH

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Think about it this way, you have a socially inherited dislike of xyz race, so you spend an enormous amount of time accumulating "data" which supports your own prejudices. Deep down you know that you're just an asshole, but you endlessly rationalize your asshole behavior and engage in a circle jerk with those who you consider to be like minded.

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Nah man it's cool to do that based on everything EXCEPT race, haven't you heard?
>you have a socially inherited dislike of xyz race
Hmm I guess that 13% of the population committing 60% of the murders is a socially inherited fact too huh?

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You're arguing confirmation bias but if the facts point to one conclusion you are a fool to think otherwise. Many racist people on the internet simply saw the data and changed their beliefs. The people you are stereotyping yourself (ironic) just so happen to think not so nice things about your best buddies.

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It means he's the modern man. Part of adapting to your environment and succeeding in society means embracing the status quo and all the ridiculous presuppositions society throws at you. You have to embrace everything as normal unless you'll drive yourself mad and suicidal.

This is why I think a brain prioritizing social value of thoughts is so common. An objective mind is broken trying to justify the system.

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You should assume less and allow people to introduce themselves, it's ok to be cautious around people who are obviously aggressive but far too often you're simply misunderstanding people and treating them like garbage for no reason

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it's amazing how all religions needs to imply that you are an evil person if not even try to dehumanize you for not having faith in specific dogmas

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>succeeding in society means embracing the status quo and all the ridiculous presuppositions society throws at you
Hah jokes on you pal I'm a successful traditional values embracing man in a very cutting-edge part of modern society.

>> No.15470793

>it's amazing how all religions needs to imply that you are an evil person if not even try to dehumanize you for not having faith in specific dogmas
incoherent, please reiterate

>> No.15470794

move into the ghetto then reevaluate this statement in a few months.

>> No.15470798

>treating them like garbage for no reason
dude just to clarify, i'm not a skinhead beating up brownies in the middle of the streat lmao
i just don't trust those people

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Becuase irrationality is the condition for rationality. Lurking beneath every supposedly rational act is a decision, a leap of faith, a moment of madness in which the pre-rational chaos from which everything originates is cut and divided into a supposedly rational world.

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Probably the only intelligent post in this thread

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The greatest lie today is that religion dies.

Religion does not corrupt people. People already have those traits critics deem "corrupt". People will always find their `religion`

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You do know that white ghettos exist right? Even in America

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>People will always find their `religion`
Careful not to cut yourself on that edge big guy

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poor whites are less likely to commit crimes than middle class blacks

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>white ghettos
Well seeing as the word ghetto refers to a place in a city where a poor minority lives you're completely wrong. Not to mention poor white people statistically aggregate in rural areas, not cities, which are not ghettos you fucking imbecile.

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Sounds like you need Jesus

>> No.15470856

nice anecdote

t. live in NYC and hate and wish death upon all minorities

>> No.15470859

Other countries exist outside of America, I hope you know that.

>> No.15470862 [DELETED] 

dunno [/ spoiler]

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lmao why would I care about minorities in a different country? How dumb are you?

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Lots of people live their entire lives filled with hatred, it's no way to live from my perspective

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The problem these days is the opposite, rationality will be the end of man

>> No.15470883

there are no countries in which whites have crime rates anywhere as high as non-whites
no matter how poor the country in question is, not even russians are that bad (though slavs aren't of the same racial group as western europeans, so it would even matter)

>> No.15470889

There are places in Eastern Europe that aren't safe, even depending on period various "white" areas have been dangerous and savage, white people aren't immune from being savage as you guys seem to believe

>> No.15470892

>live their entire lives filled with hatred
Yeah man me wanting to spend my life in a community that shares my culture is living a life filled with hatred

>> No.15470894

You do know that every inner city in america has become a hollowed out core where sane (racist) people fear to tread? As others have said, hillbillies out in the bumfuck middle of nowhere are hardly the ground zero for crime in america, even if it's not particularly nice.

>> No.15470897

>There are places in Eastern Europe that aren't safe, even depending on period various "white" areas have been dangerous and savage, white people aren't immune from being savage as you guys seem to believe
Point out where I said anything to contradict any of these points. Please.

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It is much more likely, statistically, for a non-white country to be dangerous and "savage" than a white country. Fact. Do you deny this or are you just being a shitter?

>> No.15470905

If you're seething about the existence of nonwhites simply existing in your sight that's pretty hateful.

>> No.15470909

slavs are a different race, and nonetheless they still way safer than any brown country despite having similar economic conditions

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Nope, not seething, just eye rolling. I prefer reading realism, doesn't mean I start seething the second I see a YA fiction novel.

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Acknowledging individual differences is not hateful. Condemning others for basic pattern recognition is hateful. That is what you're doing. Nobody is saying non-whites should die, except maybe a handful of LARPers. The majority of people who are "racist" simply want to live in a safe neighborhood where they can walk around and interact unmolested.

>> No.15470934

What if I move to your house, would my mere presence make you seethe?

>> No.15470937

Pattern recognition doesn't mean you're correct, it just means that you're perceiving a pattern so therefore all xyz is xyz. It's actually not a real form of thinking, you're just trying to justify your prejudices and biases, instead of trying to fix the problem. You know who else has high pattern recognition? Schizophrenics.

>> No.15470943

Your house doesn't extend to walmart

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>It's actually not a real form of thinking
LMAO this guy thinks that heuristic-thought isn't a real form of thinking. You would be the most autistic man in the world if you couldn't utilize heuristic thought on a constant basis.
Does that mean you're living in a Walmart?

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I guess I kind of like how this thread turned out.

Made it to highlight ridiculous socialized beliefs and the thread devolved into a ridiculous debate about social beliefs.

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>debate about social beliefs.
Niggers nigging happens independent of beliefs. People on 4chan being racist happens independently as well.

>> No.15470977

Again your own racism is a form of socialized belief, the only difference being that it's actually useless in a modern context

>> No.15470979

>pattern recognition is just a way to justify prejudices and biases
But prejudices and biases are based on a lack of knowledge and experience not on taking in to account available information on the subject.
>if you notice reality you are a shizo
the shizo sees patterns and connection between things that have no relationship to each other, not somebody who reads studies to inform his opinion on a subject
though obviously as in every religion, one must deny reality to have faith and be a good person, and everybody who doesn't agree must be insane

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>it's actually useless in a modern context

>> No.15470982

Maybe this will help you a bit OP, I posted this in another thread about the recent protests, we need more reason in our lives.

I think you're a traitor for having these mentalities. Even if they were just about anti-white attitudes, aren't you doing the worst thing imaginable? You're simply taking the other, extreme side...

Lets see what we can do with a mentality which is viciously moderate and understanding of others. A sure injection of REASON into this country, that's what we need :3

Lets assume for a second that the blacks engaging in these protests are simply just anti-white, which some may be. If that is the case, wouldn't it hurt them MORE to say that SOME of the protests were justified and SOME unjustified than to say that ALL are unjustified?

You, quite simply, are not putting enough thought into your world view if you think that mentality is actually going to irritate or even ACCOMPLISH anything.

Now it just so happens that I, nor anyone else who holds MODERATE views, is trying to irritate anyone. However, if you spread this view around, of having better or more correct judgment than the masses, it might make you more confident, less afraid, and even more respected by others, because, after all, it's an intelligent opinion. What you're doing is actually incredibly stupid: if what you're saying they're doing is dumb, you are simply doing the reverse. You've accomplished nothing.

Also, stop being racist, because assuredly some blacks are anti-white, but not all of them are. :3

>> No.15470984

Believing in race doesn't railroad you into an essentialist viewpoint where being black or white says something concrete about who you are, it says something on average about a group of people, you have no evidence that this isn't true, though I'm sure you accept that everybody is different in innumerable ways you just think, based on nothing but pure faith that race, despite its biological implications, has no impact on these variations at all.

Fixing the problem means acknowledging the biological reality of racial differences so that societies can better target the problem, rather than brush it under the carpet and blame white racism for skyrocketing black crime rates.

>> No.15470987

Meaning that one side argues how generalizations are hateful and bad and the other side responds with arguments about how killing bad and generic conservative social system good.

My point is how it's all predicated on inconsistent nonsense.

>> No.15470988

>simply existing in your sight that's pretty hateful.
but you've changed the point, no-one made this claim
the point isn't that they exist, the point is that they are criminal and disruptive elements

everything has a reason, including hate

>> No.15470996

The majority of racist beliefs are very schizo and mythological, such as "all Jew's are gangstalking me", "all asians are soulless dog eaters", "all blacks have big dicks", ect. Most racism isn't simply seeing patterns, it's built up on a lot of obvious bullshit that racists can't seem to see past

>> No.15471001

i ruined it anon, when i replied to the second post by making a post that could be intended as a justification of racism, if i made it more abstract the other anon wouldn't have been so butthurt and wouldn't have initiated all the "debate" on racism

>> No.15471014

>Believing in race doesn't railroad you into an essentialist viewpoint where being black or white says something concrete about who you are
That's kind of what being racist is, and how the majority of racist people actually think. I think there's been a misunderstanding on what racism actually is, there's also the issue that correlation does exist but that doesn't assume causation inherently.

>> No.15471015

do you notice what you are doing?
you are imposing your prejudices on me, the false believes you have about the "classic racist" who must believe such an such

>> No.15471018

Tendencies within groups are not confirmations of every individual matching one aspect of the group identification of the group in question unless the individual can be proven to have done so. This is why we have a theoretically unbiased judge, jury, and only then an punishment deemed worthy of the crime, the most severe probably being murder.

>> No.15471023

I'm very open about being prejudiced against bigots, there's no contradiction there.

>> No.15471026

>and how the majority of racist people actually think
you have no idea of what they think, this is a stereotype
have you even ever been around real racists?

>> No.15471035

I've been friends with many racists since I was a teenager, a lot of them are sheltered squirmish fucks

>> No.15471037

>people that i view as bad must be bad
>even though i have no knowledge of them, or any statistical evidence to prove it
>they bad so i don't care if my opinion of them isn't correct in any way
holy shit

>> No.15471047

I'm judging people based on substance, while you're judging people based on racial caricatures in your head

>> No.15471049

Yeah that's probably one of the better examples of bad faith I've seen on /lit/, defo better than Sartre's waiter.

>> No.15471053
File: 17 KB, 299x222, baudrillard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'm judging people based on substance
Wait until you realize that this substance is just a self-referential caricature you've developed to reinforce beliefs someone else gave you.

>> No.15471059

do you have no self awareness?
or are you just pretending

>> No.15471062

It's not bad will, there's absolutely no contradiction unless you think people being a particular race is comparable to someone being purposely badwilled

>> No.15471063

What if the rational changes a typically held irrational belief in some way? Should it not be investigated and used to modify past beliefs?

>> No.15471071

I'm trying to find a quote about how leftism is a manifestation of christian mentality, talking about how leftists celebrate their ignorance and humiliate themselves through their ignorance, showing more value to their cult through their faith.

>> No.15471074

The only reason you think that I have no self awareness is because your brain is wired to think that being prejudiced isn't a choice you make

>> No.15471081

>personal biased opinion vs statistical evidence
enough said

>> No.15471084

It is more likely, statistically, that nonwhite nations were repeatedly violently interfered in their governing process and cultural development in the relatively recent history. Fact. Do you deny this or are you just being a shitter?

>> No.15471085

>gets btfo
>leftists are mean cultists wah

>> No.15471090

>I'm very open about being prejudiced against bigots
If you claim to be being prejudiced towards bigots, and aren't being prejudiced towards yourself, you're living in bad faith

>> No.15471091

Monkey brain. I've said earlier that you use carefully collected "statistical evidence" to confirm your prejudices and bigotry

>> No.15471095

Being prejudiced against bigots isn't bigotry, I understand that your mind is basically mush at this point but these paul joseph watson tactics just make you appear senile.

>> No.15471106

>prejudiced isn't a choice you make
do you even understand the word "prejudice", like have you ever looked at the definition of that word?

>> No.15471112

>paul joseph watson tactics
Nope, it's Sartrean ontology you absolute fucking imbecile. Congrats on coming to /lit/ and being unable to engage with 20th century philosophy

>> No.15471121

>it's Sartrean ontology
No it's not, it's the Paul Joseph Watson interpretation of "Sarte ontology"

>> No.15471124

For a perfectly rational subject thereĀ“s no motivation to do anything. Values, morality, passion, love, ambition are all irrational. Rationality is merely a tool to make us achieve our irrational desires.

>> No.15471125

What don't I understand about it? You're definitely responsible for managing your own prejudices and feelings, otherwise you're not an adult.

>> No.15471129

your assumption is that there is a malicious intent that thus should disqualify the information obtained, so basically your moral dogma prevents you from noticing certain aspects of reality
personally, i don't care if the information was collected by "hateful" people, the only thing that matters is if there is any way to disprove it with counter evidence

>> No.15471135

The intent doesn't have to be malicious for a prejudice to be malicious and even make you a malicious person

>> No.15471136

>spamming your anecdotal evidence ad hominems on the internet
>its others people that are squimish and don't live in realityy

>> No.15471137

Please, tell me more about how I'm interpreting the world through an author I've never heard of. Or, alternatively, continue preventing a disclosure of your in-itself to itself by the resultant negatite formed by the for-itself's nihilation you absolute fucking pseud.

>> No.15471143

the russians and chinese are running online psyops and its working extremely well on twitter, r*ddit, facebook, and 4chan

>> No.15471160

You're just being whiny at this point

>> No.15471162
File: 101 KB, 1024x904, 10xnci.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

prejudice is an opinion on a subject that is a result of lack of knowledge
are you going to consciously avoid information on a subject, how can you even do it?
how can you avoid gaining information that you don't even know about?

>> No.15471171
File: 58 KB, 1030x772, 1587509115939.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah man, your inability to engage with discourse is actually me being whiny. Sick cope.

>> No.15471183

you are just showing again that you don't understand the meaning of the words that you use
malicious means that there is an intent to consciously damage someone, if it isn't conscious then it just can't be malicious

>> No.15471187

>prejudice is an opinion on a subject that is a result of lack of knowledge
prejudice is a preconceived notion, mostly based on feelings. To be an adult you need to manage your prejudices and "baggage", part of being an adult is acting like one instead of listening to all the voices in your head

>> No.15471194

>your in-itself to itself by the resultant negatite formed by the for-itself's nihilation
There's no discourse, just projection, fear, and darkness.

>> No.15471247

Feelings are a result of how you consciously and subconsciouly interpret the reality around you based on the information available to you.
Prejudices are formulated based on partial or inaccurate information that could trigger and emotional reaction but they are not the result of fee fees.
Also, while supressing your fee fees to make more reasonable choices is part of what makes an adult, avoiding the truth because it doesn't fit your moral preferences or ideology isn't in my opinion a part of what makes an adult.

>> No.15471264


Especially me.

>> No.15471285

>You have only interacted with an extremely tiny subset of all people

The wonders of the modern age allow all of us to observe (rather more impartially and freely) numerous many others in secrecy or otherwise. Just watch the news, read opinion polls, look at psychology/sociology journal papers etc. and you'll see the thoughts, behaviors, and even witness the actions of millions upon millions of people from all walks of life. It is not necessary to directly interact with someone or all people to derive relevant and accurate patterns or to know them such that you can pass judgement on them.

>> No.15471303

I explained earlier that the root is prejudice, and it's rationalized through carefully collected statistics, video clips, passed down stories, ect. Racism is not logically objective, and whites have acted out in pretty much all the ways that are pinned on blacks if we take history and the great geographical expanse into account. /pol/ racists are living in a cave, they only see shadows of what's going on in the world

>> No.15471309

>nurture is more influential than nature
You are objectively wrong. Nobody in science or academia or reality, for that matter, agrees with you.

>> No.15471316
File: 174 KB, 586x373, camus2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lmao did you really get filtered by 20th century ontology? You should get off /lit/

>> No.15471320
File: 258 KB, 1156x1600, Schopenhauer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because Reason is subservient to the Will.

>> No.15471321

By citing schizophrenics you are conceding that pattern recognition is a GOOD THING in the majority of cases. The exception proves the rule.

>> No.15471328

Information is often biased even in the supposed information age, I don't think that many stormcels are exactly getting their information from anything but carefully nitpicked sources. Your head is essentially in a hole

>> No.15471347
File: 102 KB, 1036x1200, 4a0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I explained earlier that the root is prejudice
yes and i tried to explain to you multiple times that the definition of prejudice is lack of knowledge or inaccurate information on a subject
>collected statistics
and that isn't a good source of information?
as opposed to what?
>whites have acted out in pretty much all the ways that are pinned on blacks if we take history and the great geographical expanse into account
how do you know that? how can you be sure that this information, wasn't a bunch of angry people collecting passed down stories to make some people look bad lmao

>> No.15471358
File: 136 KB, 1024x958, based ceo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>and that isn't a good source of information?
>as opposed to what?

>> No.15471371
File: 305 KB, 300x200, bvea.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The world itself is pure chaos and irrational in itself, irrationality is the only reasonable response to such horrors

>> No.15471377
File: 200 KB, 400x534, 1588073904201.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

based and schopilled

Rationality leads to pessimism and suicide.

>> No.15471389

Pattern recognition isn't good or bad, it can be good, but it can also be bad. Just being able to see a pattern doesn't mean you can jump to any conclusion, it doesn't tell you anything. Midwits think they're clever because they can perceive patterns, often they're exaggerated and not based in reality

>> No.15471413

>as opposed to what?
You can try to look at things objectively, or at least with a good heart. You're either bad willed or too stupid to realize how deceptive nitpicked information can be, especially when you're using that information to hurt less vulnerable people

>> No.15471419

*more vulnerable*

>> No.15471438

I only started being racist after living in south africa for a time

>> No.15471448
File: 183 KB, 694x680, 14997942144750.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>prejudice is an opinion on a subject that is a result of lack of knowledge
In that case all of those purporting that blacks are human beings and deserve either rights or respect are DEEPLY prejudiced. Their ignorance is one that is capitalized upon by predatory elements seeking to subvert western civilization from within.

>> No.15471452

>try to look at things objectively, or at least with a good heart
those two don't fit together
>realize how deceptive nitpicked information can be
i'm fully aware of how you can use partial information to guide people to the wrong conclusions that could be used as an excuse to cause harm to innocent people, i just don't think that the victims of these tactics are those who you have been lead to believe

>> No.15471458

Western civilization had it coming

>> No.15471468

Western civilization is the very reason you enjoy such extensive comfort that permits you to be an indolent retard as evidenced by your post, so yes, in a way I suppose. That doesn't mean we shouldn't root out the subversive elements and preserve the west.

>> No.15471474

>i just don't think that the victims of these tactics are those who you have been lead to believe
No because you're a neckbeard who thinks that everyone is brainwashed except for /pol/ which is the epicenter of freethinking philosophers and definitely not just a giant MKUltra echochamber

>> No.15471481

t. mind pozzed fuckwit

>> No.15471482
File: 127 KB, 800x1122, 800px-Jordan_Peterson_June_2018.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

well, i guess that would depend on how you define "human being"

>> No.15471486

>That doesn't mean we shouldn't root out the subversive elements and preserve the west.
The west is already dead, and good riddance to 2000 years of shit

>> No.15471496


>> No.15471506

If the situation were hopeless your propaganda wouldn't be necessary.

Cope, dilate, and seethe, you nigger.

>> No.15471525
File: 20 KB, 600x341, doubt it.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>patterns don't tell you anything
Yes. They do.
>midwits...can perceive patterns....often they're exaggerated
So your argument is that subset of the population (midwits) sometimes exaggerate. Wow. What a revelation.

Notice how you are not arguing data. You are arguing semantics. Are you comfortable with that?

>> No.15471564

It's fascinating how you think that the physical looks of a person or his/her social status have anything to do with the veracity of their claims, consider also that most "intellectuals" look like neckbeards too.
I also find amusing how you think that people who have an opinion that differs from the mainstream are necessarily wrong and mentally ill. You and people like you would have been the perfect citizens for every totalitarian regime in history, because you passively accept state enforced propaganda and consider everything going against the it as a conspiracy theory.
But the most hilarious part is how i can provide evidence and a valid argumentation form my claims and you can't.

>> No.15471605

>You and people like you would have been the perfect citizens for every totalitarian regime in history
You do know that most of the people who are justifying racism are also fascists right? Virtually the entire race realist movement is deeply entwined with dark enlightenment totalitarian apologists

>> No.15471636

Because being rational turns life into mathematics and causes it to cease being life.

>> No.15471638

You don't even know what western civilization was, you just think that it was some continuation of muh epic white people for some reason.

>> No.15471651

It's impossible to objectively reduce life to mathematics, that's the problem. The vast majority of peoples intellect is two-dimensional, they're miserable because they're actually stupid yet think they're clever

>> No.15471659

>dark enlightenment totalitarian apologists
as far as i know dark enlightenment is something formulated by moldbug and his ideal society is some form of anarcho-capitalist monarchy that tbqh doesn't much make sense to me, but i wouldn't consider it a totalitarian ideology.
>You do know that most of the people who are justifying racism are also fascists right?
I suspect that your definition of fascism is very different from what i have in mind or even from the official definition of the term.

>> No.15471661

This more or less

>> No.15471679

a civilization is just a tool for the survival and flourishing of a group

>> No.15471680

>I know what you know and it's only what validates my ideology which is the philosophical equivalent of an anal prolapse
You don't know anything but dicks in your small brain you brain aids addled retard.

>> No.15471682

>I suspect that your definition of fascism is very different from what i have in mind or even from the official definition of the term.
It's populist totalitarianism

>> No.15471696

not enough to define it, this could apply to any modern society

>> No.15471699

>the west is dead already and even if isn't it what you believe so it should die
>literally it isn't happening so shut up but here's why it's a good thing
Can't make this shit up.

>> No.15471704

Fascism isn't deep, it's pretty simple, in fact it's "simple" solutions for complicated problems.

>> No.15471712

underage samefag

>> No.15471718

No problems are complicated unless you entertain 'intellectual' frauds and this schizophrenic profiteering.

>> No.15471724

Sure they aren't if we just kill any "problematic" groups of people

>> No.15471727

reaching new levels of cope here

>> No.15471728

brainlet take
a redneck could say the same about communism

>> No.15471730

You're mad that I called you out for believing in 12yo meme understanding of western civilization

>> No.15471731
File: 132 KB, 605x427, 11a9754b2a206b7decc76f6098429573ea9ebede0e50213095e4d4d9dd95c26d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Take the Hoppe pill and repent your embarrassing ignorance.

>> No.15471732

HIGHLY based Batzorig Vaanchig

>> No.15471746


It's not
In fact rationalization is a rampant disease of the mind

>> No.15471748

n-no fascism means you're a n-n-nazi

>> No.15471765

fascism just means you're a cuck

>> No.15471785

You have to live with in proximity with people who are different than you, if you don't like it move to some rural shithole

>> No.15471790

well kinda yes, if you consider it from the perspective of taking care or contribuiting to the well being of individuals who are not closely related to you

>> No.15471797

>>You have to live with in proximity with people who are different than you

>> No.15471798

why aren't you in africa again?
come on, i wonna hear your excuse

>> No.15471806

All of the most prosperous countries people suggest America should emulate are much more homogeneous. Really makes me think. It's almost as though diversity is undesirable for a functioning society.

>> No.15471814

Why should I move? They should move, and not to the country but to THEIR country, they do nothing but commit crime and waste tax money while corrupting the political system as as special interest groups.

>> No.15471824

You have to share reality with people who are different than you, not even just racially but in a multitude of different aspects. You could shelter yourself, but anytime lots of people are involved, don't cry when they're not all on the same page as you.

>> No.15471831

>You have to share reality with people who are different than you
Why? You didn't answer, you just restated.

>> No.15471837

There are varying degrees of difference, ethnically homogeneous societies also are culturally homogeneous and all studies corroborate they have higher levels of trust - -what follows is safety and prosperity.

>> No.15471843

A lot of non "white" people actually do have a legitimate claim to being American, besides blacks we've even had generations of Chinese living in America don't be retarded

>> No.15471844

>if people aren't exact 1-1 clones it means there's no difference between a 75 IQ Somali and a 120 IQ Norwegian
Seems legit.

>> No.15471856

why don't you share your reality with a bunch of skinhead nazis?

>> No.15471858

You have three options, kill yourself, isolate yourself, or kill everyone who you consider an outsider

>> No.15471863

Their 'claim' is only as valid as patience of them, and you mention the Chinese? Yeah, this small, extremely well behaved and intelligent group of people is central to this discussion, lmao. All of your tactics are so transparently deceptive. Regardless, legitimacy is subject to the ruling class, groups who are disruptive should be erupted, nothing about that sentiment is strange before someone comes along with deceptions.

>> No.15471865

Most Norwegians don't have a 120 IQ lol

>> No.15471872

Or I could just live in a society with people from a similar background, who look, and who act like I do -- like every high functioning European country does.

>> No.15471874

>groups who are disruptive should be erupted
So basically racists, I'm down with that

>> No.15471875

don't try to argue with this mentally ill person, there is nothing you can do to save them
if this person is white, he/she is so brainwashed that even after getting his entire family killed by a bunch of nogs and his children raped by them he would still defend them or it could just be a parasitic and entitled souless shitskin

>> No.15471882

Yeah but most Somalis are 75IQ. Most

>> No.15471893

>I have no argument so I will take something out of context and make my soi face

>> No.15471898
File: 53 KB, 500x666, 1587067743821.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I stopped caring when I started to coom.

>> No.15471902

If you want to live in Europe, go. You'll find that most Europeans don't actually share your sentiment, maybe you could try some Eastern European country instead but it depends on if you consider slavs white like yourself

>> No.15471918

>You'll find that most Europeans don't actually share your sentiment
not him, but something like 70-80% of europeans are opposed to mass immigration
of course if you ask the opinion of priviledged upper middle class "socialist" who never lived around non-whites they would have a different sentiment
t. western european

>> No.15471944

Being opposed to mass immigration isn't the same as wanting to clean up the streets of any undesirable brown skinned people, or even being hyper exclusionary

>> No.15472007

they just don't want mroe shitskins, it's a very common and normal sentiment

>> No.15473142


>> No.15473157

>t. never lived nears browns

>> No.15473265

I choose door number three nigger

>> No.15473429

I also have come to the conclusion that everyone is basically insane and belongs to some form of cult. Most of our behaviors result form hormonal impulses, not from deliberation, and those actions of ours which we believe to predicated on rationality are usually built on a set of subjective assumptions about reality which have no necessary correspondence with reality. The axioms on which we base our behavior are either useful for achieving an outcome, or they are not, that is measure by which we retain or discard them. Rationality is therefore defined by utility, and that's just for me, I think, I cannot speak for others, obviously.

>> No.15473553

Because there is no value in rationality. It is a loosing strategy.
In what real world situation would rationality give you an answer to anything at all?
Sure, if you are a mathematician, it is of some value, but even most of science relies on a gut feeling which then needs to be investigaged, since you really do not have any other process to derive a testable theory.

Just like empiricism it is HIGHLY overrated.

>> No.15473580

>society with people from a similar background, who look, and who act like I do -- like every high functioning European country does.
Where is that the case LOL?

Certainly not England, France or Germany, which seem to be the most "high functioning" countries.
In German cities about 20%-40% of the population are immigrants or their descendants.

>> No.15473596

>everyone is basically insane and belongs to some form of cult
That is how humans evolved, what would be so strange about that?

>> No.15474270

Nothing strange, now I think it is natural and commonsense, but no one teaches you these things, after all. Sure, some philosopher somewhere might have mentioned it, but to deduce that conclusion from experience forms the most invulnerable precipitate of understanding.

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