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I have a lot of discussions with my gf (who is black) about race, for the last couple years but especially now with all this happening.
I've never cared about political activism but she thinks that waving signs and getting in people's faces is going to change the world.
Whats good /lit/ on activism and protest culture that I can read and learn so when I spill my anti-protest drivel I can at least say I've read such and such?

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read Siege by James Mason and stop racemixing you fucking cunt

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Based Marcuse
Also post gf

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>stop racemixing

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>being a racemixer
The absolute state of /lit/

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Bumping for this also seriously thats all lit has to offer?

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does she know you're posting her here?

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Culture of narcissism
Class notes

Dont let her go out there man it's really not safe for chicks.

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you probably need to read something by angela davis or someone like that
if you want something more academic then demonstrations by oliver filleule
nice tits by the way

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you're a match made in heaven, she's as ugly on the outside as you are on the inside

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>This is considered black in America

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Hello? One-drop rule?

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She's dumb.

The officer involved has been arrested, for instance. The police will most-likely re-train -- or highly emphasize how NOT to handle suspects --their officers.

What else is there? They can't rewind time.

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He cops/powers that be are well organized and will always break these up, peaceful protest like OWS or riotous one like this, they will always win against the disorganized mobs no matter the numbers.
If half the numbers on the streets now were organized they would be an actual force. You two should read this book among others and join a group like the IWW or something

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Lmao you don't need any fucking book, just know a little bit of history. Did racism ended after the Watts riots? After the LA riots? The Ferguson riots? The Baltimore riots? Etc...
And of course it didn't. How the fuck would you end racism by burning down the city where you live?

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*The cops

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>I can at least say I've read such and such
Cringe pseud

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Why don't niggers just stop doing so much crime, that would put them in a place where they would rarely be involved with the police hence much less room to get shot?

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Because then I'm not "just some white guy" who doesn't know anything, I can actually have a conversation where I'm a little educated on the subject

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100% black

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But her kids aint gonna be

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They will not “re-train”, the police are systemically trash. A gang of petty bullies with the authority to do what they will always attract the fascist mindset.
Officer Derek will be acquitted of murder in three years time and nothing is going to get better, in fact the coming depression is going to make things far worse.

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The twenty dollar bill wasn’t counterfeit. There was no crime.
Cops live in predominantly white suburbs and work in predominantly black and impoverished urban areas specifically to fill prison quotas.
Neck yourself, bumpkin.

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and replacing the police with the red guard is going to make things way better

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i agree. we should disband all police forces and instead pay antifa to patrol the streets

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My idea for reform is to have communities of guards. People of that community protecting their friends and family. If any of them were to get out of line, they’d be held accountable for sure.
But the police have always been about protecting privately owned businesses and rich peoples property. The crowds in LA were getting too close to Beverly Hills yesterday so the cops swarmed in like good little soldier boys.
This is a class struggle. Eliminate that and the localized protectors method would be ideal reform.

You’re not wrong, no matter how much irony was meant.

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im sure that people burning down their own city will be the right people to protect it from themselves too

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You just get born from a lab, boy?
Do you read anything?
Do you spend any time thinking about anything at all?
Seriously, what’s wrong with you? I wanna help.

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calm down bro. take your meds

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