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What books about revolution and protest would you recommend? Historical accounts of successful protests, diaries of people on the front line of changes in power, movement and actions of mobs, protest logistics and organization, etc.

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Massive bump

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I found this recently. You can find it from a quick google.

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This is great, thanks for the rec.

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Unless it's led by intellectuals and former administrators with a ruthless hierarchy it always failed.
If some people currently in power begin to support, you are being duped.
If you're making plans for a takeover but have yet to see how you react to the controlling government treating you like you are committing treason by shooting you are a larper.
Anybody that immediately gains new power will be despotic and largely incompetent.
Governence is extremely complex and technical.
The masses gets tired faster than you think.
If you haven't read a single book on political theory and history in the past year do the country a favor and stay out of it.
Nostalgia is more dangerous than bullets
If you throw norms out the window do not expect norms to protect you
Once a rabble, always a rabble
They won't be pleased
Secular zealotry is no more rational than religious
Who benefits?

There you go, all you need. Now go rush the white house and get shot

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>tfw no hiding under bridge waiting for tanks to pass gf
hold me comrades

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You nor I have the power to stop the protests happening right now. If both of us disappeared the protests would still carry on as they are.

I truly think that protests, riots, unrest, and chaotic changes in power will become something I, my friends, family, neighbors, and future children will have to deal with now or in the future. I'm certainly dealing with it now as an urbanite, but there's still my lifetime for worse to happen. I'd like to know more about protests and share this knowledge with others. It's nothing ideological, just pragmatic.

So what did you read or experience to come to your conclusions?

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The Psychology of Revolution, Gustav LeBon
From Dictatorship to Democracy, Gene Sharp
How Nonviolence Protects the State, Peter Gelderloos
America: The Farewell Tour, Chris Hedges
My Past and Thoughts, Alexander Herzen

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I appreciate the recs. Looking futher into the authors and the concepts (such as direct action) will lead to more knowledge. Thanks!

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You’re welcome.

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>what did you read
5 years of sitting in my room reading history books and larp political treatises
The fallout of this will not be the riots or power changes themselves but the implication it has in the national consciousness. The state and the philosophical development its founded on is being delegitimized. Past protests like this in the usa was motivated by the idea that the state is not delivering what it promised, and they like what it promised. The philosophy of it's founding is not being carried out properly. This reinforced the state as unifying ideal. The one we are seeing now is fuled by the idea that the state is just evil, it's idea is evil, the founders are evil, ect., And it should be done away with. Cultural norms will change first, then overtly in politics. I'm not talking about crazy rhetoric I'm talking about throwing out legal procedure
Anyway, just keep your head low. Don't try to catch a falling knife. Wait to see where this goes before you start making public comments. It's like the Inquisition out there. Also, I'm a brown dude. We aren't all against whites. Don't fall prey to the generalizing you're seeing out there

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I appreciate the advice and understand what you mean by that. I was caught outside at night a few days ago and saw a lot of looting, all done by excited young black kids with smiles across their faces. It's hard not to start generalizing but I try to stay empathetic. The same goes for the other side -- a lot of friends are violently ACAB to a point where it gets embarrassing.

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Holy fuck, when are you guys actually going to read Rules for Radicals instead of name-dropping it all the time


Revolutions don't work the same way now. Communication makes it too easy to crack down on dissenters. But it also makes it easier for isolated individuals who never meet, communicate, or even know each other to work toward the objectives they all want i.e. democracy.

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Unless people are going to start camping out, amassing weapons, and making barricades in the streets it’s not a revolution. Remember the Paris riots? Haven’t thought about them since it happened? Yup that’s what I thought.

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the mulatto underclass is here

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You're missing the point of this thread. I'm not claiming that the current protest will lead to revolution. The recent protests are making me think that a revolution could happen in my or my children's lifetime in my country, and I want to understand it better by reading books.

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Not exactly what you asked for, but Eric Hoffer's The True Believer analyzes mass movements in general, and some of his insights are definitely applicable to revolutionary movements.

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From the chart thread

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>If you throw norms out the window do not expect norms to protect you
If the norms do not protect me, don't expect me to stay in the house

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Supremely based and redpilled. 'Revolutions' are not simple events that happen overnight. Successful ones at any rate.

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>Governence is extremely complex and technical.
Yes and no. The present bureacracy makes things in many ways needlessly more complicated than they need to be.

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Youd be surprised at the huge amount of norms you still enjoy, and how dangerous things will get once thoe norms will truly disappear.
The reason the army isnt going full Dirlewanger on you is because there are still norms in place.

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Back in high school there was a bathroom that had an out of order sign placed on the door. Someone scrawled "Fascists!" on it. Still gets a chuckle out of me every time I think about it.

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your standards for humor arent really high huh

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Where can i get Siege? Im pretty sure it's gonna get me on a list if i were to read it.

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Use a vpn if you don't want to be seen downloading it.

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How edgy is it compared to the other books? Like, for example, the Anarchist's cookbook?

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someone answer pls

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I only remember the Anarchist cookbook talking about how to commit old school credit/wire fraud

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meh, sounds really tame

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Trotsky's History of the Russian Revolution.

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How could I forget Herod?

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Romans 13

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Churchill wrote a book called "Savrola" about a generic revolution occurring in a fictional European country. It's not bad reading.

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>police, military, intelligence services all intact
>institutional figures have zero inclination to switch sides
>no foreign power able to out-bankroll your government
>'protests' are either peaceful marches or apolitical looters

You could start by reading Rules for Rulers to understand how utterly unchallenged the US government is right now.

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Government won't change massively for now, this is more like a religious movement than revolution

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