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Any literature on how climate/geography effects human culture and behaviour?

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This channel:


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Why can't we live like this anons? Is it too much to ask? Modernity sucks.

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The decline of the west

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glacken -- traces on the rhodian shore is a great one, pretty comprehensive.

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No internet means no frens and nothing to compare us to.

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Isn't that what the book 'Guns, Germs and Steel' is about - Geographical Determinism.
I haven't read it though

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Yes but Diamond's take is very bluepilled. He doesn't take his geographical determinism argument far enough, because if you did you would have to agree that certain groups of people who developed settled agrarian societies (because of their geography) are more genetically and culturally advanced than those who didn't. The reason for this is that in settled agrarian societies, large inequalities can exist in the distribution of wealth, and therefore in the distribution of reproduction opportunities, so gradually the genes and culture of the richest were spread throughout the population, since population always grew but most people in society did not reproduce. This culminated in European societies advanced enough to have an industrial revolution, and it explains why some parts of the world initially held back by geography are now first world because they were settled by Europeans (like Australia), but others are not which were not settled by Europeans (like Papua New Guinea)

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John Motley's "The Rise of the Dutch Republic"

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Geography determines everything about a society because it is the only thing that is given/exogenous

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The ecology of freedom by Murray Bookchin is good. Goes into detail on how certain environments gave rise to different of government and tribe rule

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