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Is there a single greater period in English letters than the English Enlightenment? Look at all these amazing writers and poets who lived in this period:

>Alexander Pope
>Jonathan Swift
>Samuel Johnson
>David Hume
>Edward Gibbon
>Edmund Burke
>William Blake
>Robert Burns

Obviously not all these writers and poets wrote in the same way or belonged to the same school. Many of them are quite different from each other. But they were all great, and they all lived around the same time.

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>fiction writers and a fag

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David Hume and Robert Burns were Scottish not English

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>>Alexander Pope
hack praised by anglos who will praise stuff like his Essay on Criticism yet don't know who's Boileau
>>Jonathan Swift
>>Samuel Johnson
completely irrelevant outside of anglostan
>>David Hume
>>Edward Gibbon
irrelevant today in every regard
>>Edmund Burke
fair enough
>>William Blake
a nutjob, no idea how you'd even connect him to the concept of the enlightenment
>>Robert Burns
literally who, lmao

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>English Enlightenment
Your list here has writers usually grouped into the Restoration, the period after, Hume and Burns are not English at all, Blake was a Romantic, Burke a sort of conservative. Your list is retarded tbqh

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>fiction bad

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>literally who, lmao
Kino Scottish poet. Not OP btw.

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why did I reply to this dumbass bait.

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>fiction can't be part of a great period
let me guess, you read philosophy exclusively and you think you're smarter than everyone.

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>retards can't even reply properly
I need to get off this website man.

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>le amazing philosofag is tumblrina faggot too
whoa what a surprise
you have to go back

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>oh no I did something retarded, gotta save face, let me double down, if I don't then the bullies were right.
You need to get off this website too.

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but they wrote in english/scots

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