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>Dentist invites you to her house for a free check-up
>See this

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at least you know she'll be very diligent about checking your fillings?

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Marry her.
She is ayypilled and is probably wild in bed.

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the real question here is why hasn't OP married her?

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This. And bond over Posadist accelerationism together

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A wife with a solid career who I can listen to paranormal podcasts with when we're not just chilling and reading side by side? Do want.

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I would love to marry a crazy woman. Conspiracy-crazy, not sociopath-crazy.

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She is looking for a flying saucer in your cavity.

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>tfw have no kinky qt dentist waifu who is into anesthesia breath play

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I once had a supervisor at a shitty cleaning job who randomly started talking to me about how I thought the world would react when UFO's were disclosed, and that the world had been deceived for so long. Could tell by the way she asked she was 100% serious. Unfortunately she was 60+ balding hag-troll.

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Yeah, this is peak schizo. Especially if she actually read them all. Inform her she needs to take her meds.

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Neetzche was right. The perfect woman does exist, although extremely rare.

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I'll say it's a typical dentist bookshelf.

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It's based, should not be ashamed to indulge her passion about ufo

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>bang her
>she makes you wear an alien mask

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Literally me

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It hurts.

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A fan of the history channel eh?

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I stopped reading UFO/alien books because they keep contradicting one another.

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anon...when she makes you fall asleep with the gas...do you think she probes you?

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Tell her I'm picking up strange radio waves from space in my fillings

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What kind of fucking wierdo dentist offers free checkups at home

Jesus Christ that's the creepiest fucking thing I've ever heard

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