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recommend literature that can heal pessimists

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Maps of Meaning

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I disagree. I would rather suffer more, but feel pleasure than suffer less but never feel pleasure. Wanting to avoid suffering is impossible anyway so why not give yourself in to pleasure?

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The Idiot

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The gay science by nietzsche
I especially like the poem
Slippery ice
Is paradise
At least for those
That dance well
(Rough translation)
The whole book is a way of combatting nihilism, aiming your energy upward toward a higher goal and finding meaning within yourself - outside of god. It helped me tremendously. Especially part 285, the dam analogy sticks with me to this day. I recommend reading it in german or dutch if possible. Dunno how good the English translation is.

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nigga the buddha literally solved this thousands of years ago.

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The Buddha says don't seek pleasure because it leads to suffering, but I say some suffering from pleasure is still better than never feeling pleasure at all.
I would rather eat cake and get sick in the stomach than never try cake in my life.

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The Enneads

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My favourite of his too, although I found other parts resonated with me more than the ones you listed.

I've kept a stack of Nietzsche by the toilet for almost 10 years now, reading and digesting a good aphorism or two is an enriching way to spend poopy time.

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uh no. the buddha says aim for ultimate, uncontingent pleasure and satisfaction. you hedonist retards need to believe in him by your own overly simplistic ideology to be consistent/honest because he's in large part coming from the same line of thought.

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