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The fuck is his problem

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I didn't know he had a problem. Cliff is a nice guy, even if he is a bit full of himself and somewhat pretentious.

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Bro this nigger is pretentious as fuck. He does seem cool though

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nah he's alright. Yeh most of it is basically a Goodreads summary in front of a bookshelf, but still he's got me to read some really great stuff that I maybe would not have found on my own. He'll forever be my boy for getting me to read Giono and de Assis

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This is what happens when you inherit your rich dad's money and never have to work for anything in your life. Spoiled brat who turned into a tumblr tier reader.

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Is that the Destiny dude?

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No he does look like him though

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Exposed as a total pseud in his Beckett video. Couldn't even articulate why the books were good.

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Books were not meant to be analyzed on fucking YouTube and it shows.

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This is actually becoming one of my favorite channels. Good show OP

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He's a nice guy. I don't get much from his reviews but if he's helping people get into reading, I can't fault him.

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He likes literature.

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He's absolutely based. Have even talked to him a few times, he's helpful and gives good recommendations.

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i love cliff. saw his review of submission by michel houellebecq. gave it a try and was not dissapointed. anybody know of other youtubers like him?

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I've heard The Bookchemist is pretty good but I've never personally checked him out

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