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Any ivy/Bostonfags here?
Walking down Mass ave in Cambridge and positive I saw rapture outside of Tatte just now. Small world. Was going to take a photo and made a thread instead.

Harvard english reporting.

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>Looking to apply to US colleges for graduate program because esteem
Why are american philosophy departements and their faculty so shit?

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How does it feel to attend Harvard and yet also be incapable of stringing a coherent sentence together?

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raptures a pseud and a retard. the library worth millions might actually be his, but he didn't earn it, him being a midwit with an iq in the 120s.

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ivy academic people = insufferable

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Ivy grad in Boston here

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There was a nice Chinese Yale alumni around lit who managed to be down to earth

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yo I’m class of 2020, Lowell. Khurana is a cuck. Faust is a Goldman sellout. Let’s connect

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a little insecure there, brosef. someone seems a little jelly.

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Shut up nigger, you insufferable Harvard fags always have to turn everything into a networking event even on 4 fucking chan

Khurana is based and did the right thing for Harvard to declare Juneteenth a holiday. I’m going to report your Nazi ass and expose it on twitter like all those rapists last week

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rapture is by far more insecure, and youre a little cuck for defending him

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Why won’t rapture respond to my emails

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Rapture is a pedo

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i mean, i am him, so i'm going to disagree.


because he's been backed up building the requested "diversity in america" reading list and its variants. currently at 40 pages.


no he isn't.

and yes, i was there earlier. beautiful evening to sit outside. stop by and say hi next time if you aren't a weird person.

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Is Harvard even prestigious anymore?

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For anyone wondering, this 'rapture" shit is a samefag LARP.

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rapture, why are you so vain that you need to make a post LARPing about an anon seeing you today

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You were required to know ancient Greek and Latin to be admitted into Harvard and Yale in the early 1900s and prior. Obviously, such requirements were abolished some time ago. A Yale professor suggested that we're in a Dark Age of information and knowledge.

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not me, but ok. i dunno, learn how to check IPs/poster counts, etc., then come back.


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fuck you nigger you wont do shit

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Harvard doctoral student here. HEIL HITLER!

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Lmfao fucking retard, what does he expect us to do before we’re in this dark age where people won’t jerk you off because you can recite verbatim Satan’s soliloquy in Paradise Lost, the most boring Epic ever?

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This is a common attitude of Harvard and Yale students today -- a testament to how far our institutions have fallen. In better times, Harvard and Yale students could read and write in ancient Greek and Latin. Now, Harvard and Yale student know only transsexualism and irony. Sad!

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I knew it was you Donny

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t. Shlomo Nepotistein

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Favorite post on /lit today.

Low effort.

Uneducated retard.

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Not a student but does anyone know if Raven Used Books is open right now? I have a few things I want to pick up there
Anglo influence

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good post

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Truly disgusting to hear someone was near a Tatte deliberately. I hope the virus drains the life from your body, you brown flyover/Chinese national transplant.

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>nobody will debate me tho

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Feynman had a "midwit" iq around there.

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Yeah and the nigga can’t even explain magnetism. Google it. Sorry you fell for the Jewish mathematical mysticism that is modern physics.

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Raven is still closed. Coop is open, though.

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Harvard 2020 here that’s stuck on campus (well, not on campus, but around). Hmu if you want to hang, just drop me an email: c589 at protonmail .ch

Fuck yeah

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Everyone in this thread are making elitist insults, where what they say isn't really insulting because its a matter of opinion on subjects which no one knows anything about,lots of empty bravado. This is what I imagine philosophy and literature students are generally like when immature, like 1st orsecons year students at prestigious colleges.

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Why are there so many people from harvard and uchicago on this board but none from princeton, mit, or stanford.
Did all you pseuds not get into your top choice?

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I went to Princeton and Stanford. Know for a fact there are Princetonbros on here. Haven’t seen too many Stanford, not sure why.

Did you go to either?

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>mfw a black can have a GPA that's half mine and get into Harvard, while I had to settle for UCI

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No Ivy league is presitigious anymore. Absurd levels of grade inflation along with the vast majority of the students on campus being moronic legacy admits have tarnished their image beyons repair. That isn't to say that there doesn't exist exceptional students or groundbreaking research, just that on the whole, they're nowhere near what they used to be. For all intents and purposes, it's impossible to get below a 3.0 GPA.

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that's not how it works.

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E-mailed you anon

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>For all intents and purposes, it's impossible to get below a 3.0 GPA
The math and physics departments had an average GPA of about 3.1-3.3 at my school.

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it really is

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>always have to turn everything into a networking event even on 4 fucking chan

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literally this >>15674550

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Serious question, has the ivy leagues produced a single interesting thinker? I wonder what Whitehead would've been like without having his mind ruined by Harvard

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feynman made up for it by his output. all rapture does is talk superficially about books and crowdsource for low effort projects

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you don't go to an ivy league for academics anyway, it's to be able to say "i got into an ivy" + connections

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>>15674667 >stop by and say hi next time if you aren't a weird person.
is rapture there in the evenings only or in the mornings as well?

I don't know how safe he is so I would prefer to observe him from a distance for a day or two first while maintaining at least 40 feet of distance

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that guy in the front can’t even do a full squat. If any of you guys can’t do a full squat I feel sorry for you

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Why is tatte so expensive :(

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das where the homeless dude normally chills and spazes out.
greatly prefer the homeless dude outside harvard book store who is perpetually practicing rifts on his guitar. once saw him lay some mad game on a harvard undergrad in JP licks while waiting in line. first time i've ever seen a homeless bro get a chicks number. the staple personalities in harvard square are really distinct and actually kinda interesting people.

i'm there pretty much every morning, every afternoon, and every evening, at some point or another. nice way to break up the day and i go through roughly ~20-25 espresso shots in a day to counteract chemo.

yeah i dunno. espresso express in newton is currently repairing my machine so i'm stuck with them.
1369 is open again but it's sorta like...whatever. waiting for bloc in union square to reopen. loyal nine also makes mad good maple lattes but they are a much longer walk.
black sheep is good bagels but never liked their coffee. fromaggio on huron ave seems to have the best selection of espresso beans in the area for when you make your own. george howell--but far away in boston.

where do you all pick up from? always looking to expand.

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>Why won’t rapture respond to my emails
he is applying 'Game' (which you will notice he references in this thread) by 'negging'.

alternatively, he is acting exactly like everyone said he would and screening out anyone whose disappearance would attract too much attention. I warned you he was looking for bleeders, not readers.

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Lol that’s alistair, he’s actually a really cool dude. Sad story tho.

As for my coffee tastes, I just use tea. Much cheaper and more convenient, I ice it. But if I had to choose a place to stay caffeinated, I’d choose my kitchen’s nespresso lmao. I had a fellowship at a library once and they had one in the kitchen and it was like I discovered caffeination gold.

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you fascinate me the same way a scarab might fascinate an entomologist.

you have my permission to go on.

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Homeless dudes there are pretty nice. I did some volunteer work to give them food at night and theyre all quite friendly

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>Espresso Express

Are you near West Newton/Auburndale?

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nah i live in cambridge--espresso express is the closest machine repair shop for that kinda thing, though.

you live around there?

they seem like really decent people that know each other. the music is...questionable but they seem genuinely good. i've interacted briefly with some of them and its always pleasant.

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Do they get enough money where they are actually just “homeless” ive lived around boston and knew a few who basicly had it as a lifestyle instead of necessity due to the amount of money they made.

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Yeah, or at least during the school year.

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If the picture from one of the earlier threads means anything I go to the same school as your wife/gf/whatever the word

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Are you talking to the other anon or me?
Are you a harvard student? My wife does not go to harvard.

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I was talking to you, and yeah I'm not at Harvard. I don't really know her but recognized her since she was TA'ed a class I was in during the fall. Was kind of surreal given a friend from the Boston /lit/ meetup sent me a link to the thread. Would never have guessed.

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*was a TA
or *She TA'ed

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I believe it, small world. Have encountered several people on here i know IRL.
I hope you enjoyed her class. For whatever its worth, she’s an awesome wife.

I take it you’re in the boston area?

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Time for a tattle run. see you boys around campus.

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I can believe it, she seemed nice. Maybe at Ivies (+ Stanford and Chicago) more people are on /lit/ or the chans in general? I've occasionally seen people browsing other boards or chans but only knew one person who browsed /lit/ personally.

I'm within an hour's drive, I've been at my parents since MA got more stringent.

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