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Has the argument been advanced since Mandeville?

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Their called suffragettes

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Mandeville's treatise, only 38 pages:

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>dude I’m like totally for sex workers but like totally against the industry you know

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The pamphlet, "Yet Another Effort Frenchmen if You Want to Be Republicans" in Sade's Philosophy in the Boudoir.

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>pic related

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>Insurrection, thought these sage legislators, is not at all a moral condition; however, it has got to be a republic's permanent condition. Hence it would be no less absurd than dangerous to require that those who are to insure the perpetual immoral subversion of the established order themselves be moral beings: for the state of a moral man is one of tranquility and peace, the state of an immoral man is one of perpetual unrest that pushes him to, and identifies him with, the necessary insurrection in which the republican must always keep the government of which he is a member.
State sponsored degeneracy to create unsettled dynamic men.

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Based whores preserving the race.

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>Near the end of the text, Mandeville details a short history of prostitution in England. Historically, prostitution was legal in many parts of England, particularly in Southwark where taxes from the brothels were paid to the town and Church. Following the Reformation, however, a policy of zero tolerance for prostitution was set and ‘the Stews are destry’d; those publick Nusances are demolish’d; Whoring is attack’d on all hands without Mercy’. As with his famous poem, those interested in eliminating vice had their day. ‘And what then?’ Mandeville satirically asks his reader. Was ‘lewdness’ reduced by this policy of prohibition? A resounding no was his obvious answer.


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Protestantism is our misfortune.

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>Konoe Fumimaro
>Prince Higashikuni
Interesting that the two noblemen proposed this policy. What did the civilians think of it?

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Better whores check Black American soldiers than middle class wives and daughters.

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Very few black soldiers fought on the front lines of the Pacific Theater.

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There was no land invasion of the home islands during WW2, Okinawa excepted. They were worried about the occupation. Rape of Japanese women by Black Americans has been an ongoing issue from the beginning to the present:

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