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Write what's on your mind.

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Do americans realise their media turns the country into a specticle for the rest of the world to laugh at and point towards what not to do?

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Is this you?

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inb4 crosspond copeposting

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I can't overcome my multiple phobias

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Three quarters of capitalism is just milking the dissatisfaction of feminine neuroses.

The '20s and '30s will be a painful drudgery of trying to process the anxieties of Millennial women aging out of the dating market (if you thought the boomer "50 is the new 30" was bad, just you wait.) Think Sex and the City with the cynicism, snark and pure cope turned up to 11.

This is within the wider context of the American Dream being repurposed to the Global Cosmopolitan Consoomer Dream, "studio apartment in a hip neighborhood, drinks with the girls/boys, Tinder filling every moment of downtime" and its collision with the unavoidable ravages of time. But women have more disposable income compared to men (a trend which which will accelerate even as overall disposable income declines) so they'll be the main ones getting their neuroses catered to (and amplified). Men will just get their steady drip of unisex America Man movies.

Basically, "successful" people in general, and women in particular here, never really paused to consider how the culturally enforced ideas "there is no adulthood, you can and must be an adolescent forever" and "anyone over 30 is damaged goods and irrelevant" lead off a cliff.

>*Watching boomers ruin the world so they can soulessly playact at youth and sexual potency with their might as well be infinite resources*

>"This culture is fine, no need question it while I'm still in my prime, I can totally navigate forever this because I'm just that awesome"

Getting over yourself requires something to move on to. Adulthood has been dismantled, it's all perma-adolescence now, there are just those who are the prime age for it and those who aren't. The latter will stew in resentment forever. This explains all the "you're literally a predator if you're in your 30s and dating a girl in her 20s" takes lately.

And it will be even worse with the Zoomer women who are spending their adolescence getting free attention on social media and their young adulthood on OnlyFans. Social media is the female version of porn in how it unnaturally overloads the pleasure centers to a level our minds can't comprehend. Getting hundreds of likes and messages on a selfie is a hell of a drug. When that attention inevitably wanes, it'll be painful.

As a single 30 something, nothings sadder than a 30+ woman trying the tactics of negging and over stating desirability that worked for them in their mid-20s when they were seeking their last relationship. Like watching a guy who peaked in highschool talking about his "big game."

This is what the whole "grooming" thing on social media is about.

It's like peeling an onion, and there's just layers and layers of reproductive anxiety and market competition inside.

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Damn. Go on..

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I don't like when people make so many offtopic theads on 4chan (/lit/ included). Mods/jannies do nothing about it, but will delete any thread they don't like even if it is ontopic.

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I often feel like I fail others but the only person I've ever failed was myself

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Write What's On Your Mind is more /lit/ than stack threads and /crit/ combined.

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>decide to write something strictly to indulge myself
>just make up characters so I have somebody to talk to
>expect comfy fantasizes
>end up psychoanalyzing myself and picking everything apart to the point that I get an existential crisis and feel like absolute shit for the past week
>comfy indulgence and wish fulfillment turned into a monkey's paw scenario of "be careful of what you wish for"


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How do I ask a girl on a date?
I have already made out with her but I am autist so I don’t know how to communicate or what to do next

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Keep going. Your psychological issues will only be resolved if you push through them. Do something to take the strain off but do it with the determination to see your self-work through. I believe in you <3

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Ask her if she wants to get coffee or dinner. Seeing as you already made out with her the leap is a small one, assuming it wasn't a one off thing.

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>assuming it wasn't a one off thing
This is my problem, they can see that I am not trophy bf social tool and use me just as a dildo... I can’t tell if this is the case until I get burned

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You can't get a job without experience, and you can't get experience without a job. Because of this, I am stuck in place. Being stuck in place helped me understand that the old adage about life being about the journey and not the destination is wrong. Life is not a journey at all. People seek to go somewhere, but if death is the only destination, shouldn't you be content in waiting for it rather than racing others to it?
I went on two long walks today, alone. One in the woods, the other over in a rock quarry that was closed due to it being Sunday. I was the only person there. The sound of cars from a highway could be heard as quiet hum. Mostly I heard birds, leaves rustling and my own steps, especially on the gravel. Being present in those moments and checking out some rock layers in the quarry made me feel an odd sense of freedom. The rat race of wage-slaving may be needed to "get ahead" in "life", but I felt more content today than I ever did when I had a job.
I'm going to try to find this kind of enjoyment in life a little more.

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This is good though. Work through it and you'll grow as a person.

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I find it somewhat baffling and downright funny to see the paradoxical historical connections between roman families and factions that produced men like Pompey and Caesar. Pompey, hailing from an upjumped 'homo novus' pleb family would later lead the senatorial optimates faction, a faction which historically opposed the interests of plebs and equestrians. Caesar, hailing from an ancient patrician family older than the republic itself, would come to lead the populare faction which was born out of the specifically anti-senatorial campaigns of first the Gracchi brothers (ancient patricians themselves) and then the continuous reprisals against gracchan-type plebeian and rural interests. Propelled by precedents set earlier which broke the famed mos maiorum (the unwritten laws of custom), like Aemilianus' move to raise personal legions from his client-list or the repeated exemptions from age requirements for consular office and property requirements for becoming a legionary, these men, having learned and experienced that might indeed makes right, would come to dominate public affairs and shape the course of future western civilization forever.

One could say that the caesarian/pompeian split still exists within collective consciousness, as it is "patrician" sons seeking lost glory like Trump who still play populare politics, and "plebeian" upjumps seeking new glory and patrician benefactors as Clinton and Obama did. What we lack for now is the murder of the gracchans for all this to repeat.

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i can't stop thinking about the black hooker i saw last night in the pub area of the city i'm in. her face wasn't particularly nice but she had awesome blowjob lips and her body would have made a dead man aroused. she was wearing a tight pink dress, more hot pink than pic related, and was sitting at a table outside a convenience store. she got up to walk around a bit, the way she moved made me so aroused. i couldn't keep my eyes off her. my wife was with me and she was attracted to her too. man, i want to go back there and hire her so i can watch her and my wife attack each other's pussies

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How much of my unhappiness is due to the story of my life having no arc? Social ineptness means I will continue to have no friends, no significant other, for the rest of my life. Tomorrow will be no different than today, next year no different than this year. I was shocked to realize, in my late 30s, that my social skills peaked, and then started to decline precipitously, in my late college years. Even then I was a loner, but had friends. Largely the result of concentrated exposure, I guess. Some time in my first year of graduate school I realized that I had lost the ability to make new friends. I've never had a girlfriend. I could never risk the chance of rejection. On top of it, I'm repulsive, both in looks and personality. I often feel like I don't have a personality, just a collection of neuroses.

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i hate that i hate myself after every weekend

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>You can't get a job without experience, and you can't get experience without a job.
>I felt more content today than I ever did when I had a job.

looks like you have experience after all

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hey, you, I'll make your dreams come true - want to be friends? satisfaction guaranteed, but no gay stuff

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Having worked does not mean I have "experience". "Experience" means I need to have done that stuff for 5 years minimum, not the 1 year I had until Corona hit. 0 and 1 are the same to them.

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Holy FUCK i need a cute homophobic boyfriend.
Try exposure therapy.
>How much of my unhappiness is due to the story of my life having no arc?
Zero. Your unhappiness is due to not trying to change that.

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I used to be fairly interested in politics because I felt that I'd identified most of the reasons why everything around us was going to shit (for the sake of the following it doesn't really matter if I was right or not). I even had solutions lined up and all. However, the more I kept debating the people around me, the more I started hating them. Because even after convincing them through logical arguments, they simply acknowledged that I was right and changed absolutely nothing.

I realized after a while that there are two kinds of people in the world. Ones that can infer the truth without having to experience it, and those who need to make deep personal experiences to change their core programming. The former type of people is very rare, while the latter is very useless.

The solution here is obviously that one should focus one's energy on the player characters. The NPCs obviously live under a faith-based system of social orthodoxy, and will simply follow whatever is socially accepted. Therefore, one need not bother with them, for they shall fall in line when one becomes the person who determines social norms.

However, instead of focusing on the solution, I instead looked at what would happen were I to actually succeed. Through great sacrifice to myself, in terms of time investment and personal safety, I would embark on a journey with a very low chances of success, to forcefully herd the sheep and my compatriots towards a better future. (What I consider as a better future remains irrelevant.)

I would save civilization, or my country, or my ethnicity! Or whatever you’re personally fighting for. There remains only one issue. By saving society. I would have enabled the idiots amongst us, who had been so pathetically manipulated by promises of utopia, of endless love and prosperity, to get away with their frankly disgusting display of collective stupidity. I refused to abide by that outcome, and thusly, form that point on, when someone asks me about my view on politics, I simply began saying that I am apolitical (because most of you just aren’t worth saving).

It may seem a bit petty, that I would condemn myself and other good men to a fate brought upon us by manipulative elites and foolish hedonists. But there isn’t really any price I’m not willing to pay to see the subhuman trash which collectively brought us into this situation eat their just-desserts.

It’s not like I’ll be in real personal danger anyway. I know when to make my hasty retreat to some irrelevant island nation, and actually have the funds to do so.

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>tfw you realize the only thing stopping you from living a happy and fulfilling life is yourself
unironically just choose to be happy

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I do but then I realise I just want to have sex and eat all the time, so I'd get fat, under-read and never write like I want to write. I think I should think about is as choosing long term pleasure instead of short term pleasure.

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The internet has turned into shit.

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Any tips or tricks on burning 4chan?

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That's not it. Happiness doesn't have that much to do with what you do, or how successful you are - it has mostly to do with how you think.

First thing, you have to accept your situation. Things that you have and you don't have. I think people end up struggling BECAUSE they try to solve their own problems. Just live normally, things will resolve themselves on their own. Stop chasing some magical solution. Stop thinking that you can't be happy because you don't have 'X'.
Second thing, you have to allow yourself to be happy. A lot of people simply hate themselves, and think that they're unworthy of feeling positive emotion. They think that there is something they need to do, change about themselves and so on. Only then, will they be happy. I say get happy first, then you will be capable of doing what you want.

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Just looked into that thread on reddit about some Pakistani hillbillies smashing a buddha statue. The comments are filled with so much anti-muslim hatred. These soi fucks are so full of shit.

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I have no idea whether this is retarded or not

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I had a bad dream last night. I dreamt that I was a counselor at a summer camp on a remote island. I got off the little ferry and realized I'd forgotten to bring cigarettes. Not to worry, said the head counselor, there's a store in the village just up the road. I went to the store and bought some smokes. I thanked the old woman behind the counter, then turned around to find this small kid standing behind me, staring at me. "Watch out for the Mordecai," he said. "The what?" I asked. "Don't let it find you," he said. At that point the old woman, nervous-laughing, told the kid to stop bothering me and told me not to pay him any mind.
One of the buildings in the camp had a library in the basement, fairly extensive, like in a university. Bookish person that I am, I often found myself spending a lot of time there. One night I was in this basement library very late, reading in one of the cubicles, probably the only one there, when the power went out. I waited until my eyes adjusted to the gloom, then got up to leave, weaving my way through the maze of the stacks. I turned a corner, and at the far end of a row of shelves I saw a figure standing, looking at me. Dark as it was, I couldn't make its form out clearly, but I could see it had a face like a skull. It didn't move or say anything, but I knew it was the Mordecai. It had found me. I ran.
I went to find the head counselor immediately. He was sitting by a bath tub, giving a bath to a litter of black kittens, which kept squirming as kittens do, trying to jump out of the tub and splashing water everywhere. I told him what had happened. "Do you know about this thing? Will it keep following me? Am I in danger?" He looked at me but didn't answer.

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I have this poster on my wall.

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Any non-meme opinions on nofap?
I'm afraid I got the porn dick or whatever it's called and have minor ed.
Nofap for a few days is comfy but doesn't cure anything and going for more than a week just makes me irritated.

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I'm saying not retarded.

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Are you overweight or suffer from anxiety? Do you drink?

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Not overweight but have been suffering with social anxiety for as long as I can remember and panic disorder for about 8 years now.
I only drink socially.

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For me at least porn is the problem, if I don’t watch porn (or anything porn adjacent) I naturally get less horny and only jerk off a couple times a week.

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Your anxiety is likely the cause but porn wont help either. Go see a doctor and they might prescribe viagra, etc. for your dick and maybe something for your anxiety if it's that bad. I suggest a GP to do it because most psychiatrists are stingey with anxiety meds.

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Which one do you prefer, the act of masturbation or the act of self-control? Which one is right?
Stop thinking about the result. Will to power is trash. Only thing that matters is your actions. Practice pure will, unassuaged of purpose, delivered from the lust of result, is every way perfect.

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Very good answer.
Kind of feel weird about taking Viagra at 22, but I guess it's better than this.
With the anxiety pills, I could get them illegally, but having them prescribed is bad where I live, I have a friend who can't do certain things because he is registered with panic disorder. Do you think it's a good idea really, I'm afraid they mostly just kill the symptoms and don't help in the long run.

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Everything I have known that I wished to have been lies have turned out to be undeniably true. This breaks my heart, I can no longer hide behind the comfort of my delusions. The light of truth has taken away my reason for living and all I think about is death and the death of truth. How long must I wait for truth to sink down towards the ocean of falsehoods from the flood of modern lies and self deception? When the time comes I shall take my chance to drown my own truth and relive my true life of lies.

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Why do petite bourgeois westerners distort Marxism to be merely a force against the old capitalist social order and in support of the new? Will they ever realize that communism is not free legal drugs everywhere, Sex work (prostitution) and porn everywhere, Men larping as women, and it goes on. Why do the vulgarize Marxism?

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I think Marx outlines how there isn't going to be common prostitutes to fuck for all the men. It's in the CM iirc. I really don't think sex work is as bad as SWERFs like Dworkin make out but you're right it will be abolished with all work.

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I fell in love with the Romans. I'm also a neoplatonist and unironically wish I was a symbol because I consider them superior to living beings.
There's also hermeneutics on my mind but it's going to be a huge post if I started writing about hermeneutics.
I also have a schizo moment because I realized that my family initials (Φ in Greek; F in Latin) form a key if put togheter and I want to know about all that it implies and also wish I would brand them with a hot iron on my left hand because tattoos are for fags.

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The motivation behind good is usually the jealousy of evil. The motivation behind evil is usually the antipathy towards good.

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Damn. This Fomenko dude is good.

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Things are strange

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That dream is pretty gay bruv not gonna lie. I had an AWESOME and CHAD dream not like your sorry virgin ass that probably browses SCPwiki all day (Scatology Connoseuirs Pfforum). My dream was about the //BANANA SQUAD//. Cool ass dudes and hot bitches, all dressed like gopniks but in FLAMING HOT YELLOW. I was living in a trailer in a parking lot outside this MEGA RAVE so they stopped by without knowing me prior, just knocked on my trailer's door, poured a bunch of XTC IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN WINK WINK DOWN MY THROAT AND LET ME MAKE OUT WITH THE HOOOOT BLOOONDE WITH BIG ASS TITTIES that was in their group. Then there was a timeskip, and one year later, I had my yellow leather, my flowing long hair and my big titty gf and I was smoking some cig butts on the corner with my comrade the leader when he told me it will be fun as fuck to nick some gyppo's clothes from their clothes line. I agreed and the two of us went on the hunt. He nicked some wet boxer shorts and my trophy was a Ronaldo t-shirt but mini-sized. We got caught with our hands down their panties by a semi-centimeter 7 years old gyppo with a switchblade so we just had to gtfo and ended up running through gyppo courtyards and kebab shops until we barricaded ourself RORKE'S DRIFT STYLE inside a gyppo's house and he let us stay if I gave him the Ronaldo t-shirt. I agrees but the fuckers broke through the door and I woke up. I miss my Blondie.

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I honestly think a lot of depression cases would be resolved just by living a healthier life. I get that it’s a vicious cycle but if you don’t sleep enough, eat garbage, never exercise, and spend all your time jerking off and browsing the social media of your choice then...of course you’re going to feel terrible?

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playing games also helps

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Tbh I have very little grasp of the connection between lifestyle and emotional well-being (unless it's a thing like vit-D deficiency or something).
Sure, If I'm more productive and live better, I'm probably feeling good. But that's like chicken and egg a little, I think. If I were feeling awful, I wouldn't be very productive. If I live just a normal life, one day I feel great, the other terrible. One day it's easy, another it's hard. One day I get nothing done and feel great, another I get everything done but it's not enough. So on, and so on.

I feel like if I tried to make myself happy, it wouldn't work at all. I would just chase more and more things, looking for something that works. You can end up converting to any religion, doing any deed, and believing anything this way. None of it will work, unless it does. But if you land on the wrong thing, you're fucked.

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Women do have a lot of power in situations where they can use their sensuality for some kind of personal or professional gain, but it’s difficult to navigate. In that sense, where the “female privilege” of being able to advance in status is their ability to use their sensuality effectively, I agree that women should admit to themselves that they are capable of harnessing that immense power for their own benefit. However, a lot of women can’t look at that as a cold hard fact because of cultural distractions and societal influence, ie. centuries of stories in movies and books, fictional and nonfictional, secular and nonsecular, of women being taken advantage of sexually, of women always being the victim, of women needing to remain morally pure.

For a modern day woman to have a completely clearheaded, focused understanding of her sensual power, it’s difficult; she has to be really aware of everything that has influenced her line of thought and worldview, she has to have a keen sense of intuition so that when she is in these power move situations (such as going to Weinstein’s hotel room), everything she says and every move she makes is calculated, every move he makes is rejected by her in a sly, subtle matter, to keep power in her hands while making sure things don’t escalate beyond what she’s genuinely willing to do (which could be physical, or could be expert teasing). And she needs to know the exact moment when to walk away from the situation, to know when things are beginning to go wrong and she admittedly is ready to bail. But a lot of the women in the Weinstein cases probably were, to some degree, genuinely naive; not dumb, by any means, but maybe in over their heads when thrown into the reality of a game they thought they had the skills to expertly play and win.

A dominatrix seems like the kind of women who could perfectly navigate these situations unless she was forcibly restrained, but effectively projecting that domineering, goal-oriented affect takes guts and practice and a very strategic line of thinking. Ultimately, Anna’s comments on this ep made me uncomfortable too, because I feel like she was trying to say something along the lines of what I just did, but it didn’t come out that way, so maybe I’m projecting. Maybe Anna really is, more or less, just plainly victim-blaming. But most women aren’t the sensual masterminds she might think they are, because even if they have a complex understanding of the power they possess and how to use it, society has skewed their perception of utilizing this power as wrong or cheap or, in cases now, not enough to avoid situations like being assaulted by Weinstein-level elite men.


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Libfem ideology pushes this falsehood that Weinstein-level elite men are pure-evil non-humans who are incapable of being controlled, manipulated, or swayed, but the fact is that if a man is sexually attracted to a women, he can be controlled by her in almost any situation if she knows how to play her cards just right. But libfems want to continue the narrative of women being too weak to handle these situations, too prone to being victims because of their morally pure nature, which ultimately, is still sexist and patriarchal, still trying to keep women from harnessing that innate sensual power in order to keep them down, to keep them controlled. If most women were experts in sensual psychological warfare, then we would most certainly run the world and then likely would be fighting amongst ourselves for ultimate societal control. This feminine sensual power is almost god-like, and the status quo knows this, so the status quo tries, from every political direction, to keep it suppressed. I think maybe libfems want to harness that sensual power but with the security of knowing they can fall back on being the victim if things don’t go according to plan, but in reality, you simply cannot have your cake and eat it too.

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i feel like a pathetic coward every day
it doesnt seem to be getting better either

>> No.15907615

If you make it up the class ladder just barely, you want to kick the ladder down behind you and make it harder than every to move up; if your class position is completely secure and stable, you don't really care about the people below you moving up a few rungs.

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It's called "Write What's on Your Mind", not "Write What Was on Nisio Isin's Mind Like Ten Years Ago".

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What are you referring to specifically?

>> No.15908455

This is my journal entry from today. Thoughts, anons?

"I’ve been on the Discord for days now, and to tell the truth, I am not missing it at all. I think it’s good riddance. I haven’t been talking to this friend either, that I otherwise talk to very often. I don’t really miss his company either, considering what I’ve come to realize about him; I don’t know if we’ll continue being buddies for long.

Surprisingly, even to me, I haven’t really been feeling lonely either. I am still grateful that I have someone else, however; someone who I can call even a brother. I am very grateful to have him, and to enjoy his company. Aside from him, I have been enjoying my own company a lot as well. I’ve been getting really excited playing guitar, playing FIFA, and accomplishing daily goals I set for myself. It keeps me busy.

On the matter of porn though, nothing has really changed in my circumstances. I relapsed again."

>> No.15908464

should be I've been AWAY from the Discord*** my bad

>> No.15908487

my narcissism is a facade to not reveal my weakness after being hurt so many times.

>> No.15908488

Heaven is a place inside of us

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Haha pussy

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Just kidding Anon. You're probably being too hard on yourself

>> No.15908858

No worries, it was a pretty boring post anyways

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My first love left me after four years. I don't know who I am or I'm doing anymore. I have no one to turn to or joke around with, because they were the only person I had.

>> No.15909160

*or what I'm doing anymore

>> No.15909171

Meet new people. Time will heal.

>> No.15909186

The problem is you can eat well and exercise and still be miserable because of social problems.

>> No.15909234

You're going to make it, anon. I was in a similar situation a few years ago - gf who had been the center of my universe for 3 years dumped me, and I was psychologically destroyed. Advice is cheap, but mine is: don't give in to despair, spend some time getting to know yourself as an individual, figure out what you really want out of life beyond being in a relationship. Keep moving forward and you will emerge from this a stronger, deeper, more centered person.

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I understand there's a 'write whats on your mind' thread and this belongs there but the message will get lost if I post it there ok so here goes:

I feel like a night creature
chewing its tongue at the sun
squinting faithlessly, grimacing
jackhammering its knee
counting every truant cloud
mixing beats from city sounds
as sunset yellows fizzle down
pacing on a quarter-inch of one heel

hey, stars

often I would wonder at their origin
but such topics get displaced
so morning is what comes after the bottom
and it's name is often used to mean the same

I feel like that can capture half the loop I live in time, but then again I don't think I get points for doing rhyme. Yet even that encapsulates this strange place that I've found, some sort of twilight morning and an endless clicking sound.

In the end I've never even heard of the sun, can't even imagine what it could look like or even feel like. As if a friend of mine once said an awful anecdote I don't remember very well and then tried to ask me a few months later how it went, and we're not even friends. That's it right there.

That's how I feel like.

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I'm planning to get drunk every night mon-thurs this week, purely to keep myself emotionally stable for the foreseeable future (I'm aware the alcohol will only prolong the inevitable breakdown, but it is advantageous for me to prolong that breakdown until next weekend). At my current tolerance it takes me 8 standard drinks to get me effectively drunk. Should I be buying 4 pints of liquor (one pint for each night) or 2 fifths of liquor (half a bottle for each night)? Keep in mind that at this point in time I do wish to maintain the average rather than escalate.

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ha. fag.

>> No.15909266

>decide to right something strictly to indulge myself
>it's an unhinged manic rant featuring full blown page+ long run-ons, violent sado-masochistic fantasies and letters to my current oneitis

>> No.15909277

>when you're so unhinged and alcohol ridden you can write "write" properly

>> No.15909293

lean into it and start drinking a lot more

>> No.15909294

Shit day today. Can't force myself to work. Lazy or depressed, I don't know. Dentist tomorrow. I hate dentists. That's all.

>> No.15909297

dude idk what the fuck this is I just want to fuck a 16 year old

>> No.15909313

I dreamt that my dog would only eat treats that were laid out together in a straight line and if one of the treats was out of line he wouldn't eat any of the treats and I was fucking bawling tears because I felt so sorry that my dog was so neurotic he couldn't eat treats that weren't in an orderly line and I was deeply internalizing the fear, paranoia and anxiety he must be experiencing when he sees a group of delicious treats but he can't trust them because they aren't in a straight line

>> No.15909659

stop it retard

>> No.15909682
File: 276 KB, 952x720, 1575862204884.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can't wait to gain muscle and turn into a bear so I can be a complete dick to every dumb fagget that's weaker than me and make their lives a living hell
Kinda wish I became a cop, desu, maybe it's not too late, but I doubt being a cop will be worth it to be a dick to people for the hell of it after this whole George Floyd and defund the police thing

>> No.15910165

go for it

>> No.15910197

Good post.

>Isaiah 4:12 As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.

>4:16 Moreover the Lord saith, Because the daughters of Zion are haughty, and walk with stretched forth necks and wanton eyes, walking and mincing as they go, and making a tinkling with their feet: 17 Therefore the Lord will smite with a scab the crown of the head of the daughters of Zion, and the Lord will discover their secret parts.

>18 In that day the Lord will take away the bravery of their tinkling ornaments about their feet, and their cauls, and their round tires like the moon, 19 The chains, and the bracelets, and the mufflers, 20 The bonnets, and the ornaments of the legs, and the headbands, and the tablets, and the earrings, 21 The rings, and nose jewels, 22 The changeable suits of apparel, and the mantles, and the wimples, and the crisping pins, 23 The glasses, and the fine linen, and the hoods, and the vails.

>24 And it shall come to pass, that instead of sweet smell there shall be stink; and instead of a girdle a rent; and instead of well set hair baldness; and instead of a stomacher a girding of sackcloth; and burning instead of beauty.

How does it end? With women begging for a husband after realizing what they've done to themselves:
>5:4 And in that day seven women shall take hold of one man, saying, We will eat our own bread, and wear our own apparel: only let us be called by thy name, to take away our reproach.

>> No.15910210

No, obviously not. Get some help. You are being cavalier to mask the pain and frustration, but in the long run this will only increase them. Start the healing now.

>> No.15910238
File: 24 KB, 317x432, 1594274894246.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what do normal people talk about on dates?
my only experience with women is one night stands

>> No.15910253

normal people don't go on dates, only proles

>> No.15910254

that's a good opener, start your date with that

>> No.15910260

what does your elite upper middle class do?
she can never know

>> No.15910331

one of our friends came over last week with their 7yo kid who loves our dog
we left the kid playing with the dog while we were chatting
when we next looked the kid had laid out a whole packet of dog treats in a straight line across our yard
our dog and our neighbour's cat who normally don't get on were each at opposite ends of the line of treats eating inwards
when they got to the middle of the line there was an tense stand-off for a few seconds until the cat grabbed the treat and ran off

>> No.15911168

Im 28 and every single friend is miles ahead of me when it comes job, relationships or housing. Its really, really hard not to write yourself down and take up alcoholism. On top of that, i have absolutely zero idea what i want out of my life or what i'd want to work. My biggest flaws are all-or-nothing outlook towards world, inability to take responsibility for my life and being fearful when it comes to taking a risk. Im not even talking about relationships because im still a fucking kissless virgin and even 12 year old have more experience. Im barely a human at this point.

>> No.15911220
File: 752 KB, 320x245, omegato.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Congratulations anon

>> No.15911231


>> No.15911304

thank you so much. I really needed to hear shit like this

>> No.15911958

>125 IQ
>too high
They really only want dumb monkeys to serve them, don't they?

>> No.15912188

1. If you ever find yourself struggling with bad habits or a lack of willpower, simply ask yourself “What would a cute anime girl do in this situation?” The path forward will be readily revealed.

>> No.15912205

>“What would a cute anime girl do in this situation?”
Grab the chest of the nearest busty woman and remark at how much she's grown?

>> No.15912559

i'm having an emotional affair with a married woman. the chances of it progressing beyond that are slim. i don't want to ruin her marriage. i struggle because i love talking to her so much.

>> No.15912827

I have a theory. Girls are actually really emotinally stable. But guys drag them into the endless spiral of hysteria and depression because they try to establish a connection through their deep and emotinal thoughts, which are basically worthless and don't accomplish the goal. The girl ends up looking like a whiny bitch that needs to be protected because she got dragged into it.

Basically, I derived this from my experience, since most of the men I know are bitch ass niggas.

>> No.15912866

The clock is ticking
Soon this will all be over
But before then
Let's have some fun
Nuclear holocaust
Apocalypse now
That will be the day
Dancing in the acid rain
Sweating in the rice fields
It just takes time
Empty city
Hungry tribe
Nature buried beneath the stone
We will return
To your scheduled broadcast
Following this urgent message
They have arrived
With black eyes
And black thoughts
This is not the end
It is the beginning
Forests will grow again
Rivers will flow
And soon this will all be over
So let's have some fun
I'll hurt you
And you'll hurt me
And we will promise to return
To your scheduled broadcast
Following this urgent government message

>> No.15912943

Why did you add government in the last line?

>> No.15913073

>projection the post

>> No.15913121


Dunno thought it sounded better, perhaps not. Cheers

>> No.15913286

The problem with therapy is that for it to work, you have to become emotionally invested and believe that you have a connection with your therapist. But in reality it's just a business transaction. If you stop paying, or your insurance does, you're not going to see them anymore and it's over. So for it to work, you have to kid yourself that they actually care. But once you are aware of the situation, it is hard to suspend disbelief and become emotionally invested enough to make therapy worthwhile.

>> No.15913352

Every night I go to sleep telling myself that tomorrow is the day I will start to work on myself and stop procrastinating. Every morning I wake up and repeat the same self destructive pattern until it's time to sleep, telling myself that tomorrow is the day I will start to work on myself and stop procrastinating.

>> No.15913366
File: 223 KB, 1569x2048, EbIM40PWAAAcXrp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's probably only about a dozen women in this world who genuinely appreciate Robert E. Howard's Conan stories.

>> No.15913398

i hate it when they crop the feet out

>> No.15913447

Huh? You're looking at this wrong, I think. I didn't even see my therapist as a person. Although, I wonder, as I think I indirectly rejected her once and she seemed to get a bit sad. I don't know if it was sad because of how pathetic I was, or because she wanted a less formal relationship. It was probably all my imagination though.

I think it's a mistake to approach therapy as something social. It's like a two person think-tank on how to get you better, no need to get personal. You think about your life, and say it out loud, trying to be honest. If you have a clear goal, you can work towards it. If you're just making an honest effort that's better than doing nothing, or damaging yourself, right?

>> No.15913452
File: 245 KB, 1638x2048, Ecfje08XgAcq8hS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.15913470

Isn't there more to living than just surviving? Art seems to be the only way out, but I'm a shit writer and a worse musician.

>> No.15913480

yes oh god yes

>> No.15913520 [DELETED] 
File: 252 KB, 1638x2048, Ebh16eaXQAMkkjP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I will contribute a final photo before restraining myself, lest I derail the thread.

>> No.15913611

There are worlds and places that you can reach if you have the will to do it, not just with art. To be honest "living just to survive" is a mindset that's hard for me to imagine. Then again, "survival" is something quite different from "not dying", isn't it? It implies a struggle, and the danger of death. I think you should punch yourself really hard in the face. Or step onto a rooftop. Go into a dark alley at night. You know, place yourself in a situation in where you actually have to survive. If it still feels meaningless even then, my condolences.

>> No.15913699



>> No.15913773

I was in psychodynamic therapy where this relationship with the therapist is required.

>> No.15913794

is sex required as well? asking for a friend

>> No.15913804

I’m going to write a YA novel with Yaoi implications and make bank. Fuck integrity. A man’s worth is determined by his wealth, so I’m going to sell out.

>> No.15913846

Anything. Avoid forced ice breaker questions and sounding like a douche. Steer the convo towards them and their interests. If they're worth your time it'll boomerang back to you

>> No.15913894
File: 288 KB, 755x708, DA80E8CB-41A8-407E-B967-2F6C172B12BF.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i have a nipple erection of indeterminate cause...they’ve been protruding through my shirt on and off all morning. could this be a forecast of some great geopolitical happening? who is to say.

>> No.15913907

Stop giving a shit and just ride the wave. If you get only one good date then so be it. Take joy in what you get, not anguish in what you don't.

He whose nose hangs above the bowls of others smells not the bounty of his own.

>> No.15913911

The guy who posts frogs is a chick, lol, well that was unexpected.

>> No.15913963

Anxiety does more to hurt sexual performance than porn does. I fap to porn in greater depravity and quantity than ever before and I can still perform sexually to a degree most partners find exhausting. I thought I had the same probelm, but it turns out it was anxiety all along.

>> No.15913971

And yet your frame your philosophical leanings through a personalized story of your process. Do you see the irony here?

>> No.15913989

Find an interest, solitary or social doesn't matter, just find something to occupy your thoughts.

>> No.15914001

Usually a common interest of some sort. Focus on questions that are open ended and leave room for elaboration on both sides.

>> No.15914020

I don't do Nofap because porn is literally the only reason I enjoy coming home from work. It's the only thing that really relaxes me and makes me forget my misery for more than a few seconds. I could probably do nofap if I had something that could take its place, but I haven't found anything like that. All other forms of entertainment are either transient and less powerful, or extremely detrimental to your health and usually illegal.

>> No.15914154
File: 1.99 MB, 320x240, 1403031732491.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>men dont have nipples

>> No.15914170

I've never had a nipple erection, or at least I haven't noticed. Is it a genetic thing?

>> No.15914221

I wish. I was so attracted to her.

>> No.15914232

>I was so attracted to her.
did you share that with her? how did she respond?

>> No.15914257


If you live on your own without roommates there's no reason not to fap all the time. I only feel bad about fapping when I think my roommates might have been home or something. Once I have my own apartment, I'll thwack it whenever I see fit without a second thought.

>> No.15914301

d/a, I find my therapist very attractive as well. She wanted to have a look at my journal one day, making sure that if it makes me uncomfortable she'd only look at the actual book and my handwriting, not what I've written. Said it was alright for her to look at my entries too. Two days later it occurred to me that I had written down how hot she is and I pray to God she didn't see it.

>> No.15914308

Gently nibble on your nipple with the very tip of your pinky fingernail, as if you were trying to get goosebumps on your skin. You'll get rock hard nipples.

>> No.15914352

>There are worlds and places that you can reach if you have the will to do it, not just with art
But what is the use if I'm the only person having that wisdom? Shouldn't I be doing something with all it is that I have accumulated throughout my life?

>> No.15914365

no, I didn't.
mine also asked to see my journal. I didn't bring it in.

>> No.15914376

Wow, the guy who shot that judge in NJ was a hardcore man's right guy! They already took down his website, but you can check it out on Google Cache. I can't believe a man that old, and who presumably made it through law school, was so fucking immature. He filed a lawsuit saying that free drinks on ladies' nights at night clubs violated the equal protection clause of the constitution. Not huge fan of contemporary woke feminism, but that guy was a straight retard.

>> No.15914380

My sole motivator is cunny. These little cuties are the light of my life, the fire of my loins, so to speak. I quite literally cannot endure a single day without consoling myself with daydreams of cuddling with a beautiful little girl, caressing her perfect prepubescent body, tasting her supple lips, breathing in her precious girlish scent... it nearly moves me to tears. To be truthful, I would spend an entire evening devouring each and every inch of her delicious form, from her cute little toes to her quivering cunny, all the way up her kissable tummy and to those perfectly pink nipples. I'd give her some manual stimulation until she could only beg for my member. And she'd need not ask me twice. She cannot be impregnated but that would not stop me from giving every fibre of my being to making her so. I definitely have more endurance than her so after a considerable romp she'd pass out in my arms. A flushed, panting mess, she'd be, but a beautiful mess. I'd taste the glistening sweat off of her and clean her up before holding her close and drifting away into sleep... but alas, it will always be but a dream...

>> No.15914399

>Shouldn't I be doing something with all it is that I have accumulated throughout my life?
There is no "should" in life. You are the universe experiencing itself.

>> No.15914428 [DELETED] 

You can tell Trump is a spent force if 4channel is moving away from being an alt-right forum, and back to creepy pedo posting of the moot days.

>> No.15914438

>my first love
you mean only love, people can only truly love once

>> No.15914472

Why is this so? My entire life I've been having dreams about my first crush that was entirely one sided. It's been decades since I seen her yet the dreams persist as if it was yesterday.

>> No.15914512

I wonder if I have ever truly loved somebody
if I have, it seems like I have forgotten all about it

>> No.15914513

I would rather share my space with others than dwell in an apartment, accumulate wisdom that never goes anywhere. Studying, working, then dying, does not strike me as a fulfilling existence at all. I want to expand the universe.

>> No.15914528

You have access to internet, entire world is at your fingertips.

>> No.15914545

Yes, but how do I reach into the heart of others?

>> No.15914550

Because reason and love cannot coincide, love needs the person to be unvarnished and guilleless and everything after your first is going to be guided by experience and reason.

>> No.15914552

You either have to saw through the breastplate or go up under the ribs

>> No.15914556

last month i was out with some with some friends and we went to a brothel where a romanian prostitute fell in love with me. i've been seeing her a couple of times now and she genuinely likes and cares for me, but deep down i can't help but feel resentment for her.

>> No.15914655

medical school starts soon for me. Hoping I can drown myself in work. It doesn't help that this person is going to be at same school though

>> No.15914670

How so? I really want to believe I can love someone in the future

>> No.15914691

>everything after your first is going to be guided by experience and reason.
Oh I see...but why can't they coincide?

>> No.15914707

love doesn't exist, it's just a marketing strategy designed to sell nylons

>> No.15914731

>I thought I had the same probelm, but it turns out it was anxiety all along.
So how did you beat your anxiety?

>> No.15914734

i am a man, anon.

>> No.15914832

Does anyone have experience with a shy gf? I’d like to talk about our relationship but she’s always very reserved and doesn’t often “let her guard down”. I guess she’ll grow more comfortable over time, we haven’t been dating too long.

>> No.15914833

It wasn't an anxiety disorder, just me being anxious. I just went stopped thinking about it and like magic my boners returned. If you have clinical anxiety issues, Viagra may be the only solution.

>> No.15914851

Having a meta conversation about a relationship has never ended well for me, but i have autism so you result may vary.

>> No.15914875

shy people are fucking evil, you never know what they are hiding
I am shy myself and I say never trust them

>> No.15914889

Where do I start with Wittgenstein?
What about Schopenhauer?

>> No.15914903

>It wasn't an anxiety disorder
You are a fortunate man.

>> No.15914907

Ok, maybe I’ll keep the meta observations to myself unless they absolutely must be said

>> No.15914909

>Where do I start with Wittgenstein?
>What about Schopenhauer?
You don't.

>> No.15914942

I think the exact repetition is more powerful but nice work anon.

>> No.15914977

I just don't have a why and it's impossible to find one that acceptable to me.

>> No.15915081

All I wanna do is kiss a loli.

>> No.15915183

anime has made me lose all interest in 3d people, they just look disgusting

>> No.15915194
File: 83 KB, 850x400, quote-almost-all-japanese-animation-is-produced-with-hardly-any-basis-taken-from-observing-hayao-miyazaki-121-80-56.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's sad but true.

>> No.15915343

sex sex sex

>> No.15915880


>> No.15916047
File: 19 KB, 1080x704, 1589759973137.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Im trying to introduce new hobbies into my life.

Scratch building RC planes and walking trails

>> No.15916161
File: 106 KB, 480x677, blo-mi-m8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15916182

I am fairly certain anon is referring to the myriad of other off-topic posts.

>> No.15916189

I was 12 in 1990

>> No.15916264

I was -9 in 1990.

>> No.15916282

In the past this place has helped me a lot, and so, once again I come here for advice.
I fell in love with a girl, but there’s something that has been bothering me a lot. I’ve always had an aversion towards hookups and casual sex, and at the same time felt like shit for not doing these things, as if I was insufficient and unattractive, incapable of living as most people my age seem to. Even so, the few times I did manage to hookup with someone always made me feel bad, giving me a damned if you do, damned if you don’t mentality about this kind of things.
Now, back to the girl. We have very strong feelings towards each other and both feel like we finally found what we were looking for. Her past, however, disturbs me. She was repeatedly molested by older men when she was a pre-teen, and, after that, developed a very promiscuous lifestyle. Most of it was spent with a boyfriend, but before and after dating him she seems to have hooked up with a lot of people, including complete strangers. Everytime I hear or think about any experience of hers a terrible and all consuming feeling comes over me. It’s not jealously, it’s some kind of dread that comes from deep inside and overtakes everything else. I hear her tell me about how she loves me and wants to build a life together and I am assaulted by this feeling and intrusive thoughts about her past experiences.
I love this woman and none of this situation is her fault - she has always been very kind and supportful - but this dread is consuming me. I don’t want to simply ignore the feeling or leave her, but don’t know what else to do.

Please, if any of you can take time to read and reply, I would really like to hear any thoughts you have towards it.

>> No.15916286


>> No.15916399

for real an interesting analysis no doubt

>> No.15916598
File: 318 KB, 1085x1259, 1576342727204.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>girlfriend cheats on my friend
>don't really care
>another friend gets written off and loses his job
>don't really care
Is that normal? I mean, not caring?

>> No.15916627

You're just worried she'll die or run three kids in. She'll probably stick it out forever for the kids and stability. You're miscalculating the risk because of her past. If you change your perspective (she's unlikely to die or quit if her past didn't do it, and she's probably more motivated than most to have a normie beard husband and normie safe suburban life) you might have wife material.
However, check for signs of BPD, especially if you haven't known her long. If you know this sexual history because you've known her years, that might be an actual close bond, but if you know all this within a month of knowing her, she has boundary issues and the extremity of both your feelings might be partially manufactured.

>> No.15916671

i'd consider visiting a therapist/psychiatrist and being evaluated for a variety of personality disorders

>> No.15916685

I know this feel brother. I react very little to other people's pain or even my own. I don't mind though, I would rather err on the side of stoicism than act a drama queen like the women I know. I'm often reminded of Ted Hughes' Fever, he describes that feeling well:

>'She is crying
>As if the most impossible of all
>Horrible things had happened -
>Had already happened, was going on
>Still happening, with the whole world
>Too late to help.' Then the blank thought
>Of the anaesthesia that helps creatures
>Under the polar ice, and the callous
>That eases overwhelmed doctors. A twisting thought
>Of the overload of dilemma, the white-out,
>That brings baffled planarian worms to a standstill
>Where they curl up and die.

>> No.15916718

>You're just worried she'll die or run three kids in.
What make you say that, anon? To be honest this kind of thing never went through my head.
Anyway, I know basically nothing about BPD or boundary issues, can you recommend me anything about it? Seems like something I should inform myself about.
Thanks, for the advice, anon. I hope you’re doing well.

>> No.15916728


>> No.15916732

How often do you have sex? Sex can be anxiety inducing when you only have every once in a while / with strangers. Once sex becomes a regular act between partners you lose a lot of that anxiety, and it becomes less daunting. You've got to perform well a few times, and then those memories of performing poorly begin to disappear. I understand that's not really a 'solution' to your problem, but something to keep in mind?

>> No.15916734

it's called testosterone

>> No.15916735

Hey Google, how do I become the Overman?

>> No.15916768

I guess this is the place to ask for advice: I'm a student who studies all day long and in the end of the day is just exhausted. I do stay up during the night until around 4 am because I don't want my whole life to be filled with studying but I just can't get myself to read after such an exhausting day, so I just watch some series or film.
How do I motivate myself to read?

>> No.15916788

Listening to audiobooks is an okay substitute if you aren't trying to read something challenging or super serious. It's passive instead of active so it's a lot easier to read that way. But long-term, you need to develop a habit of reading so that you associate reading with pleasure. It shouldn't be something you have to motivate yourself to do because it should be something you look forward to doing. Work on making that change in your mind. Hope that helps.

>> No.15916789

Most people only feel jealousy or anxiety about those things because they think it shows their partner might leave them in some sense (death, separation, stop loving them). People with confidence in their partner's choices or ability to survive and maintain the partnership don't have those feelings. It's why people get those empty and impotent feelings not only when a partner cheats but also when a partner gets a cancer diagnosis.
BPD one name for a type of personality that lacks any coherent sense of self, and needs to feel and have others feel intensely dramatic feelings to know they are alive.

>> No.15916836

just wrote this piece:


The mirror,
The soot that shines the true white light

A string that fits between atoms
Fit around the smallest part of me
My machinations and anxieties
My conditions and my iniquities
One day it will pull us, like a wind
After all our wandering

My friend, how I've forgotten you
Small but still so big

>> No.15916850

I actually despise audio books but yeah, I guess you are right about reconditioning to meaning of books for me. You got any idea how I can make reading sound like a free time activity again?

>> No.15916861

But what does it mean?

>> No.15916877

For me I have a goal in mind. I want to read Hegel and actually understand him so I'm going through lots of philosophy building up to him. And my motivation to read is my interest in learning and reaching my goal. You can have whatever goal you want but a goal will help. It's important to read things that you want to read. Something you'll enjoy reading - not just enjoy having read it, but the process of reading itself. a page-turner. Idk, that's all I have, really. Best wishes, anon.

>> No.15916921

I don't want to encourage analysis, it's more abstract.

>> No.15916929

>It's important to read things that you want to read. Something you'll enjoy reading - not just enjoy having read it, but the process of reading itself.

Damn, I think that's it! I've mostly chosen books that I wanted to have read, not because I liked the story especially or found it interesting. Thank you very much!

>> No.15916946

glad I could help!

>> No.15916954

I feel like she’s someone who doesn’t value herself and to whom physical intimacy is meaningless. Physical intimacy is something very personal to me, so the idea of her fucking around crashes with how if feel towards it. Also, it’s a shitty feeling thinking the person who likes you is just someone who treats herself as a fucktoy. Even knowing she sees most of these past experiences in a negative light, it doesn’t change the fact she put herself on these situations again and again, and on some level thinks she deserves them.

>> No.15916999
File: 1.80 MB, 2941x1432, 20200721_125813.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Listening to music. Thinking about making some breakfast. Thinking about how awful this country is.


>> No.15917050

Close female friend left her long-term boyfriend. According to a mutual friend, my feelings for her and the fact that we remained really close friends even after they became known are among the reasons they broke up. I feel incredibly guilty, because I had no idea that either of them knew about my feelings for her. I'm not sure if I should tell her that I know and, like, apologize or something. I also kind of cucked somebody

>> No.15917802

Fuck the cult of sharing feelings. Talking about your problems are good way to make those problems seem much more real than they really are. Most things are not a big deal, but talking about them makes them so. I just ignore most of my feelings and I feel much better for it.

>> No.15917900

Is Guenonfag dead? What happened to my boy?

>> No.15917907
File: 19 KB, 480x360, iseeu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't feel guilty, feel based

>> No.15918141

Darling will you please put down the luger, please darling, give it to me, give it, give me the luger darling, you foolish obdurate whore….. please darling, youre embarrassing me in front of my friends, darling ive told you about this, thankyou darling

>> No.15918179

I just woke up from my nap because it felt like someone slapped my ear. But there's no one around me. How is that even possible?

>> No.15918273

Why are there so many retards on /lit/ who equate Stoicism with the act of not caring? Not caring about your problems and everyone else's problems is not Stoicism/

>> No.15918280

Mental healthcare is such an insulting joke here in America. Healthcare in general is but goddamn if mental healthcare isn't worse. Or the acceptance of mental irregularities.

>> No.15918293

>Not caring about your problems and everyone else's problems is not Stoicism/

Sure it is

>> No.15918301

*retracts dick*

>> No.15918310

dosing up on zinc, mag, selenium and tribulus really gives me fucked up dreams

>> No.15918347

I have a lot of trouble finding the motivation to do anything that concerns anyone else. Often times I ask myself things like "Is this really it?" or "Is this worth my time?" because I fail to find the motivation to think about it for extended periods of time. I have a job, I study and read every day, and I have hobbies that I pursue, all of which are mostly solitary activities. I think that if I don't make any substantial change in my lifestyle any time soon, I'm going to end up being alone and forgotten for the rest of my life, and for some reason I don't seem to mind that much. I've considered that it might just be depression, but even on my best days, the lack of motivation and apparent apathy is pervasive. I've got a healthy lifestyle, and a good safety net so I'm not really sure why I can't shake the feelings of distraught. Life and people in general seem pretty hazy and nondescript in a way I can't quite explain, so I'm not sure how coherent this post is to other people.

>> No.15918430

Got ghosted. Worse than ghosted. I’m completely humiliated and there’s nothing to do about it

>> No.15918506

sucks to be you

>> No.15918573


>> No.15918574

From the looks of it, you just need to spice things up a bit. Take more social hobbies and meet people no matter how vain it would seem. Do something that you wouldn't normally do. (Albiet not something stupid that would jeopardize your life)

>> No.15918579

Turn to escapism to cope. Either that, or radically change your life. Maybe both. Get a 2D waifu and use her as inspiration for... something. I don't know; it's tough. Hang in there.

>> No.15918593


>> No.15918612

Anomander Rake felt the rumble in his onyx stomach - he let slip a fart, a fart of darkness that reflected the rancid and rotten landscape of Gemul Garatlain. Or however it was called. He had lived long and his memory now was hazy, sporadic flashes of lifetimes that seemed an instant.

Nonetheless, he missed Mother Dark, and long wished for her cold embrace upon. He took a deep breathe in, and startled himself with the smell.

“Think of the smell...”

Whiskeyjack entered Rakes spacious and filth covered tent.

“Sugoi, Anomando Rake-u san,” he said, bowing.

Rake swiftly beheaded him with Dragnipur, his 6 foot long sword described by all who briefly glanced upon its visage as “awesome”, “badass”, and “cool”.

He felt his power grow. The sword stole and entrapped Whiskeyjack soul, condemning him to an eternity of mindless labour within, surrounded by the tragic multitudes of souls Rake had laid waste. Including Hitler.

Rake ruminated. He now had white privilege after killing the straight cis male Whiskeyjack.

He summoned the black skinned Traveller, and committed Suicide.


>> No.15918618

Say no more.

>> No.15918628

I have fish, rice, raisins and Shirazi salad on my mind.

>> No.15918708
File: 303 KB, 1080x1440, 1054_v9_bb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Been falling asleep pretty easily by repeating "sleep" in my brain and trying to think of nothing else. Been thinking about trying transcendental meditation with a mantra since David Lynch does it but haven't started yet. Twenty minutes of meditation with a three minute cooldown. Never tried meditating before as it seemed like new-age bullshit.

>> No.15918720

She used to live in Adelaide, my city.

>> No.15918764


Based retard poster

jk anon i was also born there

>> No.15918779
File: 202 KB, 368x368, 1594638203804.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just decided to pop back in to see if the corona wave was over but it seems like it's fait accompli. I'd just like to thank all you guys; if it weren't for you i would never have gotten into reading all those years ago. I guess i'm one of the few people who can say /lit/ actually improved my life. It's with a heavy heart that i say goodbye, for real this time. I guess all good things must come to an end.

mine too.

>> No.15918903

>radically change your life.
I wish but im just a coward.

>> No.15918911

Take up a very dangerous job. Something that has a life-or-death stake. It'll suit your all-or-nothing personality trait well.

>> No.15918914
File: 184 KB, 483x470, 1592491673758.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It really annoys me how people communicate in memetics now. You can't have any actual conversation with someone online or even offline without it being reduced to some weird memetic format in response. What the fuck is wrong with people? I understand responding with a reaction image because human reaction is a thing and it can be conveyed. See my image attached to this post for my reaction to speaking with memes.

>> No.15918976

I am talking to my closest friend
But I am not there
I am elsewhere
Trying to pass the Turing Test
I am trying to connect
But my thoughts
About his thoughts
About my thoughts
Are causing the system to overload
I am not here
I am elsewhere
This face is not mine
It contorts against my will
Reacting to my thoughts
About his thoughts
About my thoughts
It gives away too much information
And his words are daggers
I must remain calm
Process only what is observable
Because I am real
Too real
I am sensitive
To his emotions
To my emotions
To his emotions about my emotions And my emotions about his
I must protect myself
There is too much at stake
He must believe that I am real
And so there I sit
Being the best friend to my closest friend
And I fail the Turing Test

He will believe
That I am real
But I am real
Just not in the way that you might think

>> No.15918978

Oops Cut out those last 4 lines. Wrote it in reply box

>> No.15918984

Your girlfriend sucked 37 dicks?

>> No.15918987

deep in your mind
there is a child
holds thoughts of all life
knows all to be found
fell from the skies
heaven abide
losing its truths
when silence defined

in the end, it’s making sense
it’ll be tremble in absence
as we are one, merely drifting
into the void we’re together, alone
we live with might
it’s really just all for the shallow
to be defined

all that we hold
all that we know
washing away
as life gains decay
the truth of all life
and all that there is
we held it at bay
while our tears turn astray

>> No.15919000

Most of /lit/ is beyond worthless, why anons bother reading threads?

>> No.15919010

Then why come here. 4Chan has always been 4Chan. Best you can do is stay away from US time :^)

>> No.15919012

When I forget that other people are fucking idiots, I start making up ridiculous standards in my head for myself.

>> No.15919015

Interesting, i've been thinking about traveling alone. However i wonder if its possible to change all-or-nothing into enjoying the process.

>> No.15919022

Before you can go any further in this discussion, you have to recognize a few things:
1) Smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and plenty of gimmicks gave people who otherwise would have no use for the Internet a very good reason to inhabit it in their free time. The portability, accessibility, and relatively cheap pricing has made it so that any person with even a minuscule income can access the Internet at any time.
2) High-speed connections have compounded on the first point mentioned, and has allowed people to access information and communities that would otherwise never exist. This can be a good thing if used properly, or a bad thing if used improperly.
3) Most platforms, this one included, exist to make money, and thus typically pander to the lowest common denominator. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, either, but it usually always is.

Memes can actually be a fantastic way to communicate if they're not over-used, and if they're not reduced to such simple terms as they usually are today (which is probably where your discontentment lies. Correct me if I'm wrong). Things like: funny images that make you laugh, retarded TikTok videos, etc, are not the only things confined to the domain of memes. So, memes being the first example to segway into my point: because the Internet typically panders to the lowest common denominator, it follows that said denominator will almost always simplify all things. It doesn't matter whether it's a political issue, a meme, a fashion trend, etc. There's a reason memes like "NPC" and "normie" are so influential, and that's because they're a reflection of how most people actually treat the Internet. So to answer your question ("What is wrong with people?"), I would suggest that there isn't actually anything inherently wrong with (most) people at all. Instead, I would suggest that because the Internet is so pervasive, and the access is cheap and easy, people are corrupted by it.

We could go on and on about how people distort and repeat very dumb formats for a myriad of reasons, but that wouldn't actually go anywhere. Most ventures, I would reckon, started out innocuously. There wasn't any malevolent intent when Facebook first started, or when the plans for ARPAnet were first being developed. The summation is that the Internet distorts and reduces things to their simplest factor because that's what most people want: easy and quick to digest pieces of information. I could go on and on about how these things interconnect with the human psyche, like attention span, etc, but I think this post has been rambling on enough. If you want meaningful discourse, look for moderated/niche communities and hope that it never picks up too much traction, because then the retards will come knocking. I hope this post has been insightful to you in some way, best of luck :).

>> No.15919061

Her cancer is back. I hope this isn't the end.

>> No.15919100

Expected this answer hehe.

>> No.15919306

a bunch of garbage

>> No.15919347

how do i learn to write dialogue?
learning from real life would presumably be the best way, but it's not an option for me. (all of my friends have the same literally-autistic speech patterns that i use, which isn't exactly what i'm going for.)

>> No.15919395

>Color Climax Corporation ApS (CCC) is a Danish pornography producer headquartered in Copenhagen.[1] It had been one of the leading producers of European pornography up until the 1990s.
>Color Climax was the first to produce commercial child pornography films.[4] From 1969 to 1979, Color Climax was responsible for the relatively large-scale distribution of child pornography.[6]



>> No.15919407

Literary dialogue and characters aren't actual real life. Real life is fucking boring most of the time, conversations go nowhere, people stutter and use shorthand. People are fucking mundane and they don't open up, and just talk about their hobbies or something and complain about how somebody was mean to them for hours.

Nobody wants to read that. I can't tell you how to write though, other than it should be interesting probably. What is the book about? Just make the dialogue fit that theme.

>> No.15919411

You are probably right, I'm probably getting beyond the scope of social media.

>> No.15919945

So I can check those numbers.

>> No.15920003

Short of speed again, I simply crushed a wellbutrin and drank it in water. Used to snort it but learned from that mistake. It's impossible to get decent speed in this town - the "good" stuff may work in 0,2g doses.

Just can't concentrate fully sober and caffeine is such a crude high. Slightly worried about sleeping now. I have benzos, but would prefer to save them for absolute necessity. Antipsychotics are even worse. Or perhaps just stay up until I collapse, not like I have anything to wake up for. My real problem is lack of tasks at hand.

>> No.15920560
File: 128 KB, 647x405, 5gsxtadmef951.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have to make a choice between two options. If there is a third option then I don't know it. The question is what to study this coming semester. I am building towards a degree in something, and the quesiton is: how big a part should the russian language have in this degree. Other than russian I have been studying political science, but more and more I feel like this is an imaignary subject, like critical theory or something. Having a degree in political science does not prove that you can DO anything. It does however, most likely I believe, afford a degree of job security, as I am from a country with a very large public sector. This is really why I am in polisci- I find it to be at least somewhat interesting, but moreso very safe. Now you might think "Hold on, I've seen movies since the 80s, I know you should always pick what you're passionate about over that which is safe!" and maybe you're right in the general case, but the complicating factor is that I have suffered from a fair amount of mental illness in my day, and I am probably more or less crippled permanently. Crippled in the sense that I will probably never have the mental energy to work full time. So in -my- case, maybe the dream of the 80s should die, and I should be happy with what I get. It's just that if I learned proper russian, then I would know like 3.2 languages, and that is actually something. I would know how to do something. The problem then being that the occassions to do that something might basically require me to work full time or more, which I think that I can not do. I'm finally getting in physical shape, and I am improving, so maybe this pessimism is exaggerated, but I have been more or less out of the game for 7 years now. Statistically I can not expect to recooperate.

Along comes another complicating factor: I am a muslim, and I live in a country where I'm not so sure Islam will be welcome in the long run. If I learn russian then I would probably be able to find work abroad as a teacher, and so I could emmigrate if I had to. With polisci this is not so much the case. So in the very long run russian might actually be safer. I feel like this all puts me in a very complicated situation.

>> No.15920574

Worthless, college is boring but this is too shitty. I would rather deal with their bs than with anons.

>> No.15920595

>see a girl in countless pictures
>she looks flatchested even in the ones that are low cut
>meet her irl
>tits are huge, they're just sagging so much that anything but a picture of her entire upper body wouldn't show that she has tits
I would have rather she be flat-chested than to have these granny tits.

>> No.15920677

I want to know my thoughts

>> No.15920790

There are plenty of girls with granny tits, they usually just get conceiled by bras.

>> No.15920796

Gravity is a thing, anons.

>> No.15920813

I don't know if I should keep trying to fight the weakness of my temperament of accept them as a part of me and try to work my way around them.

>> No.15920816

>weakness of my temperament
such as?

>> No.15920834

Inability: to organize myself, to set daily goals and respect them, to concentrate on things that matter to me instead of wasting most of my free time in places like this one, etc...

>> No.15920838


>> No.15920858

I am the man who witnessed it all
Everything life had to offer
It really was a spectacle
So many opportunities
I watched them all drift by
But I do remember witnessing them
The opportunities, that this
I was there
I watched them all come and go
Everyone single one
It was truly something special
You should have seen me
As they passed me by
I just did nothing
I witnessed them all
Now I have nothing
And nothing to show for it
Just my age and my wrinkled face
But boy, it really was something
I was there for it all

>> No.15920883

in my experience the key is to do one thing at a time. think of one thing you want to do and isolate it. we're habitual creatures, there's only so much any of us can do before we snap back into habit. so just small steps. think long term.

>> No.15920909

Yeah, I do tend to try to upgrade everything at once, and it does prove hard. I can try to start with writing. Nothing upsets me more than the slow pace at which I've been progressing, even though I finally like what I write.

>> No.15920980

Why do I have to like woman and socializing. Life would be so much calmer if I could be ok with being asexual. So much less worries.

>> No.15921072

For me, it's the complete opposite, i wish i'd enjoy womans company and women in general (not that i'm gay but rather without any libido)

>> No.15921101

Dreamed last night that I was running away from people that wanted to kill me and my brother. I had a long uzi with a silencer. In my dream I fell asleep in my house and woke up to a centipede on my chest which quickly skittered away. In real life I'm very scared of insects in the dream I was calm. The gun was gone. I opened up all my drawers. Empty except for centipedes and strange scribbled moths that flew out. I woke up for real this time with a strange feeling that I sometimes experience when I wake up from especially vivid dreams, tired all over and kind of dull or worn out and wanting to return to the dream to see the story to its completion.

Anons tell me what it all means.

>> No.15921123

I can relate. While taking tasks a step at a time can help, in my experience the most important thing to do is to first unwind. Don't make a big deal of the task, treat it as though it could matter less. Perfectionism ruins writing because you become paralyzed by the realization that what you've written so far is shit. So I'd say try and make the task personal to you so that you want to finish because you're actually invested rather than just because you have to meet a deadline.

>> No.15921145

someone on this board right now will complete their novel and become the houllebecq of our generation. their debut will be critically panned, but a financial success that opens the floodgates of incel fiction from major publishing houses.

>> No.15921212

Yes, I've been trying to approach it in a lighter way lately, and it did help. Abandoning perfectionism is a harder task for me: if what I write is too rough, I get frustrated and waste reworking it what little time I gained in the first place by writing it without that much focus to detail.

>> No.15921336

Castration is an option.

>> No.15921337

Embrace “incel fiction” in private from others and yourself, but public ally reject this term

>> No.15921428

>on this board
lel yeah right

>> No.15921583

It was a mistake OK
I didn't mean it to be this way
I was trying to help
You always take things the wrong way
You only think about yourself
What about me
What about my feelings
I'm here for you
All the time
And you never appreciate me
I put all my energy into this relationship
And you do nothing
The fucking dog deserved to die
It was a pathetic creature
I was doing it a favour
It wasn't vindictive
It was merciful OK
I was putting it out of it's misery
But no
Suddenly I'm the one who is a monster
Yes I used a meat cleaver and chopped off all its paws first
I didn't know how best to kill it is all
Just please stop fucking crying
Always with the water-works
I'm a monster?
I've done everything for you
You're the one who is twisting this whole situation into some diabolical appraisal of our entire relationship
I used lighter fluid and matches to finish him off
That was it
I panicked OK
What would you have done?
Honestly. Put yourself in my situation for once
Just once
That was a fucking phone in my pocket
It was not an erection
Fucking hell
Who do you think I am
The tripod and camera was set up from earlier
I was filming a dance routine that I'm working on
I've always loved dancing
You know this
I just accidentally left it running is what happened
And I was smiling, thank you very much, because the dog lived a good life
There is joy in that
You know
Yes, maybe, he did have a few years left in him
But that dog needed to go
I'll tell you
That dog always looked down on me
I could see it in his eyes
He didn't respect me as a person
It was an insolent fucking dog
It was obvious
While you were being all cuddly, giving him hugs
He would look over at me across the sofa
And he would smile with that smug fucking dog smile that he does
He was ridiculing me
In my own home
Always wagging that stupid fucking tail
Jesus Christ.
Where are you going?
Are you leaving?
Do not fucking walk out that door.
I was NOT jealous of the dog
He had it coming
I need to see a psychiatrist?
YOU need to see a psychiatrist
The hysteria. The dramatics
It's a classic BDP move
Get help
You're really going?
Fucking insane bitch.

>> No.15922400


How do you not know your thoughts? That must be difficult

>> No.15922531
File: 53 KB, 758x503, 1558054157960.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Sex can be anxiety inducing when you only have every once in a while / with strangers
You said it man, only had sex twice, really which was with girls I didn't know the day before (and they initiated it, I'm too much of a shy fag to get a partner proactively).
One of my (girl) friends recently proposed we could start having benefits together (it was at a party and I said I felt weird about starting it out when people are in the next room) and honestly, I'm really the anxious type and feeling weird about it. At the same time, it could be the thing that could get me going if we just had sex on the regular as friends.
What stresses me out is that many of my friends know her and if I do bad, this could ruin some friendships, idk.

Since I'm blogging already, got to say I just wish stress didn't have such crippling physical symptoms. I get very nauseous and light headed from it, which is the initial cause of my panic disorder. I have this sort of obsessive thinking that I may think what activities could be ruined by me panicking for no reason.. and they become my triggers.. this lead me to some strange phobias, bros. (whoever read all of this, props to you and thanks)

>> No.15922540
File: 153 KB, 800x1280, 1594410673286.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He already completed it

>> No.15922574

The crux of Kaczynski's critique of technology and the true problem with it is a loss of agency. Too much convenience is damaging to the self-worth. Few modern people can imagine the sense of competence and victory that primitives feel when bringing back game from a successful hunt after sweating and panting to extremes of endurance deep in the wilds. Or to have a cohesive, singular tribal culture in which one's entire cosmology is centered and stabilized. Having everything you need delivered to you at the push of a button impoverishes experiential variety. Sedentariness, screen culture, all of things are strictly unnatural. And I would wager that the psychological (to say nothing of the physiological) detriments of this cultural shift are drastically underestimated. This is what he meant by surrogate activities. The immediate hormonal reward of biologically intended activities has been offset by technological intermediaries and mental health is the casualty.

>> No.15922643

there is medication that helps with stress if it's that severe, otherwise exposure therapy worked for me - you probably tried those, but who knows

also, I think stress can come from lying to yourself, or rather pretending something doesn't exist and living a life that you know is wrong

>> No.15922672

what's going on with the witches on tiktok cursing the moon

>> No.15922846

>also, I think stress can come from lying to yourself
I've been anxious for as long as I can remember (but yeah, surely, the obsessive panic stuff is with me for less long).

>> No.15922899

I stopped masturbating to hentai about ten years ago. And yet, only now have I realized how good 3D porn has gotten.

>> No.15922933

>pretending something doesn't exist
sounds interesting, could you give an example?

>> No.15922958
File: 104 KB, 1592x982, EFX_ggfU4AEjv9V.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Little girls are the most deliciously erotic beings ever to exist.

>> No.15922972


>> No.15923012

Tomorrow I'm going to write my exam in Latin and I'm kinda scared. I know that I'm prepared, but it feels like I forgot to learn/repeat something. Hopefully I'm going to pass.

>> No.15923034

Why is everyone so fucking obstinate all the time? How many here agree with the phrase "fuck all people"?

Yeah, if they are gullible enough.
Big media corporations are just clickbait. They rarely get to the core of the issues, nor do they discuss all sides. And I don't mean discussing all sides by bringing every party on, but seeing all sides by yourself, with your knowledge of the real world, logical thinking and such. Nah. That's just not good politics. Props to PBS tho. They do it many times and I like them.

>> No.15923215
File: 88 KB, 600x800, 1578506394938.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If a problem is too hard, you can just pretend there isn't a problem. If your dreams and desires are hard to fulfill, you can shove them back down. If you're ugly, you can just stop looking in the mirror. If you've got a weird cancerous mole on your leg, you can just not look at it. If you're afraid of the dark, you can just close your eyes. If something bad is happening, you can just pretend not to see. If you don't like the truth, you can doubt anything.
After all, you decide what is "true" based on nothing but a feeling. Sure, you can arrive at that feeling through logic. However, perhaps, you started that whole logical train of thought from nothing but a feeling in the first place. Perhaps all philosophy is just a sophisticated way of justifying your own biases and preferences.

>> No.15923233

how long do I wait until I can make a move without seeing like a POS

>> No.15923239

>Perhaps all philosophy is just a sophisticated way of justifying your own biases and preferences.
For Kierkegaard it certainly was.

>> No.15923285

Well, no matter how objective and emotionless you try to be, nobody has a perfect view of the world. Why not make your own world to live in instead, based on how you want it to be? Who knows, it might actually be closer to the truth than you think?

>> No.15923402 [DELETED] 

Eric Schmidt is working on founding a new elite tech university in the United States. It's going to have the same kind of big defense money behind it that made Stanford and MIT so elite. I wonder what their affirmative action policies will be?

>> No.15923429
File: 1.44 MB, 1351x580, 0FE14AD7-DC67-47A1-A423-73BD5AE90021.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I’m a horny retard gentleman

>> No.15923925

I like the pragmatist view..
If there's nothing disproving a belief and you find the belief comfy to have, it's sound and practical to believe it.
(obviously doesn't apply to stuff that you hide to yourself not to feel bad as what the piglet post talked about)

>> No.15923969

Who owns the american media?

>> No.15923989

i-is the pigger alright?

>> No.15924290 [DELETED] 
File: 51 KB, 640x1384, AKoZvX80.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15924314

What's on my mind is that the thread is nearly at 300 posts and who wants to add to it then, since it will just slip down the page regardless of new activity? This is the best I can come up with when toilet posting.

>> No.15924339

too often i make the mistake of thinking i can successfully compartmentalize my life without it damaging my personality overall
all of my greatest revelations have happened when i've been confined to one particular persona/compartment and acted consistently in the long-medium term rather than taking the path of least resistance in 5 different scenarios per day.

>> No.15924899

Why child pornography bad if child likes it?

>> No.15924918

Wait until you learn about what the German car manufacturers were up to 80 years ago

>> No.15924953

American corporations.

>> No.15924989

lol wtf the sexual revolution was a mistake

>> No.15925229

>However, the more I kept debating the people around me, the more I started hating them. Because even after convincing them through logical arguments, they simply acknowledged that I was right and changed absolutely nothing.
Me arguing irl with boomers et al about circumcision. 99% of issues I just keep quiet because I figure people are set in their ways, but there is zero reason circumcision should be the standard practice so I somehow believe if I simply exhibit this fact, they will change their mind. Was just talking with one such boomer who "lost the argument with his wife" so his sons are uncircumcised. If circumcision is so great then why didn't his sons choose to go get circumcised as soon as they were old enough to know the difference??
>it's hard to clean
yeah so are my earlobes, I have fucking malassezia in there and they get all crusty, somehow both dry and oily. It's a bitch to clean, it's inconvenient and it's disgusting. Do I wish my parents had had the doctors cut my earlobes off when I was a baby? No, 100 times NO!
>it increases the chances of X cancer
Okay so they can get it removed later? Getting circumcised has at least as many potential complications that are much more immediately apparent. Look up the recent vid Mew2king put up in response to getting #metoo'd. He got accused of skeeting on some girl, and he had to put out a vid detailing how his circumcision was so botched he basically can't coom without gargantuan effort. Almost killed himself over it. Heartbreaking video, viewer beware.
>women prefer it
fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you FUCK YOU

>> No.15925235

lonernight is on my mind

>> No.15925488

I know how you feel re: physical symptoms, that used to be a big problem for me. I would feel incredibly nauseous, even around my gf who I was otherwise perfectly comfortable around. I would also feel incredibly fatigued and unable to perform. But I grew out of it incrementally, gradually getting in control of my symptoms and now I'm at a point where I don't get them anymore. Here's the thing to keep in mind: sex can be incredibly fun and satisfying even when it's 'bad'. Even without penetrative sex, kissing, oral, and cuddling feel great for both partners and women tend to relish the emotional connection as much as the physical act. This is why even one night stands and friends with benefits will act all gooey and gf like for the night, holding hands, spooning, pillow talking etc. even if they know they'll never see you again. Anyway, my point is that of course the real thing is BETTER but don't let the pressure of it overwhelm you. Go in with the mindset that even bad sex is good sex - focus on providing her with pleasure and worry less about your own - and gradually over time you will begin to feel more comfortable and you'll be able to perform better. A friends with bens situation seems perfect becuase you don't have a relationship on the line, you can try things out without fear of fucking up on an emotional level.

Men tend to get very spooked because women like to make a lot of jokes about disatisfying sex (really, it is the only type of jokes most women know how to make) but you shouldn't let that put you off. As with all humour it is largely exaggeration and in the moment those kinds of things matter less. Not all women are the same and you can get cunts, but if you're the type of guy having women initiate with you (even though you're shy) that suggests to me that the women you've slept with like you enough to let you learn at your own pace. Anyway, this ended up longer than I thought but my way of thinking of it is this: there are certain things I want to do with my life, and I should not allow a fear of failure to prevent me from doing so. Things can fuck up, but that's part of the process, and as time passes you fuck ups fade into the distance and you grow. Godspeed anon.

>> No.15925947


Damn dude, Portland protest getting big as shit tonight.

>> No.15925972

I did the drinky and now my heady hurt :c

>> No.15925985

Portland is being such a retarded cringefest. Fuck them and their faggy self-indulgent larp-revolution.

>> No.15925993

I have no teeth

>> No.15926009

It's just election year spectacle. I wish I could stop watching it.

>> No.15926031
File: 445 KB, 1076x1076, le0000830dhi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I actually find that Damien Hirst skull rather compelling and disturbing. At first look, it just seems like oligarch bait, and I don't think it sold for much of a premium, but I still think it's interesting in the sense that it's all made of diamonds except the teeth which are real human teeth. Once you teeth rot away, sure you can get those fake teeth like Tim Cook or Joe Biden have, but they don't have nerve endings, it won't be the same, they're gone and they ain't coming back.

>> No.15926050

Why isn't the NY Times scolding them all for not social distancing? Excuse me, but there's a pandemic on?

>> No.15926129

my libtarded university is hosting a guest lecture on “decline of the West”
Are they really hosting a Spenglerian?

>> No.15926601

you are really fat

>> No.15926615
File: 1.22 MB, 1500x1000, nice.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just wish life wasn't the way it is now. If I could plug myself into a simulation and run around the Japanese countryside with my waifu and swords while wearing a kimono, I would forever. Feels bad man. My only option at this point is to become feral.

>> No.15926635

Not sure if this is the thread to post this but I don't care.
I've recently been thinking that I'm in a truman show type scenario, but the show-runners can also read my thoughts. I don't think I'm a skitzo but I every now and then I really truly believe it and it kinda freaks me out. One interesting side-effect of this is when I think I analyse (not really sure that's the correct term) my thoughts more often, and it leads to me being more honest to myself. I have stopped trying to fool myself about fairly minor things and just started to accept them and try to, I guess, plan my actions based on these new, and, I guess, more real thoughts.

I don't really know how me being skizoid and me analysing my thoughts and being more honest to myself are related, but both things started to happen roughly the same time so I guess they are kinda.

>> No.15926647

i saw that when it was exhibited at tate modern a few years ago. it was in a little cubicle by itself and i had to queue up for about half an hour just to get in to see it. i guess the queuing process was also a type of art installation.
hirst claims to have sold it to "an anonymous consortium". probably the same ones who own that second mona lisa. unless he's lying, in which case he probably still has it lying around in his studio.

>> No.15926672

>i am getting fucked by heaven as we speak

>> No.15926737

if you wanna do art but are bad, just practice you idiot.

>> No.15926746

wittgenstein more like SHITgenstein

>> No.15926800
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So many whiners in so many of these threads, you'd think you're browsing /r9k/ so let's fix this shit.
>I'm lost in life
Stop doing shit and start finding shit, alternatively go to church.
>tfw virgin
If you actually gave any fucks about your virginity status you would have lost it. Stop focusing on petty shit or you're no better than a toastie
>tfw no gf
It's hard to find a good one. Just bee urself to find the one though. For the idiots, here's what that means: If you have to lie about who you are to her, she's not the one. If you want to change yourself for them, that's different and acceptable. Being yourself does not mean sperging out about trains or ever mentioning that your childhood hero called for the extermination of some happy merchants.
>I feel so alone
Find other weirdos, make friends, play social Vidya. It's not hard to find people like you.
>I'm autistic
So be autistic. Shits sucks but thems the breaks kid. Trying to be normal takes more energy than any one person has and will lead to you breaking and breaking hard. Do however attempt to gain some modicum of self-awareness however and you'll go far
>I don't like myself
So change yourself
>I hate my living situation
So fucking fix it. Made tough choices if you have to. If you're too weak to decide between a tough decision or toughing it out, then at least have the courtesy to keep your mouth shut like the little bitch you are.
>I'm suicidally depressed.
Stop being depressed. Easier said than done, yes but at the end of the day, the impetus is on you to change your life for the better. Look at your current situation, reconcile with your past, plan for the future. Do what you need to do or you'll never get better.
>I fucking hate people
And people fucking hate you. Focusing on hate is unhealthy anyway. Try to find a way to better everyone's situation instead of wishing ill on others that will inevitably come back to bite you in the ass
>I wish my wife was real and not 2D
Get a fucking life
>I can't stop whacking it
Stop whacking it. Alternatively, make it harder to whack it, i.e. delete your porn stash, disconnect the internet when you're feeling it, or do something that's not putting on a CBT set-up lest you get turned on by it.

Anyone I miss? Can we go back to posting shit on our minds that isn't senseless whinging?

>> No.15927194

Just want to say thanks for this post, anon!

>> No.15927374

Say that to my face. Kosovo is Serbia

>> No.15927516

moronic retards. This is what 4chan is about

>> No.15928162

Give up drinking and drugs

>> No.15928182

I need to make a girl laugh what are some good jokes

>> No.15928252
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What if Lovecraft was a seismograph?

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