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Philosophers who transcended/defied the analytic/continental distinction?t

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I am about to do it, anon. Just give me ten years or so.

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analyticism isn't philosophy, it's just autistic word games and math larp

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Based, but what is your work going to be about?

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Continental "philosophy" is pseudo-philosophy that is literally safe enough to publish in the New York Times (The Stone blog). It talks about muh feefees, faggot-like, in a way that protects Capital from serious scrutiny.

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Mainly metaphysics proper, but first I'd establish a strong linguistic-epistemological framework by reconciling two of my predecessors (which could be done so neatly that I wonder why it hasn't been done before).

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Donald Davidson

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all true

maybe Sellars as well because he wanted to unite the "Scientific" and "Manifest" image of reality (synoptic philosophy), a project that goes back to Husserl

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all mega pseuds idolized by bourgeois jaded with postmodernism

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>mega pseuds
fuck off

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There's plenty of continental style 'theory' bollocks on the right as well. The left doesn't have a monopoly on execrable prose and specious arguments.

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also, plenty of analytic philosophers on the left

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retarded leftist faggot

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> muh incomprehensible Hegel-Husserl-Heidegger Prussian apologia

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I don't think based Wittgenstein transcended the divide; rather, he works within the analytic tradition and anticipates, summarises, and clarifies most of the obscurantist French nonsense that has seeped into the Atlantic over the last century.

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did an eloquent Chadinental fuck your girl or something?

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Learn to recognise an ideogram.

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>retarded rightwing idiocy should be respected -- let's invade random countries, spend trillions of dollars creating a terrorist breeding ground in the middle east, waste taxpayer funds that could be used to pay for health care, etc. to inflame tensions among the less liberal because why not?

You dumb sack of rightwing shit. Kill yourself immediately, cumguzzler.

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*Did an established, even celebrated member of the continental tradition in Western (specifically European) philosophy, via the physical movements of their priapic appendage, attempt, via a deconstructive unfolding of fabric and other materials, specifically those employed in the construction of garments (not including mammalian hides), to pass through the vulvic gating of your romantic partner, and with repeated and increasingly invigorated thrustings, achieve (after a reasonable time interval) the realisation of physical, emotional, and psychosocial orgasm (specifically, an ejaculation of seminal fluid)?

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I would've honestly gave you some contemporary names that regularly publish papers, some in my own uni.
But I'd rather not given the bait picture you started your thread with, friendly suggestion to go hang yourself OP.

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Hegel tries to abandon both (despite being pegged as cont) but I'm not fully hegelese fluent so I could be talking out me ass

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The analytic heritage of Witty
>policing language
>denying meaning exists

The Continental heritage of Witty
>metareflections on language games, normativity and politics
>quasi-transcendental nominalism

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In your dreams, brainlet.

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I think the best answer to this is Whitehead. He was English so early on he did do strictly analytic work, but with his shift to process philosophy he kind of situated himself in the middle, because process philosophy is now only taught in continental schools.

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Carnap did all those things. He studied directly under Frege, under neo-Kantians, and under students of Dilthey before moving to Vienna to hang out with the other logical positivists. He also liked Nietzsche. Carnap's framework relativism and conventionalism being influenced by Dilthey and Nietzsche anticipates stuff the continentals are better known for today. But even among analytics he doesn't get the credit, the credit goes to people like Quine and Sellars and Rorty and the later Wittgenstein. People have such a wrong idea of Carnap because of Quine, Ayer, and Heidegger.

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Lots of unsolicited seethe.

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