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Is literature as worthwhile as film?

serious answers only

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Since film is absolute trash it must be.

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No. Film is a natural improvement over literature and does everything literature can more efficiently plus more.

Film has been surpassed by video games in the same way, though.

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The greatest literature is greater than the greatest film, but there are many films which are far superior to many books.

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t. Haven't seen anything outside of Hollywood schlock.

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Non-US """"arthouse""" directors are no better. Fellini, Bresson, Truffaut, Resnais, Renoir, Melville, Tarkovsky, Haneke, I could go on, all of them produce worthless garbage and disguise their complete lack of originality and ideas by visual tricks and symbolism. 99.999% of all movies are complete trash.
I'd even argue that the old movies of the pre-60s era are the best because they don't pretend to be anything else but pure entertainment while providing some actually good morals instead of having subversion for the sake of it as the main goal as you see in most European movies.
Old japanese movies would be an exception though.

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If God allows it will personally slap the pseuds that keep trying to compare one medium from the perspective of another and bramble on about how much inferior or superior one of them is.
Both media have produced great works of art, if that answers your question.

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>Both media have produced great works of art
Absolutely wrong. Name 1 great film. You can't because there are none.

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>pic related

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The only film that remotely interests me are those one-on-one interviews with regular people about what life was like in the past.

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doesnt sound like a lot of material
maybe more things should interest you

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Significantly more important, and only bread-and-circus brainlets will tell you otherwise.
Feeble insectoid hands typed this post.

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Film is more visceral and immediate
Books are more reflective and mediate
Appreciate both or be forever lacking

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maybe you're a faggot

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>lashing out defensively

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it can be.
it's an extension of post-modernity where literature/art is revisited and re-applied on another canvas (for better or worse).

taking old ideas and putting them through the crucible.

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Not even the same person, you just write like a timid faggot

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each can portray different things better than the other. No point in quantifying and comparing magnitudes.

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Of course it is.

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Lol try drinking less during the day

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Film as a legitimate art form peaked in the 1970s and arguably hasn't been a thing at all since the 1990s. Literature is eternal.

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What does that even mean?

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try not being a passive aggressive bitch

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Overcome your problems, find peace

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course you identify with an infantile frog you faggot

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You will be in my prayers anon.

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you should ask Jesus to make you less annoying first

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Find peace.

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Absolute trash taste.

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Film was never art.

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>Fellini is trash
>Haneke is trash
Holy fuck, what a shit take.

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Literature is superior to film. I will say that some films are able to match the novel in scope and quality. But ultimately no film can really do what poetry does except in small glimpses.

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Every story-telling medium has its own strengths. The best of each cannot compare to one another. As escapism mediums, all can be equally harmful. Each develops parts of the brain that the other can't. Books are a tool for mastering language, and they are less passive than movies. But the best films don't want you passive. Film and literature also get brownie points with pseuds. You can't talk about videogames to LARP as being refined (Thank God). With videogames you feel more involved in the story, but come on, bring me the best videogame story and I can bet your sweet ass that it doesn't hold a candle to midtier literature.

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>does everything literature can more efficiently plus more
Doesn’t do character perspectives and monologues as well
keep seething filmie

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what an awful thread

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>quick, let me google some art house directors which i haven't watched so i can pretend to know what im talking about

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They are trash though.

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sorry anon i wont ever repeat the mistake of asking lit pseuds their opinions on other mediums

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Haneke is fucking horrible.

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Read pic related and stop being retarded.

Film isn’t completely shit, but the nature of television and the like breeds very small minds.

Don’t ever stop reading

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>he needs to explicitly told what a character is thinking and feeling

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>people still take this question seriously.

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>The greatest literature is greater than the greatest film
>Film as a legitimate art form peaked in the 1970s and arguably hasn't been a thing at all since the 1990s. Literature is eternal.
>But ultimately no film can really do what poetry does except in small glimpses.

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