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I hate that wignats won't read him. He should have hidden the fact that he's Jewish longer.

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There's nothing to be gained from reading ancaps. Literally worse than cultural marxists.
Now stop trying faggot.

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He's literally not an ancap.

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Most Wignats are CIA shills or people who got coned by them. Moldbug is a shill too but at least he has something interesting to say and something that could be marketed to a wider audience unlike Wignats who have to relay on some "dormant racial consciousness" that doesn't exist.

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He's literally not anything.

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>/#vapedaddy/ general
what are his favorite vape tricks, fåm?

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Why does Yarvin trigger so many people on both spectrums? It's funny as fuck.

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"formalism" is just autistically articulated and obfuscated ancapism

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Why do you mistake derision for being triggered?

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He's not an ancap, he's basically an esoteric feudalist. Even more fringe-n-cringe

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shh, don't expose the grift

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What does he have to say that’s interesting? I’ve listened to him speak for an hour and gained nothing from it. Not going to dedicate time to his writing when I can just read the Bible with that time.

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Basically cribbed shit from Carlyle, Hoppe and Gramsci flung in a pot and boiled in a Silicon Valley techbro jus.

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He really can barely speak, due to impediments and autism. His writing is better but suffers from extreme tl;dr. None of his solutions make any sense but his analysis of how the government works can be useful.

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that poor button on his shirt

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Because youre triggered

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On Nazism:
>It should be obvious that, although I am not a white nationalist, I am not exactly allergic to the stuff.
>Cannot we marvel at what the Third Reich achieved, with the knowledge that it was run by a maniac? In the hands of a non-maniac, what might it have done? In the hands of an Augustus, for instance? But Germany in 1933 was a democracy. And that democracy elected not Augustus. It elected — Wait. Who did it elect? Gee. I've forgotten already. I hate these migraines. An Austrian, I think. A sergeant? A private first-class? Someone like that. A man of the people, that's for sure. History is so confusing.

On Racism:
>In fact the word "racism" is applied in almost exactly the same way, by almost exactly the same authorities, as "atheism" in 1811. It is an omnibus epithet for a tremendous variety of ideas and opinions which responsible authorities find dangerous or displeasing.

On Freedom:
>I am free when my rights are defined and secured against all comers, regardless of official pretensions. Freedom implies law; law implies order; order implies peace; peace implies victory. As a libertarian, the greatest danger threat to my property is not Uncle Sam, but thieves and brigands. If Uncle Sam wakes up from his present sclerotic slumber and shows the brigands a strong hand, my liberty has been increased.

On Progressivism:
>Most progressives are socially normal human beings, who in any political environment, would just be choosing the largest, best-appointed bandwagon for their personal conveyance. In Nazi Germany they would be Nazis, in Russia they would be Bolsheviks, in the kingdom of Louis XIV they would be all for Louis XIV. This is one of the many reasons there is no need to guillotine them.
>It is not at all surprising that progressives hate corporations and the profit system. It is a natural consequence of the antipathy to order, the anarchism, the lust for entropic destruction, which is the foundation of their creed.

On Dictators:
>If Americans want to change their government, they’re going to have to get over their dictator phobia.

On Terrorism:
>Anders Behring Breivik made war on communist Norway, just as Max Manus made war on fascist Norway, just as Osama bin Laden made war on imperial America, just as Nelson Mandela made war on apartheid South Africa. Terrorism is the normal mode of warfare in our delightful post-WWII utopia. That is, it is the most common way to use force to achieve political objectives. Condemning terrorism, as such, is in every case retarded.

On Blacks:
>For the last 50 years, one of the central purposes of American political life has been advancing the African-American community. And over the last four decades, what has happened to the African-American community? I'll tell you one thing — in every major city in America, there's a burnt-out feral ghetto which, 50-years ago, was a thriving black business district. On the other hand, there's a street in that ghetto named for Dr. King.

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>who have to relay on some "dormant racial consciousness" that doesn't exist.
Racial identity is a potential Schelling point, and a quite natural one at that. Prisons automatically create racial consciousness for example.

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Moldbug is a Jewish "intellectual" who does what all Jewish intellectuals do.

He's only interesting if you think that Jordan Peterson provides people with "uncommon knowledge"

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I more or less agree with this
Racial consciousness is propagated in the US prison system largely because Black people are already racially conscious. It's a defense mechanism that wouldn't be triggered in US general society unless it gets a lot worse and even then it will only be triggered in the lower classes which our society already views as more less disposable.

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look at South Africa, that is where the US is headed, whites will eventually have to gain racial consciousness

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Another spectacularly fucking retarded take from /po/. Thank you.

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The country becomes less white every year and there is, like in SA, a very strong anti-white culture. There is already an absurd amount of black on white violence in the US, it will just get worse. Do you have an actual argument?

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There aren't enough Blacks for it to be SA. A flood of Hispanics will look fundamentally different than SA, as well.

An argument could be made for MUH ROME with the Hispancis as Germanics, but that's fundamentally different from SA.

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There will be a flood of hispanics, and a flood of Africans in the coming decades. Again the important thing is that there is already a culture of hatred toward whites, a sense that white are colonizers and the land doesn't actually belong to them. This is why it's like South Africa rather than a situation like Brasil.

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Wrong. If anything he's worse.

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More like ancrap.

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He more or less directly said that he was jewish since the begining.

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He should try being a more concise writer.

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By the time that Whites are down to 20% of the population maybe but by that point Wignats won't be able to win.
All of your acts of violence in self-defense will be called White Supremacist terrorist attacks and all acts of violence against you will be called speaking truth to power. They will eradicate you if you play their game.

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they'll eradicate us either way

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goddam nazi paper folders

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Such an event couldn't happen in Moldbug's ideal world because of the emphasis he puts on order. The AnCap ideas he uses are just a tool for him to damage the current system.

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Not if you destroy the system that perpetuates their racial consciousness and reintegrate them into a society that gives them something more attractive to believe in.

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Who is going to destroy the system? And why would a group with that power not have a racial bias? The Chinese are not post-racial, they're pro-Chinese.

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>Who is going to destroy the system?
Nobody if the people threatened by it are too scared to try to. And you've already said "they'll eradicate us either way" so instead of trying to play their game, which you know you will loose, why not try to remake the rules?
>why would a group with that power not have a racial bias?
Why don't White people have one, right now. And I'm talking about White people as a whole not fringe groups.

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>the only way to destroy their racial consciousness is to give up control of your country

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Blacks aren't immigrants. They're an ethnic group that have always been part of American history.

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I love how this thread is no longer about Yarvin. Why don't we get back to talking about him?

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White people don't have one because it has been forcibly removed from their cultures by Jews controlling academia, the press, and elements of the civil service.

And you don't know which strategy will win, you are simply assuming there will never be another Hitler like figure.

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>You control your country
lol get a load of this fag

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You could have used your post to introduce a subject or present an idea, and you just didn't. Want us to put on a show for you? Try effort.

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Hitler was a buffoon who destroyed Germany because of his Racial mysticism led him to play nice with the Anglos and attack his natural ally -- Russia.

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Blacks are hardly 10% of the population and have never been considered equal parts of American society. I cant see a way that integrates them without also integrating all of the Latino and South Asian immigrants, thereby giving up control of the country. Id rather bet on some kind of racial reawakening amon whites than cede my personal claim on my country to the masses of the world.

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Sure, I don't really care, I'm just pointing out that you don't actually know whether it is possible for a Hitler to appear in the US.

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If you actually thought whites had already lost all hope of carving something out you wouldn't be posting.

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he shouldn't have cried like a little bitch

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So, in other words, you want to do everything in your power to make sure that your race is exterminated so that you can cum in your pants as you larp as big daddy Hitler. Ok, Mr. FBI.

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>promoting ethnocentrism will get your race exterminated
That's some odd logic you have there. If there is a force willing and capable to murder whites if they get uppity then they will eventually murder whites regardless. They already openly hate them.

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>why won't you just let yourself be exterminated trying to fight it is clearly what your enemies want
Does this sound intelligent in your head?

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Okay, how about his takedown of wignats? https://graymirror.substack.com/p/2b-negative-causes-are-frivolous

Second—who stitched that dragon suit? By definition, power shapes information. Anyone who grows up in a narrative, then learns to distrust it, will look for alternatives—and the first place to look is the villains in the narrative itself.

If you land in this trap, you have failed to escape power’s frame. You’re still in the same movie—you have just switched characters.

As the story demands, all heel characters have fatal flaws. When you emulate them, you emulate these flaws. You are owned, as in the story—and at the same time, you reinforce the story. So your failure is both individual and collective.

Always and everywhere, the worst way to resist a regime is to inhabit its stage villains. Like most bad choices, this choice is a bad default. It’s as you lived in 15th-century Paris and thought the Church was very corrupt and bad—but there was no alternative. You couldn’t be a cool Enlightenment philosophe or at least just a Protestant. Because it was the 15th century. And there weren’t even words for these things.

So you asked your priest: if not God, King and Church, in what would I believe? Who is against God and King and Church? And your priest said: Satan. And so, thinking logically, you became a Satanist. This probably actually happened to you, except it wasn’t a priest but a “guidance counselor.” The way the world works never changes.

If some party A asks how it should operate in opposing some opponent B, B’s vision of who its opponents are and how they operate is hardly the place to start! You could start with a clean slate. You could start with any other period in history. Instead you start by literally aping your enemy’s propaganda. The only possible cause of any such choice is laziness and/or immaturity: not promising qualities in an aspiring aristocrat.

So while in a way we can’t really blame you for falling into the default, which means falling into a trap, in a way it still is your fault. Not finding Voltaire or even Calvin on the menu, the right response is not to give up and settle for Satan—but to invent Calvin or Voltaire. On one side of the coin, this is an epic challenge; on the other, an epic opportunity.

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>Always and everywhere, the worst way to resist a regime is to inhabit its stage villains.
If this were true the Bolshevik revolution would never have happened, nor any other.

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You can advocate for your interests in way that is justifiable within contemporary language and that is marketable to the uninitiated. Larping as Hitler isn't going to get you or your people (most of whom have been trained to hate you unconditionally) into a better position.

>> No.16215165

>You can advocate for your interests in way that is justifiable within contemporary language
No you can't, contemporary language is antiwhite to its core. You have to change the language, or better yet circumvent popular opinion by way of military coup.

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No. The Bolsheviks did not inhabit the caricature of the Russian state, and I have yet to hear of any successful movement that inhabited the narrative of its opponents. On the other hand, white nationalists, fascists, and Japanese ultra-nationalists all behave like the caricatures created by their opponents, with predictable results.

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Socialists were exactly that caricature, you have no idea what you're talking about. Moldbug is a Jew, it's very obvious why he doesn't like Hitler, who was the only remotely successful far right figure in the past 100 years.

>> No.16215198

That works great for Charlie Kirk and Jordan Peterson.

>> No.16215201

Please leave the thread.

>> No.16215208

>contemporary language is antiwhite to its core
No, it isn't. A small fringe jargon used in academia is but you're planning to kill them all anyway and there's plenty of people who wouldn't mind that. But the second that you start slapping on that Hugo Boss, you alienate the norm and justify violence against in the eyes of the average citizen who has been trained to hate you since they were a toddler.
>contemporary language is antiwhite to its core.
And once that fails you give the state justification to enact further Anti-Terror laws against you and any of your fellow travelers -- Irrevocably damaging your chance of achieving anything and further cementing you as the satan of the modern narrative. Great plan, Mr FBI!

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No I don't think I will.

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The masses are sheep and will do whatever they are told, they change their opinions constantly to match those of power without even realizing what they're doing. Whites will increasingly not care about being seen as 'the great satan' of the progressive religion.

>> No.16215244

Nobody is talking about larping as a Nazi but arguing with these people on their own terms gets you nowhere. See Patriot Front, they propose third position in a way that's aesthetically American.

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Dude, you know that the people who vote for the Democratic party, run the New York Times, and write everything that you keep kvetching about are white, right?

>> No.16215255

The NYT is run by Jews, it is a minority of whites that are Democrat. Every election and state would be red if only whites were counted.

>> No.16215256

my bad sorry can I suck your pp in recompense?

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>The masses are sheep and will do whatever they are told
No, they're people who will beat you to death if you give them the opportunity to and afterwards they will pat themselves on the back for it.
>they change their opinions constantly to match those of power without even realizing what they're doing.
They do so slowly and inadvertently via the manipulation of media which you have no ability to do.
>Whites will increasingly not care about being seen as 'the great satan' of the progressive religion.
Whites aren't going to think of themselves as the great Satan. They think of you as the great Satan (Because your acting just like their masters say the great Satan acts) and then hate you even more for trying to represent them.

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You don't understand that the majority of whites don't buy into progressive dogma, they don't think they're evil for being white. Every year white racial consciousness strengthens because of antiwhite rhetoric, a Hitler wouldn't call himself a Nazi, he would frame it as defending whites from violence and crime.

>> No.16215352

>they don't think they're evil for being white.
Most of them barely think about being White at all until its thrust in their face by movements like BLM. Most Whites hate the idea of Racism so isn't it a better strategy to identify your opponents as opponents of Liberty, Equality, Prosperity, yada yada, Apple pie, & etc so that you can monopolize on cognitive dissonance that is already manifesting itself rather than just saying "Oy, White people we can be cunts too!" and then getting arrested or shot?
>a Hitler wouldn't call himself a Nazi
You're already calling him a Nazi by calling him a Hitler. Don't look for a Hitler look for an Augustus.

>> No.16215377

He accurately subverts both sides' most cherished delusions about themselves. Leftists see themselves as godless revolutionaries, he identifies them as the modern Puritans and Anglophiles they truly are. Likewise for the conservative sides' moralfagging and abject futility.

>> No.16215385

It's precisely because racism is seen as bad that it is easy to switch over to defending whites from violence from other races, and then you're already basically at white nationalism. It obviously won't call itself that immediately. This doesn't have to happen but it can happen.

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Vape Daddy
Vape Daddy
Toot that bright pen

Vape Daddy
Vape Daddy
Leathery Zen

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>Most Wignats are CIA shills or people who got coned by them.

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>see author
>search google authors name
>"born from a je-"
>close tab and put author into my "propaganda and good goyim reading list" notepad document

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Because violating the rights of White Supremacists is very easy to do and very few people are willing to complain about it.

>> No.16215494

There are some weird intersections between O9A, who pretty successfully infiltrated Atomwaffen, and intelligence agencies. Then there's the whole thing a few months ago where that guy who had a training camp and led a group called The Base ended up being a former Fed who fled to Russia after his operation got raided.

>> No.16215527

>Then there's the whole thing a few months ago where that guy who had a training camp and led a group called The Base ended up being a former Fed who fled to Russia after his operation got raided.
Sauce? Sounds like an interesting thing to read up on.

>> No.16215560

Popular front did a good episode on them a few weeks ago

>> No.16215744

Even though this is true, the O9A is a completely decentralised system. It's quite difficult to make a clear case for it glowing in the dark, even if Myatt himself does seem to look like an MI5 agent

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>dude vote for Biden lol Trump just invigorates and radicalizes the left! If we get Biden in there the left will stagnate!
How can anyone take this retard seriously? Under biden censorship and red flag laws will ruin us all.

>> No.16216149

He's never read Gramsci retard. He read Pareto who is highly superior to Gramsci

>> No.16216196

He doesn't really think you should vote at all, he just personally hopes Biden wins. Something about Passivism

>> No.16216212

He paid someone to get photographed lol

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Most wignats *did* read him, ten years ago, as libertarians or paleoconservatives. He's the one that taught them that they could use the state to solve problems. But then they moved past him, while Moldy is still stuck in his "trying to convince the ruling class that it's better to have a corporate Catholic state than a dispersed neoliberal one" rut.

>> No.16216332

People do that, anon.

>> No.16216770

haha realitypilled/10


>> No.16216784

rent free

>> No.16216793

America is, quite literally, a white nation. It was founded as such by white men. Descendants of slaves aren’t American stock.

>> No.16216797

>Cannot we
Wtf can he do this? Hello? Police?

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>Every war ever is built on a narrative myth of compounded lies
>Not WWII though, Adolf was just a pure evil caricature
>Yeah, I'm Jewish, what of it?

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>tfw current Yarvin is a doomsayer and nothing else

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He stole from others who read Gramsci

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>"history is written by the victor"
What about WW2?
>"oy vey the WW2 narrative is 100% unbiased and accurate, my jewishness is pure coincidence goy"
Every. Time.

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Dangerously based.

>> No.16217396

You have never read a single word that he has written or said about WWII. He's absolutely critical of the traditional WWII narrative he's just not a Wehraboo.

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Vape Daddy
Vape Daddy
Don't wake your wife

Vape Daddy
Vape Daddy
Yarvin's cloud fife

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>He's absolutely critical of the traditional WWII narrative
>"it was 7 million, not 6"

>> No.16217496

His "criticism" of Hitler is basically of a piece with the Jewish slanders against Hitler and the Axis ("Hitler was an insane homosexual"), but he moderates himself because part of his purview is deradicalizing fascists. His narrative about the war (the Allies really were what the Axis said they were, and vice versa) is somewhat interesting as a value-neutral take but if you oppose victorious liberalism you're not really value-neutral, are you?

Also yeah he affirms the Holocaust lol

>> No.16217500

So, You admit that you've never read any of his writing on WWII?

>> No.16217514

Ok I forgot he said 8, not 7. My mistake.

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stfu twitter pseud.

>> No.16217536

WTF is this gay shit?

>> No.16217538

So, if you say that some ideas coming from Anarcho-Capitalism could be useful then you're a pure lolberg ideologue who's addicted to Twitter?

Sounds like a bit of a leap.

>> No.16217550

>still believing the worst meme economic theory ever made

>> No.16218484

>Leftists see themselves as godless revolutionaries, he identifies them as the modern Puritans and Anglophiles they truly are.
The only thing thats triggering is your insistence to equal leftists with liberals. Even Yarvin doesn't do this.

>> No.16218519

Yarvin does do that though, are you forgetting 'America is a communist country'

>> No.16218901

he's worse than Land, which is bad, like exceptionally bad.

>> No.16218909

He literally talks about WW2 lies in one of his recent interviews. Why are you so fucking close-minded?

>> No.16219021

he’s irrefutable on the current state of liberalism

>> No.16219128

He doesn't even have anything to say. It's just an autistic mischling not getting the shot on Liberalism.

>> No.16219136

If you find Moldbug profound you already lost. Liberalism was already identified in the early 20th century and predicted to this point and probably beyond by a hundred French faggots in the 60's.

>> No.16219146

It sucks too because there's this autistic armchair general fat kid computer gamer impulse in all right-of-republican Americans that is just hopelessly mired in the idea of things as opposed to how those things actually function and observably play out in thousands of instances. So it's super easy to flood any political impulses with low rent narratives refuted a century ago and keep people in a mental state of clueless 19th century aristocrats.

>> No.16219154

What’s the rundown on Land, what makes you say he’s so awful?

>> No.16219155

I'm convinced Land is a techno-pessimistic aesthetic movement liken unto cyberpunk or futurism as opposed anything to do with philosophy. The academic language is itself part of the aesthetic and doesn't actually mean anything coherent. Think nonsense code cascading down the screens in the Matrix.

>> No.16219158

>bro don’t do anything, that’s how you win!

>> No.16219162
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>> No.16219177

Nobody said that Moldbug identified liberalism. You're just another shitposter who hasn't read him.

>> No.16219187

Very informative

>> No.16219243


>> No.16219252

He's a pseud and so are you.
Although he's actually worse than Moldbug.

>> No.16219273

sounds accurate desu

>> No.16219274

>>For the last 50 years, one of the central purposes of American political life has been advancing the African-American community. And over the last four decades, what has happened to the African-American community? I'll tell you one thing — in every major city in America, there's a burnt-out feral ghetto which, 50-years ago, was a thriving black business district. On the other hand, there's a street in that ghetto named for Dr. King.
why did this happen?

>> No.16219288

>>In fact the word "racism" is applied in almost exactly the same way, by almost exactly the same authorities, as "atheism" in 1811. It is an omnibus epithet for a tremendous variety of ideas and opinions which responsible authorities find dangerous or displeasing.

>>It should be obvious that, although I am not a white nationalist, I am not exactly allergic to the stuff.

every single time

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File: 2.91 MB, 960x540, ancapcon.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Land/Moldbug fans

>> No.16219316

why is it always only whites and pajeets?

>> No.16219332

he was exposed as fraud by the irish fassh twinkboy, it's over for him.

>> No.16219343

>look at South Africa, that is where the US is headed
So more redistribution of wealth policies? Surely we need a better boogieman.

>> No.16219352

This is actually funny. Still, he has a point.

>> No.16219356

>So more redistribution of wealth
No, a country that can't enforce basic rules of law.

>> No.16219362

Sort of not but really he's close. Ancap with its NAP is an example of formalist structure, it's just that Moldbug "grew out" of structures that reductive because he doesn't consider them to be strongly self-reinforcing(and so, in the long run they will lose to the "cathedral").
If only CIA glowies, lmao. Basically it seems that there are sort of two "cliques" there, you can see it very well in the post 1990 career of the French New Righters. Tomislav Sunic ended up being affiliated with The Occidental Observer(Kevin MacDonald) which is connected to CIA through some institute the name of which I forgot. Then you have people like Guilliame Faye that ended up being what you can I guess call "Duginoids", in who's case there's huge suspicion they're actually FSB glowies.

They essentially talk about similar stuff, even get published by the same publishers from the same time, but there's an obvious difference between CIA wignats and FSB wignats on a kind of individualist-collectivist scale, where MacDonald wrote an entire book about how individualism made west dominant while Faye or de Benoist think it's the bane of it. Can also see it in the opinions on Islam. Now obviously this doesn't mean their ideas are complete grift, but be aware of who you're claiming to be inspired by, that's all I'll say.

>> No.16219395

No I don't think that was the argument that anon was trying to make. He wanted to say something like there is antiwhite racism in South Africa and it's going to come to the US.

>> No.16219402

moldbug is a great litmus test, whenever someone brings him up you can easily disregard anything that person says since it comes from a terminally online pseud

>> No.16219411
File: 362 KB, 1880x1160, Main_temple_of_the_Russian_Armed_Forces1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Then you have people like Guilliame Faye that ended up being what you can I guess call "Duginoids", in who's case there's huge suspicion they're actually FSB glowies.
i guess that explains the archeofuturist moskow military cathedral

>> No.16219415

how can you dislike dugin though

>> No.16219417

literally all celebs are e-celebs in the current year, there's no such thing as offline anymore

>> No.16219434
File: 211 KB, 1306x938, XkFSNDw (1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ask Russian right wingers about him and you'll know. What you hear about him in the west is much different from what he actually is. He's a pro-jewish, anti-white(pic are his quotes, tell me the difference between him and critical race theorists, if you can find one) crazy dude into all sorts of weird magic and rituals, his most I think retarded piece was somehow managing to twist and turn traditionalism(Evola style) to warrant supporting transsexuals.

>> No.16219448

isn't his wife asian? of course he is into eurasianism

>> No.16219503
File: 15 KB, 320x290, Thinking.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shill this shill that... You conspiratorial bunch are making me tired of all that yap yap

>> No.16219514

There's little reason to trust RW groups unfortunately. The glowies have an extensive history of penetrating them.

>> No.16219523

don't know who this is; I just see a manlet with tiny hands, a stomach bulging over his belt, and a cheesy leather jacket.

>> No.16219544

This is literally all it takes to have good optics. Just tailor your opinions a bit to avoid sounding like a foaming-at-the-mouth neanderthal and nobody will touch you. This guy lived in SF for most of his life too, with zero problems.

>> No.16219561

lol no? Gramsci stole from Pareto and made it worse

>> No.16219576

Brahmins were literally bred to do high-IQ-yet-mindless intellectual work for the sole purpose of maintaining their position. Being 120 IQ bugmen for power IS their purpose.

If you're at all familiar with Moldbug then he won't be profound, because you've been aware of the stuff he's been talking about for over a decade. Moldbug was writing in 2008, when the idea of reading Carlyle and Cato was simply unheard of. At the time, Dissident Politics was nothing but various schemes to write the "perfect manifesto" such that the Republican Party could replace the elephant with the swastika.

It's just a symptom of being Always Online. They don't actually care about any of this stuff, it's just a game to them, so they lump everything into the based-cringe dichotomy. It's a very America thing, wherein politics is solely about getting more representation on the screen. Boomers love Trump for this, because he gives them what they want: the man on the screen telling them they're good.

Moldbug is trying to do something offscreen, so he's inherently cringe.
Also his whole "convincing tech CEOs to become monarchs" won't work because the Jews will never accept it, getting to do what they do is half of why they're Liberalism's ruling class, and people like Zuck, those fags at google, and Bezos are allergic to things like "virtue" and "responsibility".

>> No.16219592

No you fuck. Unless you have actual power and a plan to enact it then you might as well not do anything because you're always gonna be playing into the systems games

>> No.16219604
File: 579 KB, 2048x1536, 1559858323280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"convincing tech CEOs to become monarchs"
It's amazing how many idiots misinterpret Moldy. Who am I kidding, you've never read him

>> No.16219614

Cathedral and Hegemony aren't the same thing.

For one, Hegemony is a system of bullshit that the Capitalists have created to hoodwink you into not doing revolution, so it's actually the process that they're doing: The capitalists are doing hegemony to distract you. The Cathedral, however, is the actual system that does the hoodwinking. So, the cathedral is doing hegemony. Which brings us to an important point: there's only one hegemony, but there can be multiple (overlapping) Cathedrals. China has one, Russia has one, the US has one (more properly called the Synagogue), hell for a period in the Ottoman Empire the Byzantine Cathedral still operated like a mitochondria within the Ottoman Cathedral.

Hegemony is also tarred with Marxist horseshit, which has intrinsic stains that can't be washed out (the point of hegemony is to keep you from throwing a Marxist Revolution, so what we're doing right now is actually hegemony, as is being "Right Wing" at all). This is ignoring that Marx was wrong about basically everything, so anything deriving from him is going to be poisoned.

Finally, hegemony is a carefully crafted narrative done by a "black box" at the top. Cathedral is a system of incentives and mechanisms that draws people from various sources, puts them into positions, and then cycles them out. Hegemony is just flat out not how the world works, but Cathedral is.

So, Moldbug didn't "copy" Gramsci, and even if he did they're sufficiently different enough that the idea of Cathedral is worth using.

I have, but I'll do you one better, as I've heard it come from the horse's mouth. He says that this is his goal, or a rough enough approximation of his goal, in the podcast he did with Borzoi, and the one with Hermitix. Yes, that's not the totality of it, yes, that's only an approximation of it, but he thinks it's a good enough approximation. This is why I put "convincing tech CEOs to become monarchs" in quotes.

>> No.16219641

>and Cato
is this Cato the elder? is he based?

>> No.16219650
File: 378 KB, 2700x1800, ramsay.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"convincing tech CEOs to become monarchs"
what about convincing Gordon Ramsay to rule the country with an iron fist? that seems like a perfect plan to me

>> No.16219662
File: 223 KB, 1200x528, HHH.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just read Hoppe, he has adequate criticisms on democracy without going into straight psychosis mode. Moldbug's schizo ramblings are kinda cool but suggesting we reinstate absolute monarchy in 21st century is brainlet tier.

>> No.16219666

He actually has a pretty strong point there for a semi-joking comment. Ramsay is a very good manager, both micro and macro.

>> No.16219673

i think he just wants the roman institution of dictator for emergencies

>> No.16219697

holy cringe

>> No.16219708

That just makes me believe his sencerity more.

>> No.16219713 [DELETED] 
File: 201 KB, 1000x1600, barca.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Carthage was a cringe city, but camping with Hannibal in the italian peninsula sounds comfy desu

>> No.16219967

Moldbug's main use isn't in offering solutions, it's pointing out the religious nature of progressivism. His best posts remain that series where he mocks the ideas of 'human neurological uniformity'(antiracism), mainstream economics, and global warming.

Antiracism is the absolute best test for honesty in the present. It is the most fervent element of progressivism, and the most obviously laughable, it is literally fucking hilarious watching antiracists try to explain that Somalis are as intelligent as Japanese people, the exact same beneath the skin.

>> No.16220090

>where he mocks the ideas of 'human neurological uniformity'(antiracism), mainstream economics, and global warming.

I find it interesting that the media settled on "Curtis Yarvin is a racist" as the main means of cancelling him, while completely ignoring his stance as a climate denier. Try as I might, I couldn't find a single mainstream pundit castigating him for the global warming thing. You'd think that would be equally as scandalous as the race thing.

>> No.16220105

I think Moldbug's greatest strength is that he is one of the very, very few people who genuinely understand how power works. We're just lucky that he didn't follow in his parents' footsteps or join the techno-cathedral.

>> No.16220109

No of course it isn't, racism is literally the modern version of witchcraft for progressives, global warming is nothing compared to it.

>> No.16220123

>Here is what the Mensheviks could propose as a solution to “cancel culture”—if they were serious. Feel free to copy any of this stuff, folks, and definitely don’t credit me.
>First, end the race laws. In 2003, Justice O’Connor promised a 2028 end date to this fantastic “some animals are more equal than others” experiment in jurisprudence. She was assuming it would have worked by then. It’ll have to start working pretty fast, no?
>Or we could just decide the drug is ineffective and its side effects are unacceptable, and restore freedom of association, freedom of speech, and equal protection of the law. Sounds like the liberal Enlightenment position to me. Right, Persuasion?
>Second, override NYT v. Sullivan and restore the libel laws. Since the current judiciary is unfamiliar with the old common law of libel, it is best to follow the precedent taken with patent law and establish a specialized Federal court with national jurisdiction. Lawsuits against the press would be this new court’s entire docket, except for…
>Third, enforce the common-law rule of tortious interference once used to shut down the Hollywood blacklist. The blacklist was enforced by small private groups which made lists of known or suspected witches. Believe it or not, interfering with someone’s right to earn a living is actually a tort. Read about how this works—or used to.
>An agency that implements the second and third measures is a reputation court, which can protect reputations, restore reputations, and prevent and punish reputational attacks. Various countries around the world—for instance, Canada—enforce their race laws with a special-purpose parallel judicial system (“human rights commissions”). If a single body is inadequate to deal with the problem, it can certainly grow tentacles.
>So: to end cancel culture, cancel race law and create reputation law. This remedy is a hundred times stronger than any of Persuasion’s herbal tablets. It remains inadequate, superficial and impossible—which is why Bolsheviks don’t do platforms.

Even so, wouldn't that be so boss to see implemented, though?

>> No.16220125

He never talks about banking. He is either unaware of the role it plays or doesn't want to draw attention to it. Like the guy hates Cromwell for proto-leftism but is apparently unaware of who funded Cromwell...

>> No.16220144

Eh, there's a lot he doesn't talk about. I don't feel like that's the strongest argument.

>> No.16220181
File: 1.99 MB, 336x252, 345FCEED-E6FE-4E94-8377-A679BF254C00.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does he have a blog or anywhere that he posts regularly?

>> No.16220185

>whether commie or nazi, it always circles back to "muh banks" by one rhetorical means or another

Why don't you two just cut the foreplay and go full Strasserite already?

>> No.16220189


The age of blogs is over. These days he uses substack. You get occasional writings in email form.

>> No.16220197

It's pretty clear that Moldbug tailors his views of history in such a manner that Leftistm is painted as being totally inexcusable, but the actual people in charge have a way out so that they can adopt his system. WWII was a total farce and the results of it should be undone, BUT the Holocaust happened so we don't need to turn Israel into a nuclear crater.

Like I said earlier, I don't think the people he wants to talk to will listen. Things are the way they are because this is what the people in power want. If they wanted what Moldbug offers, we wouldn't be where we are. Jews hate Whites, they hate Christians, and they hate goyim. Being able to enact their ethnonarcissistic desires upon these groups is why they're the Ruling Class for Liberalism. If Liberalism stopped offering that, they'd take up whatever would let them do that. Moldbug's system would prevent them from doing that, so they won't adopt it.

So while I admire his compassion (Liberalism is just as destructive to Jews as it is to everyone else, in fact more so in some ways, and realistically I don't care what makes Jews stop as long as they stop), I just can't see it working out.

>> No.16220205

No I don't think banks explain literally everything like some people. It's simply an omission of a very important institutional element. Actually in general I find Moldbug doesn't address how there are multiple vectors of power, he has this tendency to be myopic, as if monarchs were actually absolute, or Harvard actually ruled the US.

>> No.16220227

Moldbug's weakness are in his understanding of military (at the time he started writing, the US military was essentially invincible, and in many senses still is) and economic power. On the latter, I can't really blame him, because no one actually "gets" how the US economy works, so just sort of throwing your hands up in the air and saying "eh, not my problem" isn't an incorrect action to take.

Having said that, I still maintain that he leaves some leeway, which isn't totally inaccurate as no one person is "responsible" for the way things are, it's a system of incentives, and can you really blame someone for taking an incentive?

>> No.16220233
File: 399 KB, 1000x750, peg-sparkly-1.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anti-Globalist rebel

Pantied Romanists foretell

Prefers not the looters

Techies flee on scooters

>> No.16220241

He's focused on power as a social phenomenon. That's fine, there's already a million books on how banks are the devil.

>> No.16220279

He is a very intelligent person who saw many things that were obscure clearly and articulated them publicly in a way that hadn't been done. I just see inconsistencies in his ideas, a long time ago I read this back and forth he had with Nick Szabo about this very problem of where power really lies in a monarchy, and Szabo basically brought up all the points that occurred to me, but Moldbug kept going back to the structural features he had identified, not leaving room for the sort of Machiavellian ambiguity that allows for things like revolutions to occur in the first place, and just outright ignoring the power of the nobility, and of the peasants. He is right that 'sovereignty is conserved' in the sense that the power to make decisions ultimately does lie in one place, for a certain class of decisions, but there are multiple classes of decisions that take place in a society, and even for the former class, the people who make them are influenced by other vectors of power.

>> No.16220304

I don't see the point in engaging in this kind of criticism. I think we should take what is good in him, leave the rest, and then go search for other thinkers who deal with issues that he does not deal with. He is not the leader of any kind of political movement, and should not be treated as such.
Yarvin pointed out two things, one of which is banal and one of which is insightful, if only because it is generally obfuscated by the dominance of various interested parties. These are that,
1. Knowledge production and the dissemination of information play a central role in the formation of men's attitudes, and are therefore indispensable tools for any party interested in taking power.
2. The institutions that produce knowledge and spread information have come to constitute an independent and unaccountable power bloc, such that any analysis of power in the United States must take it into account. This power bloc, like any other, maintains a system of alliances with other centers of power, but it must not be confused with them.
Other than that, his practical advice for not ruining your own life by pointless heroics and his revival of certain thinkers and authors who would otherwise be lost to dissident discourse are also useful.

>> No.16220337


>> No.16220345

I always wondered as to who made this website, as it doesn't appear to be him.

>> No.16220417


I think Nick B. Steves or one of his associates took charge of the website and the making of the UR ebooks.

Nick was one of the early followers of Moldbug and Land, leaving lots of thoughtful comments on their blogs. He took NRx in a more religious direction, and eventually left the Internet behind, with other kindred spirits, to pursue offline brotherhood and family life.

>> No.16220432

Was he one of Hestia people? Whatever happened to them by the way? I enjoyed Social Matter.

>> No.16220433

Why would you read this Jew's schizo rants when you could just read Leviathan and get the same philosophy without the obscurantist language and cancerous American politics?

>> No.16220447

Why do you fags keep pretending like you read him? It's very easy to tell when you haven't.

>> No.16220451


Yeah. As far as I can tell, he used Hestia to find like-minded people who lived in his general area, and helped others do the same. Once this was accomplished, the project left the Internet. Social Matter was put on hold because he was increasingly busy with other things.

>> No.16220461

You haven't read Leviathan, or anything by Moldbug, so why do you have an opinion on them?

I think Social Matter was having trouble finding content creators as well. That might be because everyone was moving elsewhere, however.

>> No.16220467

Interesting. I am asking because I noticed certain other things pop up at around the same time as Hestia was baleeted from the internet.

>> No.16220472

I heard some of them went on to join the academia. Wonder if that's true.

>> No.16220478

Objectively false

>> No.16220683
File: 1.23 MB, 1646x1232, vapintbh.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pucker fired OOO's

Shady Hackernews

>> No.16221057

You know Moldbug is right when the only counter-argument against his ideas is a literal boogeyman by neo-nazis.

>> No.16221158


For one thing, black business districts thrived because of segregation. Black customers went to black businesses. These businesses floundered once forced integration kicked into high gear.

>> No.16221273

who's the girl?

>> No.16221293

Wignats are based.
Moldbug is a Jewish rat.

t. not even a Westerner

>> No.16221372

>t. not even a Westerner
So, it's in your interest to make sure that the West is as ineffectual as possible.
>Supports Wignats
Checks out

>> No.16221443
File: 30 KB, 584x894, 12763162361236126112.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16221473

His writing is more interesting than the interviews and talks were he repeats 90% of the same stuff.

The concept of the Cathedral and how all encompassing it is, mainly by unwitting participants and how it leads to voting being ineffectual and why opposition parties and apparent reactionary forces can never accomplish anything, even when winning with large majorities is pretty interesting.
He discusses many other interesting ideas too.

>> No.16221481
File: 68 KB, 800x1067, 178853_421791.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's pretty funny when all the retard midwits insecure about their intelligence think if something seems more faux-academic and high status therefore it's more correct, and low status beliefs are wrong. tl;dr they're pseuds. Belief selection by status is a hell of a cognitive drug.

>their actual argument is "you haven't read him"
So in an interesting turn of events, neoretards behave like Marxtards who think ONLY they have read it, they found le secret knowledge, and anyone who reads it will see the light.

>What is the function of this Talmud-tier rhetorical trick?
They appeal to the serviceable concepts and ideas in Moldbug or Marx to sell you the retarded shit (e.g. "lol man actually Jews are not a problem man").

>What are some other Talmudic rhetorics they pull?
A whole encyclopedia of Talmudic rhetorics in philosophical/political discussion can be written. >For example:
Shifting the discussion toward The One Ultimate Cause with a heavily Aristotelian view of causality when discussing multifaceted complex phenomenon. They want you to believe the problem is ultimately Liberalism, or Capitalism, or etc, to actually derail any effective thought process and action. They want you to believe that phenomenon only proceed in a one-way fashion and never interact, and treating a symptom (or supposedly downstream effect) is never a good strategy (e.g. "lol Jews are only like this because capitalism/liberalism man, removing Jews will not fix ANYTHING." Which is like saying you can't transfuse blood to patient in hemorrhagic shock and close the wound because you are not immediately doing something about the man who caused the wound with a knife 2 hours ago).

Some other examples:
>Shifting the discussion from behaviors and benefits toward only psychology
>Never considering actual malicious intent on behalf of Jews

>> No.16221483

He is so tiny and flabby. If he ever told me I should have political power proportionate to my private property, I would overhead press him before snapping him in two.

>> No.16221494 [DELETED] 

Never seen a non-kike use this mock-impression.

>> No.16221517

Never seen a non-kike use this mock-expression.

>> No.16221580

>They're an ethnic group that have always been part of American history.
No, it's only since 1619. I've read it in the New York Times.

>> No.16222236

You ever heard the term 'internet tough guy'

>> No.16222278

Ofc not. You can't see posters on 4channel.

>> No.16222295

Gray Mirror substack

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