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If you are born better, should you be forced to share?

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How can you be "better" without others against which to compare?

If they get together and as a group become better than you, how will you ever recover?

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Kill me goddess(es)

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If a bunch of weaklings can force you to share you are not better.

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This sums it up. Betas are free to create coalitions, if you cant keep up learn to

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yes, if you were born better what did you do to earn it, you lucked into excess

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Why is luck bad

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If someone has the ability to force me to do anything, then they have the right to, by the law of nature.

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>Betas are free to create coalitions

Yeah look at Nazi Germany and how that turned out. Get completely BTFO and all the beta party leaders end up dead and the nation they loved so much is still cucked 80 years on.

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The best player is still the best even if he gets dogpiled by a dozen sore losers.

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No, you should choose to.

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Checked and /thread

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what's "better" in this case? I inherited 14 million dollars liquid and 11 Dunkin Donuts franchises from my boomer grandpa. I would be fine if US Gov tax'd me more and we got to avoid the race war for another year or two so I can get Japanese GF and move abroad.

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how are people still doing this
lamest thing ever

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Why not? Have some crumbs.

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If you are born better, you will want to share.

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this picture make my penis go bunga bunga

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Lord oh lord anon. I’m trying really hard to do no fap on top of quitting cigarettes, you’re making this really fucking hard

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fuck off with the coomer images and awful threads you WORTHLESS RETARD GO NECK YOURSELF

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You mean that effeminate and failed ideal called equality?

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Amongst all that flesh and shape is just pussy dude, it’s not that great

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Your not "born better", your born into better circumstances. Its not as if you did anything to deserve your birth circumstances. Its only by the grace of God that you have what you have.
Anyway no, you dont have to share, nor should you be forced to. Your just a bad person if you don't.
>Freely you have received, freely give.
Wow lit is gettig dumb.

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Being a miserly arsehole is bad.

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If pussy is not great than nothing is great. If you try do deconstruct pussy than you get depressed because at the same time you will unconciously deconstruct everything else.

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two phones and a scrunchie
remember when people had ipod touches?
what a time it was

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No. You should help those inferior to you, but that should be voluntary.

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One should always strive to overcome the jungular obstructions of the genetic tree which one has inherited, traversing one's kosmic path along its branches, and reconciling thusly what is essential to oneself, and freely share one's heart when it becomes full --by pouring and refilling its abundance, thus maintaining mutually/communally wholesome integrity--, rather than forcefully, and/or voluntarily, disowning it, thereby spilling and emptying its abundance, thus disintegrating mutual/communal wholesomeness, and further damning oneself.

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Define "better"

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Born better economically?
You should share to uplift the fortunate.
Born better physically?
Lmao manlet kys

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>Yeah look at Nazi Germany and how that turned out. Get completely BTFO and all the beta party leaders
I'll take this bait. So who were the alphas then? The Soviet Communists?

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Nobody is born better. They are born to better circumstances and a better society.

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>humans are not affected by genetics

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They are born with better/worse traits depending on the environment they are born in to.

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Based and Ragnar Redbeardpilled

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Physical appearance is determined in large part by economics as well. You can’t be tall with a thick frame if your mother in pregnancy and you growing up had poor diets.

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Sure, but you can only play the hand you've been given.

You can play it well or poorly, but in the end you can't change the cards (genes) you got.

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Should humans be forced to share their society with animals? It's not fair to the lifeforms that weren't born without sentience

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Yes. Read Harrison Bergeron.

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Why do you knuckleheads not get Stirner?

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The winners who's nations still exist today

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