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Post 'em and recommend/rate/hate

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If you honestly thought naming your file was a good idea you should rethink your life. Your mania of thinking about homosexuals and looking down on them 24/7 might make you a closet case. Get a life man.

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Read the books first, then post. It’s that simple

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It literally has 2 homos on the cover--you're the closet fag.
Already read the on on the left.

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You're the one seeing homos everywhere, just come out of the closet.

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they are fighting competitively, Pindar wrote Odes to praise the winners of sport competitions

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I read both - nothing too exciting.

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Competing naked was tied with pederasty as it originated in Megara after taking up Spartan pederastic tradition. The artwork in question is from a 520BCE Athenian cup (before Pindar was born) depicting two young boys (no facial hair) either competing in or training for the Athletic Contest for Boys and Youths as part of the Panathenaic Games. This was intrinsically linked with pederasty and homosexuality in Ancient Greece. I'm sorry you can't see beyond modern tradition and take offense when reading the term "homo", you homo.

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How can you not admire Archilocus' poetry? Sappho and Anacreon are good too, and Solon and Theognis are important for philosophy even if they have less literary merit.

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You literally have worms in your brain. You bought these books read one and thought, hmm that’s good enough, I think I’ll go take a well-deserved break to call people gay online. You will never amount to anything no matter how many books you “read” with your bigoted “good enough” mindset. The classics are wasted on you. Seek therapy

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I don't mind reading a faggot (i.e. Oscar Wilde), reading about faggots is another story. Hope you don't catch AIDS.

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Cool it with the projections brainlet, you'll fry your tiny brain

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>unironically posting frogs
What are you, 12?

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>fighting like a couple of Athenian homos over a filename that's covered by a fucking birthday hat

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I don't know why but the phrase "a couple of Athenian homos" made me laugh out loud. I'm gonna start calling people athenian homos as an insult

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Just bought this like ten minutes ago. Not read any Goethe before, but yeh should hopefully be good and that.

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are you guys really posting your own details on 4chan?

anyway, last two books i bought were:
Samuel Johnson - Lives of the Poets: A Selection
Jean-Jacques Rousseau - Confessions

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Ah it's not bad, just not exceedingly memorable.
I've opened my copy here and found notes I took on Archilochus, Tyrtaeus, and Mimnermus.

I remember valuing this book more for the insight into Grecian humor rather than the protestations of age and desire. Going through it now, it's better than I remember. I'll have to read it again :)

Some pieces I've just come across:

> And which sort of men are the biggest of pseuds
> and the biggest charlatans? Seers!

> Oyez, Oyes! Announcement by Susarion,
> Philinus' son, Magarion from Tripodisc.
> Woman's a pest. But all the same, parishioners,
> no household can exist without aforementioned pest:
> for marry or stay single, either's damnable.

> Once again Love, as he looks at me meltingly
> under dark eyelashes, tries to induce me
> with every enticement to enter the Cyprian
> goddess's endless hunting net.

> By heaven, I tremble upon his approach
> like a champion horse who is feeling his age
> and is led once again to the chariot-yoke for a race.

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Really enjoying wuthering heights lads.

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wtf is that Homer book lol are they abridged? doesn't even says the translator

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I hope it's not abridged lad or I've wasted money. Its the Sam butler translations.

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My butler edition of the iliad alone is thicker than that

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>baby yeed

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What do you mean by that?!

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Its 650 pages, I don't think it's abridged. It doesn't say anywhere on the site that it's abridged either. I think it's just the photos perspective

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Was ist denn das Buch da rechts im hintergründ mit den roten Händen? Egal, dein Fallada und Yates Aufgaben sehen gut aus.

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Not tryna turn this mfer into /pol/ ,
but what should I expect?

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Fresh cops

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Speak American, Hans

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We didn't need to know any of this.

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>prose translation
anon... please stop

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Where do you think you are?

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Should I have went with verse lad?

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Yes, anon, only Lattimore, Fagles, and Fitzgerald are /lit/ approved

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Capitalism good, socialism bad

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Translating verse into verse is rarely if ever effective.

that said "first fell out with one another" is a bit of a fall of a cliff-face in tone terms,

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don't be a cunt

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Is pretty fun so far, sort of Borges/Peake thing, some philosophical references and a lot of scenery.

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You’re a faggot and OP is based

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The Idiot and Imitation of Christ are in the Mail.

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A shitty analysis

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File: 261 KB, 1600x960, lenin-collected-works-45-vols-vol_1_d874a20f09a0837eec96b82bbd26abc2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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Looks like Paradise Lost, Gruber

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>google image filename

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Verse translations are retarded you lose all content and the translator is making shit up to fit the meter.
Butler is based

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>t. pleb

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Not too fussed with what's lit approved, I'll read this edition and make up my own mind. If I enjoy it enough I could see myself buying a verse translation anyway

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True patricians read Merrill.

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May as well read Sparknotes if you don't care about the translation

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Yeah alright shylock.

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Then don't ask, retard, you know better than /lit/ and all academics in the world who made the aforementioned the standard

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At what point did I say I know better? I said I'll make my own judgement, which is a fair enough thing to do. Stop with the zealous bullshit you absolute lunatic.

Its nothing to get hung about.

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>hey guys is verse better?

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this but ironically

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Most recent book, it's very good because it includes the surrounding chapters from the Mahabharata, putting the Gita in more context. It also has the Sanskrit on facing pages to the translation. Only downside is that it's a continuous prose translation that only marks every 5th verse so it can be hard to cross-reference.

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Paradise Lost indeed.

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You're such a petulant child. I understand that verse may be superior, I stopped caring about what your opinion was when you started being sarcastic.

MaY aS wEll rEad SpaRk NotEs.

Can smell an American from a mile off, begone.

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Just got Plato's Five Dialogues (Euthyphro, Apology, Crito, Meno, Phaedo) by Hackett and I'm enjoying it. Most of these seem to just be Socrates flexing, despite his modesty. However, these have content, and I am learning and thinking about these.
The poetry is good, I haven't read the odes
I'd say you were cool if you didn't buy two literally who's
Chad, I haven't seen that Iliad/Odyssey, is Butler good?
Based German speaker

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Ok retard

>> No.16486528

>Wuthering Heights

I want a nice hardcover copy of it (I think I have 3 paperbacks) but I don't like the dots on the Everymans covers.

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His is okay, but I find some of his constructions a bit forced.

Plus he uses "bright-eyed" instead of "grey-eyed" Athena. Terrible.

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picked these up for like $10 the other day

from what I've read the crusades book is trash unfortunately, hopefully the others are worth it

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>Plus he uses "bright-eyed" instead of "grey-eyed" Athena. Terrible.

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these old penguin designs are very comfy

>> No.16486568

You've got terrible taste, anon. That's okay. It's a common problem.

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Nice paperbacks, anon.

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>>>16484413 (You)
>>Wuthering Heights
>I want a nice hardcover copy of it (I think I have 3 paperbacks) but I don't like the dots on the Everymans covers.

I gotta be honest, I'm a shill for the everymans library editions. I love them.

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Not sure yet lad, only just bought it. The pseuds on here have a word or two to say about it. Its got good reviews so I'm excited

>> No.16486613

retard. it's important it's grey-eyed cause it's associated with the owl

>> No.16486641

whoops, I was implying the choice "bright-eyed" is cringe

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>not reading Hobbes' translation of Thucydides
Missing out big time

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You are forgiven.

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What am I in for?

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Landmark philosophy book that is surprinsingly simple which you may want to revisit after Kant

>> No.16486877

well that's good to hear as I just bought it on a whim too and was wondering. probably going to read it next once i finish what im currently reading

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That also made me chuckle. Thank you anon

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I’m 30 pages into The Peregrine and it really is beautiful.

>> No.16487831

notoriously poor prose

>> No.16487846

The Peregrine really is a treat.

>> No.16487880

a friend gifted me a copy (im pretty sure he did because he thought it was bioshock: the novel). i got 400 pages in, threw the book across the room, and never looked at it again.

>> No.16488101

The Hardcovers cost so much more tho.

>> No.16488117

Peregrine is amazing

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The train to comfy town is about to depart

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The first and last chapters of the first book are the most comfy in existence

>> No.16488199

Based.EL gives the most bang for your buck

>> No.16488230

It's true. The Alexander one set me back a pretty penny since I had to buy it second hand.

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>They still pay for books

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cringe tripshit

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>being this desperate for attention from people who browse 4chan

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I dropped by Bookoff, I found these two. I was going to buy Jurassic Park, but it was in a really bad condition.

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i got this from etsy, it comes with an anthology of early middle english poetry

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I like the dust jackets, what do the actual books look like when you take them off?

>> No.16491427

Those are wrestlers mate, stop consuming modern media, it's made everyone obsessed with sodomy

>> No.16492676

A compelling adventure interspersed with long rants about 'looters' and 'altruism'.

>> No.16492685

>A Glastonbury Romance
Fuck, i want that so bad, it's so hard to find a copy.

>> No.16492706

are there actual homosexuals on this board?

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File: 2.20 MB, 600x600, soicat.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Took them forever to get here, but they’re here, finally. The pictures in the listing looked like the more recent copies, but these are the older 1990s ones it looks like.

Pretty satisfied with the condition of all of them except All The Pretty Horses; the cover is a bit scratched, it has a high school library stamp on the front page, and the names of two of the girls who apparently read it back in 2011-2013. The weirdest thing through is an inscription on the inside of the front cover that says “I’m (scratched out) and proud”

>> No.16494815

>inscription on the inside of the front cover that says “I’m (scratched out) and proud”
inb4 anon gets arrested by anti-white commies after the new cultural revolution

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Lol it’s literally scratched out

>> No.16494843

>anon's last words as he's being dragged out to be shot in the public square

>> No.16494886

>that hand
go outside, anon. Sunlight wont kill you

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Tripfags are subhuman

>> No.16495258

I was thinking of getting dubliners at the thrift shop the other day but there was a note on the inside of the cover saying "to (name) because everyone should have a copy" so I didn't bother getting it

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>A Glastonbury Romance

>> No.16495687

>Being this butthurt with that stupid little thing
well mr cocksmoker, fuck you, and your parents, for molesting you and making you an INSUFFERABLE FAGGOT!!!!!!

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>"Why yes, tripfags are RUINING MY WEBSITE"
>"They are always derailing discussions and attention whoring"
>Completely ignores the thread topic
>Highroads about tripfags instead
I'll stop using it when the feature is removed, feggit. Now to return to the original topic:
>They still pay for books

>> No.16496050

Shut the fuck up faggot you are the one derailing this thread

>> No.16496056

I tend to use ZLibrary more often than not.

>> No.16496486

Silence tripfag nothing would be derailed if your faggot nigger ass would not attention whore

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>> No.16497666

this, discuss books, you fucking niggers

>> No.16497675

Jesus Christ you're such a faggot

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Wuthering Heights is one of the worst books ever. The main romantic characters are all malevolent, bitter, resentful and whats worse, actively stupid. It's peak chick/lit/ where the abusive violent bad boy is just too irresistible and she can't help falling in love with him

>> No.16497762

Are you that anon from that Goodreads thread?

>> No.16497906

No, what was said in that thread?

>> No.16497929

you're ok tripfag, don't let them get you down. I agree that paying for books is mostly dumb

>> No.16498079

How many volumes does Varney run to? - cool to see someone giving it a crack

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File: 1.35 MB, 2000x2666, IMG_3984.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 1.32 MB, 3024x4032, 16725341298.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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Been interested in getting into Jung, would you know a good book to start with? Pic related perhaps?

>inb4 Hehe Peterson fag watches one lecture and thinks he's ready for Jung.

>> No.16498578

Dover's edition consists of two volumen. If the description of the book didn't lie, all the original illustrations should be in these books.

>> No.16498598

Shut the fuck up you fucking faggot, get the fuck off this website.

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>> No.16498622

Yo got filtered hard if you didn’t realize both narrators were unreliable and had their own motives

>> No.16498803

you did not understand Wuthering Heights if you think Cathy and Heathcliff love each other.

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Was only planning on getting the right, but saw the left at the front as I was checking out... always happens.

>> No.16499741


>> No.16500178

Okay, so Healthcliff hates the whole family even though they took him in off the street? And if I recall correctly when Cathy is talking about marrying the other dude she confesses she does love Healthcliff sooo??? Which parts are unreliable and how did you personally determine that?

>> No.16500331

The one on the left looks incredibly cringe

>> No.16500985


>> No.16501604

We must have different definitions of cringe.

>> No.16501612

Yeah you're probably a pseud sorry anon. Read Plato next time not cringe american hacks misinterpreting ancient greece

>> No.16501651

I've read Plato - I bought this because it seems interesting enough for a quick read, and it supports my local bookstore.

Works by popular historians are nothing more than an intro into whatever subject they pertain to.

>> No.16501656

I don’t want to type a long reply so just google “unreliable narrator in wuthering heights” and click on one of the many links.a gist though is that one narrator wasn’t present during events and the servant has gripes against some of the characters(Cathy in particular and she even mentions that her dislike of her is motivation for her depiction of Cathy).the servant is a Emma Bovary/don Quixote-esque reader who loves melodramatic tales.the reader can see the difference between the heathcliff that Lockwood meets and the heatcliff that hangs dogs in the servants tale.its one of the more famous examples of unreliable narrator.a google search can explain it in detail better than me because it’s been a few years since I read it

>> No.16501743

how to read in other languages???

>> No.16501775

You do you anon, I wouldn't touch Pulitzer writers and pop historians/philosophers with 10-foot pole

>> No.16501859

Okay, thanks. The problem I've always had with "unreliable narrator" stories is that if gives the reader the license to disregard/read into basically anything. Still a sub-par book even with the most charitable interpretation in my opinion

>> No.16501874

Why should I buy this one over the Landmark one?

>> No.16501963
File: 135 KB, 988x770, Screenshot 2020-10-04 at 00.59.15.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

One is written by one of the most brilliant minds in history, and the other is yet another consumerist cashgrab appealing to reddit intellectuals who think anything that comes out of oxbridge ass is golden. I don't care what you choose though, competent people wouldn't get baited by landmark bs

>> No.16501993

Yeah I’m not a fan of them personally either.i just find it funny that wuthering heights is grossly misinterpreted-before reading one usually has the idea of one of the greatest romance novel;afterwards they are shocked because everyone is a complete scoundrel.the truth is somewhere in the middle as most things in life are

>> No.16502006

I have the Landmark Herodotus and it's a pretty good deal. It's only like $20 and it has all sorts of annotations and maps that help you understand the context of what's being talked about. How is it a cashgrab, the Hobbes translation is the same price.

>> No.16502052

They're both $20 but one of them is worthless. But if you're the type who can't use his own maps, maybe a hand-holding modern edition is more up your alley

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