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Working on finishing up Human Action by Ludwig Von Mises and rereading The Book of Disquiet. Before bed I'll probably watch a lecture on Guenon, as I really want to get started with him soon (I enjoyed Evola's Revolt Against the Modern World quite a bit). Guenon's analysis of modern science as an intensely limiting framework seems profound. Blog post aside: what is /lit/ reading tonight and why do you like it? I've got my pipe to keep things comfy too. Cheers frens.

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Blackshirts and reds

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I'm going to go see what Steerpike is up to in Gormenghast

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What do you think Melville is doing with his famous (to some, infamous) "lists" when it comes to whaling gear and such? I think its playing into the theme of the limited knowledge of man contending with the insurmountable power of nature, or God. Man wants to know in order to control, in this case. It is vain, and leads to some pretty bad outcomes in the end. I hope you enjoy it!

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Bring the War Home: The White Power Movement and Paramilitary America

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Currently reading some of Cicero's defense speeches. Don't think I've got time to finish another whole one tonight, and I like reading them in one seating, so I guess I'll just give it a rest until tomorrow.

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Working through Cicero in my undergraduate Latin course was a painful joy. Painful because he was difficult, but he's so good isn't he? Peak Latin.

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Ntayrt but i thought it was reinforcing the idea that we as people can never really understand each other. Melville spends probably 1/3 of the book talking about how whale ships work so we can see things through his eyes, but ultimately we never can understand what some things meant to him.
This theme is reinforced with stuff like the coin Ahab nails to the post that stubb, flask, Ahab, Starbuck, and I think Fedallah all soliloquize to and offer totally different perspectives. And Ahab and Starbuck’s arguments about the righteousness of his revenge, which unrelentingly end fruitlessly. And the contrasts between the savages and the other whale men, like when Queequeg was about to die and suddenly he decided he wasn’t going to, and Ishmael remarked on the power of savages’ healing, which is of course totally alien to our Christian sensibilities.

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Yeah, unexpectedly breezed through a ton of his works because they're so good.

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Nice. I had never even considered that. When I read it again I will keep your thoughts in mind and see what comes out!

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That's noice fren. Currently reading The Plague by Camus. Reading a bit about Pessoa on the side as I think I'd pick The Book of Disquiet next. Also tempted to read more of Céline because I liked Journey to the End of the Night.

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I'm too tired to read after work, I miss the NEET days

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>reads at night instead of in the morning after he wakes up (the best time to retain information)

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The Stranger, good so far

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I've never posted on this board before. im probably going to read 4channel and youtube comments if anything, maybe twitch chat tbqh

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Honestly just cringe

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>Ludwig Von Mises

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I am fairly familiar with Hayek and Smith. Is there any benefit to reading the ancaps like Mises or Hoppe? I’ve heard they’re ideologues do not worth reading

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I mean read whatever you want, you can give it a shot but also but why not read Marx instead or maybe if you don't like that idea try Keynes. For me, capitalism is just fundamentally flawed and I'm pretty marx pilled, I recommend reading 'Value, Price and Profit' by Marx and also 'Wage-Labour and Capital'.

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Are you a political economist or a marginalist fucktard?

Because if you're a political economist you ought to read deviant economists.

And if you're a marginalist you should shoot yourself in the face, badly, so that you live on faceless after months in hospital.

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