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Why does Ossian the greatest poet brought upon the earth make this board seethe so much?

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tell us, WHY is OSSIAN the best POET brought on EARTH

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have you read Ossian? if not, do it and you'll understand

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link to a website that has his poems displayed in text no or I will never read him

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Because he's a fabrication passed off as genuine by some writer in the 1700s

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Ossian is not real, anon! The poems were really composed by James Macpherson. The academic consensus regards them as a forgery; if you think otherwise, you have a lot of explaining to do.

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I dunno anon, you seem the only one to care.

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I'm sorry, anon, but you must be mistaken - these are the works of James Macpherson, but not Ossian

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why are you so racist against scots?

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