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Should i read this or Theogony first to get the most out of both?

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The Library.

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You need to realize that within the first few seconds of locking you bedroom door and forces you on your knees and pushes away your hands, and begins the intense stuffing of your beautiful orifice and great slushes gages heaps of your saliva oozing out of your stuffed windpipe, a very sloppy wet abuse of your tonsils by violent breakneck pounding by rapid tuggs of your long ponytail simultaneously followed by a finally, after an incredibly long stretch of gasping between gushing mouthfuls, as he goes balls deep to flood your trachea with torrents of backed up pearly deluge, he loves you with all of his heart. And while you breath frantically through your nose In an attempt to overcome your dizziness while he continues surging all the absolute and sudden pulsations of free flowing thick globular slime, he means absolutely no disrespect to you as human being and a lover when he makes one last pull of your ponytail, forcing your face to look up, and smacks the fuck out of your beautiful flushed face. It’s not meant to be degrading or demeaning, it’s just an expression of how affected he is by your beauty, your one of a kind gorgeous face, in this precious moment of submissive service. Honestly, it’s pure love. Just saying, you would be wrong to interpret it as hurt. It’s all love, K?
Good girl :) <3

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