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What is an adequate and effective philosophy or line of reasoning to help people get out of the /x/ rabbit hole?
People who believe in conspiratorial ideas. People who mix wildly different ideas and concepts, from ancient religions to urban legends, as they see fit. People who choose to believe in certain ideas because they offer literal magical solutions to their problems (sexual partners in tulpas/succubi or a life goal). People who dismiss all science and all institutions, yet support the same science and institutions when they support their beliefs. People who believe that random events (from a gust of wind to world-wide news) are the work of a specific kind of supernatural entity they believe in, or the deep state, or aliens, or all of the above.
I've tried using Cartesian skepticism and the basics of epistemology, to no avail. Is there perhaps a way to help those people through religious philosophy, replacing the jumbled, self-serving mess they create in their heads with a proper religion?

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>What is an adequate and effective philosophy or line of reasoning to help people get out of the /x/ rabbit hole?
Accelerate their cognitive dissonance. Literally the only thing that works. People inculcated with a self-sustaining paranoiac mentality need to be shoved into a corner and then a little further before you can even start to grasp at getting them out of their rabbit hole. After you've cornered them you need to be painstakingly good-willed and patient with them and slowly expose them to the truthfulness of content they'd otherwise be averse to experiencing. You use the same methodology to get people into cults as you do getting them out; whether your approaching someone is empathic or manipulative is in the first case a matter of perspective (ie ambiguous in nature), as only time and circumstance will tell whether you're a malignant or beneficent actor.

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It's pointless to reason with someone that has escaped reality through reason.
Creating an emotional bond with them and slowly bringing them back through other means is a more likely solution.

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>whether your approaching someone is empathic or manipulative is in the first case a matter of perspective
On a related note, herein lies the difference between psychopathy and namebrand empathy. Both the psychopath and the regular person know how people function at an inherently psychophysiological level. Equating psychopathy with a lack of empathy is a wrongful idea borne out of the mainstream media presentation of the illness as "lacking" something integral. No, on the contrary, the psychopath is the dark double of the conscientious normalfag. If the psychopath had no grasp on emotion or people's emotions they wouldn't be able to function as well (seemingly) as they do, and we would have a much easier time spotting them in society. Where the two differ lies with to what ends they utilize their capacity for understanding. The psychopath is marked by his tendency to self-immolate socially because he pursues goals that are so far off the scale self-gratifying. In a Kantian sense he orients himself in such a way that other people's ends are much less present to him as factors he needs to account for. While having the same sense as the neurotypical does for emotion and feeling, he does not view it as his duty to take heed of these. It's also here worth mention that there isn't a clear split but a statistical gradation from normalcy to psychopathy, as with any psychopathology.

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Marx, Engels, Lenin, and so on and so on

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Why not just read more rigorous occultism and approach it from a scientific and philosophical angle, instead of being a new age dabbling fucking moron in danger of driving himself schizo and/or interacting with evil or destructive forces?

It doesn't have to be either/or, you know. You are allowed to wonder about things like Jungian synchronicity and non-linear causality, even as a perfectly normal person. Where do you think all those paranormal investigators like Flammarion and Richet came from in the first place? They just took it seriously and tried to study it scientifically.

The difference is if you are inclined toward delusional thinking, like if you think every random gust of wind is interacting with you or the some schizo paranoid delusion about being followed. Then the problem isn't the contents of your beliefs (which smart, scientific people can think about without much danger) but the fact that the basic "tone" of your consciousness is inclined toward delusional thinking. There are plenty of schizos who don't believe in magic or the occult, they just think the CIA is the thing persecuting them or whatever. Schizo is schizo. If you are schizo inclined in this way, reading Descartes is not going to help (at least not by itself). You need a support system.

And for the love of god, if you are inclined toward delusional thinking, don't become some Crowley LARPer who thinks he's going to have magical powers and be an amoral superman. How well did that work for all those guys? If you're the kind of total fucking dumb retard whose only interest in the occult is to "summon a succubus" or "cast spells" to get yourself a new gaming PC, you are already in danger of big time mental illness. Even if it isn't schizo shit, at the very least you are deepening your sick way of viewing the world, in which your only purpose is hedonism and the occult is an amoral tool for better hedonism.

In the long run, maybe focusing on something less kooky would be good for you, like maybe it would be better to devote your life to math or physics or engineering, something real and tangible. But in the short term, if you are schizo the key thing is to get a support system and anchor yourself in reality.

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Maybe you should be more open minded.

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You are incredibly sweet to care about the well being of your fellow anons. My happiness guard you And protect your high spirit all the days of your life senpai

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very kind words from thoughtful anon

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It's a really broad and far-reaching problem with no easy answer
we live in an age in which all information and narrative is suspect, all tradition is arbitrary, and faith in institutions is gone
in this environment, superstition and wild speculation is all that remains for those who do not or cannot piece together a coherent worldview through the haze of misinformation and the deconstruction of every Old Way.

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they're just having fun bro. i get what you mean though, it seems too ungrounded and pointless.

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It's a good question and it definitely has something to do with the philosophical position of paranoia explicity in political discourse within western democracies, particularly in America.

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ugly egirl

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There is no magical spell against belief.

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>Accelerate their cognitive dissonance
>Why not just read more rigorous occultism and approach it from a scientific and philosophical angle, instead of being a new age dabbling fucking moron i
This, the end is an expanded field of inquiry and depth of reach in your reasonable conjectures -- if you are cut adrift by looking at the abyss, you haven't started from solid enough foundations to begin with -- restrict yourself to non-fiction until you've regained some footing, and understand headless chickens in shifting sands is the desired state for the eponymous 'Them'

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This. Retards will be retards, and the occult is the worst possible playground for them to be in.

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this docu has a very trancelike feel and tries to spook you into thinking you are living in a matrix type hyperreality

it's good social criticism but it might be a bad thing to someone struggling to keep their sense of reality just because of the style

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>People who dismiss all science and all institutions

on noes, not rejection of the jewish establishment.

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Pre Socratics, Plato, Aristotle, neo platonists etc.
Something like this. See pic related.

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