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It's a pointless endeavor....... It's baseless... It's a baseless begin, it's a baseless end. Flung into a groundless ground..... Just an eternal return of a fortuitous event... that is itself within a series of copies of no centrality, completely outside of any foundations, of any internal logic just pure hyper chaos forever, or maybe not forever. Anything more chaotic than forever

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>It's baseless...
It's based.
But based on what?

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Based on the question of its baseness

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What is 'it'. Why are you being cryptic? Is it because youre not actually saying anything?

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You begin metaphysics by asking what is being?
What is the question of being and how does it arise , that is the basis of this book. Its pointlessness hinges on how the being of beings is interpreted, by whom and in what way.

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The based is the base for which basedness is a question

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