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I'm considering buying this pretentious faggot's self-published novel, just so I can critically destroy him. Thoughts?

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Can you get a refund for the pdf?
>buy book
>remove copy protection
>refund book
>enjoy free book

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Just download it for free. Imagine giving your money to some chink faggot

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I doubt anyone has taken the time to scan/upload a bootleg copy of a self-published book.

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All that matters is this puffed up poofter needs to be taken down a few notches.

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Who are you.
Who is that guy.
Who would care about some e-celeb.

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What is it, like a fiction or an autobiography?

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A pretentious self wank of a novel. I think it's technically a campus novel. It's called The Learned Disguise.

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its easy to remove drm from ebooks

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What if you enjoy it anon? Could be risky, you might accidentally open your mind if you just order books willynilly like that.

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Nice try, faggot. You're not gonna turn yourself into a meme.

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Do it and post a review. Pls OP, pls

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Ahhhh looks like something my cringey older brother would write. Can't wait to read it

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The Learned Disguise by R.C Waldun
>Arthur Forrest is the name of the protagonist. He was but a young scholar, confined to his own skull, as his intellectual pursuits slowly drained the vibrancy of his youth. Abroad, his life appeared orderly and dignified, but soon all composure slowly withered as he sensed the presence of Veda.Inspired by Goethe's Faust, R.C. Waldun's debut novel: The Learned Disguise is a literary portrait of a young man's journey of dealing with inner conflicts, falling in love, and discovering his life's calling as a writer.

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>The Learned Disguise
>Arthur Forrest is the name of the protagonist. He was but a young scholar, confined to his own skull, as his intellectual pursuits slowly drained the vibrancy of his youth. Abroad, his life appeared orderly and dignified, but soon all composure slowly withered as he sensed the presence of Veda.Inspired by Goethe's Faust, R.C. Waldun's debut novel: The Learned Disguise is a literary portrait of a young man's journey of dealing with inner conflicts, falling in love, and discovering his life's calling as a writer.
lmao this sounds amazing (in a bad way)

Here's an amazon review:

>Waldun created his main charactur Arthur - inspired by the main protagonist in Faust by Goethe - as a scholar, devoted to academic studies and reading. He doesn't find true meaning in those books for himself, and doesn't spend enough time living his life. He has shunned emotions out to become a callous intellectual. The story is also about his path to becoming a writer.
>The characters in the novel lacked depth. Arthur himself is introverted, and disabled to act by his tendency to overthink. Felix is an extroverted person that tends to love reading Homer. Waldun didn't tell me enough about the girl Arthur fell in love with, instead telling me every little detail of what he thought about her. I also would have like to learn more about Arthur's mentor - I think Mr. Milton was his name. Timur, the mailman, wasn't believable to me either. He acted like he was so poor he could only afford one book, despite him loving reading. The conversations between those characters were often skipped and instead Arthur gave a summary of it. I couldn't really feel for any of the people in the book.
>Now to the language. Waldun is totally stuck in the past. He doesn't hide that, and in the beginning I actually enjoyed reading something that sounds so old-fashioned, written by a - I would assume - young adult. Over the time, though, it becomes annoying to go over those overly abstract descriptions of everyday life. It often reads like a diary
>What also really bothered me was the abundance of errors in punctuation. Waldun clearly doesn't know how to place a comma, and it makes those complicated sentences even more confusing.
>I gave this book two stars because there were interesting philosophical ideas in it, and the language had some beautiful prose at parts.

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So does this thread qualify as spamming? A lot of samefaghing going on here 'ironically' shilling this nonentity...

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I have an IQ higher than the entirety of /lit/ combined. I have shunned all feeble human emotions and have become an intellectual god. Kneel down to me, simpletons.

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I don't think its spam, its just me and like, two other anons had the idea to post the summary from Amazon, all at the same time.

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Uh huh. Seems plausible this borderline unknown is now a hot topic. Fuck off with this 'clever marketing' spam.

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I bet he gets a real kick out of being compared to him whenever his friends play into his larp

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Value your time more, anon. Don't waste it on ecelebs.

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>lit finds a new booktuber to make fun
>anon thinks it's people shilling him in sincerity

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>he fucking opens the book with a quote from Faust
you guys know he probably browses this board, right. This seems like something someone from fro mm /lit/ would write.

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>Has nearly 100,000 subscribers on YT
>self-published novel has like 6 reviews in total
What chance does the common man have if e-whores can't even sell their books to their own audience?

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Well the common man used to get published legitimately. Maybe he should try getting published for real. But I am sure he doesn't because he got rejected by every publisher.

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with 100k subs he does not need a publisher or learn to write, he just needs to shill more, just like he's doing in this thread

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correct, there's no bad publicity.

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>He doesn't even quote from the vastly superior Dedication that opens Faust

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Perhaps he's in this very thread
Perhaps he's behind this very post

Stop artificially shilling your novel. If you want us to read it just ask nicely next time. Plenty of people respect the effort it takes to finish a novel to shell out a few shekels even if the quality is guaranteed to be shit. As seems to always be the case your lack of sincerity is your downfall.

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Watched one of hus vids
>Yeah I love on the road
>I remember finishing it after a college class after I finished my coffee in a coffee shop

What an absolute faggot. Litrature attracts the worst type of middle class hipsters

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>he's only 20-years-old

I will admit that's pretty impressive to publish a book so early in his life, even if it's rushed, cringey, and will embarrass him later in life.

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>will embarrass him later in life.
this is why it used to be better, you could use a pen name and few could pin it on you. the internet makes this much harder

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This guy makes me cringe. Only someone under the age of 25 would take a selfie posing with a fucking type writer. Literally just another boring upper middle class dweeb who thinks the idea of being a writer is much more alluring than actually writing. What the hell is his novel? Thing looks short and rushed just so he could sell his product. Dude is a grifter.

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I just got a video from this dude about transitioning from Physics to Literature, I was interested because I've been wanting to get into reading with little success but it turns out to be just some feelsy garbage about "Literatire is like problem solving" or whatnot, and he was already into reading so he's not like me.

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>"Literatire is like problem solving"
do not fall for this meme, anon

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I know. also he mentioned something about getting into a competetive S.T.E.M school, does anyone know what school it is? What kind of level are they at?

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Sounds like purple prose with no real substance

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Kid needs an editor. There are some really clumsy sentences here. "Mr. Morton was who I'd consider as a fond mentor of an older age."
This sentence reads like it's being spoken by an autistic ESL student.
So many extra words too.
This shit sucks.

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this kid knows not every noun needs an adjective, right?

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Like, really, if you're going to call yourself a writer, and label your website with "a literary life," then you may want to become better at gauging the spatial environment in the rooms you create.
>We conversed, under his fumy pipe that infused the room with traces of tobacco scent.

That comma splice is terrible. And really, they're talking UNDER his pipe? That's a big pipe, RC.

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>talks about never succumbing to snobbery
>succumbs to snobbery

>> No.16680563

>his nature was of a well cultured gentlemen
show, don't tell is what? baby's first writing tip? also, that it should be "his nature was THAT of a well cultured gentlemen", right? ESL here

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Rice Cuck Waldun at it again.

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This is absolutely pathetic

>> No.16680591

Not having the that is fine and is preferred. It adds only to your word count.

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He really has no idea of what musicality in prose is...
It's just words... plain and simple words stitched together with plain and simple sentence structure and the odd literary cliche (my heart sang!).
It's exactly the type of writing I'd expect from a twenty year old who obviously worships academia and envies the professors, but not for the right reasons...

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woah is that the shin megami tensei guy

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>"he was but a..."
>inspired by faust
>literary portrait

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Good God, he just keeps getting worse.
What a lifeless description of a type writer.
>wide eyed
>ideas printed so seamlessly
>talking about seams in regards to ink being placed on paper
>calls writing a craft

Seriously reminds me of the shitty short stories I wrote when I was 19 and just finished Infinite Jest... Thank fuck I only showed them to a few people.
Anyway, guys, this is the writing that gets praise from normie booktuber audiences. This is what it takes to be called "talented" and "promising."
Now go out there and fool some idiots!

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>Mr. Morton was a fond mentor of an older age. His nature was well-cultured, with subtleties laden in every word uttered, but without pretension. Once, at the corner Fag's desk, he offered me a glimpse into his notebook, of which its grand eloquence to this day leaves me ashamed of my own scattered scribbles.
I work as an editor and was easily able to edit that down and erase 26 words from that paragraph alone; I can only imagine what the rest of the book is like. That's the problem with self-published novels, they rarely go through editing. It's damned lucky if the author even looks through it.

>Mr. Morton was who I'd consider as a fond mentor of an older age.
My editing notes back to the author would highlight this sentence in particular as retarded.

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Holy jesus jumping fucking christ is this terrible

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>a craft that have not left me since
"Have"? Really, kid?

>> No.16680667

C'mon, man... if the fucking type writer is going to be a huge symbol in the story, where it leads the character down a path of self-discovery through art, then it should treated as such in the prose. How lazy. I don't feel what the character feels about this typewriter... where's the beautiful poetics that leave an impression?
It's an intricate machine? How? And yeah, we all know type writers make a noise.

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>a craft that have not left me since
Shouldn't it be "a craft that *has* not left me since"? ESL here.

>> No.16680705

The "write two novels before you write the real one" is solid advice

>> No.16680707

>a craft have not left me since
>craft singular
>have plural
Wow. Can't make this shit up.

>> No.16680725

Yeah, ok, I read what was available in the amazon preview.
It only reinforced what I already thought about this: he just wants to be known as a writer, and his whole persona of being a passionate artist, where he actually makes videos giving advice to others on the creative process, and what it means to be a writer, is just merely a persona. In fact, I don't really sense there's much of anything underneath this young man. I get the impression of a wisp of smoke that will flow in any which direction given the slightest breeze. Just an impressionable kid who probably saw that DFW movie and inserted himself as David, daydreaming that one day he would be able to pontificate to an envious journalist about the beautiful way his brain works.

Dime a dozen these days where everyone is constantly changing personas depending on what's in vogue. Dark academia is really vogue! You're fashionable and smart! Double whammy for the plenty of fish bio!

>> No.16680727

Read the excerpt now, very confused. There's some weird interplay of high effort and low effort that I've never seen in writing.

>> No.16680741

>paying for books
never do this, especially not when you don't want to support the author

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I'm not going to read your book no matter how many paid shills badmouth it on /lit/, chink

>> No.16680776

I'm not a shill. I just like calling out mediocre crap being peddled to Philistines.
Also RC definitely lurks here for sure. You fucking suck, RC. You're no artist, man.

>> No.16680777

>fuck yeah i hate this faggot so im gonna buy his book just to write an irrelevant review that no one's gonna read but whatever im gonna destroy this pussy by giving him some financial support im so smart kek

>> No.16680779

Kek this is awful. He reads litrature for the aesthetic and not because he enjoys it, you can tell. This is the result of a man with no tatse

>> No.16680780

did he turn you down on grindr

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I'm not a fag. And even if I was, I would be getting pretty white twinks instead of this flat nose dweeb with the dyke haircut. Bad writing just pisses me off.

>> No.16680809

don't know who he is but what you are saying sounds like it's petty and a waste of time

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This is a self-published first novel from an erudite and charismatic young Renaissance Man whose videos I have very much enjoyed watching on YouTube. Not only do I wish I had his passion and interest for all things intellectual when I was his age, I wish I had it now at my age! Is the book perfect? No. Did I enjoy the book very much? Absolutely. Perhaps the best honest review i can give this book is contained in a passage within the book itself: "But amongst the errors of grammar and confusing plots, lied an intriguing mind that did not view the world quite the same as others." R.C. Waldun has a beautiful mind...and it is for how his mind views the world, which shines through in his writing, that I offer my 5-Star review. Whilst this book may not be his masterpiece, it is written by the hand of a young man who may very well one day become a master. The potential is there. I sincerely look forward to his continued growth, and will continue to follow his journey of being a writer. I am honored to be the one to give him his first Amazon review for his first book.

>> No.16680827

So it's an entire community of faggots

>> No.16680837

It would be so funny if he said all this then gave the book one star because the delivery got fucked up or something

>> No.16680854

>I work as an editor
Any books you could recommend to a writer who wants to edit their own work and prevent shit like this >>16680504 from happening?

>> No.16680865

This reads like his own writing. I’m entirely convinced he wrote this review, but I will leave some doubt as to the possibility of one of his braindead viewers actually writing this.

>> No.16680873

That’s called being young

>> No.16680890

his viewers are braindead pedo boomers

>> No.16680895

The book of proofreading by common sense

>> No.16680896

The Elements of Style by William Strunk.
But really, if you haven't already gathered through intuition the flow and mechanics of the English language from reading alone, then you're never going to make it.

>> No.16680946

Yeah. You read good books with good sentences and that should be enough. Oh and you have to write too

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life is too short to spend it on pseudointellectuals and bad books
you're poisoning yourself by doing it
ignore it and move on to something good

>> No.16681238

but making fun of him and his work is fun. If he was genuinely trying to write something good for the sake of writing something good, then I don't think we would care, but the fact that he's so pretentious makes it more fun

>> No.16681256

I agree. It's not like a thread where people are just getting angry over someone's political beliefs. That, I believe is poisonous. There's no joy in it at all. This is at least fun.

>> No.16681283

I don't understand the hate. Sure his prose is bad, his ideas aren't really insightful or profound, and he has a pretentious try hard persona but at the same time it's just a 20 year old college kid. True, he'll at best likely turn into some kind of next gen Tao Lin or Megan Boyle writing banal rubbish about the woes of New York hipsters or whatever. But I can at least respect him enough for having the ability to act on his passion rather than mope about all day on a Kyrgyzstani yak milk addicts image board and then bitch at the world for not recognizing you as the next great American novelist or whatever you aspire to.

>> No.16681297

Go to bed, RC.

>> No.16681300

Great comment, R.C. Waldun

>> No.16681303

You don't have the talent to be the next Tao Lin or Megan Boyle, RC.

>> No.16681305

He's a chink illegal immigrant to Australia. He should be waking up just now.

>> No.16681318

>mope about all day on a Kyrgyzstani yak milk addicts image board and then bitch at the world for not recognizing you as the next great American novelist or whatever you aspire to

literally nobody on /lit/ does this, even the people in the /crit/ threads asking others for advice about their prose. Stop projecting

>> No.16681336

>He's a chink illegal immigrant to Australia
You mean a native Australian these days?

>> No.16681341

hi R.C.

kek but lets keep this thread from getting political

>> No.16681342

Funny because the guy in that game has no personality and is a empty shell for the player to self insert into

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>> No.16681371

This shit isn’t even mediocre, it’s poorly written

>> No.16681391

he's kinda cute though ngl

>> No.16681395

reminder that books with 10 reviews get greatly more circulated on amazon kindle (ads, "customers who viewed this item also viewed", "suggested for you", etc
by writing a critical review, you're directly helping his sales and putting money in his pocket
even this thread, writing his name, is helping his google seo
ignore and move on

>> No.16681403

>he's a 10/10 in America

>> No.16681406

are you blind? guy has a moonface.

>> No.16681411

>ESL that gets filtered by the most based phenome 'th'

>> No.16681413

maybe we want him to see this thread

>> No.16681414

Chubby faces make people look cute and boyish.

>> No.16681417


>> No.16681418

Yeah, ok, weirdo. Go look at some more boys or something.

>> No.16681426

listen to him talk, 'the' becomes 'duh'

>> No.16681439


>> No.16681441

Isn't that how some ameriniggers sound like?

>> No.16681447

For real what is with the comma placement? Like every sentence has a comma placed weirdly.

>> No.16681451

he'll develop a persecution complex and feel like he needs to share his vision with even more motivation than ever before
any interaction is good interaction
leaving him to waste away with his 6 pity reviews from youtube subscribers is the best thing you can do

>> No.16681454

>being excited over vanity publishing yourself

Zoomers were a mistake.

>> No.16681462

>he let his friends read the first draft
isnt the number one rule of writing that the first draft is for the author's eyes only?

>> No.16681481

You can deny it all you want. Look at that face, adorable.

>> No.16681483

Why did he ask his friend if HIS OWN BOOK was structured like a symphony?? He doesn't know?

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>It was quite late
>he invited me to the comforts of his home
>Mr. Morton was who I'd consider....
>but never had he...
>his notebook full of remarks written with the utmost eloquence...
Well it's clear that he's trying to write in an old fashioned, Victorian sort of style, like Amanda McKittrick Ros or Thomas Carlyle, but it's also clear that he isn't familiar enough with this type of writing style to copy it effectively. Can you do a kindle search for the word "t'was?" Because it should be in there given the kind of voice he's going for. But if he actually used the word "t'was" non-ironically I'm going to laugh really hard.

>> No.16681490

He's ugly anywhere but in America.

>> No.16681491

He reads an excerpt from the book from 0:35 to 1:33, its even better in his ESL accent


>> No.16681494

I didn't buy his shitty book, I just read what pages were free on Amazon.

>> No.16681518

Yes I agree Americans are on a much higher standard than the rest of the world. I understand the jealousy; it's okay.

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>lit by the windows' light
>lit by....light
Wow, we've got a genius here.

>> No.16681521

This picture gives me the exact same feeling as when I watch this video.

>> No.16681528

Lower standards, actually. They salivate over a run-of-the-mill Asian faggot. Not even an attractive one.

>> No.16681552
File: 258 KB, 450x338, baka.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mr. Morton was who I'd consider as a fond mentor of an older age.

>> No.16681612

Guys he's only 20

>> No.16681617

If he's 20 then I'm 20

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