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Brandon Sanderson

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Brandon Niggerman

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best op we've ever had

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Low Effort Edition

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no one reads or cares about anything the OP ever anyway. this way is better and less likely to cause drama.

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spoken like the faggot that made the OP.

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make a new thread yourself then

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How do I just come up with better ideas for my book?

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by stealing them from others

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How do I change them enough or steal enough to be unrecognizable?

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I don't know sorry

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you should be well practiced in this from school already

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by putting your own spin on it. it's called creativity, look it up.

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Creativity doesn't exist. AI has already proved this.

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If I want to write stuff that gets read, should I just write porn?

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If you want to write stuff that gets read, all you have to do is post it the places with the highest readership and pander to their tastes.

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So yes?

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If that's what you think, then sure. You'd probably want some place that provides reader metrics as well though.

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post some good AI novels for me to check out

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You seem to have confused concepts such as "originality", "creativity", "literary", and similar with "enjoyable".

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What's the best sci fi fantasy concept to turn into porn?

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if you want as many as people as possible it'll have to be as vanilla as possible

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Slightly magi-tech giant robots powered by strong emotions. Obviously, fucking creates the strongest emotions possible. Take it from there.

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This already exists btw.

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Post it, please. I was actually going to make that concept into a porn video game before I realized I just wanted to draw and didn't care about making a game.

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>"All the time the sun / Is wheeling out of a dark bright ground".[2]
>"The time was one minute past midnight. But he was the only one who had to sit on his way back. The time was one minute after midnight and the wind was still standing on the counter and the little patch of straw was still still and the street was open".[3]
I wondee if this AI could steal chatbot anon's GF.

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You'd just be disappointed because it isn't a porn game.

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>Slightly magi-tech giant robots powered by strong emotions.
Darling in the Franxx

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literally nge

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Thanks for posting this, I've added it to be GR reading list now.

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You seem to be missing some letters.

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I'm so glad we don't discuss now. I can finally stop pretending that I've read any.

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>39 posts
>13 posters
sffg truly is kill

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>not liking vibrant, engaged, in-depth discussion

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Why did I laugh at this

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Because you're a racist.

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sffg doesn't die even if it is kill

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Can anyone offer a refutation?

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>tfw you finally have a meaty idea for your sequel but it benches all but one of your main characters, including your protagonist

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>villain calls mary sue character a tranny
I take it back, this wasn't a 1/10. Some of it was funny in ways I guarantee Centero didn't intend.

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I’m on /lit/ anon. Obviously. I enjoy porn stories as well.

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The best SFFG op I've ever seen.

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Then you must be new.

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Then you must be from elsewhere.

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my eyes! I can't read now

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Looks like some "ironic" dissection of scooby doo. How original.

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It's worse than you think.

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>Some of it was funny in ways I guarantee Centero didn't intend.
what ways

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I'm worse than you think.

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Don't tease me, share with rest of the class.

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nah, it's more like the grimderp version

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Quick rundown? I like laughing at train wrecks.

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for you

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Imagine 440 pages of this, coupled with a lesbian """"""romance"""""" that can't decide if it's twitter pandering or fanservice, embarrassing reddit portmanteus and:
>ANON: How's the fucking dialogue?
>(YOU): (curious) You wanna know how the fucking dialogue is written?
>ANON: (angrily) Fucking, of course I do, you asshole goddamn male
>(YOU): (referencing something that doesn't fit the period the book is set in) Fucking shit sucks, man.

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Looking at yourself in the mirror must be the height of comedy then.

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Mean person :(

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Yes, I am the average (mean) person.

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I will never understand the love of swearing that modern writers have. It just makes them all feel the same.

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Anybody else into amateur fantasy & worldbuilding? Chateau Cascade is so good, I just hope the sequel gets done soon

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