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Besides SCUM, any other books that really explain why men are such irredeemable subhumans?

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still hit tho

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I'm a misogynistic nazi, and my girlfriend is a bisexual feminist who worships lesbianism
We are madly in love with each other

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Men are the only people keeping the world alive.

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Men are responsible for all suffering and problems facing humanity ever

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I’ll take her off your hands

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Well behind every man, there's a woman.

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Too late
She loves my hands btw

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When can we read your published novel, Butterbean?

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>Books explaining why males are inferior
Literally any autobiographical book written by a female

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>men are such irredeemable subhumans
How so?

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Yin & Yang.

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seethe, cope

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Because they’re violent rapist murderers, all of them are retarded despite their alleged IQ advantage (probably due to hormones), they are evil and should be wiped out

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Id read that shit if it were a book

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it’s over rope

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Women are stupid (no inventions, no scientific discoveries).
Women are boring and unfunny (all the best comedians and most interesting people in the world are men).
Women are grossly vain and have the brains of children (obsessions with their appearance, obsessions with shiny trinkets and useless haberdashery).
If women didn't suck cock and have vaginas and assholes and boobs, men would literally shove 99% of them down into a ravine, and just keep the sexiest 1% pregnant 24/7 and shove their cocks in their assholes and mouths (not the pussy, you don't want to harm your future MALE progenitor). Boys boys boys!!!

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There wold be no humanity without males we are the driving force behind progress. Nothing ever changes if there isn't a man around to facilitate change. No women's movement ever succeeded without the help of males and never will. Men are the driving force of change while women are the keepers of the status quo. This is a simple fact of the universe and will never change just like the rules of gravity will never change.

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>everything was invented by men

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The only changes men bring are more suffering to all humans and every other living thing. if you’re proud of that good for you, you still need to be gendercided though


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dummy bitch, you can't refute my points. like a typical dummy bitch. take your meds, you're unstable

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They made all those inventions for retarded reasons rooted in their chimpanzee level emotional development

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>should be wiped out
If this is the case, why haven't they been?

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>r-r-refute my points

no, you don’t deserve my attention just like you don’t deserve any woman on the planets attention pathetic incel, go take the black pill and rope

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Men’s civilization has brainwashed women into not wanting to wipe out men and men into not committing suicide (like they do when they take the “black pill”, which is just them realizing how fucked they truly are)

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A..Are you a real le girl?

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Men, well 99.99% of them anyway, serve to feed female interest.

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Other way around

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Women can't even DO anything, they just bitch and nag and complain and say stupid passive-aggressive shit cuz if they were to say something venomous to your face like they want to, a man would punch her teeth through her head and cut her brainstem clean. Fucking weak

LOOOOOOL no one wants your attention or your dried up stink hole. Why are you here on 4chan? How fucking ugly and deformed are you to be here rather than showing your cunt on twitter? How lopsided are your tits?

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Prove it.

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You've got good taste anon :^)

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>Men’s civilization has brainwashed women into not wanting to wipe out men
So what you are saying is, if there was no civilization, women would want to wipe out men?

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Men created civilization. Women are the ones ruining it.

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How bad do you smell? How many layers of makeup do you put on before you deem your fucked up crater-covered face presentable enough to step outside? How many men have been totally disgusted by you and pushed you off of them when you were a drunken slob coming onto them? How many nights have you lain in bed holding your arms and crying yourself to sleep wishing that you had a man to hug you and love you? How many nights did you shiver all alone while your most valuable asset (your gash) got drier and drier and more barren and undesirable? When was it that you realized that no man will ever plant a seed in you and have a family with you? Sad, sad pathetic little girl. At least men are strong enough to live the life of a lone wolf. A woman like you all alone on a site like this? I shudder to think what happened in your past. How many times did daddy stick his fingers and his cock in your pussy and ass? How many older teenage boys around the neighborhood held you down behind a wall out of sight while they forced you to suck their cocks? Tsk tsk tsk, I will pray for you, little roastie. Maybe one day some sad sap of a beta cuck will see your discarded and decrepit body and think, hmmm, maybe i can get few years of suckie suckie out of this cumdoll before I toss her to the curb for the dogs to sniff and piss on.

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There’s 0% chance i’m going to take the time to read that much text from someone so worthless, so honestly why waste your time? Are you that desperate for validation?

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Primitive women need men to be hard working calorie cucks to fund the women’s village and child centered life, but civilized women are mentally brainwashed into thinking men are worthy of anything other than death or slavery

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