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>there are people on /lit/ that think The Book of Disquiet was written by Fernando Pessoa

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Based retard. Next you're going to tell me Nabokov didn't write Lolita and it was actually Vivian Darkbloom.

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it was written and signed by his semi-heteronym Bernardo Soares. English translations use Fernando Pessoa as the author in the cover, maybe because of marketing reasons, but rarely the native language editions make that mistake

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Never heard of it, is it good?

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>there are people on /lit/ that think

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>there are people on /lit/

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Fernando Pessoa is a hack and his flowery incel poetry is greatly overrated

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I just googled this and even though I’ve read Lolita I don’t remember the character at all. Are they only mentioned? I remember him confronting Quilty obviously but no Vivian. Been awhile

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>but rarely the native language editions make that mistake
put a book with pessoa on the cover as a proof.

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Nabokov's pseudonym

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That makes sense but some wikis are saying they’re in the book. I don’t remember that.

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