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>The taming and domestication of religion is one of the unceasing chores of civilization. Those who pretend that we can skip this stage in the present case are deluding themselves and asking for trouble not just in the future but in the immediate present.

Is he right? He says Islam veils women and glorifies conquest over rational debate

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He was a hideous man - body and soul.

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That's not even why Islam is bad.

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Religion flies people into buildings, science flies drone missiles into innocents

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Science flies civilization to the farthest reaches of the Universe, you fool.

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That's technology. Science itself is just unused knowledge.

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>“So long as western people imagine that there only exists a single type of humanity, that there is only one 'civilization', at different stages of development, no mutual understanding will be possible.”

― René Guénon, The Crisis of the Modern World

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Are you just an average new atheist or what? Hitchens is dumb because he's too historically illiterate to actually have a cogent critique of Islam, the more socially conservative strands of Islam he derides were actively fostered by the West as a means of combating Communism / Socialism. The things he criticism Islam for are the product of foreign policy and not some inherently backwards spirit in the religion. Also traditionalists feel free to call Islam based or whatever, I'd be down for a bipartizan coalition to gas all the fedora-fags

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strains of islam*

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>Muslims only started veiling because of western policy

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islam literally saved philosophy and had incredible advancements in science, medicine, and technology. the fact that they came out of nowhere and from bumfuck illiterate herders obviously means something greater than that faggot bugman could ever comprehend

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Islam isn't a monolith and more socially progressive strains are more lax or don't give a shit about veiling. Also hating an entire religion because of headscarves when you don't even believe in feminism is insincere bullshit

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>Islam is sexist

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>Muh hijabs!
Who gives a shit?

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>As American women, many of us have an idea of what feminists are; freelancing women with all the sexual freedom in the world. But this is exactly the problem with American feminism; it is all about sex and the liberation of our bodies.

>Hip Feminist campaigns like Free the Nipple only encourage a gullible behavior of disrespect for our own bodies, leading to everyone else around us disrespecting our bodies as well. If we want to be respected as women and taken seriously in all our endeavors we should look to a new source; Muslim women. Muslim women, as well as Muslim men, see every body as a sacred temple, especially the female body. Opposed to exposing themselves, it is through modesty. When we think of modern feminists we should stray away from the new American trends and start looking to what we have always thought as a contradiction; Muslim feminists.

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fucks sake anon do you have to be such an idiot

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If not for his British accent and perfection of acting hard done by, he would have not found the success he did at all. His arguments often lack substance and are constructed to bully his debating opponents.

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Imagine liking hitchens

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Can someone post Osama Bin Laden's article on why the West sucks?

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>What is Indonesia?
>What is the Taliban?

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Hitchens was a Jew so it's natural that he hated Islam so passionately. It's like two minorities fighting for attention. I doubt he ever said anything wrong about Judaism.

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Cool, can science solve hunger and disease already? Or is the cure on the moon or something?

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It's his letter in Messages to the World

>The first thing that we are calling you to is Islam.

>We call you to be a people of manners, principles, honour, and purity; to reject the immoral acts of fornication, homosexuality, intoxicants, gambling, and trading with interest.

>You are the nation that permits Usury, which has been forbidden by all the religions. Yet you build your economy and investments on Usury. As a result of this, in all its different forms and guises, the Jews have taken control of your economy, through which they have then taken control of your media, and now control all aspects of your life making you their servants and achieving their aims at your expense

>You are a nation that permits acts of immorality, and you consider them to be pillars of personal freedom.

>You are a nation that permits gambling in its all forms. The companies practice this as well, resulting in the investments becoming active and the criminals becoming rich.

>You are a nation that exploits women like consumer products or advertising tools calling upon customers to purchase them. You use women to serve passengers, visitors, and strangers to increase your profit margins. You then rant that you support the liberation of women.

>You have destroyed nature with your industrial waste and gases more than any other nation in history. Despite this, you refuse to sign the Kyoto agreement so that you can secure the profit of your greedy companies and industries.

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He was against circumcision.

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you're kidding, right? he bitched about judaism all the time
imagine being this triggered by a man who has been dead nine years

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Great sacrifice is necessary for progress. It's unfortunate but I'm certainly willing to make these sacrifices for the greater good.

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Hitchens is literally on topic for the thread you colossal retard

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>you're kidding, right? he bitched about judaism all the time
That's too safe because he was a Jew:
"Later in life, Hitchens identified as a secular Jew after he discovered his mother was Jewish.[19][20][21]"

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>Hitchens is dumb
Wow he's totally ass mad

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Based (pbuh)

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What's wrong with veiling women?

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Did you mean? >>16769189

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so if he was a jew, and bitched about judaism, that was "too safe"
but if he hadn't bitched about judaism he would have been a coward
have i got that right anon? what would you rather he did?

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Advocate for another Holocaust, a real one this time

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i'm glad i live half a world away from you freaks

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Who is Said Al Qutb? Rings a bell?

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A pure Anglo-blooded man bitching about Judaism would be my idea of bravery in this case.

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Kind of forfeits the atheist's perceived "moral superiority" when approaching the problem of evil if "you gotta crack a few eggs to make an omelette." Of course, we don't actually need to go to SPAAAAACE yet and perform all sorts of unrealistic experiments, we need more practical work done. Let's also not forget science's far larger closet full of skeletons, one that'd be the envy of all religions. Thanks for the crossbows, machine guns, and poison gas, science! Almost makes you think that religions and science aren't these big monoliths that you can classify as "all-bad" or "all-good" because of what they've done in the past

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Sp00ky times are hereby.

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The US literally funded some of his ideological descendants like Al-Qaeda

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But did they fund him?

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As far as I know no, but Islamic fundamentalism would not be so widespread without foreign intervention

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>Cool, can science solve hunger and disease already?
Already did.
>Or is the cure on the moon or something?
Nope. But please keep electing people who instead of applying solutions to problems keep making more problems and proposing solutions that make even more problems.
Also, you should be shot for that post of yours. Logical fallacies like that cannot be tolerated, you quad-nigger.

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>think science is coherent
>go to research gate
>1000 washed up academics and retired engineers fighting over the most basic fundementals

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Thank you.
Is there any example (anything past the 18th century) where interventionism created militant hardliners out of religious groups other than Islam?

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The British Raj specifically supported the more conservative movements within Hinduism because the cast system was good for business

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>Already did.
Maybe in a perfect world. And in a perfect world, religion wouldn't have done anything negative

>Nope. But please keep electing people who instead of applying solutions to problems keep making more problems and proposing solutions that make even more problems.
Also, you should be shot for that post of yours. Logical fallacies like that cannot be tolerated, you quad-nigger.
Sad to say that I'm not a formal-logic machine who speaks in syllogisms and never commits the cardinal sin of fallacy or heresy of science-denial. The same could be said of you, based on that post.

>thinking that your vote matters
You might as well have told me "keep sitting on your ass not overthrowing your government." Transhumanist utopia never. Utopias aren't real, death and decay are a part of life and everything in it.

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Thank you for your reply.
Is there anywhere I can find more about this?

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A lot of this is just cold war history, but obviously the stuff with India is earlier. The Jakarta Method is written by a socialist which you might find a turn off but the mass killing it talks about was backed by the U.S and perpetrated partially by Islamists

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>keeps at it
Yep. Done.

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what's "gate"?

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Embarassing post.

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>you fool.
Nice. Way inb4 leftbabies crying about Guenon being racist or some other ridiculous lie.

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>Christopher Hitchens
Didn't live a tough life.

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>Science flies civilization to the farthest reaches of the Universe
t. bourgeois imperialist cuck that fell for the narrative thinking this shit matters.

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> Logical fallacies like that cannot be tolerated, you quad-nigger.

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Why the emphasis on "illiterate"? Does he hold that much resentment towards the uneducated?

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shouldn't a merchant have at least some level of literacy?

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>He values an arbitrary pursuit that satisfies no single aspect of a man's spirit
Sounds about right, technophile

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You don't need to be literate when you have slaves and family members who are literate and when you have your own personal scribes

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I want to bring Hitchens back to life so I can kill him again.

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All religion is about as objectively wrong as you can get. If you believe in fairy tales: stop.

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>objectively wrong

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