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Where are all the Conservative Intellectuals like Buckley, today?

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They saw the Trump cult for what it was and now stand opposed.

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The guy that lost a debate to a black gay man in the fucking 60s?

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>Conservative Intellectuals like Buckley,

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>let's keep global capitalism alive
You know at this very moment the federal reserve has an interest rate of almost 0% right? You know what that means? Free money. Stop being a fucking retard and realize we live in a broken system both liberals and conservatives are retards, the leftists are right.

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Fuck off retard

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And here we have it. “Conservatives” want no hearing of the other views. They’re offended and in denial that there are other views besides a liberal’s

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He lost a debate to a white gay man. James Baldwin didn't have a single thought in his head that could make him capable of debate in any meaningful sense.

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Still on the National Review?

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>the system is collapsing
>therefore, we should do as Leftists say, and do whatever we can to defend the system and stop its collapse

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Something, something, harm reduction. Most leftists in the first world are too comfortable to actually start a revolution.

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You’re huhing your own own idea, dear.

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>shocked there are other views

no its the fact that most right wing views are morally, and ethically evil and corrupt against your fellow man

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The Federal Reserve is what made America rich. It might have been elites and kikes who organized it but it is the blessing for america that all others nations wished they had arrived before.

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And leftist views elevate a conception of man so reductive that they're essentially preaching nihilism as a virtue.

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You’re calling freedom and equality reductive.
What is the US supposed to stand for again?
I know it was a sham for the wealthy elites from the start, but I mean what the people fought for. These “reductive” qualities are what we still want. Don’t like it, kys

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No. They got blown the fuck out by their own ideology in the 1980s when their faggot-enabling retard Reagan drank his own koolaid and gave amnesty to 30 million shitskins, permanently ruining California and damning the entire country to an inevitable spiral towards third-world demographics and demagoguery.

Buckley was a retard. They all were. These are people who had the OBVIOUS truth of the racial climate in America staring right at them like the headlights on a fucking mac truck in South Africa and just ignored it to derp on about global liberal capitalism as though it were an immutable fact of life. They were literally worse than Francis Fukayama because unlike him they didn't even WANT the retarded End of History that they believed to be inevitable, they actively fought to subvert their own social and moral objectives out of blind loyalty to the fucking market.

Now the ones who are left are in a deeply unenviable position. They blew themselves the fuck out, cratered their demographics, the USA is 59% white and less than 50% conservative, and what "conservative" means now would have been considered literal communism when Buckley was alive. We imported a hundred million retarded fucking indians into the country and the Buckleys and Sowells and Ron Pauls are all constantly bitching that we now have Aztec politics. Trump is literally just Bolsonaro with lighter hair, he's a South American-style strongman peronist in all but name, and he got elected BECAUSE the Conservatives of the 1960s to 1990s sold the country to shit colored foreigners to avoid having to admit that we slaughtered the wrong pig in WWII.

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Left-Wing people aren't human. They basically don't have souls and their insight is always, without fail, a categorical misreading of fact.

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>What is the US supposed to stand for again
Anglo racial and cultural supremacy. Period. That was the basis of the state when it was established and that is what the founding fathers outright said their intention was.

Everything that we hold up as proof that America is a "proposition nation" was and is a function of white supremacy. Literally. The Anglo-Saxons are the ONLY people in the history of the fucking world to actually believe this shit, and you can chart the actual degree of liberty in the nation by what % of Anglo it is.

This is a bitter pill to swallow for a lot of people but seriously go read what Franklin actually wrote about the US as a concept.

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Disgusting and shallow tactic. “The enemy isn’t human! Aaaah”

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>Anglo racial and cultural supremacy
Not in the constitution.

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Never open a butterfly post.

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Holy based

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In the other thread

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We have a winner.

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> Conservative
> Intellectual
Pick one.

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But it is in the Naturalization Act of 1790.

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Statement of fact in most cases, yours included.

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I want a Buckley bf

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That was their great mistake.

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“With equal pleasure I have as often taken notice, that Providence has been pleased to give us this one connected country to one united people -a people descended from the same ancestors, speaking the same language, professing the same religion, attached to the same principles of government, very similar in their manners and customs, and who, by they their joint counsels, arms, and efforts, fighting side by side throughout a long and bloody war, have nobly established general liberty and independence.“
-John Jay

It’s not supremacy, but the founders did affirm the racial and cultural homogeneity of the country

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>Now the ones who are left are in a deeply unenviable position.
Almost none of that cohort are left. The heirs to conservativism, the Paul Ryans and Ted Cruises' are happy to preside over the decline and enrich themselves by looting their remaining constituency.

It's a game of musical chairs, but on each chair is a heaped with cash, so they keep playing.

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>self-righteous degenerate who produces nothing, not even children, and spends her days spitting weak venom at the race and civilization which spawned her

Anyone who imagines you are human is a fool.

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I've watched that debate time and time again, and each and every time buckley wins within five minutes.

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>The Federal Reserve is what made America rich
europe annihilating itself twice for no reason and giving all its money to america for guns and loans is what made america rich.
If ww1 never happened america wouldve already collapsed 50 years ago. its still running on fumes from post ww2 pax americana

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have sex

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conservative intellectuals are just twinks who got bullied by other twinks

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He never said anything about race. He said same ancestors. Considering the English starting accepting people from other countries like Germany or the Netherlands, I call bullshit. Also, if you go far enough, all of humanity has the same ancestors. Arbitrary cut-offs are just that.

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I legitimately wish Republicans just talked like this all the time.

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Nigger shut the actual fuck up. Franklin literally wrote an entire piece that was just him being pissed off that we accepted German immigrants because he didn't consider them white.

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That's a fucking laugh. Your side has had a monopoly on dehumanizing your political rivals for the better part of 100 years you stupid disgusting faggot. Here's a simple fact, 80 years ago, a bunch of communists raped and murdered hundreds of thousands--MILLIONS in all likelihood--of Germans on the pretense that they were "fascist," even though the part of the country they were raping and mass-murdering in was one of the only parts that actually resisted the NSDAP.

Millions. Millions of fucking people, murdered, raped, tortured. Dead. And what do people on the Left have to say about it? "Every frau who got raped deserved it." "They were Nazis."

Fuck. You. Two can play at this game and unlike you, we're actually good at it. I will wash my hands in your fucking blood, you communist whore, and I will feel clean doing it. I will eat my cereal out of the bottom of your fucking skull. The day cannot come soon enough.

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the cringe, thinking that the problem with south africa was just the presence of people with different skin colors, seriously learn anything about history or sociology or fucking anything before posting nonsense

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>liberals say they like freedom but dont like it when I say nigger nigger nigger. curious, isn't it?

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He was just another shill like Carlson is today, and Bill O'Reilly before him. There's something about a sociopath lying through his teeth that's really appealing to conservatives.

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>There's something about a sociopath lying through his teeth that's really appealing to conservatives.

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As an ex-/pol/ lurking conservative, I have a pretty good idea how their mind operate. Fuck, I'm probably still moderately right leaning, but american conservatism is just too retarded to follow. Trying to mix capitalism and traditionalism? Come on, get the fuck out of here.

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>Trying to mix capitalism and traditionalism? Come on, get the fuck out of here.
Yea, you're right about this.

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Then you aren't a "conservative", you're just a Conservative. Or did you choose Liberalism over tradition?

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It literally was you fucking retard. South Africa is the first measurable case of Communists using racial politics to destabilize a liberal project. It's the template from which every racially motivated regime change has occurred from the Tutsis to the fucking Alawites. I was studying this subject before you were born, go back to the kiddie table. The adults are talking.

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im ngl most conservatives just flat out don't have the strength of argument to debate with leftists, not that their positions are bad but leftism is certainly becoming more prominent now with vaush shits and whatever contrapoints uni reading circle is larping as now

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>not that their positions are bad

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>USA is 59% white
It's less than that because people of Middle Eastern, Jewish, and North African descent are considered white. From the US Census definition:

>White – A person having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, the Middle East, or North Africa.

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>Your side
You don’t know who I am or what I stand for, you fragile wilting fascist.

You prove you don’t see women as anything near human, just livestock.

I, of course, am against the law.

The abolitionist, Benjamin Franklin? I think you’ve been lied to or are full of shit yourself.

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Nothing wrong with black immigration

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I'd say Russel Kirk would be a better example. Roger Scruton was the last great conservative intellectual. I don't think we have anyone today who can step into his shoes at the moment. Eric Voegelin is my personal favorite, though he denied being a conservative

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Sounds about right. "Conservatives" in the 60-80s were just right liberals. They sold off their nations in the name of global finance. We're seeing a shift at the moment where people are realizing all the free market bullshit needs to be cast off in the name of proper social conservatism.

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>Conservatives" in the 60-80s were just right liberals
They still are. They always are. What, are you a monarchist?

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>You prove you don’t see women as anything near human, just livestock.

if i were a woman i would take test to be a man because being a woman must be a fate worse than death

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Chomsky had it right when he said that Libertarians were the real American conservatives.

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Kissing William F. Buckley Jr., was not what Vidal had imagined it be like, although, he had to admit, the idea of kissing the man before him was not one he had ever been prone to envisioning in the past. But if he had to assume the reality of such an experience, he would have imagined Buckley's kiss to be as bruising as his intellectually packaged insults that he was to adept at slinging across the debate floor on his little show. He would have expected Buckley to take charge, to be so wrought with passion that he forgot himself, as he so clearly did on stage earlier. Perhaps it was just the alien nature of the situation that was making Buckley tentative, but Vidal relished in it all the same.

Vidal had backed them up against the door, Buckley's slim body pinned between the only exit and Vidal himself. Vidal was overcome with a strange sense of power, as if he held the upper hand, the flush deck of cards, in a game only he was playing within his head. Having Buckley practically submit to him was thrilling and it fueled him with a confidence he usually left reserved for the debate stage.

He moved his hand from behind Buckley's head and placed his palm flat on the door. In a quick movement, Vidal pressed himself against Buckley, closer than before, their bodies fully pushed together in the most sensual of ways, and then, Vidal undulated his hips ever so slowly but the sensation was enough. He could feel the press of Buckley's manhood against his own, neither of them close to erectness, but the growing sense of arousal was clearly evident.

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or maybe conservacucks like you are mentally challenged

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conservatism is progressivism driving the speed limit
they conserve nothing

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>What, are you a monarchist?
Unironically yes. Though I'm also a realist and know it's hard to put the toothpaste back in the tube so fascism is probably the best we can get.

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Buckley was controlled opposition. Reading him is a waste of time.

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>Lets go with state authoritarian capitalism
Too liberal. Wrong direction.

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>The problem with this country is uhhh too many brown people and butt sex
Really reconsidering my position on reeducation camps every time I see the next brain dead thing a rightist posts. Rightists are fucking retarded.

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The problem with the country is it's fracturing because a nation is comprised of a people with common ethnic bonds, religion, culture and language and America has decided to become a piece of land that houses disparate peoples who are forced to work together for economic gain under a proceduralist and bureaucratic system of laws and regulations. The left keeps trying to implement its vision of utopia based on clearly erroneous ideas that people value liberal ideals more than bonds of kinship

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>The economy is unraveling because of too much ethnic diversity

You are an idiot IDpol stooge being played by the CIA

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>seriously go read what Franklin actually wrote about the US as a concept.

Any good links?

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The Fascism of the Left, ladies and gentlemen. How many of Umberto's "14 Points of Fascism" apply to modern day Democrats? I count 5

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>You're the real fascist because you aren't accepting of fascist weasels!
Nice one retard. I am a communist and I believe that fascist weasels should be stomped.

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I never said anything about the economy unraveling nor do I care about the economy. I said the impetus for flooding western nations with people from incompatible non-Christian cultures is to fuel the economy. The issue is culture, not the economy. The west is losing its identity.

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>I am a communist
You're not really in a position to call anyone else a retard when you still think Communism is a workable or desirable economic system. Historical materialism is absolute bullshit and so is anything built on its presumptions. Read Solzhenitsyn.

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You have trouble with addition.

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Gone, thank God.


As long as the Fascist Left continues controlling the media, esp online, they'll continue, mostly, defining us with derogatory terms like "Alt-lite", and performing all the other sun dried and fly speckled chores of info-warfare: diluting, disrupting, destroying. We in the US must go to Europe for fresh thoughts about "what works against global capitalism and henchman, relativistic multiculturalism. See books above.

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in the democratic party

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Like Buckley? Nowhere anymore. Any conservative intellectual these days stay hidden and live in the universities and right-wing think tanks where they silently form policy and push out reports and whitepapers that evades the sight of the general masses.

At least here in America, the bar for a public, outspoken conservative "intellectual" is shockingly low.

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Gud. For your bored perusal at some later date perhaps:


>Conservatism cannot deliver what is needed, it is opposed to radical changes, it is opposed to radical ideas.
>The word ‘conservative’ gives the implication that those who identify as a ‘conservative’ seek to conserve a current state of affairs, to be a ‘conservative’ implies the desire to ‘preserve’ something. A conservationist, for example, seeks to preserve the environment, to prevent the destruction of a natural habitat.
>Just as a conservationist tends to hold contradictory ideas (generally conservationists also happen to be pro-mass migration, thus holding a political view that necessitates the destruction of more habitats and the increasing of consumption); conservatives tend to be opposed to progress while also being Christian – thus they subscribe to a linear conception of time. The linear conception of time which has been adopted by most of the Western world’s population places its adherents looking forwards towards the future, or more accurately, they are riding a train; the Left are at the front loading coal into the furnace while conservatives are seated in the back carriage begging for the train to stop – but it isn’t.
>Conservatives continue to idealise the past despite their inability to return to it (they idealise periods of time in which they have never experienced in the first place, periods of time in which they would most likely be incapable of surviving). They make the mistake of idealising periods of history purely for its ontic/aesthetic elements while neglecting the essence of the historical phenomena.
>This perception that conservatives have of a return to the past is flawed. They seek to return to something that can never be returned to as a whole, they envision a reproduction of the past which is nigh on impossible, hence why so many conservatives are willing to settle for the lesser, the few crumbs that the Left may give to them to shut them up temporarily.
>*This is why they still cling to petty nationalism, which is, in all honesty, defeatism.* Petty nationalism is the equivalent of building your own coffin. To secure your own nation should not be the end goal of a nationalist, as other nations around you fall all you have accomplished in the end is a pause on your own demise. Polish nationalism will be of no use when France falls. France currently has fifty nuclear weapons, the moment it falls those fifty weapons will be in the hands of people incentivised to die in the pursuit of a global caliphate – their hands will be hovering over the big red button, ready to bring about a nuclear winter…

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middle easternerns are white retard, they created modern civilization. what did the vikings make?

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Oops. That last bit is from this: https://radixjournal.com/2020/05/on-conservatism-identity-heidegger-and-archeofuturism/

Make of it what you will. I found it interesting and refreshing, if wrong. Etc, etc, etc...

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>At least here in America, the *tolerance of* public, outspoken conservative "intellectuals" is shockingly low.

Fascist Left.

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Uh, anon...
>fascism is a form of government combining the most extreme aspects of both totalitarianism and authoritarianism

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The liberals are indeed censoring decent, but they are doing it for the left as well
Please get you head out Orange Man’s ass

>> No.16780702

You can be a communist and authoritarian Fascist. They're not exclusive to each other.

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This is the problem with these types of threads: lack of agreed upon definitions and everyone talking past each other.

OH WELL! Back to reading books...

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Something I always notice in these threads is the clear existence of three distinct poles of political ideology (Leftist, Liberal, Fascist) and the simultaneous unwillingness of members of each camp to admit the existence of a third pole. Here is what I'm talking about:

>Leftist: You Fascists are just militant capitalists and your social conservatism is capitalism too
>Fascist: You Leftists are just liberals because you align with them on all social issues, also you're all stooges for Jewish international finance
>Liberal (Rarest): You Fascists and Communists are all the same, just let people live their lives bro. Reform, not revolution. Be better. Also look at look at these quality of life metrics and think of those USSR breadlines

It seems to me that the "third pole" is psychologically discomforting for political extremists. To admit the existence of a sovereign body of thought outside of the diametric oppositions we like to believe we participate in is demoralizing, or something. This probably all boils down to a kind of political manichaeism though, radicals simply want to believe that they encompass all that is right and good and their enemies all that is evil and ignorant, and a "third option" that exists as more than merely a grade on the axis of good/right---evil/stupid destabilizes the whole equation

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This is why we have the not communists of Stalin and the rest of the USSR

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>Pretending National Review isn't around.


Rich Lowry
Kyle Smith
Kevin Williamson

>> No.16780729

>Marxist strawman
Leftists are incapable of properly understanding conservative thought. If they were capable of understanding it they'd be conservatives. First point is that while conservatives believe in a transcendent unchanging moral order they do not yearn to return to the past. So when your little quote says "hey envision a reproduction of the past which is nigh on impossible" it immediately tells me they don't understand conservatism except in the strawman terms which the left chooses to portray conservatives, as stodgy old nostalgics who are upset at progress and change and yearn to return to an idealized past.

You could easily read Burke, DeMastre, DeBonald, Kirk or Scruton to disabuse yourself of these notions but you won't because the left never read actual conservative literature.

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Off yourself subhuman faggot.

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The USSR was one of humanities great triumphs against a darkened world

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Lmao explain

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Cribbing Dugin? Well done, anon. Well done.
>All the political systems of the modern age have been the products of three distinct ideologies: the first, and oldest, is liberal democracy; the second is Marxism; and the third is fascism. The latter two have long since failed and passed out of the pages of history, and the first no longer operates as an ideology, but rather as something taken for granted. The world today finds itself on the brink of a post-political reality — one in which the values of liberalism are so deeply embedded that the average person is not aware that there is an ideology at work around him. As a result, liberalism is threatening to monopolise political discourse and drown the world in a universal sameness, destroying everything that makes the various cultures and peoples unique.

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Never mind all the Europeans who now considering themselves white.

>> No.16780934

Is he the NazBol guy? I'm not sure if such an alliance will ever really materialize because some leftists are perceptive enough to see that the politics of total resistance to liberal democracy is really a kind of neo-feudalism; anti-capitalist and socially conservative. I believe Marx also saw bourgeois capitalism as historically progressive compared to the economics of aristocracies. Who knows though, NazBol gang could be hilarious and it already exists in nascent, castrated form through some Republican senators trying to rebrand the party as "working class family values as opposed to eggheaded globalism"

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> I will eat my cereal out of the bottom of your fucking skull.
Do you like Cheerios, Reese's Puffs, or Captain Crunch? Also you should work on your English.

>> No.16780982

Eh not that guy but I think everyone dehumanizes to the point that complaining about it is just liberal moralizing bs. Right wing dehumanization is more obvious perhaps but words like “racist” as in “he is a racist” is obviously dehumanizing and intended to be. Calling someone a racist is saying that they are the same class of being as Hitler and General Lee so they are almost coresponsible with them in historical racially motivated violence. Racist serves the same function as words like criminal or monster in discourse, it’s basically spat out

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Jew detected.

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>no its the fact that most right wing views are morally, and ethically evil and corrupt against your fellow man
That would be 90% of mainstream thought and culture for 90% of the history of your country.

>> No.16781005

the economy is not what's unraveling, it's civic culture and shared senses of virtue

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File: 59 KB, 300x225, thumb_seize-the-means-of-made-by-nazbol-gang-my-dick-56665840.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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So the country is doomed because it is no longer white? Dumbass you already used these people's labor to harvest your produce for shit wages just like immigrants were the main builders of railroads, factory workers, etc. America is powerful because it takes the best of everyone else and combines it with our ideology. To want to cut out more people who could be useful is stupid and the nation is doing better now than it would if we went with the retarded nativist shit and a bunch of inbred wasps were all that were here. Of course people like you would rather the country die than succeed with the help of those you hate.

>> No.16781021

That is the most brainwashed take on this nation's history. Congrats.

>> No.16781022

>So the country is doomed because it is no longer white?
Yeah pretty much. If spics or niggers could manage a country successfully wouldn't they have done it already?

>Of course people like you would rather the country die
Who gives a shit about the country. People care about the nation being replaced. The nation that is America, white, Christian of European stock.

>> No.16781037

>So the country is doomed because it is no longer white?

That’s a very blunt way of putting it but yeah that’s pretty much it

>> No.16781042

Lol do you actually believe this shit or are you larping as a moron?
>Anglo racial cultural supremacy
The bong shit is what held America back more than anything. Look at all the time and energy we wasted on prohibition, look at the stupid shit fundamentalist protestants do on a regular basis in the name of their watered down cult, look at how until recently the country was allowing the mob to make almost all the profits off of gambling, look at how overflowed our jails are because of puritanical ideas about drugs. Everything impressive and powerful about America has to do with our scorn for tradition over innovation, our individualism over empty ancestor worship, our taking of the best and brightest around the world and using them for our ascendence. America is an ideal, a culture above race and ethnicity in it's most effective form in the same manner Rome was. People like you would see us become as stagnant and doomed as Brits probably are

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LOL, this thread is a mess. Sorry for my contribution to that. Whatta dummy. I'm not sure why you think I'm a Leftist though.. Or a -ist of any kind. I like new ideas. Idunno. That's about it. I'm not even sure Left, Right, Conservative, Progressive are useful terms anymore? I keep trying to get out of this thread and out of your way but... just will throw this list past in the fire. Fare thee well everyone. Read more Norwegian folktales!

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>We should encourage degeneracy and the tax it
The state of libretarians.

>> No.16781054

Why is Buckley so well remembered, serious question? This guy defended the Vietnam War until the bitter he was a well spoken idiot.

The best American conservative has never managed to conserve a single thing, it's a hilarious thing to name your party, might as well be ironic at this point.

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You're in nazbol gang now.

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>You know at this very moment the federal reserve has an interest rate of almost 0% right? You know what that means? Free money.
That's not what it means at all.

>> No.16781065

I made it 3.5 mins into this video
he has yet to make a single point with any substance, just raving ideologically and saying 'the government can and should magically fix everything but they don't" and how things that were always going to happen no matter what are the fault of "the system"

imagine linking this or watching this without being embarrassed

>> No.16781091

You know I thought like you once too and believed that Americans weren't one people and we had no culture. Then I went to visit relatives in Europe for half a year while attending a study abroad. People were kind there but I realized pretty quickly that I was not like them despite the same genetics. I didn't talk the same, think the same, act the same, etc. I realized then and there that I am an American before I'm anything else and I would be an outsider in any other nation. You would too and whether you like it or not there is far less different between you and every other American than you want to believe. Hell the fact that we are fighting with each other right now both here and in person is due to the American cultural attribute of bluntness combined with a complete disregard for conformity. Americans think what they think and let you know about it. Americans hate people who dance around the subject. Americans believe in individual freedom. We may disagree on things and even despise each other but we are all one people whether we like it or not. Our culture is very strong and very pervasive and no one born and raised here will escape it.

>> No.16781102

>No. They got blown the fuck out by their own ideology in the 1980s when their faggot-enabling retard Reagan drank his own koolaid and gave amnesty to 30 million shitskins, permanently ruining California and damning the entire country to an inevitable spiral towards third-world demographics and demagoguery.
You do realize there's going to be another wave of mass amnesty, right?

Isn't a white population what doomed the country to not being white and thus doomed? I really wonder how you reconcile this.

For the record I agree with you that America is going to implode, I foresee it basically going through what Russia did after the fall of communism and becoming a giant shanty state where everything is up for grabs by corporate entities, where the people will become ruled and subverted by the richest and largest oligarchs in human history and corruption, dysfunction, and bribery will become commonplace. But that trajectory began with a white population. It's not like there's some realistic alternative here, you can point at Reagan all you fucking want but it'd be smarter still to go back further and point to the failure of the Back-to-Africa movement which damned the country forever. And I'm sure you could go back further still and etc etc.

>> No.16781128
File: 1015 KB, 725x1076, 1593234428583.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>For the record I agree with you that America is going to implode, I foresee it basically going through what Russia did after the fall of communism and becoming a giant shanty state where everything is up for grabs by corporate entities, where the people will become ruled and subverted by the richest and largest oligarchs in human history and corruption, dysfunction, and bribery will become commonplace. But that trajectory began with a white population. It's not like there's some realistic alternative here, you can point at Reagan all you fucking want but it'd be smarter still to go back further and point to the failure of the Back-to-Africa movement which damned the country forever. And I'm sure you could go back further still and etc etc.
Original sin must be the real problem. I think Buckley made a similar quip to Hitchens actually. I miss Hitchens far more than Buckley, although he became kind of a lame faggot when he started for profit politics with his retarded atheist movement.

>conservatism is progressivism driving the speed limit
>they conserve nothing
Hah, pic related.

>> No.16781138

>Isn't a white population what doomed the country to not being white and thus doomed? I really wonder how you reconcile this.
jewish conspiracy theories of course

>> No.16781141

There aren't any important "Conservatives" like Buckley around anymore. Those who write for the national review LARP as if they were Buckley. But they have become almost irrelevant. Being pro war and slavishly pro Israel doesn't make you popular on the right anymore. Todays Right Wing Intellectuals could at one point be found on twitter.

>> No.16781165

Rightists need to be put in reeducation camps. Reprehensible people and most of them are also parasites.

>> No.16781187

America was white for only a minute, and then we let in Europeans. The white genocide was carried out on the backs of Germans, Irish, and Italians. Sure, the nation is still white supremacist, but everyone pushing it is a mulatto larper.

>> No.16781333

Central planning can work some wonders, great people despite it all, but they weren’t communist.
This isn’t controversial. They’ll tell you the same.

Says the guy at the precipice of the next Great Depression

>> No.16781346

Based and El sueno pilled

>> No.16781389

t. wfb

>> No.16781404

You are livestock though

>> No.16781407

>this kind of polite rigorous logical discourse is completely impossible in today's society
>it used to not only be possible but popular
I miss them, bros.

>> No.16781430
File: 3 KB, 750x49, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The right has a SERIOUS quality control problem, it means that a lot of prominent right wingers are absolute retards, most prominent leftists too, but less so.

>> No.16781434

>but less so.
Based on what?

>> No.16781437
File: 925 KB, 960x720, B658C709-B790-4A11-90D6-9D7FF8B2FA9D.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You are a deformed woman. Never forget that.

>> No.16781455

I made that meme earlier this year. For a Jazz thread I think. What a weird way to have it thrown back in my face.

I still believe we'd enjoy getting drunk and cuddling ya titcow.

>> No.16781456

Usually the left gets things wrong in easier to cover up ways, and they tell more sophisticated lies. A leftist will dishonestly frame an issue, use vague definitions that shift constantly, etc, while a right winger will just say something that isn't factual.

>> No.16781474

That's very nice but what do you base this on? For all your concern for factuality you seem to offering nothing but anecdotal conjecture.

>> No.16781481

Conservatives don’t care for intellectuals anymore, they prefer a loud funny redneck like themselves

>> No.16781493

All these posts, and no one has mentioned Tucker Carlson?

If we are talking about an intelligent conservative television personality that best embodies the political moment will live under, it would be Tucker Carlson.

>> No.16781495
File: 274 KB, 1080x1088, 1599871578810.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is not the kind of thing that requires citation.

>> No.16781601
File: 346 KB, 500x667, nicholasparrott.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>whatever contrapoints uni reading circle is larping as now

>> No.16781633

I watched this guy get slaughtered by Noam Chomsky. And Chomsky is a pseud when it comes to anything outside of linguistics. That makes Buckley beneath a pseud.

>> No.16781637

That bods well as you've offered none.

All political discourse touched by America is totally devoid of intelligence, purpose, or validity imo. But it's always pathetic to see people pretend at having internalized this while taking a side, as if there could be anything more meaningless lmao. I say pretend for the same reason I began this with the words 'imo', as there is zero evidence or rigor to be found here. But I recognize that, and that's at least one step forward hardly anyone itt can claim to have taken.

>> No.16781643


fuck well now everything I wrote is discredited I guess gonna go kill myself

>> No.16781656

It's hilarious how not timeless but even more apropos that quite is today.

Say what you will about Buckley, that he got btfo by that faggot Vidal, but he definitely understood something about the future before America.

>> No.16781663

Shut up retard, i'm right wing, that doesn't mean i have to think the right isn't made up of absolute trash.

>> No.16781665

Buckley was neoliberal ZOG so that's hardly surprising.

>> No.16781669

>his defense against being accused of taking a side is to declaim he's actually on the OTHER side
the absolute state of you

>> No.16781787

lel this is actually a fairly common slight of hand in today's political talk

it's like when you hear right wingers say something like "I can't wait until China owns us and turns America into a vassal slave colony, we deserve it"
of course they are staunchly anti-China but this precisely brings attention to them as a threat, 'the right are so stupid, the left are so much better at proselytizing people'
that sort of thing

>> No.16781894

You don’t need to be a leftist to be against capitalism.

>> No.16782126

Political ideology is just a mask to hate our fellow man with.

>reject politics
>embrace Jesus Christ

>> No.16782138

seems like the two wings are so far apart that there can be no meaningful compromise. like the basics of what conservatives value and opine for are so repellent to liberals that they do not consider it a valid opinion to hold.

>> No.16782646

>Says the guy at the precipice of the next Great Depression
That's because of this black swan virus stuff. Outside of that the economy had been booming, unemployment falling, middle class wages rising, pretty good stuff

>> No.16782691

>Central planning can work some wonders
Yeah they sure did kill a lot of people. Wish you were one of them you retarded tranny.

>> No.16782714

Believe it or not but conservatives are retarded. Question answered

>> No.16783007

The conflict between the Yogi and the Commissar rages on.


I think conservatives need to take a more yogin attitude. The incoming total leftist victory will either prove their utopianism correct, or show once and for all, that changing the exterior world has limits and that change that comes from inside out is necessary.

Basically, it would be based for the right to just shutdown, and let leftists run the show unimpeded. I suspect it will be the only way to validate that inarticulate sensation that the leftist world-picture is incomplete.

>> No.16783014

On thinkspot

>> No.16783024

How is the federal reserve capitalism?

>> No.16783031

No dimbulb, we can recover from the supply line disruption the same way everyone else will, but the massive redistribution of wealth implemented by the Cares Act is what’s going to do it.

You do. Welcome aboard

>> No.16783077
File: 104 KB, 1200x578, 1501630497861.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You prove you don’t see women as anything near human, just livestock.
just like your hero

>> No.16783086



>> No.16783096

>If spics or niggers could manage a country successfully wouldn't they have done it already?
Obama did

>> No.16783117

>while a right winger will just say something that isn't factual.
uhh like your own post?

>> No.16783125

That the country is going non white is more of a symptom of what our shitty overlords want, but it accelerates the decline

>> No.16783229
File: 587 KB, 1080x1105, 37D527EA-711D-4FA7-9C0F-17CCE2C49D8A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Get over it, nipple-boy

>> No.16784887

This. Aliterates never get anywhere with discourse of the kind because their diction completely lacks the stability of standard definitions rooted in a long past of usages intimately linked to personal experience of what they refer to, particularly those that aren't merely tribal pejoratives, whether meant in jest or not. I too can sit here all day and concoct schizo word salads of botanical terms, but it's an arid exercise compared to planting and researching gardens, which have a natural coherence on which talk and images of them must rest to be coherent in any sense of the term.

>> No.16786409

>California is the home of the intellectual elite of Burger King aka USA

it must be tiresome to be a burger.

>> No.16786450

>Read Solzhenitsyn
>unironically telling people to read Solzhenitsyn
>Solzhenitsyn, who every actual Russian knows as a habitual liar and weirdo
Please go back to the Jordan Peterson subreddit or whatever shithole you crawled out of

>> No.16786481
File: 56 KB, 960x540, 1556907514593.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is based and true

>> No.16786976

But if the country being white permits the existence and success of said Overlord what's so great or essential about whitensss? Again, it doesn't make any sense.

>> No.16786987

> where are all the liberal right wingers
> where are the intellectual anti-intellectuals
That’s what you’re asking

>> No.16787001

Was Buckley a closeted homosexual? It has always seemed that way to me

>> No.16787010

This. You can only be an intellectual if you lean Left. The nanosecond you lean Right, you're a big ol' dumdum.

>> No.16787015

When did this whole fucking site become a /leftypol/ /polcountersignal/?

>> No.16787026

Idk if you’re being snarky or serious but either way, I think that went over your head

>> No.16787033
File: 505 KB, 543x2378, 1597406769036.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The true conservatives who wanted to conserve are long gone.

>> No.16787044

We have thus already had occasion to indicate that has no doubt made a false move the moment one takes up the term ‘aristocracy of thought’. The superstitious cult of ‘thought’ is, in reality, one of the traits of bourgeois civilization, which invented this cult and propagated it for obvious polemical reasons. Against the aristocracy of blood and the aristocracy of spirit, and so as to divest these of their authority, bourgeois civilization, consolidated through the advent of the Third Estate, affirmed the right of ‘true’ aristocracy, which was supposedly the aristocracy of ‘thought’. Now, the anti-intellectualism and the virilism, characteristic of new renovating currents and of fascism, suffice bring this bourgeois myth to the bar. What is this ‘aristocracy of thought’? It can be reduced for the most part to the famous ‘intellectuals’, to the creators of philosophical theories, to the poets and the literati, which is to say, to those whom Plato rightly wished to banish from his State – a State which was not in the least, as is vulgarly believed, a utopian model, but which reflected what was traditionally always held to be normal in the affairs of ordinary politics. Now, to perceive the total absurdity and anachronism of this view, it is enough to speak aloud the idea that an elite of ‘intellectuals’ and thinkers should stay in power, though they also might well be, character-wise, cowardly and little more than petit bourgeois.

>> No.16787307

Anglo cultural supremacy was enshrined in the constitution when it was written in English.

>> No.16787313

Cope commie

>> No.16787546

Cucked by the NEO CONS ((( )))

>> No.16789419

There aren't many good leftists intellectuals around today either. Things are in decline across the board.

>> No.16789434

The Claremont Institute is doing some very interesting work right now. Check out Claremont Review of Books and The American Mind.

>> No.16789515

I assume you're just memeing, but still.


>> No.16789636

>unironically shilling for central planning
read friedman and sowell

>> No.16789812

Read Carol Quigley, America couldn't have nuked Japan in 1945 without the New Deal.

>> No.16789819

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