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>"Hail, intellectual guest! Hail to you, too, whosoever you are who approaches our threshold desiring health! See, eager guest, first of all, how hospitable I am. For certainly it was the role of the visitor, to first salute the hostelry; but I, before you could salute me, have saluted you as soon as I saw you."

>"I have gladly welcomed you while you were entering and as yet unknown. And if you stay with me awhile, I will give you, please God, the health [salute] I promised you. You have gained a lodging friendly to all and now full of love towards you. If by chance you bring with you anything contrary to love, if you have any hate, please dispose of it first, before you approach the life-giving medicines here."

>"For it was the love and pleasure of your parents that gave you life. Conversely, hate and displeasure take away life. Therefore the person who harbors disagreeable resentment, has no share in life-giving medicine. So from now on I address you not only as my guest but as my friend."

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>So from now on I address you not only as my guest but as my friend."

yea pretty much all the neoplatonists have some degree of comfyness

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a short history of ethics was pretty comfy

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Nice gif :)

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Just a good dude, all in all

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i never know skepticism could be comfy but ok ill grab and copy and give him a whirl
thanks fren

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The comfy aspect with Montaigne doesn't really lie in which school of thought he belongs to, but more so in that he has this exceptionally honest and vulnerable way of writing. He is really un-intimidating/accessible and has virtually no misanthropic qualities, which is quite rare for your average philosopher. Just nice to read through one of his essays once in a while. Makes you feel like you always have a friend nearby. Ya know?

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oh that is very nice
definitely checking him out then thanks anon

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Do you know where I could find his letters?
Archive only has one volume

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