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Dialectical materialism is literally the only way to view reality

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It’s good for understanding socioeconomic realities, but doesn’t it stifle creativity to reduce all forms of progression to being purely reliant on material? Isn’t there room for art that can change the world?

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It's really weird when marxists start using dialectical materialism to try to disprove quantum mechanics

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Close, but no

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No, it's probably one of the most flawed ways to view reality. It doesn't come close to accurately describing human behaviour.

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its one way to view reality.
there are infinite. most of them are shit and pointless but still

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>Dialectical materialism is literally the only way to view reality
Literally untrue but it is nice and fun

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You misspelled philosophical materialism

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Meaningless critique, do you even know what dialectical materialism is?

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If you're a midwit maybe

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>Meaningless critique
It's not a critique, it's an observation you absolute mongoloid.

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>It doesn't come close to accurately describing human behaviour.
Yes it does, physiology, genetics, epigenetics etc. are all material.

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>dialectical materialism
marx had the great insight of temporalizing hegel, but it's not good enough. it's time to go deeper anon.

read kojeve's intro to hegel > notion of authority > outline of phenomenology of right (things will never be the same after reading this one)

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You’re observing that Marxists (read: dialectical materialists) show an inability to factor quantum mechanics into their theories. It’s about as meaningful an observation as pointing out how electricians consistently find themselves incapable of performing heart surgery. It fails as an innocuous observation and as a critique, because in both senses it is utterly nonsensical. Fuck you.

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Dialectical materialism doesn't account for religious behaviour. No, history proves that not all religious behaviour was due to socio-economic circumstances, although some was of course.

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Retarded commie tranny

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>what if I took Hegel but applied to exclusively in a material sense

why do KIKES always steal ideas from white minds then pervert them to their own ideological goals

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Religious behavior is rooted in physiology and genetics, both of which are influenced by socio-economic and other environmental circumstances over a longer time-scale.

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You are absolutely delusional lmao

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What are the prerequisites for a philosophy brainlet to read before entering the world of Hegel followed by Marx/Engels?

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A kike's gotta do what a kike's gotta do.

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no, actually, reality allows pretty much endless systems and concepts to view it.

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Guess you won’t be needing that water and oxygen anymore!

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btw dialectal materialism explains one thing poorly and practically nothing else. it is rooted in handwaving and bad readings of history, or rather ideological assumptions imposed on history without backing.

cope ideologue

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>cope ideologue
I know you are but what am I?

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name one form of art that is immaterial

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pseud moment

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The great, deepthought threads just keep acomin on 4chanarama, boys! Just plug in any [title of philosophy article from Wikipedia], post a stupid fucking picture, sit back and repeat!

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Ride will never ends.

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>(non-Aristotelian, Hegelian like) dialectics

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Have you never heard of epigenetics?

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So.. the only thing that exists is the material.
Okay, what is existence then?
An attribute of matter, just like energy?
How can essence precede existence?

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Read? Take copious amounts of drugs and engage in extremely degenerate sexual behaviour over an extended period of time.
Marx will then come naturally as your search for redemption reaches its pitiful climax.

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Schopenhauer would clear all this up for you.

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This is among the silliest reaches I've seen on this board. Stay Contrarian you absolute madman.

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I’m being poetic, but I mean art as it comes to represent the mind - art as a product of idealism.

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Why do people keep mistaking dialectical materialism for monism?

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Retarded religious zealot. Materialist copium is swiftly coming to an end. How does it feel to know that God wins?

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Dialectical materialism is fucking autism. Stop sucking that dead kikes cock, he's impeded historiography so fucking much with this shit. It's just a blatantly misguided and ideological theory.

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dialectical organicism is the better term

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>Stop sucking that dead kikes cock
said the christian

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It would certainly help to clear up the confusion that seems so endemic to the pseudsphere.

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materialism is fine.
dialectical thought is dead, and likely for the better. it's dumb, pseudointellectual and clearly failed to be a coherent or useful system.

If you want any evidence of just how fucking stupid dialectics are please show the following texts to anyone who has passed out of school:
dialectics of math: https://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/1883/don/ch07e.htm
electricity: https://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/1883/don/ch06.htm

nobody now gets dialectics because it was rooted in a linguistic/philosophical tradition that is now dead apart from the niche circle of hegel enthusiasts.
materialism is based tho.

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>things will never be the same after reading this one
You still post on 4chan, so it cant be that mindbending.

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>take the club drugs
no thanks

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particularmente basado y rojapillado

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