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>there are people with degrees in philosophy that haven’t read any greeks

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Nobody fucking cares about the Greeks lmao grow up

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>there are people with degrees in philosophy
this is what you should really be concerned about.

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No, there isn't. Everyone reads the republic in into to Phil.

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even some of the canonical philosophers are not so well read, do you expect the average to be

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>degree in philosophy
For what purpose?

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Everyone should read the entirety of Plato and Aristotle's works

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no, there aren't

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Plato has very little worth reading. Aristotle should be mandatory, though.

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>degrees in philosophy
Ah yes, let me go to a college so they can teach me how to think and give me a piece of paper at the end for being such a good boy, because that's what being intelligent is really about.

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no lol

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>there are people with degrees in philosophy that haven’t read any deleuze

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this is a more believable one

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>there are people with degrees in philosophy
Unbelievably based.

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Just started Apology. Am i just not getting him or was Socrates a smug asshole whose only trick was deconstructing reality until nothing is provable and going "guess you didn't really know anything, looks like i win again HMMMMMM"?

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yes and no

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Reading the Republic is not enough to say that you have read the Greek. It isn't even enough to say that you know anything about Plato.

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Both are equally believable. Most of the students don't read a single book during the course of their undergraduate studies, they're forced to read memepapers written by joe nobody and only fractions of valuable works instead.

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Switch it to the Alcibiades Major, anon

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Why would I read the Greeks? The only useful ideas from the Greek are already part of the collective social consciousness. Plus they were wrong about nearly everything. So the only benefit in reading the Greeks in modern is to learn what isn't good philosophy. This is ironic because 4channers think the Greeks are an untapped source of knowledge. So you just end up looking like a Dunning-Kruger mouthbreather.

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Spoken like a true retard.

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You are the king of Mount Stupid.

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I've never read a work of philosophy where I went "gee I never thought of it like that before"

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If you think that's what supposed to happen when you read philosophy then you're a lost cause.

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According to the Greek pederasts whom you fellate, the peak of mount stupid is where they would fall. Doesn't Socrates "know nothing"?

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I was able to come up with their philosophical frameworks by myself. I reject most because they are retarded like all philosophical concepts.

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Yeah, and that makes him the most intelligent person on Earth like the Oracle said since he knows that he knows nothing, retard.

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You sound like you don't read a lot.

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Your sophistry is amateurish. Socrates knew that he knew nothing. Therefore he cannot be on mount stupid which is reserved for people like you who seem to believe that you have it all figured out.

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i finished gymnasium (high school) without knowing any calculus

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>degrees are useless bullshit

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Based half-assing appreciator

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Bruh I have a minor in phil and had to take a course on the Greeks. I can say with utmost confidence that they all suck except for Heraclitus

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>Plato has very little worth reading
>Aristotle should be mandatory

Name one (1) great philosophical theory you think is unique to Aristotle and I will point *exactly* to where you can find its antecedent in Plato. Aristotle is to be cherished for his broad and penetrating scientific interests.
>inb4 hylomorphism
Hylomorphism is invaluable for any materialist ontology, but materialism is a cancer that had its metastasis in Aristotle. Besides, hylomorphism is just a development of the idea posited in Timaeus 49-51.

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Reading philosophy isn't reading. It's like having a 3 year old boy tell you girls don't have a floppy thing down there. No shit kid. Everyone knows that, but congratulations for discovering a basic fact of life. That's what philosophy is. Some incel describing basic, obvious, observable facts of life and Dunning-Kruger'ing himself and others into thinking he is intelligent.

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You are the athenian that ignores that he doesn't know and thinks that he knows. The most ignorant of all ignorants.

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>every degree needs to be useful

You know some people get degrees because they want to learn, right?

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It's literally what every philosophy student learns on the first year retard

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>read philosophy book
>have already independently arrived at these conclusions
No wonder the immortal Socrates thought conversation the best form of philosophizing.

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They just get the degree, then figure that out later

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How does this, in any way, relate to my statement? Did they not teach you how to read?

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Walmart or McDonald's

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everyone reads SOME plato in intro to phil.

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Guess how I know you all are working class trash?

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>Believe me coz I have a degree
Here there is a proof that degrees suck.

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this but with Guenon (pbuh)

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>every philosophy program is the same (either the shitty analytic one I went to, where we read no books; or the classically minded European one *I* went to, where we were Bildung'd with the canon)

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