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Have any of you read this yet? I'm thinking of ordering it but I need a sanity check before I buy a copy.

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By "sanity check" do you mean "Does this book sound insane?" Because if so, and just on the basis of the publisher's summary, this book is clearly insane. "Big Gay" finances transgenderism in children? The gays hate the trans and vice versa.

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I would definitely buy it. It has an interesting premise that I thought about before. Glad someone made a book.

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Trans people don't hate gay people, but lots of gays hate trannies.
>>16866211 you will get better info from lurking the >>>/lgbt/ hellscape guaranteed.

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there are good critiques of the medicalization of transgenderism as a form of biopower/control by trans theorists. this seems like retarded pol shit.

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>he doesn't know about Big Gay

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>she doesn't understand basic marketing

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>there are good critiques of the medicalization of transgenderism
What are those?

I'm trying to avoid 300 replies of autistic reeeing followed by a three day ban.

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>he doesn't know "marketing" is a spook and meme

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That's why I said to LURK

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>"Big Gay" finances transgenderism in children?
Makes sense. They are creating customers who will need their pills for life.

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It has to be those things or it wouldn't work you retard

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looks like someone trying to make a bit of money with reheated right-wing memes he found on facebook. discover the dark secret behind "drag queen story hours" lol

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I just went to that board. It's like, their whole lives revolve around sex. Honestly fucking annoying. Immediately I wanted to strangle some people.

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I thought that was Big Pharma

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>appeals to three hundredths of the population in a way that disgusts one half of it
They may do marketing, but the gay pride month advertising isn't that.

Of course. Homosexuality is just a collection of paraphillias.

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So they'll ban you if you make fun of the trannies? Good thing I didn't say anything.

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They won't ban you, infact a large minority will fap to you bullying them.
It is. If you think that the pride flag isn't a way to get faggots and woke liberals to "feel good" about supporting the buisness and buying it's products you are beyond hopeless and should consider ending it all.

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This is the dumbest fucking argument that leftists use and that's saying a lot. You really think Netflix puts gay people in their movies and shows because they think it'll make them more money? You think Amazon changes their logo to gay pride flags because Bezos make a few more bucks? The media and entertainment industry are the whole reason LGBT spread as quickly as it did, it's just a normal part of modern pop culture. It's not because they'll profit from it considering most of the world still doesn't agree with LGBT outside of the West, it's a deliberate program of social conditioning.

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Most right wing literature is pretty biased. Wait till a lefty writes a neutral analysis of Pink Capitalism and therein will lie your answer.

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Sounds kinda dumb. Those fags do everything for profit. He wouldn't spend money to lose money. Brainlet take desu.

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This. They are marketing, it is true. But the product isn't Coca Cola or Amazon Prime. It's homosexuality.

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>neutral analysis


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No, but I'd like to. I saw Imperium Press tweet about it.

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then what's the incentive

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See >>16866535

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This is just fanciful rhetoric; Coca Cola predates rainbow-marketing

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You're really straining to be obtuse.

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Then out with it, what do companies get out of the supposed brainwashing it takes to make people gay?

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people literally depend on the media industry to push diversity and representation for "people of color" and LGBT or else they'll complain about institutional oppression. the mass media and urban monoculture is the whole reason that things like LGBT spread. they are indeed marketing, they're marketing the acceptance of the LGBT. It's not asking people in India to pay Netflix money to see a gay Muslim and a gay Hindu fuck. that doesn't sound too profitable exactly

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>capitalists would do anything to make a profit
>but they'd never go so far as to intentionally create captive markets to sell shit to
This is LITERALLY what colonialism was. The British created entire ethnic groups just to create people they could sell shit to. This is LITERALLY why "diamond wedding rings" are a thing, because Debeers paid a bunch of feminist groups to say that men who didn't spend half their yearly salary on a diamond ring were sexist.

There is functionally no difference. The entire point of "gay" is to create people who are completely incapable of living a normal life and as such are dependent upon Capital to survive. It's like how shoe companies intentionally induce foot disorders so they can sell you orthopedic shoes. It's called Bioleninism: take losers, give them power, and make damn sure that they know that them retaining their power is contingent upon you retaining your power.

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No I'm being perfectly clear, what's not clear is the logistical process of how one "sells homosexuality" - if the profit motive is still fundamental here, how can advertising itself be its realization?

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Why would one market acceptance? That's a gesture which can be affected without any further purchase, which is poor business planning & a poor way of capturing markets

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The "normal life" IS Capital. Bioleninism is tenuous because Spandrell does not sufficiently explain the thymotic dimension, "status" as something that's "non-transferable" between certain social spheres at certain times and transferable at others

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Whatever lol, if you're really that obtuse that you think the entire corporate mass media and entertainment industry became woke and pro-LGBT just to make more money from a small minority group then you're just a fucking retard and lying to yourself to make it seem like capital doesn't cater to that kind of culture.

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Better consumers.
A middle-class corporate commissariat.

You sell homosexuality the way you sell anything else: producing images that associate your product with happiness and status.

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Whatever indeed - if all your conversations are so abrupt you'll fare poorly trying to convince people lol

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You're misunderstanding. The actual monetary transaction is irrelevant. Rather, it is the partaking in the system. We're talking about entities that are enormous here, they aren't trying to get individuals to do anything.

Rather, they're trying to create captive markets that generate economic activity. The actual fag buying, say, the rainbow sneakers from Nike is irrelevant. What matters is the economic activity that goes into that. Oil is dug out of the ground, processed, processed, processed some more, transported, cast into parts, each one made by slaves in eight different countries, shipped to the US, shipped to the store, put on the shelf, and bought. Gay justifies that. What Gay also does is it creates people who are, simply put, fucked up. A normal person will have certain budgeting constraints, for example saving 15% of their post-tax income, or spending money on their children. People who are fucked up don't do that, they spend all of their income, and they act as defenders for your products. Why? Because your product is inclusive. A fag will fight to the DEATH to defend inclusive products. Why? Because their entire lifestyle is centered around consumption.

So why would a corporation want Gay? Why wouldn't it want people who defend its products for free, spend their money on them, and generate economic activity for them (think of the tax breaks, after all)?

This can be done with anything, homosexuality is just a specific application of a general principle. This is also done with ethnic groups as well (this is pretty much why Blacks are still around).

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They do it to gain customers and avoid being cancelled or boycotted. Media is a culture industry, it follows culture. Slapping a pride flag up one week of the year hardly constitutes a social conditioning campaign but the people you're argueing with are actually real deal brainwashed. They did it to themselves online and that only serves to make their particular brainwashing more powerful because they feel like they reached the conclusions themselves.

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This is not a bad answer if a bit too biased. The left want cancel them for their horrendous practices if they push inclusion. The right won't act either way. Its a win win business model.

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>They do it to gain customers and avoid being cancelled or boycotted

So you agree that progressivism is entirely dependent on capital otherwise the people would ask them to cater towards new social developments? Thanks for admitting it all I needed to hear

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You're getting into more precise territory here. "Normal People" and "Fucked Up People" both contribute to Capital, sure, but they don't contribute to the same manifestations of it, and they don't contribute equally. A normal person won't spend all of his income on funko pops or dildoes or whatever, but someone who is fucked up will. A normal person also doesn't give his income to certain stores.

As for your point about status, I agree, but the general principle still stands, and we can find clear examples going back as far as there is writing (this is how Augustus held power).

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Straight men are a disease.

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These corporations ARE The Left. Trannies throwing a fit on twitter are irrelevant. The Anglo-Democratic model is to create a ruckus, broadcast that ruckus, and then use it to justify action you were already going to take. The actual ruckus is irrelevant. The Left just elected a senile rapist whose actions have been comically detrimental to the Black community to the office of President, after all.

Without corporate backing, "The Left" has no power. The Left has always been, since the birth of Liberalism, about defending Capital. Yes, even Marxists were propped up to smash illiberal states so Liberalism could then eat away at these Marxist states and make them Liberal.

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Lmao twisty slimy words you got there pal.
Progressivism isn't dependent on capital enough, which is why they push the inclusion. To make progressive allies think that the corporations arent evil.

Its nearly the opposite of your cute assessment. Capital is dependent on progressives. They are the only portion of the population that has ever posed a threat to them and their corporate oligarchy. Theyre the Sanders supporters, the Socialists. They are the one thing corporations fear, which is why they're catered to and not redneck conservatives who will buy anything walmart puts in front of them. Look at all the industries "millenials" killed. They have to grab those consumers somehow or they lose guap.

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The individual transaction and the totality of transactions are [some] constituent parts of the "system" - what this doesn't account for is that being "fucked up" is general, not limited to Gay, so there is no reason for a procession from prudence to unrestrained spending because of Gay specifically. Gay could be anything because ultimately it is a contingent and useful way to mask the production AND consumption of real goods (ie, Coca-Cola the drink) through the process of outsourcing & such that you describe. The idea that what's actually being SOLD is homosexuality is PART of this fallacy, not a refutation of it.
Culture is a media industry.
This is nothing if not consistent - where people begin believing there is "Woke Capital" and "Normal Capital" or even "Based Capital" in the extreme case (ie, was it - Budweiser (?) with the Return to Tradition ad) - the ultimate goal is "based psyops" instead of "gay psyops"

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They certainly aren't the left I dont care what hiveminders have said. They NEED the left. As the left poses a threat to capital indeed, the ONLY threat.

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This is correct. Companies cater to the base that threatens to sink them if they quit consuming full stop. They aren't "making people gay" people either are gay or they aren't. Gayness isnt some new phenomenon, people are simply finally able to admit it.

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>what this doesn't account for is that being "fucked up" is general, not limited to Gay
You think promotion of homosexuality is where the campaign to produce mentally-ill, compulsive consumers ends?

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For Capital taken alone - yes. Now you may decide to theorize about things like, say, gender options on birth certificates and the legalization of certain medications, legal precedent regarding things like bugchasing, healthcare policies, "social outreaches", & so forth - but these belong to Jurisprudence, Political Economy, Administration & so forth as a product of historical circumstance -real politics- not to the kulturkampf that is complaining about rainbow logos

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Nothing screams the virtue of healthiness more than a post-op fleshhole that slithers out pus and bloodied discharge. One could arguably consider this *the* pinnacle of health, perhaps even the topos of all human nature: to be carriers of such artful creations, preserved with the finest sex toys available at your preferred online shopping service. At last I truly see, anon

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(which has you at least asking questions about the right spheres of human activity - whether or not they're the right questions is more than I can answer for sure)

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The Left is explicitly pro-Capital. It's the ENTIRE point of Liberalism. The Left can't be a threat to Capital, it's designed from the ground up in every way to promote and defend it.

I don't disagree on either of your points. "Gay" is just a particular manifestation of creating people who are "fucked up". It's particularly odious to some, but we could just as well look to a hypothetical more-extreme version of the 1950s Model Train craze as a colloary. I would agree that no one is being "sold" Gay, or Trannyism, at least in the sense that they're actively and intentionally buying Gay FOR the Gay. They're either buying into a system or having it forced on them.

And yes, it was Budweiser that did that ad. That's a good example of how this general phenomena can be more applied. White Nationalism and the Alt-Right are, in many ways, reliant on Jews remaining in power and autistically shitting on any manifestation of White identity out of ethnic malice for their continued survival as a coherent entity. In a hypothetical world where the Jews don't take over the US post WWII and the WASPs remain in control (let's remember that the W in WASP stands for "wealthy"), we'd have Nike selling the Nike Air BASED sneakers, with little swasitkas made out of the Nike swooshes, and hip urban teens would be walking around with Hitler staches. We see this very phenomena outside of the Anglosphere and its colonies.

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Democrats arent leftists. Also republicans are liberals.

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>You really think Netflix puts gay people in their movies and shows because they think it'll make them more money? You think Amazon changes their logo to gay pride flags because Bezos make a few more bucks?

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Doesn’t even sound very far fetched. Trannies are wholly dependent on the present system and infrastructure to exist and spread

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Yes it seems we don't really disagree as much as it was a terminological confusion. & yes to the other reply: "The Left" as it exists now was invented in the 1960s

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Jesus christ! There are 100 transgender people in the whole fucking world, but conservatives just have to keep bringing them up, I guess because they are running out of things that disgust other conservatives that they can use to further distract from their selfishness.

You people are such tools....

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Why can’t you be honest?

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>certain medications, legal precedent regarding things like bugchasing, healthcare policies
That belongs to the health care and pharmaceutical industry.
You're not making a convincing case that this is somehow outside of capitalism.

>There are 100 transgender people in the whole fucking world
Then why are transgender acceptance messages ubiquitous in media?

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Haha this desu. Media manipulation goes both ways. The republican propaganda machine pumps out fear all day while the democratic one pumps out inclusion. Its a fucking mad world. We only do their bidding by having these silly arguments.

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Right-wingers are so braindead and intellectually lazy. They need junk food "literature" like this to feed them a simplified and childlike view of the world. pathetic

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No it doesn't. It belongs to FDA certification, controlled-substance designations and import licenses. In FACT: these things may occur illegally or be lobbied for, which in either case necessarily reduces back to jurisprudence and, say, infrastructure management as border security, travel documents, etc. Capital and governance are intricately related to each other but these are in principle still just interrelated, distinct spheres of activity & this should be preserved for clarity in analytical descriptions. I am less optimistic about the possibility of anything "improving."

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Someone had to do it. And if it makes trannies screech and whine, even better.

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Got some strong slave morality there ol' chap

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it's bizarre how the majority of humans around the world have never interacted or even encountered a trans person, but the conservative propaganda machine would have you believe that these individuals are roaming about everywhere and should be deemed a danger to society. At the end of day we have to recognise trannies for what they are: a blatant distraction

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>This is being pushed by government, not Capitalism!
>Oh by the way the two are inseparable
>QED the medical industry isn't involved

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That's a meme. But you can build your own worldview based on new information. Trannies were deceived by big gay. It's all a ruse to make money off them.

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How do you know it's junk food literature?

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He's the intellectually lazy KEK

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In the year 2020 I fail to see how there's any distinction between social democracy (what people who think they're socialists actually are) and neoliberalism. The difference seems about as minute as that between democrats and republicans.

Sure you could say there's REAL socialism, but that's just as much of a dead movement as fascism is.

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I've encountered several. Iv'e found them all off-putting. In a business setting you have to walk on eggshells around them.

>> No.16866973

So the alternative is - sentiment conflating these things into one indeterminate, seething mass of "badness" rather than really studying the history and interaction between parts of the State

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>Right wing
The right replaces analysis with aesthetic approximation, all right wing theory is just really shitty poetry

>> No.16866985

found the guy who's never read anything out of the clausewitzian school, schmitt, strauss, or any of the american right-postmodernists. Granted, I think all of these were ultimately wrong but at least be honest

>> No.16866986

>providing benefits through government is indistinguishable from privitizing government functions
Bro I cannot even with you anymore

>> No.16866989

>all right wing theory is just really shitty poetry
Prove it. Let's see a proper leftist analysis.

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I'm hoping the book will answer that question, which is why I'm soliciting informed opinions about it before I decide to buy it.

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>till a lefty writes a neutral analysis of Pink Capitalism
haven't they been doing this since the 60s?

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If you live in a big city you see them all the time. I thought they were a myth too until I moved to Manchester.

>> No.16867002

>most right wing literature is biased
>implying left wing literature isn't biased
Literally everything is biased so idk why you fags always use this as some sort of argument.

>> No.16867017

I can't find any from before the 90s

>> No.16867024

Well unfortunateky for your assessment words have meanings. Privitization and removal of worker market protections plus the reduction of social safety nets is Neoliberalism. Social Democracies tend to make public iptions available for worker ownership, increase market protections for workers, and increase social safety nets.

Look dude the left didnt want Biden. The establishment pushed him, and unfortunately the only pther option was one of the worst presidents in American history. One who being the salesman he is and trained by the late great devil incarnate Roy Cohn he was able to pull the wool over the eyes of a large chunk of our population.

>> No.16867029

Is that really your huge ideological distinction between social democracy and neoliberalism? That SD promises somewhat more gibs?
Obama also provided benefits through government. Welfare is literally essential for neoliberalism to work.

>> No.16867037

Dude. You need to go back. Back to school. Back to reading. Back to pol

>> No.16867039

mmm nothing like an ice cold cock.

>> No.16867044

Not an argument, queer.

>> No.16867066

If that isn't a big distinction to you this dialogue isn't worth having. Gibs are how FDR kept the commies and fashies at bay, and neoliberalism is about culling those or turning them into 'profit generators' via no bid government contracts. Shit is going to hit the fan in a big way if people really think Obama had any real gibs for anybody but the finance industry.

>> No.16867080

Right and democrats prioritise for greater taxes, greater regulations and greater participation in the global economy and international organisations while republicans prioritise the inverse. But fundamentally they still defend and uphold the same system of capitalist liberal democracy making them the fine policy distinctions trivial in comparison to their otherwise overwhelming sameness. This is likewise the problem with social democracy, they do not go far enough in addressing the problem of capitalism itself, they merely offer more robust forms of the same kind of life-support neoliberals acknowledge capitalism needs.

The socialists are right, social democrats are not socialist, they're liberals that merely want to put a bandaid on a gangrenous stump.

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I smell tranny anger in this thread.

Remember, when the tranny lashes out in anger it means he's afraid.

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>clausewitzian school
Proves my point honestly.
>schmitt, strauss
I'll give you that their poetry is interesting and some useful ideas can be derived from it in spite of the lack of proper analysis.
>american right-postmodernists
Of value and a fair point against what I said.
Of what specifically may I ask? Economics? Marx, Engels, and Lenin have got you covered if you don't come in with the strawmen arguments against the labor theory of value that some people (either left or right) come in with. That's the main analysis I agree with but there's Bookchin's ecology (his other stuff is less interesting in my opinion), Durkheim and Weber on Sociology, Derrida on theology, and many others.

>> No.16867100

Do you think FDR was a massive ideological departure from his contemporaries? I don't think so, he was a 1940s liberal that saw how the welfare state was necessary for capitalism to survive at all, a line liberals like Obama continue to uphold. Sanderistas sure do oscillate wildly from claiming they're not liberals to claiming liberalism as their own.

>> No.16867105

You have to be blind not to notice the extreme bias in most right-wing literature. Right-wingers themselves aren't based in reality, they distort the truth and sometimes forthright deny reality like in the case of man-made climate change. They're prone to believing in crazy conspiracy theories like Qanon or whatever. All this to say that rightist have proven themselves to be disingenuous and incapable of objectively analysis anything, especially controversial topics.

>> No.16867107

Republicans want to shift the tax base and have zero qualms about being involved in global markets, they also have no interest in "life support" (neither do the Dems to be fair). The rest of your analysis is pretty sound.

>> No.16867110

>american right-postmodernists
Who are some of these?

>> No.16867112

"The Left" is and always has been a capitalist imperial project.

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Idk how you can think these aren't just bottle necks and gate keepers for capital/ZOG

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>Fake discord screencaps posting schizo

>> No.16867138

This is the only objective answer.

>> No.16867142

I agree for the most part, it still isnt accurate to call Biden or establishment dems social Democrats. They're Neoliberals, I'll accept that maybe Biden has been posing as a progressive, truth is, I know what the fuckers about so I've hardly even looked further than a precursory glance.

>> No.16867149

The new deal was a drastic change in policy and Obama (every dem after triangulation billy boy really) only payed lip service to that legacy. Modern liberalism is a departure from the classical liberalism that neoliberals seeks to return to by privitizing the government functions the populace came to expect under modern liberalism. Please read some history anon.

>> No.16867171

So has anyone actually bought it and started reading it? I want to get it but current saving money for something else.

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Capitalism has done more to break down borders and mongralize the distinct people's of the world into a brown economic mush. You can almost exclusively thank fag Republicans in particular and bill clinton and onwards democrats for this.

>> No.16867187


>> No.16867195

it's out already? I thought the release date was in December.

>> No.16867204

I think you can get it faster through Amazon. Antelope Hill's twitter shows that some already have it.

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File: 34 KB, 251x400, On-Liberty-Mill-John-Stuart-9780486421308.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Modern liberalism is a departure from the classical liberalism that neoliberals seeks to return to by privitizing the government functions the populace came to expect under modern liberalism. Please read some history anon.
If you think classical liberalism has anything whatsoever to do with state-run government functions and expansive welfare I can only guess that you think politics began in 1960.

>> No.16867228

>I think you can get it faster through Amazon.
I can't find it on Amazon. Got a link?

>> No.16867254

No modern liberalism does, and neo liberalism is an attempt to return to classical liberalism by trying to turn those functions back over to the market. I cannot believe I have to explain this to you. Seriously how are you posting On Liberty and have no idea what modern liberalism is? Did you just hear about positive freedom and think "no one would do this because Mill says it bad"?

>> No.16867274

Also murder. Huey Long's assassination either occurred with his approval, or was orchestrated by people who preferred him.

>> No.16867283


>> No.16867337

Anyone else buying books from Antelope Hill? I figure it it'll be inevitable that they'll lose their payment processor or ddos protection, so I try to get their books while I still can.

>> No.16867350

Bub you got that all fucked up btw. Modern liberalism is Neoliberalism and they hate FDR Liberalism so bad that they put their media dawgs on full on attack againt the "dangerous socialist Bernie" who was essentially just a mew deal democrat.

>> No.16867392

Arktos, Counter-Currents, and even Castle Hill have managed somehow.

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>> No.16867419

Might have to, they took their schmitt editions down due to some copyright shit and who knows if theyll be able to sell them again

>> No.16867420

thanks lad

>> No.16867480

Uhhmmm... dont know if your comprehension is off or what. If you're who I responded to that goes directly against what you're suggesting.

>> No.16867493

Was wondering why they disappeared from the shop. Hope their business last long enough for them to release the Anthology of Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera. I have been really looking forward to it.

>> No.16867521

>clearly capitalism reterritorializating smooth space opened up by gay activist in the last few decades
>hurr durr muh satanic gay cabal
>probably still infatuated with the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion
Jesus christ you all will believe in the most ridiculous conspiracies. What if the only elite is just rich old guys maintaining their dominance on the capitalist system . ITS JUST GREED YOU TROGS

>> No.16867522

Read it again, if you still think it's contradictory give a specific example and I'll expound.

>> No.16867541

>let's try to refute something by talking about other unrelated things
Dishonest faggot!

>> No.16867554

Slave morality is a morality of ressentissiment Trannies are literally trying to become the other sex out of weakness. It's slave morality to the absolute nth degree

>> No.16867557

lol i even saw this in a minecraft server a few months ago

>> No.16867566


The higher ups in these corporations often are ideologically committed to buttholes and sharting on dicks. I wouldn't doubt that they are very disproportionately gay themselves. Being a vulgar immoral degenerate probably comes with the territory

>> No.16867581

diamonds are also worthless yet cost a lot for the consumer who is then unable to even sell the thing

>> No.16867588
File: 80 KB, 1125x729, IMG_20190525_011344.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

M gonna need more of an explanation here. I've never heard this narrative beige and I just bought 2 huey long books.

>> No.16867607

this. as are academics. it's a serious problem of polarising ideology becoming the norm, not mere marketing. it's almost as if a means to locate nonconformists. i think forcing sex into literally everything is in the same boat, it goes far past sex appeal and more into a genuine belief that sex should be something one is constantly exposed to from birth and obsesses over.

>> No.16867612

You have to stop watching so much CNN anon. Most people are normal once you get to know them.

>> No.16867693

>trannies don't hate gay people


You sure about that?

>> No.16867698

>the people who are against/criticize capitalism and imperialism are part of a capitalist and imperialist project
Leftism and liberalism aren't the same thing. I mean, yeah there are certainly capitalists that use the veneer of progressive politics to sell products and get good PR but to claim all left wing politics originate from capitalism is outright retarded. What does that make the right then? The rebels rising up against capital? What with libertarians advocating for less regulation and 'free' market capitalism and conservatives being politically ignorant and only caring about living muh idealistic nuclear family 50s paradise from literal post-war capitalist propaganda and American Jesus™. I'm generalizing but you get my point.

>> No.16867715


>> No.16867744

Yes. You've found the minority of trans men who think gays need to like pussy on a man and that lesbians need to like cock on a woman. That's like finding incel posts and using it to say all men hate women. There is much more prevelence of g&l disliking t than t disliking g&l displayed by what you have uncoved since it is just t reeeeing about g&l not liking them.

>> No.16867764

>The British created entire ethnic groups just to create people they could sell shit to

never learned this in history class, are there any books on this? did this happen in africa?

>> No.16867772

>hundreds of screencaps

It is strange when you don't find a T pushing this rhetoric in some form or another. Homosexual men are natal men exclusively, and are attracted to natal men exclusively. Someone who is not a natal man cannot be homosexual. Homosexual attraction is fixed to sex and innate, and cannot be altered. Any statements to the contrary are homophobia and endorsing conversion therapy.

>> No.16867791

>Someone who is not a natal man cannot be homosexual.
Lesbians are homosexuals.

>> No.16867808

Sure, some people use lesbians as a distinct term though even if it's not correct. But yes, everything I said also applies to lesbians and natal women.

>> No.16867820

Great what's your point?

>> No.16867829

This dude is on track. The old battle was capitalism vs communism and communism was defeated with the collapse of the soviet union. Even fucking China is (basically) capitalist now.

The real battle is now between capitalism vs BEING FUCKING HUMAN. Capital seeks to commodify EVERYTHING including race, gender, sexuality, etc. Like the dude said, thats why companies line up behind this fag and BLM shit. Because fags and blacks are good consoomers.

I'm not saying anything new or revolutionary either. Lots of people have written about this shit for the last 30 years. Houellebecq discusses this in terms of capitalism invading the sexual domain (people look at others as commodities hence why shit like divorce is so high up now and porn is basically everywhere)

>> No.16867852

Honestly the recent "trans bad" book fad is a grift that targets gullible parents and culture war nerds that don't leave the house enough to ever even encounter a real transgender person. Not interested. There's nothing there I haven't read in some half-baked internet comment, guaranteed.

>> No.16867854

you're an idiot, the right (in the U.S.) supports fags and the globohomo just as much as the left

>> No.16867859

My point is any man attracted to a FtM is not a homosexual. Most gay men know this, and it is the source of eternal FtM butthurt and attempts at woke conversion therapy. This butthurt at not getting sex also manifests itself as anger and hatred (much like incels) towards gay men, which is why I was so incredulous of >>16866277's claim. Because it's simply not true.

>> No.16867873
File: 97 KB, 640x960, buck-angel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Gay men don't people who look like this.

>> No.16867886

What does their genitalia look like?

>> No.16867888

>It's not because they'll profit from it considering most of the world still doesn't agree with LGBT outside of the West, it's a deliberate program of social conditioning.

Those companies that you mentioned dont care about the rest of the world, Netflix especially has a limited demographic of mostly young western consumers, and as such their marketing reflects that.

>> No.16867892

Nah it's true. If you think tranners seriously give more hate to LGB than the other way around it's a delusion that only a strong negative bias against the T could conjure up. And let's not pretend there's not a gray area to sexuality. Nobody being honest with themselves (and the way the world works) is going to insist that some dude fucking Buck Angel is truly a straight act. The only people insisting on that just want those specific rigid definitions purely to dunk on the tranners. Which is fine, but at least be honest about it.

>> No.16867893

It looks like you being pendantic

>> No.16867901

Yeah the goal is to deal with the problem before it's widespread retard. There's a fire in the house and you're saying why worry about it when 99% of the house isn't on fire yet

>> No.16867907

proof or cope

>> No.16867910

she has a cunt. all the steroids, testosterone shots, and cigars in the world will never change that.

>> No.16867923

>not understanding the physics of capitalism
>hurr durr its dishonest to use words I don't understand
>thinking reterritorialization isn't related to how markets expand
Christ how about you read a book mate?

>> No.16867928

You're probably not gay, or else you would know why being with >>16867873 would lose all it's appeal the second you got a look at what was underneath the pants. It's not pedantry, it's reality. Again, the vast majority of people who call themselves gay men, when the chips are down, will have nothing to do with a FtM. And the FtMs know it.

Nah man, I have 100% seen more hate from Ts to LGs than the other way around. And what's better is I had 100s of caps to support my claim. What do you have to support yours?

>sexuality is fluid
More conversion therapy. If sexuality is fluid then conversion therapy would work and be valid. Which it doesn't and isn't.

>> No.16867930

It's homosexual, not dicksexual lmfao. It's not like a man that's lost his penis in some gardening accident is suddenly unattractive in the sense that he still has the appearance of a man.
You'd be totally right if you said that practically the lack of a penis is a dealbreaking for probably 99% of gay men, whether than prospective partner is trans or not, but to pretend that a FTM that's 10+ years into testosterone and God-knows-what-else is going to have enough overlap with womanhood for a man considering them to no longer be gay is genuine autism, in the literal sense of abandoning all practicality for a worthlessly rigid standard.

>> No.16867933

The only true answer. Check this, Shitflix REFUSED to take down Cuties in spite of massive backlash and cancellations. They risked constant negative exposure, declining revenue and subscriptions, just to stand by some obscure frog movie. Meanwhile, these niggers are adding trigger warnings to old classics and even removing them from their directory. It's not about profit.

>> No.16867946

You have collected 100s of caps. With this level of seethe why should I assume you didn't just obsessively hunt for these rather than finding them naturally? You can find anything of this nature if you're specifically looking for it lmfao. Pure delusion.

>> No.16867960

backlash from gays and other lefty-homos would have been worse had they taken it down

You fags don't realize that the entire world isn't their market. Their market is mostly a bunch of fags and leftists across the east/west coasts of the USA and Eurofags. Fucktards in west virginia and alabama are too busy building methlabs to subscribe to netflix.

basically the views of these companies are revolving around:

>Pro gay/trans
>Pro black
>Pro Israel

>> No.16867980

Most FtM are not Buck Angel, and even they don't pass in all respects.

>It's homosexual not dicksexual
Yes and only men have dicks, so to be a homosexual man having (or having HAD) a dick is something of a pre-requisite. So Mr. Dickless would still be on the menu because he is just a man who lost his member, not a mentally-ill woman who think's she should be a man.

>Thinking I collected all those
If you had actually inspected the link, you would see it was a google doc contributed too and maintained by many different people wanting to document and archive genderspecial hatred and rhetoric towards gay men. I contributed nothing towards it. There is a similar collection for lesbians.

>> No.16867983

Yes having fags on screen makes money. They are the ones doing the most purchasing. Even if it's not popular with a majority of the population they have a majority of the purchasing power

>> No.16868041

> So Mr. Dickless would still be on the menu because he is just a man who lost his member, not a mentally-ill woman who think's she should be a man.
No he wouldn't. The difference between you and me is I'm practical and you're clinging to a version of a concept that serves nothing and no one. There is no practical difference between a Buck Angel tier FTM and a man that lost his dick or happened to be born without one. Hell, the man that lost the dick is probably in a worse mental state than the FTMs, God bless him. Look, if you want to say 99% of all gay men (and probably straight) wouldn't want anything to do with an FTM I'm all on board. That is almost certainly true. However, I'm truly sorry to say that clinging to a worthless definition where FTMs that pass better than a majority of men are in straight relationships when they're with dudes is, regrettably, either a deep form of autism or such a deep seething hatred of tranners as to constitute a mental disorder that rivals dysphoria.

> If you had actually inspected the link, you would see it was a google doc contributed too and maintained by many different people wanting to document and archive genderspecial hatred and rhetoric towards gay men
OK? So a group of people seethed so hard they started hunting for examples of making the tranners look bad? I'm even less impressed now... Why should I treat cherrypicked internet nonsense as data?

>> No.16868053

I was talking about muh conspiracy theories are bad and all are the same.

>> No.16868085

> The difference between you and me is I'm practical and you're clinging to a version of a concept that serves nothing and no one

The difference between you and I is I am actually gay and you are not, along with a good many other things I imagine. Again, a FtM will never truly be a man, and hence can never truly be a homosexual man. That is the point we disagree on. We also disagree that the reason most gay men don't want to be with FtMs. You think it's entirely practical based on the lack of working dicks, I think it's that and more. The lack of working dicks goes along with many other things they lack in attempting to pass as a real man. It's a package deal, pun very much intended.

>OK? So a group of people seethed so hard they started hunting for examples of making the tranners look bad? I'm even less impressed now... Why should I treat cherrypicked internet nonsense as data?

Anecdotes + data is more convincing than Anecdotes + ???

One anon said Ts get more hate from LGBs, I disagreed and said it was the other way around. Ultimately I agree neither statements are convincing and can't really be qualified. But I had more unconvincing evidence than they did so :)

>> No.16868112

Here are my thoughts. One they want to make more money. Two they want to integrate a subculture(gay) into the technical-industrial system. Three they want to break down social barriers like the nuclear family to turn people into mindless consumers.

>> No.16868118

It's in the interest of the ruling class to keep their cattle dumb and weak. Marketing destructive lifestyles to the youth is just a small part of that.

>> No.16868119

financial elite is a dog whistle for Jews. so is 'banking class' 'corporate elite' 'hollywood elite'
this cope about elite conspiracy stems directly from the self-legitimizing structure of the Protocols. See Ecco's Foucault's Pendulum

>> No.16868166

Nah, it's definitely just the dicks, hence femboys not being gay pariahs even if they have features so feminine they could pass for a woman. Or even just consider instances where gay men are attracted to someone only to later realize they're a transgender. The attraction is lost because of the genitalia in most cases -- even gay men would tell you that's why. They're not going to give some massive speech about "Well, I realized this individual was never born with the XY chromosomes absolutely necessary for me to find them sexually appealing. That they produce the female gamete is the dealbreaker". They're going to say "There's not a dick. Not compatible physically"
I think you overestimate the general person's standards. Hinging homosexuality on chromosomes is worthless. Nobody talks about it in this way in a casual context.

>> No.16868185

Anti-Jew sentiments predate the Protocols. You people see muh dog whistles in everything. You're as paranoid as the people you're trying to frame as paranoid and schizo.

>> No.16868196

> Nobody talks about it in this way in a casual context

Well of course not, these things are allusions to explanations to justify why the vast majority of gay men avoid FtMs. I don't want to go in circles, we clearly disagree on the reason. Your claim of femboys is laughable, gender non-conformity and femininity have been important parts of the homosexual identity forever. But these people are fundamentally still men, which is the reason why they are still embraced by the gay community as sexual and romantic partners. There are deeper psychological and even subconscious mechanisms at play that inform how gay men are attracted to other gay men and not FtMs. Of course people aren't going to think about these things day to day, or maybe even at all. They will just know they don't feel any spark with the FtM when the illusion is inevitably shattered.

>> No.16868219

I'm not framing them as paranoid (nice projection) I'm framing it as malicious intent.
also duh anti-semitism has been around before the Protocols, its the only abrahamic religion that can charge interest

>> No.16868223

> But these people are fundamentally still men
And practically they are so for mutable (at least in theory) physical characteristics. I dunno man (or woman?), if there were some magical surgery that made a penis/balls indistinguishable from any other for FtMs I think you'd be unpleasantly shocked. I mean I guess you could always handwave away those people that would consider such a miracle-FtM as bisexual, but a guy fucking someone that has a dick and balls, flat chest, deep voice, and probably hair everywhere being straight sex is a hell of a meme.

>> No.16868229

Yes, mentioning the elite class is "malicious intent" by default because some of them are Jewish. Imagine being this silly. And no, all Abarhamic religions are attacked in different contexts, for different reasons.

>> No.16868237

I'll concede that things would be different if, somehow, your wondrous technology and procedures could women into male versions of themselves that were indistinguishable from natal men 100% of the time (and vice versa obviously). I'm not making a completely essentialist argument.

But for now and the foreseeable future that technology does not exist and will not exist.

>> No.16868249

To make people retarded and effeminate

>> No.16868267

So it IS the dick and balls. That's all I've been saying the whole time, sheesh. Testosterone generally handles a lot of the other stuff (though desu a decent chunk of FtMs are just not genetically gifted in these areas), but as I understand it at best T just makes the clitoris grow larger, but it bears no resemblance to an actual penis. But yeah the bottom surgeries for FtMs, my God, what a long way to go have they got. Idk, technology advances pretty quickly, but you're probably right on "will not exist". Not enough subjects to actually refine the surgery on any real level. I guess if they figured out a way to do tradesies and transplant with a MtF or something is their best bet.

>> No.16868274

It's probably easier to get mental health for insane transgender people than to invent magical dicks out of thin air.

>> No.16868279

Inventing magical dicks has its advantages, though. Remember the gardener that lost his dick? There are still applications and a need for those procedures.

>> No.16868283

Well no, not just that. Dick and balls + male socialization + physical frame. There are probably lots of other things to consider even beyond those. And yes I know there are outliers and you can point me to MtFs who pass really well in most of those things, or younger men who can look just like women with some makeup and selective outfits. But ultimately there will be something to break the illusion with FtMs, and not necessarily just the dick and balls. Although for the best passers probably that is what does it.

>> No.16868291

Can dicks be transplanted?

>> No.16868297

Bones as well. Many trannies won't pass because of bones.

>> No.16868310

Probably not, at present? I don't see why it would be totally impossible, but tricky I bet.

>> No.16868318

Tricky, yes. They're connected to the kidneys and some other stuff.

>> No.16868336

Physical frame, absolutely. Male socialization is kind of a meme. At least when we're talking about a certain proportion of gay men where male socialization doesn't really "take". I think of all the things, socialization is the easiest to argue is a spectrum. It's not nearly as set in stone as physical characteristics.
But yeah, I think for a "trained eye" (very few people would be like this, but just the same) there is often some big giveaway, though nobody else would really notice.

>> No.16868351

holy shit, no one gives a shit you faggots, most normal people don't distinguish between gays and trannies, they're equally fucking disgusting to anyone with their head on straight

>> No.16868358

That’s not Big Gay you dummy. That’s called pandering to an audience and winning free advertising by both gay lovers and retards like you that complain about it. I remember when anti gay morons actually put work in their arguments but since gay marriage got legalized they appear to have stopped putting in the effort. Sad.

>> No.16868385
File: 50 KB, 800x450, Bethesda_Pride_Month_Logos_Banner.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just learn Russian, Arabic or Turkish.

>> No.16868387

FDR was the fake populist. Huey Long was the true one. His strong criticism of FDR's New Deal forced the president to make concessions, including Social Security, which Long's idea. He was a thorn in the side of the jewish capitalists who backed FDR.

Long was seriously considering running against FDR in the 1936 election. His proposed "Share The Wealth" program was incredibly popular, and would have capped personal wealth at a few million dollars. Long was one of the few politicians in US history who actually delivered every campaign promise, using all tools at his disposal to get the system to do what his voters wanted. Imagine how this must have terrified jewish financiers. Long would have certainly beat FDR. This is why he was murdered the year before the election.

HL's assassin was a jew.

Nice dubs.

>> No.16868390

This was already discussed at length in the thread. Please read the reply chain before shooting your reactionary mouth off.

>> No.16868402

Just making sure you know how dumb you are, how else will you stop being not-smart?

>> No.16868407

See >>16868390

>> No.16868465

Taleb (I know) has an interesting article about the ability of reasonably small groups in society being able to gain power. https://medium.com/incerto/the-most-intolerant-wins-the-dictatorship-of-the-small-minority-3f1f83ce4e15

>> No.16868641

>medicalization of transgenderism as a form of biopower/control by trans
Interested in this.
This sounds a bit polemic. The problem with the polemical side of the pro/anti anything is that they're often blinded by the point they want to make. If it were written by someone who has been going after big pharma for various things, then it's likely their point is about over-medicalization. But if it's written by someone who only cares when trannies are served by big pharma, then it might miss a lot of hinky stuff that over-medicalization does in general and might also miss a lot of damage done to trannies.
I really wish there was a book on excessive hormone prescription in general and how we got here, but this book doesn't seem like to be it. (Because that would need to extend the field to women and men and straight people and faggots and everything else, because it is not just trannies using testosterone and estrogen, not by a long shot)

>> No.16868652

Why are faggots focusing on the 'anti-tranny' label (put there by them) rather than the premise of the book? If anything the books seems to be anti-corruption.

>> No.16868658

He HAS to mention John Money. That's the faggot pyschologist who invented the concept of gender in 1950s after torturing young kids.

>> No.16868677

Because I think the specific kind of corruption they are focusing on is going to be about the activist groups which set school curricula, which try to get tranny theory taught under antibullying (as that cannot be opted out of, unlike sex ed), and the general organizations. Those are ripe for polemic, but do not necessarily follow the money trail to pharma's total hormone industry. It might follow some of that industry- but it won't link the guy in the birth control lab as the same guy making tittyskittles for trannies. There are two corruptions working here, and the one the author seems interested in is kind of divorced from the scientists who should be very aware of the impacts of their actions. It's going to tell me that people who work in PR/politics are corrupt I suspect, rather than tell me about the pharma corruption which extends beyond trannies.

>> No.16868953


he thinks fair trade and larping as a humanist is really what capitalists want

>> No.16869812

Is there an epub of this book somewhere?

>> No.16869835

Are you LGBT by any chance?

>> No.16869869

It is marketing, it's more socially acceptable to promote LGBT than to condemn it. Go against the orthodoxy and you end up like Chick Fil A.

>> No.16869920
File: 21 KB, 396x288, 1580788345555.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They do use it for profit. But not for making people buy their product when they otherwise wouldn't, it's for getting the activists off their backs.

Social justice issues were used to end occupy wall st.

>> No.16869945

I had no idea he was an antisemite!

>> No.16870006

upload the epub

>> No.16870140
File: 544 KB, 730x968, The ‘Einstein of Sex’ and the Nazi burning of books.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He should also mention Magnus Herschfeld.

John Money was a gentile, but his collaborator, Richard Green was just as prolific as he was in the field. They worked hand in glove for decades. In his autobiography Money credits Green, Green's father Leo, and Robert Stoller, a third jew, with "setting the course of [his] career". Green himself was trained in sexology by Harry Benjamin, yet another jew and specialist in transgenderism.

So while Money gets all the historical credit for creating "gender theory" he came out of a milieu of sexologists which was predominately jewish.

I wonder if the book picks up on this.

>> No.16870165

It's a brand new book from a brand new publisher. They haven't produced an epub edition yet and probably won't for awhile.

>> No.16870240

this may have been true of previous generations, but it is COMPLETELY disconnected from the new generation of teenagers coming in.

My younger sister just cut her long hair into the dyke-ey-est haircut youve ever seen. if she were to come out as trans she would be the FOURTH of her friends...

as demonstrated in the book 'irreversible damage', this stuff is socially contageous - it correlates with autism and appears to spread within friendship groups (not as an inherent trait of all humans to have or not have)

>> No.16870243

It's spelled "based"

>> No.16870286

Yes, but it doesn't influence my argumentative position whatsoever

>> No.16870287

From what I've heard (I have not read it myself), it does.

It also ignores that most Americans spend huge amounts of time "in" the internet, where freaks and weirdos can amplify their voices far above their actual physical numbers.

>> No.16870427

If it doesn't how could he tell?

That's a rhetorical question your bias is obvious and you're deluding yourself.

>> No.16870846

Okay this was a really funny comeback, but they did occasionally try to group people they didn't understand under one national umbrella and sometimes the people picked up on that, i.e. hinduism.

>> No.16870881

Ah yes. *based in fantasy and conjecture.

>> No.16870896

>trannies are gonna burn my house down

>> No.16870961

Most teen friend groups that get all gay aren't looking for sex changes, onii-chan, self-expression and experimenting with gender (not sex) is just another form of rebellion they pick up. Conflating all queers with medical trannies is blatantly ignorant, as they're quite the minority that most teens have already heard horror stories about.
Agree with the autism part though

t. debatably tistic queer zoomer

>> No.16871071


>> No.16871162

>end up like Chick Fil A
So, extraordinarily successful?

>> No.16871193

Transgender males or females(its confusing) literally destroyed my crops dude. They were chittering and buzzing and they come every 7 years and wreak havoc upon my family farm. It's the worst epidemic since LED lightbulbs.

>> No.16871234

Saw a thread on /ic/ where some anon described how an entire group of people went trans and that there was a lot of peer pressure going on.

It's crazy.

My theory is that people think life is hard and maybe if they change gender it'll be easier. Furtehrmore obsessing over gender is a form of procrastination and escapism from the real problems like grades, career, health, family, paying rent or whatever goes on in their life

>> No.16872583

A lot of it has to do with rejecting the white guilt that's being drummed into kids from an early age. Being a tranny means moving from a stigmatized class to a privileged class. Peer pressure in a clique amplifies this message and they egg each other on, something like a cult. I'm sure when cliques do this there's one particularly charismatic and manipulative individual that starts it off.
Childhood access to porn and the erotic confusion that creates probably helps seal the deal.

>> No.16872620

It's also explicitly high-status, so people who crave status will naturally be attracted to it. Look at this shit: >>16866325. Military, academic, corporate, financial, and political power saying "this thing is good; do this thing; it is high-status". So, why WOULDN'T people who will naturally contort themselves as needed to attain status be attracted to this shit?

It's also a way to join a community that's REALLY easy. Just look at the camaraderie of /d/. It's not uncommon for men to find it far, FAR easier to interact with women for sex than men for friendship. Get hard wearing high-heels, and suddenly you're high-status and can take your pick of discord groups to be fawned over in.

>> No.16872685

basic marketing isn't about alienating or dividing your customer base. usually corporations shut their mouth- which is the wise move to do. and the legally safest. I don't see how pandering to 2% of the population and fringe politics could possibly pay off.

>> No.16872696
File: 113 KB, 729x560, 1580544510134.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Queers end up medical cases one way or another.

>> No.16873241
File: 430 KB, 498x498, 1605899747576.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thanks for the keks, anon
fantastic contriboootion

>> No.16873308

Fortune 500 companies are not all about money. They already have that. They are genuinely hellbent on making a difference in the world, and not a good one.

>> No.16873321

>/lit/ is for the discussion of literature, specifically books (fiction & non-fiction), short stories, poetry, creative writing, etc. If you want to discuss history, religion, or the humanities, go to /his/. If you want to discuss politics, go to /pol/. Philosophical discussion can go on either /lit/ or /his/, but those discussions of philosophy that take place on /lit/ should be based around specific philosophical works to which posters can refer.
You can all fuck off and die.

>> No.16873337

>You can all fuck off and die.
What a faggot attempt at insulting. What are you, 12?

>> No.16873447

Yep. If you have a structural monopoly you don't need to advertise your product anymore.

Those are all topics covered by literature. Take them away and we can only talk about fonts and fantasy.

>> No.16873625

ah yes, the classic "I want to talk about off-topic shit on /lit/ so I'll find a random book on the subject I'm interested in and pretend the thread is about that"

>> No.16873639


>> No.16873661

>are dependent upon Capital to survive
I can see how this is the case for transgenders but what captive market could capitalists create for the lg & b? Somehow I doubt "big sex toy" has that much of a pull dating back to the 60s.

>> No.16873695

nigga why are gay people necessarily better consumers?

>> No.16873746

>le based nuclear family
>implying that the nuclear family wasn't postwar consumerist social conditioning

>> No.16873959

lets get a pdf

>> No.16874153

They aren't except in some fringe way in which mft men buy cosmetics and shit. That of clirse would mean they do everything to keep ftm advertisement low

>> No.16875358
File: 220 KB, 680x566, 1606225073670.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Scott Howard names the JEW.

anyone got a pdf

>> No.16875435

Iirc gay men are pretty high income as a demographic

>> No.16875452

I feel like gay couples in particular. I wonder if being unable to openly be yourself as a child lead them to turbo-autist school time focus.

>> No.16875590

I guess the idea here is that it's like a protection racket that creates and exaggerates the problem it purports to solve. It also further divides people by identity category, so they can't have any kind of solidarity. You need the paternalistic managers to make sure everyone gets along and nobody calls anyone a f*ggot or commits any hate crimes.

Even better if these social engineering programs cause actual hate crimes to be committed, reifying their necessity.

>> No.16875605

Lesbian have even a higher income than gay men

>> No.16875738

The internet and in particular pornography has a tendency to produce homosexuals, crossdressers, and transgender people

>> No.16875768


>> No.16875820

The notion that the nuclear family was a purelly industrial development is historically false.

Reality, as usual, is far more complex.

>> No.16875824

No, gay men are highest of all.

Lesbians have higher incomes than straight women.

>> No.16875828
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Forgot my pic.

>> No.16877441

they experiment with gender, but not with sex? why, what do you mean?

>> No.16877482


>> No.16878074

so is Big Gay's fault I can't stop thinking about sucking cock?

>> No.16878405
File: 60 KB, 640x480, IMG_20201026_122900.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just want a cute crossdressing bf goddamit

>> No.16878444

The mind of the American Lunatic is truly quite something...

>> No.16878920

globalhomo is just neoliberlism under a different name. anything to distract from real left or right wing reform

>> No.16879075

The incentive is to separate sexuality from procreation.

>> No.16879355

ugh just take your pills love, you already lost the election you don't even have to keep pretending anymore

now chug those pills, buy a fucking skirt, put your kneesocks on, and enjoy the proper life of the 21st century woman

>> No.16879390

Trannies and the lgbtsjwtfnpc community are biopolitical clientele for neoliberalism mindless cattle who do what they are told can be relied upon to buy rainbow commodities and shut down any legitimate criticism of the system

>> No.16879407

i didnt intend to imply that all queers are equivalent to kids identifying as trans. her friends are officially 'out' and identifying as male despite being biologically female - she hasnt done that yet... but i think it could come any day now.
curious about the term 'medical trannies' - what makes a transgender person 'medical'? my sisters trans friends are very committed in their identification with the other gender - they surely have or could easily get a 'diagnosis' of gender dysphoria... does this make them 'medical'
pls help rectify the blatancy of my ignorence anon

>> No.16879442

just wanted to add one more thing to my response:
you basically said >they arent looking for sex changes, they are looking for self expression

and I could not agree more. but the reality is that their self-expression is manifesting in identifying as trans - and that comes with serious physical and mental side effects

>> No.16879461

literally this sweetie just take your pills

>> No.16879477

Lgbt cattle dont have sex they virtue signal and engage in shrill politically correct activities at the behest of their corporate masters george soros bill nye, the science guy, and their cultural marxist professors. Whatever they do is purely sanctimonious and utterly devoid of eroticism.

>> No.16879598
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>tfw no retarded friends to have weird degenerate gay sex with

4chan trannies more attractive than real women because they are not like women at all and more like an autistic males idea of a woman as derived from anime and pornography

>> No.16879615

Kill yourself, brother.

>> No.16879652

Nigger, literally 3 of my co-workers at my wagie job are trannoids, one of them in a managerial position (forced to work night shifts because he's an unlikeable bitch lol).
It's a meme virus affecting the younger generations most.

>> No.16879754

Anonymous 11/26/20(Thu)09:21:32 No.16878795▶
>>16871905 #
Being against what is obviously an ideologically driven social engineering totalitarian censorshipand the sexualization of children makes you a nazi? Who would have thunk? It isnt like something similar has happened before.


>Germany's left has its own tales of abuse. One of the goals of the German 1968 movement was the sexual liberation of children. For some, this meant overcoming all sexual inhibitions, creating a climate in which even pedophilia was considered progressive.


>In a slick video released on Facebook with over one million views so far, a hyper-feminized/sexualized 8 year old boy (who some have compared to a drag version of JonBenét Ramsey) is featured partying in a hypersexual adult LGBT environment and telling kids watching that if their parents or friends do not support their desire to be drag (or trans), they need to get new parents and friends. Professional quality video and editing made this call to young children to the queer lifestyle all the more appealing. As “Lactatia” speaks to his peers, while an all too happy host leers, bold text leaps out at the viewer saying “YOU NEED NEW PARENTS! YOU NEED NEW FRIENDS!” You too can be a drag queen or transgender superstar and perhaps head out on the town to party with the wild LGBT boys and “Lactatia.” If your parents won’t get on board, they can simply be replaced with a new “glitter family.”

The author of this article is xerself transgender so we can either conclude hey maybe theres a point to be made or these people are a bunch of whackjobs

>> No.16879758
File: 134 KB, 750x948, rainbowflag.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is advanced marketing

>> No.16879835

I think it will take care of itself as society progresses. There's a newness and taboo about transgenderism right now. This attracts many people, as human beings are inately neophilic and drawn to the taboo, the forbidden. Trying ti repress it authoritatively will only serve to make it more of a prevalent and rebellious action, thus drawing more teens who wish to be seen as unique and non-conforming.

If we just accept transgenderism though, children will be able to think more rationally about it in time. Many will grow out of it, and I know that sounds harsh to people truly experiencing dysphoria, but it's been true of many social inclusions throughout the years. Others will choose to transition, and that's ok, but i expect it to level out to normal, espescially if we can move toward a more economically secure state of being.

>> No.16879858

I mean wouldnt it be great if we could just make these people "go away somehow" just load them into trucks drive them out to the countryside make the dig a nice big trench? Wouldnt the very air we breathe feel much cleaner?

>> No.16879866

It is not positive acceptance which will lead to their demise, but indifference. Not acknowledging something as socially significant at all will result in the phenomenon becoming irrelevant with time.
To continue pushing the identity as a special class?
Without a doubt will exacerbate the issue further.

>> No.16879870

The synanon article is a really good read. That being said the fact the author is trans shouldn't matter.

It is interesting though how now even an earlier wave of trans people are coming into conflict with the zoomer NGC autists. Some of these people positively identify as transsexual to distinguish themselves from the latter.

It's like every time an oppressed group gains mainstream acceptance, there needs to be some other group to generate cultural warfare - either a split into a more insane version or something new entirely. Like it can't be a coincidence that Kaitlyn Jenner was on the cover of Sports Illustrated exactly a year after Obergefell.

>> No.16879887

Reminder this is what lgbtsjwtfnpc leftist crowd means when they talk about "science"


>> No.16879954

Yeah, and indifference is the eventual end-result of these movements, and also the least sexist and racist position you can hold. I don't give a shit what people do with their lives, I don't care what color they were born.

I do tire of the literature that tries to explain it in a dense philosphical way. If the people who needed to read it read philosophy they wouldn't have to get any further than Descartes to be able to contextualize sexuality and racism and realize that it's pointless to draw arbitrary lines in the samd when creating a view of something as various anf spontaneous as humanity.

It's pointless to fantasize about, evidence of crossdressing and relating to the other gender stretches back nearly as far as human history. It's impossible to remove them from society, nor would it fix any of societies most pressing issues.

>> No.16880059

i feel like lesbianism or bisexuality in women is rooted in social contexts, like education orfriendships bordering on romance, and males kinda just are like preying mantises in that they can't really integrate sexuality into social contexts as they're just there to fertilise and die
feel free to check me on that with some citations tho

>> No.16880088
File: 472 KB, 603x599, 1579716743227.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

trannies regularly threaten to kill lesbians

>> No.16880330

these people want anything but to be left alone if you are white and straight they will not rest until you are dead broke your children raped and they think its all pretty funny. They are mindless bleating subhuman cattle intent on making everyone else as much of a corporate consumer slave as they are.

>> No.16880421

The real currency of society is power and control what goes into political advertising campaigns corporate management is scientific knowledge of the central nervous system focus groups. Turning responses into data and feeding them back as control stimuli. If people were allowed to think for themselves and talk to each other as individuals the political consumer control machinery would be out of a job and that is the very last thing we want to happen. Just think of the poor HR diversity consultants and ad execs the bloated class of administrators psychopolitical hustlers and the profitable identity based patronage structures and the good military psy ops people dedicated to keeping the massesdivided isolated and afraid through a strategy of tension

>> No.16880476

The year is 202x unders suspicion of being a white supremacist and a russian asset the house unamerican activities comitee has order you to attend a state sponsored screening of star wars XXVIII: avengers assemble, the latest disneygooglepepsico motion picture extravaganza. As you are escorted to the theater you pass by a daily prideblm mcdonalds parade with a fabulous troupe old 9-year-old boy catamites twerking before the phallic missiles of the lockheed martin float, missiles set to launch at midnight towards the eurasian heartland (mercifully) wiping the human race off the face of the earth. when you arrive at the theater, alexandra ocasio cortez and bill nye strap you into a chair forcing your eyes open clockwork orange style, the screen flickers on but instead of space adventures or superheroes the audience is treated to what looks like blurry vhs footage of a pack of bluehaired fat positive queers raping an innocent white child intersped with blipverts for the latest techproduct. The leftists in the audience chant YAS KWEEN SLAY at what they cant help but see as a beautiful and heartwarming display of diversity and progress. The queers start ripping appart the child and feasting on its bloody entrails like rabid hogs at the through. You sit on the front row and think: "gee i shouldve joined the alt right

>> No.16880491
File: 2.13 MB, 847x2086, AI.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

well said.
this post is somewhat relevant and a very important read

>> No.16880734

tranny cope

>> No.16881809

This. Author is just some unkown grifter making $ off of FaceBook MAGA Moms.

>> No.16881890

>hurr durr its dishonest to use words I don't understand

Plus, that anon is right. No one brought up any of that shit

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