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Assuming (correctly) that god is a complete sadist only interested in making people suffer, what is the correct course of action?

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Enjoyment seems pretty abundant for a God like that to exist.

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Make life as pleasant as possible for those around you. This will deprive God of your suffering and cause him to suffer himself, therefore making him feel fulfilled.

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Being happy

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Not to those suffering (like me).
To those suffering, the apparent enjoyment of others is just part of the sadistic torture.

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>fucking up God's plan of making us suffer by making ourselves feel pleasant makes him suffer which makes him feel pleasant.
So, he's a sadomasochist? Did he create our world so he himself can suffer too?

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he just wanted to ktf

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fap, watch yt and Netflix all day, fap again
repeat next day

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>mortals trying to comprehend God
Just give up right here.

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I had the best coom today, almost made it hands free. My balls actually hurt afterwards. I'm going to go have a late night snack and a pepsi (it's my day off tomorrow so I get to sleep in).

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find a woman to love and have bdsm sex with, it's what god wants

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You can't define God by human terms such as "sadist" because God isn't human

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Can confirm. BDSM is a spiritual act that normies will never understand

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I'm a cuck because I like to tie beautiful woman up and drop hit wax down their back before I fuck them.
Poor poor normie. He will never understand true living.

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Go blow your brains out instead.

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Why would I do that when I can coom again?

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Cooming is a literal cope. You have no control over life and then go back and coom. It's like using heroin. There is a reason why most opioid users are low class scum, because they can't afford to stop working and just go back home and shoot up. It's just a cope. Just realize that it's an illusion and you're doing the same shit over and over again.

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I thought you were a sub.

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To spite you, I'm going to coom to your post.

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Heroin is bad because it ruins your health. Cooming is natural and free

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Fucking based

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Unrelated, but I once wrote in a lit exam that a wife character was sadistically enjoying torturing her husband and my muslim teacher legit had a problem with the word because ""sadistic" has sexual connotations"

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spotted the autistic sub

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Sure you did.

Spotted the fag

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>he doesn't understand the spiritual aspects of being a domme
>he doesn't understand that being a domme is actually a creation of spiritual unity with your sub where you play off their subconscious desires to create a greater whole

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it did happen. but you're probably muslim and that's why you're getting offended

you can go fuck yourself and shove your disbelief up your ass

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>insulting subs for being subs
Disgusting, never try BDSM if you seriously think this.

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suicide deprives god of entertainment

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I'm absolutely convinced all posts here are 100% true.

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You do know people sometimes switch yes?

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Every post I make is a lie

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Well they weren't talking about switches.

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Are you on drugs or are you just daft?
1. No one is saying that. YOU said it
2. This is a fasle dilemma

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Are you on drugs or are you just daft?
No one is saying that. YOU said it

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Yes, sucking Chad's cum out of her vag while she yells at you is spiritual unity

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Women are supposed to be submissive, not men.

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>in germany at gf's friend's who's super catholic and chaste but has asked me about whipping and piercings
>takes a huge swig of vodka
>sits in closer and goes on to tell me pleasure derived from pain can't be helped
>asks me where she should get piercings

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It means that in order to become godly you must also dedicate your existence to making others suffer.

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spergs like bdsm because they need fetishized rituals and regulations to control their sexuality or they cant interact with it. if you think i would ever try this you are retarded, which you already are by definition because everyone who likes bdsm is gay and retarded. shit should be illegal

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society is nothing but fetishised rituals and arbitrary rituals

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I remember being 12 too, anon

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submitting to his will

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typical inapt austistic retard attempt at an own as if a 12 year old would ever say anything resembling the post you just replied to

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rituals we perform because of our desire to synergise our sexuality and identity

and rituals we perform because we're afraid of what will happen when we don't perform them

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What kind of rituals

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Suffering and pleasure are not poles of a spectrum and do not relate at all.

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You're his to torture and play with, both in this life and the one after. You cannot escape his grasp.

Pray for mercy before it's too late.

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>Cooming is natural and free
lmao your entire sexuality is about jerking off to videos of a stranger having sex with a plasticated woman you probably don't even like

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Unless you are clinically depressed with schizophrenia, your depression is with cause, therefore fixable to an extent.

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Go cry over your sexual miscomings over on reddit normies.

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Suffer. Temper your suffering with joy and hope so your flame doesn't burn out too soon, so you can suffer more in the long-run.

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And this to go even further beyond assmad AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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>Assuming (correctly) that god is a complete sadist only interested in making people suffer
Imagine being that blind. What if the suffering is the prerequisite to true happiness? Why a weak man should be worthy of happiness when he is unable to remake himself into a god-like creature on Earth? If you take christcuck perspective that a man was created in the image of the God, wouldn't be staying weak a sin?

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>What if the suffering is the prerequisite to true happiness?

It is not happiness then.

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What I meant is you can stimulate your dopaminergic system all you want living with constant orgasm but in the end it would be a vapid pleasure. Fighting through animosity and overcoming yourself isn't pleasant or easy but the victories and going forward can make you happy.

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Can you argue for both statements?

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Not anymore.

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Grow the fuck up you fucking manchild.

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>that reddit tourist who tries to impress anonymous posters with his greentexting skills

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A scant five years ago for you

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Break the firmament and kill god
There's a reason he got spooked by the Tower of Babel

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How are normies this angry about me having a well-developed and mutually enjoyable sex life?

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this, god would tell his he's omnipotent no matter what. Maybe he doesn't even know he's not.

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you forgot your meds again?

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you must ignore suffering. if you shit your pants know: it was god testing you, making you suffer.

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true. chads only have spontaneous, unritualized, uncontrolled and unregulated sex. Like that one time I suddently had my dick sucked on the train while eating sushi because I sung a nice ballad to the ticket lady. shit was so cash.

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>your lifestyle is the misapplication of ritual
>yeah b-but everything's rituals man

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The nominally mentally healthy.
Ritualistic, rote, and psychotic.
>mutually enjoyable
If you allowed yourself to acknowledge any reality other than this, you'd kill yourself.

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Just carry on and believe that self determination is real.

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