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this but unironically.

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Did you have something to say OP?

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>One day I'll be a millionaire too, I just know it!

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capitalism big gay

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Are you telling me society needs a man of steel to stand on top and direct industry

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I'll be a millionaire once my parents die. mad peasant??

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>nooooooo you have to be either a capitalist or a communist you can't be neither nooooo

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What you hate is corporate capitalism. Libertarian capitalism however is what's natural amd provides equal opportunity.

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Capitalism is not corporatism

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Man just murder rich people already, like stop bitching fucking DO something

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Corporatism is just the best kind of capitalism. I fucking love it.

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I actually am a millionaire.

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>Noooo it's not real capitalism it's corporatism! They're different things trust me bro!

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>It’s another red retard

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>i have no argument so i must repeat what anon said in a silly manner


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Capitalism is corporatism if you need is spelled out for you, to have a problem with one is to have a problem with the other. You want to reform capitalism, you will reform capitalism until you have socialism. But you don't like that because propaganda has destroyed your brain. So you are left with big corporations that exist solely because of the law which protects the capitalist class.

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>Capitalism is all a conspiracy!
>Humans would live in utopian if only we hadn't been tricked!
>By the way, I heckin love sciencarino and never stories about talking snakes who trick humanity into getting kicked out of utopia!
>So what if my beliefs line up with the dominant religion in my country
>if I believed any of that stuff would I wear a such a fine fedora as this?
>Nietzsche? Wasn't that guy a nazi or something?

i dont feel like googling for a redditjak but u get the picture

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Take this to /pol/ faggot

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Anyone with a decent job and a 401k can be a millionaire. Don't you have any better arguments?

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Muh free market.

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Bro, property ownership and having laws specifically made to have corporations have the upper hand on everything: paying 0 taxes, underpaying workers etc... are entirely different things.
I would however agree with you in saying that capitalism enables corporate lobbying, but that's a whole other argument you missed out on.

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Ahh yes. The old give the benevolent corporations total control over society meme. The Mises Institute is in the poorest American state(for a reason)

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Any tech bro javascript chud who makes like 100k a year is going to make 2-3 million in wages over a 30 year career. If they buy a house and/or invest at all they pass 1 mill fast. I'm starting to think 4chan is like all Walmart greeters on their day off or something.

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No one's arguing against owning a house to live lmao. But if your legal ownership of a means of production is lawfully used to extract surplus value from workers who have no democracy in the workplace on their salaries, that is capitalism. Corporations are just large capitalist entities that wield the vast injustice of the system in a grand way that draws attention to it. Don't you see a corporation paying zero taxes isn't the problem but a symptom of the problem? No socialist thinks if only corporations paid their taxes society would need no improvement

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If CEOs did not exist it would be necessary to invent them.

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What is the point of a corporation paying taxes? All profits eventually get paid out to people who will pay taxes on it. By taxing "corporations" you're actually applying a regressive tax that hits Bill Gates and some retiree with a 100k of Microsoft stock in his portfolio the same.

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All I'm saying is that property tax is pretty bullshit.

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That's because Americans were never peasants, so they aren't as docile as Europeans.

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That's true, private property should not exist

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I genuinely want to murder every jew that utters the words "crony capitalism" or "corporatism"

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Capitalism is the recognition of other people's property.

I write a story, the story is mine. Plot, characters, they are all mine. They are my property and no one else's. Mine is the right to subject anyone who wants to read about my property to whatever terms and conditions I come up with, such as no redistribution, no modification, obligatory attribution to me as the sole creator of the work.

Capitalism is recognizing my work is mine and you have no right to make any of use it without my permission for that use. Anything else is theft. It is a universal constant for humans to hate theft.

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sure, gimme all your shit first.

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Gay and bluepilled.

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>No one's arguing against owning a house to live lmao
Then why do communists always bitch that they want to steal rich people's nice houses?
I don't want to live in a shithole. I want to live in the house I like.

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>Conflating personal and private property, the classic propaganda misinformation tactic

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Something is only yours if you have the power required to keep it in your possession. Just figured you'd want to know that.

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>my stuff is personal property, Jeff Bezos' stuff is private property!


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I don't expect /lit/ to have actual creators on it, only parasites who want to steal and leech off actual authors' works.

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That's why we pay taxes to the government to enforce property law so we can have nice things rather than being a bunch of random fiefdoms run by warlords like in some places with no central government

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>not understanding how greentext works
>having to explain why you're greentexting
go back to bunkerchan faggot

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That's why authors and all artists everywhere have always fought to have their intellectual property recognized, and always will, since nobody likes seeing their work stolen and ruined by others.

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Straight and redpilled

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You pay taxes to the government because if you don't you'll be imprisoned, retard.

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There's no conflation, you liars just call private property whatever you want to steal.

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I pay taxes to the government because I like living in an advanced civilization, luckily the government imprisons free riders who try not to pay

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Personal property can be turned into “private property” if you know how to use it to make a living, like how a digital artist uses a computer to create art, dumb fuck.

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going to court and begging a judge to give you rights like he's your mom isn't fighting

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the private/personal distinction is mostly diahreaa brained leftoid shit but jeff bezos "stuff" is like a trillion dollars worth of investments and capital, comparing that to that a car you use to get to work or a tv set is sub-50 IQ

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So don't act like you own anything or have any rights then, faggot. Everything you have and everything you are can be taken away on a whim. Pretending otherwise is a cope.

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Being a millionaire isn't even impressive these days

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so what level do my investments have to hit before they become private property and not personal property?

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and by leftoid i dont mean communist i mean "capitalism doesnt give you the full value of your labor and that's why it's morally wrong :^)" idiots who "learned" about marx from social media and imageboards

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Yes it is, and it's pretty effective, just ask the creator of Tetris who demanded and obtained money and recognition for creating Tetris despite being a soviet commie.

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>Everything you have and everything you are can be taken away on a whim.

America is a constitutional republican, not oriental despotism. You seem confused.

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>muh unquantified surplus value!!!

>centralised unaccountable bureaucratic state
>party apparatchiks
>quantifiable government income taxes

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In fact I am sure he contributed, for his part, to the downfall of the only communist superpower.
It was in his interest to bring down communism. They did not want to give him what the wanted for his work.

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>America is a [made up political theatre], not [every single political system in history]
"Constitutional republics", don't exist. You live in a bureaucratically run DMV dystopia.

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Ahem. Gay. And bluepilled.

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Stop talking about yourself, dude.

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Think again. Its the king of all npc takes.
Also. These.

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>if you suck up to your rulers enough and they give you menial concessions that's fighting for your rights

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Lmfao. BOO!

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>"Constitutional republics", don't exist. You live in a bureaucratically run DMV dystopia.

Grow up.

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Ohhhh. The leeeeft learned their worldview from imageboards. Hmm. Sounds familatr though, is this a rerun?

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why are fellow proletariat so cucked?
pls stop being so subservient to robber barons

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>workers should own what they create their labour
>what's that, you want to own that videogame you created/that story and character you wrote/that music you composed? And you want to decide what people can do with YOUR work? Omg kill him

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Making fun of low wage seething communists is always a fun way to blow off steam so yeah it's probably a repeat

>> No.16899422

Intellectual property is not menial concessions at all. It is vital to any author and artist.

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>Grow up

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Elon Musk robbed you? Call the police!

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Not him. Holy cope though. He's right you know, in a republic people habe power. In America over the last 40 years all(>90%) legislation passed has been bought by corporations and their lobbyists(retired senators)and we have senators(future lobbyists)worth over 500 million dollars. Hmmmmm.

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Of course a communist doesn't care for what people actually want.

>> No.16899439

It's a menial concession to a massive power you fucking moron.

>> No.16899441

Who said anything about elections? Are we getting to the part where you say you were only pretending to be retarded?

>> No.16899444

>>what's that, you want to own that videogame you created/that story and character you wrote/that music you composed?
You did this by yourself? With no help? Good on ya mate. Collect check.

>> No.16899448

How is Rowling a massive power just because you are forced to recognize she owns Harry Potter?

>> No.16899452

Low wage? Seething? I havent seen a discussion of wage in here. And the seething seems to support your ideals?

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it hurts seeing fellow frens debasing themselves

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She so big twitter trannies can't cancel her. That's worth something.

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You brought it up by bringing up the American Constitutional Republic and all it consists of, shit for brains.

>> No.16899468

>But if your legal ownership of a means of production is lawfully used to extract surplus value from workers who have no democracy in the workplace on their salaries, that is capitalism.
and that's still not corporatism

>> No.16899469

A computer is the artist's own means of production, they have their own agency and democracy, dumb fuck!

>> No.16899475

>deadbeat communist claims to be friends with people who create value

sorry not everyone is as eaten up by envy and jealousy as you are buddy

>> No.16899476

What check? I decide what my work is worth. I sell a license to use my work at my price, and I want royalties, copyright and moral rights to my work.

>> No.16899478

>Saying faggot like it's 2000

>> No.16899481

Meh, she just doesn't give a fuck. If you didn't give a fuck either, twitter trannies wouldn't be able to cancel you, too.

>> No.16899484

When America was founded it was nothing like a democracy, so as usual you are a retard.

>> No.16899486

Go read animal farm again like good little bootlickers

>> No.16899487

>A computer is the artist's own means of production
So you want to steal it.

>> No.16899488

wait, woah, hold up, you mean people in capitalism have agency to do whatever they want? wtf

>> No.16899492

You can't call Rowling's boss and get her fired..

>> No.16899494

Tell that to Abigail Shrier

>> No.16899495

I would try to agree with anti-capitalists, but they all buy from Amazon and have iPhones.

>> No.16899498

That's not what I'm talking about when I call it DMV dystopia. Those people you mention are nothing when compared to the armies of office pencil pusher normies with axes to grind on government payroll. Your american senate is nothing compared to government entities like the Food and Dairy Administration or whatever runs your infrastructure dept.

>> No.16899500

>admits that he wants to take away democracy and agency

>> No.16899505

Well you don't live "when America was founded" fucking dumb faggot.

>> No.16899507

>Food and Dairy Administration
Personally I like being able to eat food that isn't toxic and poisonous, but that's just me as an American, I realize in communist china it's different

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No because the artist doesn't employ anyone, and the artist's work is valued so it wouldn't be stolen. There's no incentive to steal because production will be arranged in a way that benefits all of society, not a class of parasites at the top.

>> No.16899514

>I’m paying him more then you.

>> No.16899516

There's this amazing thing in capitalism where people own their work, like a writer owns the story and characters he creates, amazing right? Rowling created Harry Potter, so everyone who wants to use Harry Potter in some way has to pay her for it and has to say "This is Rowling's work, she made Harry Potter". Because lots of people like Harry Potter very much, lots of people paid a fee to Rowling to use her work, and that made her very rich. Amazing huh.

They still tried to get her publisher not publish her new books, too bad her publisher doesn't give a fuck too.

>> No.16899518

Unelected bureaucracy, they are the exact same people in the Ivy league schools and the prestigious press too, same social circle.

>> No.16899520

"You dislike capitalism yet you exist" - You

>> No.16899521

Yeah me too, that's why I'd rather not have government entities telling people it's alright to ingest shit like teflon, pesticides and fluoride for years, then raid my house for raw milk.

>> No.16899523

>production will be arranged
wait, who is going to arrange this production? what printing press is going to be used for this? who decided what split goes to the printers compared to the artist? also who is going to transport this stuff around the country to the people who want it?

>> No.16899525

why you cry?

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>just write the most popular book series of all time and then you can't get cancelled, it's the free market bro

>> No.16899529

Why not be amish you fucking idiot? nobody is forcing you to do the things you do with a ball and chain. what’s stoping you champ?

>> No.16899530

I didn't say that though did I bootlicker

>> No.16899535

I'm a taintlicker

>> No.16899536

>creating massive value for a culture gives you certain benefits

NOOOO its not fair

>> No.16899540

Cause cars are faster than a fucking horse champ

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If you're anything but a booba licker you get the bullet

>> No.16899542

Actually you are with your reddit government bureaucracy and chapo tranny secret police that will bust people for wrong think that’s against the discord trap house communist party.

>> No.16899543

>raid my house for raw milk
oh god its one of those raw milk retards, shouldn't you have converted to veganism by now anyway? thats the latest fad for kooks

>> No.16899544

Certain benefits means here 'not being unemployable for contradicting the rapidly evolving insane state religion'

>> No.16899546

Drop out of society and live with the l local amish then, plow the fields in your local community. But your reddit cum guzzling coonsumerist.

>> No.16899550

That's a lot of words for someone who lets their brain rot watching SJW owned compilations on youtube

>> No.16899551

>No because the artist doesn't employ anyone, and the artist's work is valued so it wouldn't be stolen
And yet the USSR did not allow people to own a typewriter to write their stories, stop saying bullshit.

>> No.16899552


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Keep drinking skim milk, brittle boned faggot.

>> No.16899559

Nah, any beloved work shields you, unless you play their public apology game and give them ammo against you.

>> No.16899560

>mfw chapo trap house got their license for the reddit typewriter pulled by the ruling bureaucracy

hoisted, as they say

>> No.16899561

No they don't. Source?

>> No.16899564

how am i supposed to like socialism if i keep paying taxes but see no change in society other than brown people buying more expensive clothes

>> No.16899565

Too bad you won’t be getting one in like, a year because state regulations are wholesome 100.

>> No.16899570

Bro I just said I don't want to live with the amish, try again.

>> No.16899573

Not sure if you noticed but that wasn't "a lot of words" at all actually. It's a single sentence with about 28 words (just guessing as I skimmed through). I wouldn't call 28 words "a lot of words" in any context really. You mustn't be familiar with books because those might be considered to hold "a lot of words".

>> No.16899577

If you won't live an agricultural commune now what makes you think agricultural communes "after the revolution" are going to be better?

>> No.16899581

>Car made by workers in collaboration, parasite capitalists reap the benefits, try again

>> No.16899583

Maybe he thinks the Amish are too white

>> No.16899591

"The Amish are a group of traditionalist Christian church fellowships" Yeah bro I'm not christian sorry

>> No.16899593

Put your money where your mouth is söy boy, you want to plow the fields for the greater good for the community; theirs your chance.
>Nah, I like my iphone and 12 doller coffee
So your just a liberal?

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>> No.16899604

Sounds based.

>> No.16899609

>Yeah bro I'm gay sorry

>> No.16899617

Maybe you can't read. I said I'm not christian, nothing about amish people being too white. Like talking with babies.

>> No.16899619

>worker build car if left alone in the wild

>> No.16899622

are there any communist countries where being gay is legal? I can't think of any, but there might be an obscure one somewhere.

>> No.16899631

At least she's standing up to trannies. How is one supposed to stand up to twitter trannies if they can't become a massive power like Rowling because they can't own the means to produce their work and they can't own their work?

>> No.16899637

>are there any communist countries where being gay is legal?
Unironically The United States of America.

>> No.16899638

You'd claim the spear a caveman made for his tribe the product of capitalism, other things outside of capitalism motivate people to exist and create. Bad news for you, looks like you've got to look for a soul.

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>fooled into thinking robber barons create value
I'm praying for u fren

>> No.16899642

>only non-capitalist produced thing he can find is literally at the dawn of humanity


>> No.16899644

the US is worse than actual communism, it's like some awful mixture of race and sex based communism and neoconservatism

>> No.16899646

>worker collaborate with others like all other organisms on earth

>> No.16899647

Henry Ford created tons of value.

>> No.16899656

I bet 15 years ago you were saying the reason there are no electric cars is because of a conspiracy by capitalists

>> No.16899659

Uhh actually the unions did with their propensity to innovate and bring products efficiently to society did sweetly

>> No.16899660

>worker invented car!
their producers not inverters champ.

>> No.16899663

That was me showing the ridiculousness of the assumption that everything is a result of capitalism, choosing a primitive object. Glad you picked up on the absurdity but completely missed the fucking point.

>> No.16899670

>You'd claim the spear a caveman made for his tribe the product of capitalism
So it’s the people’s spear? lol just like your moms cunt?

>> No.16899672

Imagine if California, NYC, Detroit and Portland were a country and you get Canada with the exception of Quebec for the most part.

>> No.16899674

Inventors aren't capitalists champ, inventors are actually valuable.

>> No.16899678

Additionally, Rockefeller drove down the cost of oil in the US. Sure, he mad his competitors seethe, but the cheap energy helped fuel the development of the country, combine that with Carnegie's steel and JP Morgan's finance and you have turned a colonial outpost into the premier world power. "Robber Barons" built America.

>> No.16899682

>Have idea and money
>hire guy to work towards idea
>Guy he hired is now his idea according to gommie logic

>> No.16899684

Are you retarded? Ford literally invented the assembly line and the Model T automobile. He was an engineer before becoming an industrialist.

>> No.16899687

your mother loves my cock

>> No.16899689

>Inventors aren't capitalists champ
Yeah, this guys is trolling. So if I have a skill and a factory am I not a evbil pig man like in your shitty memes?

>> No.16899694

>I love my mother's cock

>> No.16899697

>the thing that’s been around a couple of hundred years is just human nature


>> No.16899699

Haha! You’ve just been trolled by the Troll King

>> No.16899703

>Thing that hasn’t lasted for even 100 years is literally it fellas

>> No.16899704

>Have money
>Pay people to do all the work
>Take surplus value

Go back on plebbit and suck off Elon Musk

>> No.16899706

Capitalism is about as "human nature" as reading

>> No.16899714

Communism had a good 70 year run, its clearly the state man is naturally suited for!

>> No.16899717

You first Chomo, be amish; or are they too based for you?

>> No.16899719

If you’re a socialist you’re more about envy and revenge than helping poors. And you’re historically illiterate. Socialism has never worked because we aren’t selfless. In tribes sometimes, but not scaled up like this.

>> No.16899729

I bought TSLA when it was $40 a share because it was obvious electric self-driving cars are an absurd value creator. Seethe more with whatever consumer products you bought instead of investing back in 2014 that you probably already threw in the garbage.

>> No.16899733

Every communist or socialist I've ever met in person has been some college yuppie condescending to the poor.

>> No.16899738

Yes the amish are based with their horses and barn

>> No.16899740

On the east coast, they're always wealthy guys from elite schools, but after looking at all the arrests of antifa chuds on the west coast, clearly out there a lot of leftists are just junkies and freaks that can't get it together

>> No.16899742

Socialism is out of the question. The best you can get is higher taxes to send retards to college, pay for old people to get their ass wiped, niggers and hillbillies a pot to piss in.

Fuck’em all death

>> No.16899745

Invited to the stockholders meeting? You get to choose the board of directors? Who knows! You might even get to meet elon musk himself! Wholesome 100

>> No.16899748

easy, you shouldnt be able to survive off of buying pieces of other peoples lives without contributing anything yourself

>inb4 making a fortune investing in elon musks latest failson hype campaign is the reason why we have penicillin

>> No.16899749

>surplus value
You mean the reward for risk?

>> No.16899750
File: 672 KB, 600x600, 1584758211288.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ford didn't invent the automobile or the assembly line
again, the world doesn't need robber barons, but cucks like you continue to guzzle their cum

>> No.16899755

No, but I might get to buy a house with cash, or at the very least a masters degree, seethe more

>> No.16899756

Not american myself. The commies here are usually asian import uni chicks with daddy issues and have some axe to grind with working class guys.

>> No.16899762

How do you expect to change any minds when you just assert things with no evidence? I’m saying this as someone willing to be convinced

>> No.16899764

>Reward for risk

Lmao, they really got you with the life is like one of your slot machines peasant

>> No.16899765

Haha bro, awesome. That was straight ownage

>> No.16899766

>is the reason why we have penicillin

no, but it is the reason we have electric cars, aren't you communists always screaming about how the world will end if we don't get off oil?

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I know the prevailing cultural norms and beliefs of the ruling class also gets absorbed by the proletariat but it's still painful
we're so cucked

>> No.16899781

Usually I find leftism is just a way for rich white people to hate on poor white people without seeming classist "oh no i fully support the working class but trump voters are just human scum!"

>> No.16899783

>Thinks possibly owning a house and degree makes him special

>> No.16899788

>guy posting a hate symbol and promoting extremist ideology calling others cucked

good one

>> No.16899794

You only see what you want to see. On a board for literature. I grow more depressed with humanity every day. So lost...

>> No.16899795

You claimed Musk was "taking surplus value" when Tesla is a public company that anyone can invest in.

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im sorry fren
here's some evidence
robber barons don't invent, they steal innovation, mass produce and take all the profit for themselves

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>> No.16899800

They can only save themselves at this point

>> No.16899806

>he only created the first mass market automobile

damn that thief

>> No.16899809

Natural selection is human nature. The only people who complain about capitalism are those who failed to benefit from it. If one day you randomly become a wealthy CEO you'll start to advocate for it, you will exploit your workers and live and lavish life of comfort and high class. As a poor man you will tell yourself that you're different, that you'll be a hecking sharing and caring jesus, the comforting lies of the peons wishing to find moral highground for the lack of any tangible success.

>> No.16899813

Yea this one checks out too just not as much as the Indian business tycoon socialist or the Vietnamese WMAF Foucault Uni slut.

>> No.16899814

Small minority of stockholders own vast majority of shares, but sure buy a stock to own the libtards

>> No.16899818

What does this even prove? Ford was a smart man. I don't give a damn if he was a terrible person. He goes down in history while the union leaders become nobodies.

>> No.16899828

Dude, TLSA is in the S&P500 now so every lame teachers pension fund that just goes into index funds owns Tesla stock at this point.

>> No.16899835
File: 147 KB, 1148x746, 1584675181596.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Apu is a life-affirming symbol and the purest soul ever.

>> No.16899837

That trucker's union guy that got murdered by the mob where the location of his body is a joke punchline isn't a nobody, i forgot his name though, but the unknown final resting place of his bones will be remembered forever

>> No.16899841
File: 190 KB, 396x509, 1602615557921.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I find it cringe when"people" think capitalism is an ideology when in reality it's another social dynamic were people distribute and supply bullshit described by many authors such as Adam Smith or Marx. People who believe they can study it scientifically or worse predict how such a complex system will act are retarded. This goes for both capitalist and socialist. In the end is really just Jews Jewing all of us with banks.

>> No.16899842

Both of your arguments are disingenous. Henry Ford had a ton of laborers and co-inventors sacrifices lost to history. In innovation you can name was never the product or result of one man, it was mankind, often nameless tweaks and modifications thoughg of and implemented by working hands and as time marches on, a catalysing effect occurs, technology begets technology many important small steps by teams of men in no history book. All created what exists today. Its all our inheritance as modern men, yet you squabble back and forth in such a petty manner. Decisions of ideology should be made by the whole. What's important is casting of these chains, the media institutions and our own government, all of them corrupt, absorbed by the Neoliberal Leviathan. All of America should stand firmly and fight for control of their countries. You go champion your ideology in the marketplace of ideas once we sieze the media we can have debates and institute a temporary direct democracy with the help of citizen creators we can establish a short term secure voting system. The whole of America agtwr being informed can decide which ideology prevails. I pity all of you who squabble senselessly producing nothing of meaning. It's all trite and pointless. You fools are letting your masters wield you like nasvent cudgels against one another. Childish and puerile. Stand up and embrace your brother.

>> No.16899847

I'm just killing time before the Tyson vs. Jones exhibition match, bro, don't get so heavy lol

>> No.16899848

He said with zero supporting evidence.

>> No.16899851

1% of shareholders own 2/3rds of shares. I doubt teachers have hit the jackpot.

>> No.16899863

Ok fair point even though I don't know who you're talking about if even you can't name him. Still, he's no Martin Luther King. There's nothing that makes him stand out like Carnegie or Rothschild other than (being murdered and turned into a joke???)

>> No.16899865

institutional investors own more than 40% of tesla dude.

>> No.16899871

it came to me after i posted, i was thinking of jimmy hoffa, boomers will def remember him

>> No.16899885

>Hoffa became involved with organized crime from the early years of his Teamsters work, a connection that continued until his disappearance in 1975. He was convicted of jury tampering, attempted bribery, conspiracy, and mail and wire fraud in 1964 in two separate trials.

why do so many workers dislike unions? don't they realize letting the mob rip off your pension fund is iN yOuR BeSt InTeReSt!

>> No.16899887

Same here brother. The time is coming. Will Jones dance around like our psychological masters or will he fall to the mighty hand of Tyson, the peoples champion?

>> No.16899891

Implying that contradicts my point? Saying banks etc. own 40% of tesla isn't a good thing. They count as one entity, considering the person defending capitalism was celebrating individuals being able to buy shares, it is a drop in the ocean.

>> No.16899896

Tyson was a black Republican before it was cool

>> No.16899897
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i refuted anon's claim that ford invented the automobile and assembly line. it's not about him being a terrible person. ford could have been a Saint and it still wouldn't justify the structure that allowed him to hoard vast riches while his innovative workers were starving

>> No.16899912

He was lookin sharp. Not even for his age. Dude was just lookin mean lol. I wonder if Roy will be doing his whole cocky shit

>> No.16899917

Ford paid vastly above market wages so that his own workers could afford to buy Ford cars. Surely you know this. Communism is so lame you have to be dishonest and try to trick people into believing it, sort of like you accuse capitalists of doing. Projecting perhaps?

>> No.16899928

When they interviewed Jones' trainer, they asked are you worried about Jones getting knocked out? and he goes "No!" but blinked.

>> No.16899936

Most of the institutions are mutual funds and other shit lazy people put their retirement into.

>> No.16899980
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>marketplace of ideas once we sieze the media we can have debates and institute a temporary direct democracy with the help of citizen creators we can establish a short term secure voting system.
our current structure begets the vices you see in men. replacing the ruling class will not change things for the better
appreciate the effortposting fren

>> No.16899981

Ohhhh shiiiieet

>> No.16900005

No thank you fren. The cancerous thread spurred me into action. I have battled with the pointlessness of it all. Our last hope was prior to the invention of the internet and espescially the smart phone. Mankind is enslaved. My life will be lived with a mask of hope. I will unroot their evil from within their sanctum if my brothers won't stand with me. I wish to liberate the very spirit and soul of mankind. Based pepe "He Walks With Me" fren

>> No.16900008

That's just simply not the case, those people do not own anything close to the 20 or so banks and groups that own the majority of shares. A hoard of soon to be retired workers do not decide who's on the board of directors.

>> No.16900097
File: 82 KB, 1169x1080, 1585522042377.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you fell for popular myths my fren
Ford didn't vastly pay above market wages. Worker's wage in that period was usually $2.25 a day and ford made a conditional offer of $5 a day, which was half pay and half bonus. To be considered eligible for the bonus you were forced to restrict your freedom and your wife was not allowed to work either. Ford himself only made the offer in the first place to reduce labour turnover, not so that his workers could purchase the cars.

>> No.16900146
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>> No.16900163

Yes they're too white, we know.

>> No.16900174

>capitalism is natural, it's been programmed into us over a few centuries!
read max weber niggers

>> No.16900200


>> No.16900226

Socialism but for whites only might be alright. If you've been around N infested areas, you will agree. Euros need not comment.

>> No.16900265

Black people are my dear friends and brothers. You've been misled by a psyop of immense measure. You underestimate the intelligence and subversiveness of your masters. I pray that one day you find the ability to challenge your own convictions with courage and honesty.

>> No.16900331


>> No.16900400

Remain fractured in your dark place. Only by your own conviction and effort can you escape

>> No.16900428

millionaires aren't that uncommon bro, especially in the U.S.

>> No.16900462

True. More millionaires than violent black people. Still less than 5% of the population in both cases.

>> No.16900533

The general population deserves to be exploited, even if I am included. I was born in extremely low class conditions around low class plebs, but I was cursed with a higher-end midwit intellect and a basic awareness of said surrounding and people. I can tell you with first hand experience these "people" deserve no better. You can not improve these "people". The best argument against all forms of egalitarianism is arranging a visit to the concrete or corn safari and see all of the nigger or redneck animals in their natural habitat. Want to help the poor? Kill them, or at the very least sterilize them. Pay them to get vasectomy or their tubes tied instead of incentivizing them to pop out more Tyreses or Cleeti. I won't mind, I'm not a materialist and I will shed this body to hopefully better pastures.

>> No.16900642

Socialism doesn't work but cozy social democracy with robust workers rights, high unionization with tripartite agreements, and a good basic standard of living can.

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