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Why are writers all so fucked up? They're all drunkards, or drug addicts, or adulterers, or neurotic, or schizophrenics, or suicidal.

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only white ones

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I'm not :)
Granted, I exclusively write medieval fantasy, cyberpunk, and porn in those settings, so I'm not the /lit/iest person ever

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Thats what people want to read I guess.

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that's the impression one gets when you only read literary fiction

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Nabokov was fairly normal (other than having a giant ego) despite everyone thinking he was a pedo.

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The only ones of those that really apply are drunkards, drug addicts, and adulterers and that's because drugs and sex are awesome and successful writers can get it as much as they like. Only /lit/ meme writers are suicidal/schizo because /lit/ would like to believe that gives them a shot whereas most successful writers were actually fairly well adjusted and social.

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X to doubt. Next you'll tell me musicians are
>fairly well adjusted and social.

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Interesting people are more likely to make more interesting art but also tend to be fucked up in interesting ways

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That's not really true, but in the cases where it is true, it's because that's what makes them interesting.

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>/lit/ - Literature

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are you stupid?

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/lit/ is a nonfiction board

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holy shit my sides.

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I know. It's like they're almost human.

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because if they had a healthy way of coping with their mental troubles they wouldn't have to write

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