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What does a guy who spent his whole life reading philosophy and literature in his room have to offer to the world?

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Nothing but himself :D

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An example to others.

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He offers not interfering in other men dreams.

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>offer to the world
Nice spook

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I don't care about what I have to offer the world, I only care about what I have to offer myself.

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Friendly reminder that if you aren't writing your own literature then you're a failure. Nothing but a mindless consoomer

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4chan posts are literature

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Whatever you want to offer, just remember that your worth is what you make of it.

You will eventually understand that self-centeredness is perhaps the most destructive thing you can do to yourself.

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Nice spook

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That's literally how Napoleon described his youth, "living like a bear in a room surrounded by books."

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What have you learned, anon? Anything truly original and worth sharing?

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>You will eventually understand that self-centeredness is perhaps the most destructive thing you can do to yourself.
Please. No one does anything for others. Even people that devote their lives to charity only do so because of the warm, fuzzy feeling they get from it.

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Being selfish is the reason why my life so easy though

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I will make u look dumb in an argument

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I gave you some advice because I already went through such a phase and I truly do want you to see the light some day. Your desire to communicate and share ideas with fellow anons shows that you really do care, empathy is part of our existence and you must be true to your heart.

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Wisdom, nuanced perspective, empathy, logical rigor, humility, the list just goes on my friend.

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I only argue on here because I find it fun, which is the only reason you do it too. If you truly believed I would 'see the light' one day, you wouldn't need to cajole me. You only create so others will think you're amazing or so you can have a form of immortality

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Anonymous sharing is altruistic, it's social concernment at its purest, writing for people you'll likely never meet shows your care for them beyond self-promotion, it shows you really care about how they feel about what you put forward. Some people don't have the ability to empathize with others over the internet at all which leads to seemingly sociopathic behavior or simply complete disinterest in social matters which are patterns you clearly don't fit.

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>Anonymous sharing is altruistic
I disagree with the core aspect of that argument. You/I only do it because we either enjoy the act of debating or because we enjoy the warm feeling of helping or sharing. Whether it's a more 'altruistic' version of enjoying the feeling of helping or making the world better by sharing or if it's more selfish by the rush of getting attention in (you)s or whatever, it's really the same when you get down to it.

The simple fact of the matter is that you wouldn't post if you didn't like posting.

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What is wrong with enjoying things? Of course we are conversing here because we enjoy it, we are wired to do so. We instinctively grasp for things to gratify our senses and desire for mutual survival, it can be our intellect, it can be an emotional connection, we can very much enjoy it without being guilty about it.
From my own experience I thought I was introverted because I felt happier alone, but I came to realize that I avoided people due to empathic distress, and I found that I'm extroverted around people that bring me happiness.

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not him but what makes you think that such complex social activity as posting is solely attributable to one or very few causes? i would say social behavior is not something you can model in a simple way because it has so many feedback loops and so many different factors involved.

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>What is wrong with enjoying things
Nothing. That's my point.

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His philosophy, so the process continues.

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Then we are honestly just arguing semantics which is a pointless line of thought in my opinion, what does it matter how you define words?
I know I won't change your mind in a snap, but I do hope it serves as food for thought because rejection of your humanity is not a self-sustaining thing, your inner voice is affected by how you outwardly live, and living negatively is always distressing no matter how much you think you are in control of your emotions.

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>doesn't realize the self is the Self

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But all posts and posters are me, anon.

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Literally this, based hopeful anon.

A man without hope is nothing, for he has neither health of the body or mind.

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Even more philosophy and literature.

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good conversation

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try writing something OP

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Nice spook

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Probably nothing since he's a monolingual English speaker. Otherwise known as a braindead moron.

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the knowledge that he owes society nothing.

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if you write your own lit, you are a spooked dimwit trying hard to be a bourgeois

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his labor at minimum wage

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