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Is this the best haiku ever?

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All poetry is just people using big words to describe simple things that everyone experiences. Woah, look at that tree bro it's like it's alive and bright or some gay shit.

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Yeah, imagine using words to describe things.

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God I want to hurt someone
Fuck off
English is shit

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Nah bruh Meiji ain’t shit

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>translated haiku

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>1 syllable words
You feeling ok bud?

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Is that the one he wrote when his young son died? If so, I sure hope >>17032931 won't experience that everyday feeling in his near future.
If done well it's simply beautiful, I don't see the problem with it.

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I think it was his daughter

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all paintings are just people using primary colors to splash colors we can see with our eyes. like see that purple bro? looks ambient

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>I don't see the problem with it.
chink symbols (which nips use) have a lot more meaning that typical latin/greek script words.
it is simply different.

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So, how does that concern me? I can't read moon runes, if I could I wouldn't be discussing English translations of anything that's Jap, but I'm stuck with the translation so the nuances of the original might as well not exist. If the translator tries to deliver the impact of the original and manages elicit a particular image followed by certain feelings, it's usually more than good enough for me.
I like it when they go the extra mile and inform you of the various meanings and nuances of the text but that's rare in haiku collections.

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>he doesn't spend most of his free time studying obscure convoluted tongues of isolated island nations solely to discern the ineffable minute nuances of meaning in pretentious limericks
The absolute state of Reddit.

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this is

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Not one argument. Would you rather read a book or a 13 sentence poem? Which do you think has more depth and what can convey itself better?

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A succint poem describing an everyday scenery will always be better than the best a writer can do for the same scenery.

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it might come as a surprise to you but words written in alphabetic script have depth and multiple meanings too

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But they're both words? Why couldn't an author write that poem in their book without phrasing it like a poem? Nice cope.

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Every time man. Absolutely crazy

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Why shouldn't he write it in a poem/? Why use more words than necessary? Prosefags HATE this question

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how does /lit/ think he compares to Nael?

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1. Poems are rhythmic
2. Poems rhyme

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This is actually...good?

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The more the words, the less the meaning, and how does that profit anyone?

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>big words

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J*panese subhumans can't write

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t. seething caucasoid worm

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t. roundeye

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>everyone experiences
Most people will never experience the beauty of nature, thats one use for poetry.

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That is the point. It teaches how to look at things with wonder, like a child, and that may be the most important aspect to real happiness.

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This is better than anything anyone on this board will ever write.

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stupid bitches

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poetry is for midwits and manchildren

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It's one of the more memorable ones I've read but that translation of it is shit.

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By that logic I could say why make a movie if it can be a series with more episodes or why make a short if it could be a movie.

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unironically based. read zhuangzi

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