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Which author would you describe as Waldunian?

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My twisted world.

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Brother Spear and definitely frère Molière

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Some shitty writer idk

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Ernest Cline desu

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Sally Rooney

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Bros...there's been no news on L'academie...it's supposed to come out next month. There's isn't a link to preorder it anywhere. I think he scrapped it and has given up on being a writer. He keeps talking about how YouTubing is his job/career now. I'm worried for him. He is quickly becoming irrelevant because he is no longer making trend of the week videos. He thinks he can survive on the merit of his own originality. His last couple of videos were shit, and his viewcounts reflect that. He has also way upped the ads in his videos in an effort to get more money. Waldun has sold out. There is no hope for him.

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We need to encourage him to look inward and embrace his destiny as a writer, mediocre or not.

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Good. Lemme know when he starts an OnlyFans.

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>sold out
>implying he ever "bought in"

Youtube is itself a grift. People get their 15 minutes of fame and make the most of it before fucking off to something else.

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Brother Speare
Dante the dude
saucy Chaucer
Cervantes el Cortex
Magnificent Montaigne
Frère Molière
Johnny Milton
good old Johnson
the wise Goethe
Willy Wordsworthy
Aunt Jane
witty Whitman
Emily the cutie
Charlie Dickens
Eliot the man
Lion Tolstoy
Ibsen the White
"Big cigar" Freud
Mimi Proust
Jamie Joyce
sweet Virginia
French Kafka
Borges the blind
Pablito "chiquita" Neruda
pretty Pessoa
bold Beckett the bald
you can read all about them in my diary desu

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I stg he lurks here

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>Mimi Proust
>not Pédé Proust

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yeah i think hes going for cinematography

he also did another collab with cliff...probably paid for it again too lol

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Waldun is probably homosexual himself, I think he would call Proust cute rather than faggot

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I think Waldun could use his repression and sexual frustration to write something kino like The City and the Pillar.

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agreed, homosexuals have a greater chance of becoming good authors than heterosexuals if their homosexuality leads to psychosis, they have no excuses not to be great

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Forgot to mention, I finally have it. Haven't started it yet. That will come sometime after the holidays.

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Shit, forgot pic.

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Chris Chan

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Who is this Asian homo and why have I seen him posted here.

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that cover makes it look like a book for recovering oxycontin addicts.

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Who's the faggiest, most homosexual s.oy author? That one.

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a booktube e-celeb who LARPs as a writer because he failed at math and in consequence was disowned by his family.

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A credit inside reads "vector credit: Vecteezy," lol.

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From what I've seen of his YouTube that sounds like an accurate summation, thanks anon.

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Was he really disowned by his family?

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He's a Melbourne trotting urbanite, wouldn't surprise me.

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I thought he was a girl when someone spammed his picture and now I'm actually gay for him. It's a weird feeling. Tried jacking it to one of his YT vids but couldn't get turned on then, so I guess I'm not that gay.

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Nah mate. I went to the Waldun bookshop Melbourne tour thing on December 8th. He left the meetup with at least 4 women, including this hottie. Pretty sure he had groupsex with them all.

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It's well known that women love femboys.

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He's literally living in a tiny room in some kind of dormitory or boarding house. He moved into it during his last year of highschool which seems to be around the same time he "switched" career tracks. Compare his tiny closet room to other videos in which his Mom is filming him in their spacious living room. Yeah, dude
got disowned hard.

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Yeah I tried picking up this BPD slut, but she chose Rice Cock over me, an aryan supermale.

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L'academie is probably going to be scrapped, most likely not because he's given up on being a writer completely but because he's realized that he's shit at the moment. He made an admittedly decent reflection on it in one of his recent videos.

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>purple hair
You dodged a bullet, anon. Let giga-chad Rice Cock take the grenade for you.

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RC also claims to have written a third novel which he described as experimental and Burroughsesque. I really hope this heaping pile of shit will see the light of day.

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they probably went for tea and talked about sucking cock tho

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One time a female I know talked about this. She told about a time she went to suck a guy's cock and it wouldn't fit in her mouth it was so big. I can't get the image out of my head, and it makes me angry.

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This twink needs a dick up his ass i don't even read lol

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I'd 100% play with his dick, not even gay.

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check and kek

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post physique

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melborune bros...waldo is stealin our fuckn girls m8s

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I think Waldun is genuinely autistic. Everyone here said he's hasn't lived a life and is a trust fund baby that writes books. And now he's quit his job and now says he wants to live a "vagabond lifestyle" by traveling to poor areas with a camera. How unselfaware is this guy?

I used to feel bad for this kid and defend him, Jesus Christ this guys a faggot

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He's not "unselfaware", he's just young. People who are young make mistakes, it's literally a part of life, and it's usually good that it happens.

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He's in his 20s. You shouldn't be this pretentious and stupid at this age, if he was 16 he'd get away with it.

I'm saying how ridiculous it is that he read comments about how he has an easy life, he then proceeds to quit his job and his idea of living a life is going to poor areas while taking pretentious videos with his uni mates. You can't make this shit up

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Oh my god this would be kino. Imagine the memes from this disastrous mess

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He switched courses in college and had a huge fall out with his family. He had videos about it at the time but deleted them. He said they still give him his "pocket money" and he still talks to them though.

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He did? I thought Waldun had more subs than Cliff.

>> No.17063070

Waldun does have more subs than Cliff. The second collab is on Cliff's channel.

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Imagine having a "fallout" from your family but they still throw you money, lel.

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Mfw one lone autist posts every waldun thread, and his name is waldun.

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they share a name? wow, what are the chances?

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They were probably just angry at him and he blew the situation up. It's probably why all the videos are deleted

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Who is this cute little lady?

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Incredible post

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Rice chuck

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stop shilling this guy. he is young and inexperienced and all this is doing is growing his ego to the point where he'll never actually produce anything worthwhile.

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retard CHUD

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hopefully the cocklust is contained in Victoria...

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I saw that, he described Cormac McCarthy's prose as "sparse" and "minimalistic."

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You think Cliff has him on a literal leash?

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Sorry anon, that was me. My bad.

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ive had a woman do this to me before as well. i have a 7 inch dick and she said if yours is 7 his must have been 12

lmfao stupid whore

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This little bitch used to work at the same bookshop as me.
The stories I could tell!

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i told you guys that he'd be doing video essays exclusively in a year or two. just wait and see. he wont be a writer.
screencap this

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Please, share one.

>> No.17066500

A little one -
He has this habit of adjusting his under pants by putting his hand down his pants instead of just doing what normal people do and adjusting from the outside.
Both front and back adjustments are made this way. Pretty funny. He washes his hands but I imagine it’s only when he knows he has been seen.

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you gotta give us more bro
checked btw

>> No.17066539

I hope he gets stabbed by a Nigerian

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>makes a video basically saying his books are bad and that he's cringe and needs to grow up
Waldun seems to actually be growing because of us

>few vids later
>umm, yeah, I need to live a tough life to become a writer
>me and my rich friends are going to poor areas and taking pictures and I've quit my job that I didn't need anyway
Waldun is the ultimate wannabe

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based, you can become Waldun's Boswell

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Lame ass story. I do shit like this all the time cuz I want to touch my dick or feel my ass. Give us something good you retarded woman.

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I'm positive he would brag about being a writer or his novel or forthcoming novel. Tell us a story related to that.

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