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Merry Christmas, /lit/! I love you and I wish you the very best

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And a merry Christmas to you fren

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Here’s my pic
Kiss Kiss

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Enjoy your holiday celebrestivities.

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Thanks pal. Make sure to get to bed by 10:23pm

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Merry Christmas anon. Going to midnight mass tonight

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reminder that christmas is actually a pagan holiday Natalis Invicti, the birth of the son god Sol Invictus

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Finished the Iliad this Christmas

I'll either continue with the Greeks or read Ciroan.

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Merry Christmas frens!

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Merry Christmas to everyone, I just posted a recommendation for pre-Socratic philosophy in the WOYM thread >>17109964

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yep. which is the reason I am fine celebrating it as long as I dont go to church or pretend our festivities have anything to do with some desert religion quarrels.
i love my Yule festivities.

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well done fren, Odyssey is even better!

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Shoo meanie

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cozy alliance activate, happy holidays anons. Although far apart and distanced, we share a common ember tonight

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Merry Christmas anon!

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yah, im thinking hes a little bit based.

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Hope you guys are comfy.
Read a couple chapters of Musashi today, which is perfect because the story is happening right at New Years, so the chilly atmosphere is still there

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Merry Christmas guys, I love you all!

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The only book I got gifted this year was "everything is ******" - the sequel to "the subtle art of not giving a f*ck". Feels bad man, but some litbros aren't getting any gifts so I'm at least grateful for that.

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You tell me anon, I got gifted some fucking bullshit new age book about energies n shit. But we have to appreciate family, they're just doing their best

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I got gifted Pessoa. Is he based?

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Merry Christmas frems, i love you all

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Merry Christmas guys, after 12 years on /lit/ you are like family to me.

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Die, you fucking useless, repulsive, vomit inducing cunts.

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It's okay anon. A lot of people are alone on christmas too.

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Bros there's Christmas hats on every thread haha
I just had dinner with family. Hope Santa brings me good presents this year!

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Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas frens!! God be with you and you be with God!!

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Joyeux Noël!!!!

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merry xmas frens. this website is a hellscape but we are far from the worst board. you're all pretty alright most of the time. i hope you all get the gifties you asked for :)

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Have a wonderful and merry Christmas everyone! And a happy birthday to Jesus Christ!

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Merry Christmas, frens. Despite how much I like to riff on the faggs in this board I actually like you all (even the tripfaggs)

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Nollaig Shona, mo chairde

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MERRY CHRISTMAS /lit/friends! I hope Santa brings you some nice books. :)

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Merry christmas, /lit/! I hope you guys get all the books you asked for.

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To another year of literary fren-posting, until we’re glassed or herded into free range UN Smart Cities gulags

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Merry Christmas Christian friends

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>mfw I'm never alone on Christmas because I'm always with my anon family

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Whoa, just take it easy man

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what's the video?

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Die Hard

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Merry Christmas anon. Legit comfy and oddly relaxed right now and reading some Moomins and Mishima. Lets hope for some good eating and reading tomorrow for everyone

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Merry Christmas Anon

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I know deep in your heart you can find some Christmas magic. I wish upon a star that this Anon will come to understand the true spirit of Christmas and wish for peace on earth and good will to all men.

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Merry Christmas!!!!!!

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I've never celebrated Christmas but I like apu threads and you're all cool dudes, my fellow /lit/bros. Hope you feel cozy tonight.

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christmas is on the 7th of january
nonetheless merry christmas to my catholic and protestant frens.

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th-thanks you too

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Christ is born! Merry Christmas!

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Merry christmas niggers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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We live in a society

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Luv ya

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merry christmas all :)

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Nollaig Shona Duit!

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Merry Christmas, /lit/. Let us not forget to pray.

https://youtu.be/CBwh1OXw6uI :)

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Merry Christmas bros so many books to read so much knowledge to gain

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I never can sleep on Christmas Eve.

Waiting up for Santa!

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Is it just me or is /lit/ more positive than it used to be? Is everyone depressed from COVID and relying in a realer way on the social comforts of their online community? Or is this some change in me, in my own selective seeing?

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Merry Christmas frens

Diary of a country priest

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Conte de Noël - Guy de Maupassant

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I hope Santa gives coal instead to anyone having sex today

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The Dead

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>t.actual retard

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Halloween is also a Celtic pagan holiday. Christmas is just an extension of Yule which is roman I believe

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Any Charles Dickens book

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Merry Christmas to all! But, especially you anon, who woke up to coal! It might seem short, cold and dark, and full of sadness and lightless spark. But Hark, and see, the mad beauty of He, who shines upon us all. Especially Ye, as to it does seem he has fled and left you all alone. But look outside your window, and atop a stem with a thousand arms - all the branches painted in colors abound, no matter the hemisphere, through gleam and smear, cheers and joy to you anon on this very special time of the year.

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This got me in a good mood for some reason

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Merry Christmas to all! May you have lots of laughs, a full stomach and an even fuller heart.

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Shut the fuck up, bitch!
Fuck you too and your wannabe purple prose. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you.

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We were all edgy 16 year olds like you too anon

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Kys. Dumb frogposter.

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my flatmate got me salute from the fleet
my ex gf got me edward thomas
and my mom passed down the kahlil gibran who was gifted it by her grandfather

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seethe faggot

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Thank you for keeping this board alive anons
merry christmas

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I'm alone, but comfy, playing guitar. Might head out to Circle K to get some snacks, bros.

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Merry Christmas Frens

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i got drunk last night. took some pretty oily shits this morning. spelled awful. gonna eat some ramen and pepperoni sticks like usual.

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Hugs too all /lit/ frens.

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nice, I like stuff from faber & faber

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Merry Christmas friends. May we all read more ancient classics, learn Latin better, and stick together against the storm outside.

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Stay safe, kings

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Merry Christmas my fellow c/lit/s. It's been a hell of a year for me, as I'm sure it was for many of you. Ironically Covid didn't affect me too much, but a toxic living situation did and it's taken almost all my mental effort to deal with my scheming, two-faced relatives so I only read like four books all year, which is probably a new low for me. But knowing that you guys are still here made things just a little more bearable. Here's hoping that next year life will come to us a little easier.

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I know they're cookies but they look like fried chicken

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You will make it through man. Merry Christmas!

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congrats on what?

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Merry Christmas to all!
I made sure to read aloud the second chapter from the Book of Luke today since I couldn't attend church.
"Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men."
That's what it's all about man

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The guitar playing

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Merry Christmas my dudes <3

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Merry Christmas, Anon.

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Merry Christmas Frens
This board keeps life bearable. Hopefully the next year is better

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