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Sorry i dont have much to say; i just wanted to post a blue fairy. Btw, why do zoomers hate books and Touhou?

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ps4 costs $400
ps5 costs $500
i'm fucked forever

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Even textbooks don't cost that much.

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just getting a gaming pc and buy a new video card every couple years, consoles are for chuds

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I like books and touhou though. Still need to beat the latest 3 games to catch up though.

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I like touhou music and fan covers by doujin circles, and the designs and lore are the definition of comfy. Not much of a fan of the "keep grinding the patterns until your muscle memory is good enough" gameplay though.

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>keep grinding the patterns until your muscle memory is good enough
you're just bad at bullet hells. Outside of maybe a few spellcards you struggle with it shouldn't be muscles memory should be able to actually just react and adapt. If you tried memorizing every spellcard it'd take days to play a single game. It really should just be a matter of seeing where to move in each pattern.
This is like saying fighting games are pure rote memorization when shit like neutral is anything but

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>If you tried memorizing every spellcard it'd take days to play a single game.

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Git gud

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They just don't understand

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Man, fuck the /jp/ mods right now. Absolute bitches

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I hate the electric jap so goddamn much, Mishima is the only reason I don't wish Japan was nuked into absolute oblivion, glory to the CCP.

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Not a zoomer, but fuck Touhou. I'm not going to waste my time on a video game when I can read books and shitpost on /lit/ like a REAL MAN.

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They cant get past Cirno

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cirno's powerlevel is among the most inconsistent in touhou lore, so it's not even an insult depending on circumstances.

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