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>Platos dialogues: Authored 400-200 BC. Oldest surviving manuscript: 900 AD.
>Plato’s Tetralogies, Authored 400–200 B.C. Oldest surviving manuscript: 900 AD.
>Homers Illiad, Authored 800-700 BC. Oldest surviving manuscript: 1000 AD.
>Aristophanes Dialogues, Authored 400-200 BC. Oldest surviving manuscript: 1100 AD.
>Xenophon manuscripts, Authored 400-200 BC. Oldest surviving manuscript: 1000 AD.

There is absolutely nothing “ancient” about these medieval pieces of fan fiction. They are copies of copies of copies of translations of copied fragmented translations written 1500 years after their date of authorship and translated into a neat unabridged English edition Penguin Classic.
You will deny this, because your professor told you: “It’s all real”—“we used science :O to determine this is what Plato actually said”—and because you want it to be real; just as a child coming of age enters a crisis upon hearing for the first time that Santa isn’t real. The same people who refuse to read a German-English translation written 200 years ago will happily gobble down this great lie we call the “Ancient Greeks”. It takes an especially sick individual to get a whiff of the farts of 1000 years of academic elitism and not just accept the smell, but to actively revel in it.

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>he doesn't believe in Santa
Bro wtf?

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>Has never heard of oral tradition

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imagine not being thankful to the monks for having been diligently transcribing all the ancients throughout the dark ages

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Bruh, you got BTFO the last time you posted your ramblings, give it up

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Did you?

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Reminder that 1st millenium AD only lasted ~300 years and Charlemagne was contemporary of Aurelian.

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They used to write on papyrus which has almost no chance of lasting 2400 years. The only surviving manuscript discovered in Greece and dating to that period had been carbonised in a funeral pyre

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