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How does /lit/ spend his day?

>9.30am Waking up and making breakfast
>until 10.30 am eating
>doing hw for uni till 1pm and coffee
>reading for 1 1/2 h
>lifting till 4pm
>eating, showering
>6pm reading for 1 1/2h
>shitposting till 10pm
>gaming/watching jewtube
>1am sleeping

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fap all day long

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>planning to read
>not actually reading

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>6am wake up, 15 minutes stretching
>read for 45 minutes
>workout for 30 minutes
>have breakfast
>get home
>go on walk and journal (40 minutes)
>get home
>make tea and other basic household tasks
>read for an hour sometime in the evening
>asleep by 11pm at latest

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it's worth noting my schedule is like that but variations exist those are just things I plan each day

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I have been thinking about waking up earlier. Do you think that it really matters that much?

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wake up
read in bed
lights out

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It depends on the person, regularity is more important imo your body gets used to waking up at the same time then after a while you wake up quicker and can go right from bed to active - the reason I think people hype it up so much is because if you wake up earlier you have it in your mind you're being productive so I think that makes you be more productive, I usually just adjust to my work day to give me a few hours to get stuff done before work after breakfast I have some leisure time to enjoy before work on my first job I'd shit shower and have some shitty food then go into work, now by the time I've arrived I've read, worked out, had a nice healthy breakfast, relaxed for a bit makes me feel much better at my last job I adjusted it to wake up at 4am which didn't feel better than this, pick a time that works for you, make sure you get 7-8 hours, keep it regular and fuck snooze buttons

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>Wake up at 5
>Make tea
>Read up to 7 am
>7 to 8:15 Wake up gf and get ready for work
>8:30 to 5 work, play chess during lunch
>5:30 back home, cook meal
>6 to 8 watch some tv with gf
> 8 to sleep (between 9 and 11) read

I live the wageslave life

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>3:00pm rise
>3:05 Chivas Regal with the morning papers, Dunhills
>3:45 cocaine
>3:50 another glass of Chivas, Dunhill
>4:05 first cup of coffee, Dunhill
>4:15 cocaine
>4:16 orange juice, Dunhill
>4:30 cocaine
>4:54 cocaine
>5:05 cocaine
>5:11 coffee, Dunhills
>5:30 more ice in the Chivas
>5:45 cocaine, etc etc
>6:00 grass to take the edge off the day
>7:05 Woody Creek Tavern for lunch-Heineken
>9:00 starts snorting cocaine seriously
>10:00 drops acid
>11:00 Chartreuse, cocaine, grass
>11:30 cocaine etc etc
>12:00 midnight, ready to write

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any good books to learn chess?
based and thompsonpilled

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>10:00pm wake
>10:30pm go to OPs moms house
>11:00pm cook OP goodnight tendies
>12:00pm have sex with OPs mom
>8:00am go home
>9:00am work
>2:00pm sleep

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>any good books to learn chess?
I mostly play with coworkers or online. I do it for fun and I'm not actively trying to get better. I'm happy with my 1350 elo. Never read a chess book, sorry.

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no worries fella

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>7:30 wake and breakfast
>8:00 read
>9:00 online school
>16:00 homework
>18:30 dinner
>19:00 shower
>19:30 listen to one or two albums
>22:00 read
>23:00 watch the simpsons/corner gas/documentaries
>00:00 sleep

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>8 wake up
>zoom lecture @ 9 (3 days/week)
>played a little bit of piano
>got something to eat
>now it's almost 2

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>Waking up after 6

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>3 pm wake up
>fuck around on phone til 4
>eat something, probably some empty junk food
>shitpost and look at youtube until 9 pm
>eat fast food
>shitpost and look at youtube until 6 am, intermittently snack on junk food
>go to bed

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Broke all my alarm clocks in a fit of rage. Now, my full bladder rips me out of bed, and the splashback from the toilet bowl wakes me up. I log on, before I've even had a water, let alone a coffee or something to eat, to 4chan, and scour the boards and archives. I'm looking for daily schedule threads. I spend most days composing points that I could list, but I'm especially humored by piss, and maybe shit. Like, saying that my routine is something crazy like doing 100 pushups in front of my mirror naked in silence while tears stream down my face from holding my piss in. I do this most days. I wake up from my vampire shift everyday at 12:00am. I call it vampire shift because I sleep during the day like a real vampire afraid of sunlight and garlic. After adequately responding I start my real workout, overcoming my garlic allergy. I've been locking myself in a dark room for about 10 months trying to get rid of my galric allergy by exposing myself for an hour daily to garlic in a locked room, pitch black. The only sunlight I've seen in 10 months is simulated on my computer screen, which is specifically tinted so that I can't see myself. That's the other thing - I'm terrified of my own reflection.

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>Wake up
>Give dog meds
>Uni (2-4 hours)
>Eat food
>Either go for a 2-3 hour night walk or play wow if its a raid day
>Work or art project or read a book
>Study japanese, watch anime, read manga
>Browse 4chan for a bit
>Put on youtube about astronomy/physics and drift off to sleep

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>wake up
>don't play videogames because time goes by too fast when I do
>dont actually use this time I gain outside of videogames for anything other than thinking how I could be productive
>browse 4chan/youtube and bore myself to death
>fall asleep

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I watch a lot of anime anons, I'm scared someday I'll become too old to enjoy it so I'm watching as much as I can rn while I'm still 20

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On chess.com? I rarely play but I can easily maintain 1900 elo anon you must be retarded

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>Wake up at 10am-12pm
>Have shower
>Make coffee
>Read, listen to music and intermittently browse /lit/ for some hours
>Make coffee
>Write maybe if I'm feeling inspired in some manner
>Eat dinner at 7pm
>Make coffee
>Watch YouTube or anime of some kind for some hours, that or play vidya if I'm bothered
>Make coffee
>Read some more
>Want to neck myself
>Browse, watch anime or something of the sorts until 1-2am
>Want to neck myself

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On lichess, chess.com is full of ads.

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>wake up at 11 am
>shitpost for 20 minutes
>get called for breakfast
>eat breakfast while shitposting from 11:21 pm to 11:40 am
>shitpost/read vn from 11:41 am to 5:00 pm
>take a bath for 2 hours
>eat dinner
>shitpost until 3:00 am
>put down phone

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>8am wake up, wish I hadn't
>9am lurk, play rythm games gachashit and maybe read
>12pm lunch
>12:30-4pm either listen to music, lurk, or just stare at the screen
>4pm exercise
>6pm shower and dinner
>7pm read on most days, some I skip because I'm not feeling it
>9pm-12am lurk, music or video games
>1am fap and fall asleep scrolling through pictures of my waifu on phone

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>don't shower either when you wake up or before you go to bed
interesting, why?

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I don't know, maybe since I'm doing nothing all day I don't feel the need to until I'm done with exercising and after taking a shit.
I used to shower both after waking up and before going to bed when I was studying though, I just lost the habit I guess.

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Sounds soulless

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>6 to 8 watch some tv with gf
Bro don’t you game or anything else? Watching TV for 2 hours seems boring

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>2pm wake up, feeling like shit
>3pm cook for family
>5pm catch up on notifications
>6pm ‘hmm i should start job searching’
>6pm gaming & shitposting
>12am read
>4am ‘fuck i should fix my sleeping schedule’ ‘i could try to stay up and sleep early tomorrow?’
>continued reading, trying to stay up
>7am knock out
Repeat. One day I will break out of this cycle.

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Well a movie is like 2 hours. Usually its a long episode of a tv serie (like an hour long episode), 2-3 short episodes (about 20-25 minutes) or a movie.

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Current Schedule:
>8:30 wake up, shower, go to work and try not to kill self
>5:00 off work, go home and read for a bit
>6:30 dinner and watch jeopardy at 7:30
>8:00 watch a movie or tv show a bit, drink a bit and play video games with a couple of my friends
>10/11 could still be playing video games, maybe do some reading if I'm not too drunk, maybe browse the internet a bit
>12:00 go to bed around this time

I'm applying to grad school programs so I don't have to do this shit any more

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Not bad since you're still at uni, BUT that sleep cycle is dogshit, get up and go to bed much earlier.

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He still gets 7-8 hours of sleep and gets his work done early on in the day though

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Stop weekday drinking bro

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chess.com lol, probably have diamond.

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6am wake up
browse 4chan for an hour or two
get home
might read for a bit
do it again next day

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> 9:00 go to work
> 5:00 get off work

I always hear about 9 - 5, but I've always seen it done as 9 - 6 because you get a lunch hour and that doesn't count towards the 8 hours. Do you work through lunch, have I been deceived, or is it that no one is paying too much attention at your job?

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I don't have a schedule as such, but rather a set of abstract ideals I work towards, re-formulated in terms of more immediate, concrete goals that I can work towards. I don't find that my mood and inspiration is predictable enough to fit a schedule but my general motivation is, if that makes sense.
Anyway, I keep a spreadsheet and some journals. I'm on track. I'm striving. That said: >>17267812 is unassailably based.

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this used to be basically my schedule but then i quit my job and now i can't find another one. seriously considering going back to the old one with my tail between my legs and asking them to take me back.

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3pm wake up
spend 5 hours on 4chan or watching vtubers
take a bath, read about 20 pages in the bath
repeat the last two
jerk off
sleep at 8am

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Regardless of whether you go back to your old job you should take your tail and be sure it isn't permitted a spot between your legs. So what if you go back? Fuck them if they chat shit.
In the land of my people there is an ancient saying: Chat shit get banged.

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>jerking off AFTER bathing

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>7:30am wake up
>8am morning phone call for work
>8:30-12pm moving back and forth between my work computer, my PC (vidya) and my reading chair to read
>12pm-12:30pm Lunch
>12:30pm-2pm sit in my chair letting my food digest, maybe read a couple pages if I can muster the energy
>2pm-3:30pm depending on the day either gym for weightlifting or outside to run
>3:30pm-5pm reading chair time with my work computer in case I have to actually do something instead of read
>5pm-6pm Play escape from Tarkov
>6pm-7pm stretching and calisthenics while reading
>7pm-8pm cooking dinner, eating, doing whatever
>8pm-9pm read some more
>9pm-9:15pm shower
>9:15pm-9:45pm load up vape and get high (legal marijuana state) while watching informational YouTube videos streamed to my TV
>9:45pm-10:30pm keep watching YouTube
>10:30pm-11:15pm take a dab or two to get higher and continue watching info-porn
>11:15pm-12am remove my contacts, brush my teeth, lay down in bed
>12am-12:30am fall asleep
This is literally my entire day every day, the only exception being if I go to my parents’ house for dinner.
The fact that I do actually do all of these things at specific times every day makes me think my Generalized Anxiety Disorder might actually be OCD. Whatever

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It's not right after

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For the past 7 months it’s been pretty much this:
8AM: wake up, shower, breakfast
9AM-12: read
12-3PM: practice drums
3PM-5:30PM: eat, 5 mile walk
5:30PM-8PM: practice drums
8PM-11PM: read
11PM-midnight: not much of anything
Yes, I am a NEET

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7AM - 8PM: work, parenting, chores
8PM - 9PM: shower, shitposting
9PM - 11PM: read, sex, plan my death

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>1pm wake up
>1-7 pm think about how much I dont want to work
>7pm - 4 am lift shit and move it
>4am to 1pm sleep

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Currently a neet so I'm trying all sorts of different things but there is some kind of consistency

>6am, wake up
>Read for an hour
>Have breakfast
>Waste a bit of time on the internet
>Go outside for a couple of hours, usually just walking around nice places
>Have lunch
>Watch a film
>Waste more time on the internet
>Read for a bit
>Eat again
>Read until it is time to sleep

It's not going to work long term but it will keep the time ticking over for a few weeks without too much time for bad feelings.

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the marijuana is fucking up your mind. you shouldn't smoke, especially not daily. worst of all you probably haven't had a single restful night of sleep if you smoke that close to bed time. I don't care how rested you think you feel, you aren't getting your deep sleep cycles of you're getting high at night. posting this to help you, I used to do the same. anxiety just disappeared after a year away from all drugs

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On a good but normal day
>6:45 wake up and run
>be at work at 8:45
>come home around 3
>have snack, clean up
>read til 5 or 6 or take nap
>go to store to get things for dinner
>eat dinner around 8
>clean up, done before 9:30
>have tea and read, surf web til 11-12

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This but 3 to 3 work

>> No.17272409

pretty much this sadly

>> No.17272591

why don't you read?

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At sea (6-8 months yearly):
Wake up 2330, go to watch
2345-0345 watch (listen to audio books)
0400 go to sleep, 0900 wake up
0910-1030 work out, shower
1030 tea, light breakfast
1045-1120 read
1120 lunch
1145-1545 watch
1600-1700 read
1700 dinner
1730 go to sleep

For the rest of the year, NEETlife mode:
Wake up 0700, breakfast and coffee while checking news, 4chan, messages, etc
0800-0900 learn language (currently Romanian
0900-1000 vidya or read
1000-1130 lift or run or cycle depending on mood and weather
1130-1200 lunch
1200-1430 shooting/archery/knife throwing
1430-1645 nap
1700 run (if I feel like it and haven't already), or vidya
1830 dinner
1930-2100 watch movies/TV, vidya
2100 lift or run if I haven't already or I feel like doing it again, or vidya/TV
Imagine doing this your entire life til 65
Is is worth it?

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>Imagine doing this your entire life
now imagine it with kids
>Is is worth it?
depends on your outlook

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>wake up at 12pm
>spend the day watching anime/movies/youtube, reading, or browsing random stuff on the internet
>go to sleep at 12am

>> No.17273024

sounds comfy

>> No.17273281

>he doesn't know the joy of bantering with the wife while laying on her soft stomach

I feel for you anon...

>> No.17273289

You sleep for 11 hours while at sea?

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0800 - wake up, go to bathroom, piss, brush and floss. weigh myself. glass of water
0800-0845 - sit in be or at desk, read one of the 7 books or comics i've reading at the same time. Never more than 7 because I only have 7 nice bookmarks. Personal rule.
0845-0930 - practice french vocab and do rosetta stone lesson. in evening I use a workbook for 30 minutes
0930-0945 - make tea or coffee and continue to read, or more likely than not stare into space and plan order of day in my head.
0945-1015 - joint rotations and morning yoga, and 100 rep warmup and then bike for 50-10 min while listening to french podcast
1000-when i'm done - work out of weight training and calisthenics and then bike more. If bike is easy and long i'll continue reading while doing that.

after that i'l have more tea and shower. and then have more coffee and tea. If i stay hydrated until right after the shower i'll usually forget about breakfast.

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Just actually do things.

>> No.17273642

>Is is worth it?
It's not and believe me I don't plan on living that long if I have too keep doing this.

>> No.17273667

School haven't started yet because of rona so it isn't my true schedule, but still it's what it is right now.
>3 am wake up, breakfast, shower
>4 am 4chan
>5h30 am exercices at home because the gyms are still closed and there's too much ice outside to run
>6h30 am read
>11h start making dinner
>12h eat dinner while browsing /lit/
>1 pm read or gaming
>around 7pm sleep

>> No.17273680

>Is is worth it?
No but I'm currently looking to go back to college to make my life better.

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I can't wake before 9:30 am no matter when i slept.

>> No.17273689

Honestly, the only thing I dislike is my current job. Everything else is great.

>> No.17273964

wake up at 6:00, read till 21:00, take a shower, go to sleep.

>> No.17274004

Yeah when I can, except maneuvering in and out of port fucks that up real fast every few days

>> No.17274192

I wake up at 5AM, eat breakfast and work on my Greek until about 6:30. On workout days I'll read until 8:00, otherwise I read until 9:40 and then I do some cleaning up, take a shower, and have lunch. I'll read until my second lunch at 1PM, then read until my dinner at 4:00, then read until 6 or 7PM, then just dick around on the internet until 9PM and go to bed.

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Are you all so incredibly disciplined and introverted? This is unexpected

Everyone is working out and reading and writing and journaling and observing and stretching and nobody is

Hanging out
Meeting friends
Going on dates
Banging girlfriend

I thought I was introverted but here I feel extremely social by comparison

>> No.17274272

There's a global pandemic. Everything is closed, I get a 1000$ fine if I see another human being and there's a curfew.

>> No.17274300

You would have to pay me to truncate my personal objectives in order to go engage with any of those low-stimulation amusement deadlines.

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You're either about that literary life or you need to go back.

>> No.17274636

Do none of you have jobs?

>> No.17274654

1pm: wake up have coffee
1pm-4am: browse instagram, 4chan, youtube, game, write a sonnet, fap,sleep

>> No.17274668

What do people like you think happens all over the world, in almost every nation?

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Work. Do you none of you work for a living instead of being a degenerate?

>> No.17274678

4:30 am - wake up
5 am - first deep work session, no distractions
8 am - check emails, but do not respond. Then I go for a 1 hour walk
9am - respond to as many emails as I can in 30 minutes
9:30am - second deep work session
12:30am - break for lunch, take a nap

After that I spend the rest of my day doing what I want

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Aristocrats don't work, slave. Get back to the field.

>> No.17274694

I live off dividends and some rental properties.

>> No.17274726

I refuse to believe there is anyone remotely aristocratic on this board. Go and watch some trap porn you degenerate

>> No.17274738

sounds like you're projecting my dude.

calm down

>> No.17274741

If you look at the world through a dirty lens it makes everything look dirty. You can't see nobility in others because you have a bad mind.

>> No.17274757

Samefag. No, I am judging from the posts in this thread and in others, this board is full of degenerates and people who don't read. Stop larping

>> No.17274776

fucking retard kys

>> No.17274896

You will never be an aristocrat you tranny. Dilate

>> No.17274935

Go back to the field, slave

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> 9 am
Wake up and make tea
>10 am
Look for a part time job
>11 am - 7pm
Make music or code.
>7pm - 8pm
Go for a walk/ run or lift.
8 - 12pm
Read for a couple hours and watched related YouTube videos

>> No.17275363

this, but because I have a job and usually to tired to read after and during it

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>Wake up @5AM
>Go for cycling @5:30AM
>Return around 7AM
>Read for an hour or so
>Breakfast @10AM
>Keep reading till evening
>Dinner @8AM
>Browse & make shitty threads on 4chan till fall asleep, which is around 9AM

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>8am wake up
>9am work
>1pm have lunch, and loathe myself for hating my job
>8pm stop working, dinner, shower and shit
>10pm either reading, writing, gaming or recording music

It’s pretty soulless
Do I just hate my job or do I hate working and adult life overall?

>> No.17276343

I resent the 8 or 10 hour work day that we've all been convinced is necessary to survive as an adult. I read 19th century literature and I've seen too many people who were perfectly content with their daily bread and the corner of some room to sleep at night. You don't need a house, a car, or a phone. Stop slaving away for these things and work on your mind instead because when you're on your deathbed the house isn't going to mean shit but philosophy will get you through it with a smile.

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>> No.17277066

I haven't had a set schedule for how I spend a day.

>> No.17277404

Do you live in a castle?

>> No.17277414

do you ever tell your dog to take his meds, as a joke

>> No.17277459

samefag? 11 seconds apart? what a retard, stop posting and lurk more

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same, i have a folders with so many books and near my bed, i say the same shit, tomorrow.

>> No.17277761

Bro...is it really as good as it sounds?

>> No.17277767

Easier said than done

>> No.17277862

>Hanging out
>Meeting friends
>Going on dates
>Banging girlfriend

>> No.17277872

No I quit uni

>> No.17277957

1pm Wake up
2pm Grab a brush and put a little make-up
2:30pm Hide the scars to fade away the shake-up
3pm Look for my keys
4pm Create another Fable character
3am Dinner
4am Self righteous suicide.

>> No.17278010

Give yourself something to look forward to after work
Or just change jobs. Unless you hate your entire occupation?

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At 11 AM I place a frozen hot pocket in the microwave, a Daewoo KOR6L77 with a 20 liter capacity and 5 power levels with the highest being 700 watts (it has no other options aside from timer knobs), and commence with the morning’s jerking session. Afterwards I grab a soft faux-cotton Kleenex – with auxiliary fibers to get even the most stubborn of dirt layers – and wipe the cum off my protruding stomach.

Then I open my microwave and grasp the hot pocket, with cheese, meat, and vegetables. The aroma is nice and familiar, and though the heat of it hurts my hands and mouth, I can’t wait any longer before gorging in the sublimity of it.

After breakfast is done, I go back to my room. My mother, a 42-year-old roastie who couldn’t keep a husband to save her life and who adores me, is still sleeping in the bed like some sort of ox. I sit at the edge of the bed and grab my PS4 controller, a DualShock 4 with Bluetooth capability, along with touch input sensor in the middle and wireless functionality, and press the button in the middle, turning on the PlayStation 4 console, with built in Blu-ray player, and start up OverWatch.

I am very good at OverWatch. There is aim-assist but I find this wholly irrelevant to the grand scheme of things, as I don’t even try aiming in the first place. I dislike playing on PC though because of the lack of aim-assist and how this allows PC gamers to cheat using adjustable DPI in their color-coded mouses. I tend to main Tracer in the game because her exotic accent hardens my cock and her ass invigorates a sense of pride in me for having so much prowess playing her. It is as if I control Tracer, I am her master.
Blizzard, the company who created OverWatch, has gone on record to state Tracer is a stupid-fucking-dyke and removed the lurid victory pose of her ass. This agitated me and so I sent 138 messages, each with burner emails, explaining my dissatisfaction and how the day of reckoning would come. I also informed them that if I ever saw one of their employees, I would slice their fucking throats with a chiseled disc of OverWatch and shove my dicks up their ass since they love faggots so much.

Around 3 PM my mother finally wakes. It is a loud and boisterous affair that breaks my concentration, which I believe is her intended effect as I looked over to acknowledge her and see her drooping hit-the-wall-when-I-was-23 face smiling at me. She asks if I slept well but I grunt a response and allow her to make her own interpretations off that. Out of the corner of my eye I see her scrunch her nose and make a face, I assume she is smelling the mixture of balls and semen on my hands since I didn’t bother washing my hands after my earlier jerk.

>> No.17278061

I work 9:30ish-5. Technically we are supposed to be here 8:30-9:30 with 1 hour unpaid lunch. My manager doesn't care to enforce this.

>> No.17278150

probably comfiest schedule in this thread

>> No.17278157

>5:00 Wake up, glass of Water, vitamins
>5:30 Breakfast, brush teeth, write
>6:30 Read philosophy, then fiction, then either the Bible or a science textbook
>10:00 Online School
>12:00 Lunch
>12:30 Chinese Study
>1:00 Chess against AI
>1:30 Practice Piano
>2:00 Drive to Gym
>2:30 Exercise
>4:00 Get home, shower, meditate
>5:00 Dinner
>6:00 Read/Study/Write/See my girlfriend/Browse this shithole/Watch YouTube
>10:30 Journal, Write To-Do List, Brush Teeth
>10:45 Sleep

>> No.17278162

what games do you play op

>> No.17278164

same brah

>> No.17278180

Doesn't even cum at 3:00. Kinda pathetic.

>> No.17278193

On a good day:

>7:30 wake
>coffee, calisthenics, shower, light breakfast
>9:30 work
>12:00 lunch, maybe clean up the house a bit, shitpost, coffee
>1:30 back to work
>5:00 done work, make drink read a bit
>6:00 eat leftovers for dinner
>7:00 more reading, or crafting/cooking projects
>9:00 bed or maybe get some takeout and catch up on tv/movies

>> No.17278200

how you pay for food?

>> No.17278211

browse mu and lit 24/7

>> No.17278367

I don't even have days as discrete chunks of 24 hours.
>wake up
>stare at a screen for about 24 to 36 hours
>sleep for about 12 to 16 hours
I think I might have a slight problem.

>> No.17278449

We finally get a good bible thread where people are actually talking about the text and the faggot mods delete it, but this shit stays up all day long. This is apparently the content they want here.

>> No.17278520
File: 85 KB, 810x620, Lifeisgoodkek.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be me
>say "niggerfaggot" seven times on each subreddit to trigger reddit fags.
>They ban my sockpuppet account thinking theyve won
>hack their faggot ass account and take back the discord

>pic related

>> No.17278579

It’s really hard to find the will to do what you like after 11 hours of work
Especially when it’s creative stuff that you really want to feel in the mood to do

>> No.17278746

I live with my parents.

>> No.17278882

I used to have a relatively standard wageslave schedule. Ever since I lost my job in August, however, it's been deteriorating more and more.

>currently 4:50 p.m.
>haven't gotten out of bed since I first woke up at around 1:30 p.m.
>last thing I ate was a granola bar at 10:30 p.m. last night
>haven't read in months
>can't leave the house because of the covid situation in my shithole Latin American country, been a complete hermit since March 2019
>terrified of living like this, yet can't put an end to it

>> No.17278968

At least you are not jerking off all day.

>> No.17278972

Based coombrain

>> No.17278995

What you coding?

>> No.17279018

I only play League of Legends, friend

>> No.17279826

Finding a mate early isn't worth the time or effort.
First off women find older men more attractive, so if I'm to find a highly desirable mate I too should seek to do so during a time when I am most desirable.
Second, the primary factor women look for is wealth security and that is something that takes time to build up.

Ideally 35-40 is an ideal time for mate selection as a male, get a nice girl in her 20s who's easily molded into a proper woman which should facilitate the production of 2-3 well adjusted children.

>> No.17279947
File: 16 KB, 236x266, e47f3e34b990e1aebc1260a955b2ce4a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>1pm wake
>5pm get out of bed
>6pm eat
>7pm YouTube + 4chan
>5am sleep

>> No.17279951

I don't have any friends and women never look in my direction.

>> No.17280471

>06:00 Wake up
>06:05 Shit, shower, shave
>06:25 News, make lunch if I'm not eating out
>07:30 Commute
>07:59 Arrive at work
>08:00 Coffee, socialize
>10:00 Work
>12:00 Lunch
>13:00 Reddit, news, podcasts, various sites that I wont get fired for browsing
>17:05 Call it a day
>17:40 Arrive home
>17:45 Prepare dinner. Usually homemade, always delicious.
>19:30 Read, netflix, youtube, chores, etc.

A few times a month I'll have to do an honest day's work, but this is the usual. It's pretty comfy, though I'll admit I need to start working out again.

>> No.17280535

If your job is just sitting at a PC why do you still go in? Is this pre-pandemic routine?

>> No.17280565

I do some of these things sometimes but they are not "daily routine"... I'm not like okay 2:33pm time to fuck my wife haha.

I'm thinking of this like weekday rituals.

>> No.17280613

I'm in the south, nobody cares about china virus anymore.

I do wear a mask in the break room though.

>> No.17280944
File: 36 KB, 633x480, GwG0uyi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>7:00 wake up. Check messages, make bed, drink water. Check calendar, if important meetings, shower, shave right away. Otherwise wait until post workout.
>7:05 stretches while watching the crypto market
>7:10 make breakfast and coffee
>7:30 check emails while eating breakfast
>7:45 work on business, checking list I gave myself night before
10:00 protein shake break, maybe read something or watch something on YouTube real quick
10:15 switch to another task relating to business, usually phone calls or in person meetings that I batch at this time slot
13:00 eat lunch, either read or youtube video again
13:30 back to work
16:30 make oats for pre-workout, check crypto market again
17:00 home workout if low on time, hit up buddies for gym workout if time, might just go on a hike/tennis/golf instead if extra time, or if a buddy dropped by in town. Also probably texting to make plans in the week or weekend.
18:30 eat dinner, shower, shave
19:30 browse /lit/
20:00 open up FL Studio, produce music for fun
21:25 write daily accomplishments, failures, future tasks to work on
21:30 take ZMA, put on blue-light glasses, sit in reading chair, read a fiction book until sleepy
22:30 sleep

on the weekends I'll clear up an evening to turn my brain off and party/ski/hike/anything fun with some buddies/bitches.
Not sure what you mean by
>Hanging out
>Meeting friends
>Going on dates
>Banging girlfriend
all sounds boring in the way you describe it, and the last one is a given after showering post-workout. If single bang after partying/fun event.

>> No.17280958

>4.30 AM wake up and piss in sink
>eat cornflakes
>scroll here
>eat lunch
>scroll here
>scroll here
>eat dinner usually 2 minute noodles
>go to bed usually around 3 pm

>> No.17281168

>8:30am wake up, drink a cup of coffee
>10am-6pm work, 80% of this time is spent reading or writing on my phone
>6:30pm-9am more coffee, workout, cook, eat while watching a show or shitposting, shower
>9pm-12am edit/continue writing from earlier in the day, read the books that are too conspicuous for work (length or content,) continue to shitpost
>12am sleep

>> No.17281308

>9am wake up
>fuck around until 9:30
>go to cafe down the street
>write/read until noon
>home for lunch/chores
>1pm, writing starts again
>finish at 5pm
>reading from 8-10pm
>bed at 10
im getting a lot done and doing a lot of reading. been keeping this up since nye so far.

>> No.17282068

Some super basic compressor plugin. Working to ultimately make a much needed sound design tool

>> No.17282404
File: 422 KB, 828x995, 2BCD8010-221E-4915-8564-D636D7C58A6D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>0530 wake up
>clean room and get dressed in PT clothes by 6
>stare at phone in depressive daze because I am a slave to the neural stimulus social media gives
>get outside for formation at 0630
>do some retarded physical training which involves either running with a flak jacket, sand bag, tire or logs and then pull-ups
>purposely slack during PT because it’s being forced upon me
>done by 0800 -0830, chow hall is closed
>purchase monster and honeybun from vending machine
>gorge and smoke a cigarette outside, observing the sky
>teach class on tactics, weapon systems, orders, and IA drills to juniors in my team
>sit on my couch awaiting word from leadership
>receive no word, read a little literature, swipe right on every disgusting harlot on tinder
>formation at 1530 to end work
>1600 begin drinking
>roam around visiting my friends who are also drinking
>discuss how we can improve ourselves but never take the next step
>1900 belligerently drunk at this point
>2100 pass out on ground in room


>> No.17282415

>wake up at 12
>go to bed at 12

Easy as

>> No.17282473

>7 AM wake up, make breakfast quick
>work from home until 2 PM
>Give attention to my pet rabbit and eat lunch, done by 3 PM
>Read until 6 PM
>Lift/jog (jog on one day, lift the next) until 7 PM
>Draw until 8 PM
>Play vidya and have dinner until 9 PM, shower, then go on until 11 PM so I get 8 hours of sleep

Is this healthy or is there room for improvement?

>> No.17282485
File: 2.92 MB, 828x1792, F13662A7-8C2B-424E-AF04-E54C6045B8BE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17282531

When I got nothing to do;
>Wake up ???oclock
>roll over, take a sip of whatever soda I've got in my barfridge next to bed
>read in bed untill my back gets too sore
>Get up, sit at computer, read, see booba etc.
>Eat something
>Binge read more, finish what I'm reading and search for the next book to stave off the emptiness
>I have no Idea what time it is, no particular sleeping schedule, no need to worry about such things, haven't seen the sun in months
>Go to bed when the letters start moving around on the page.
>Repeat for a while and look at the date, I swear it was 2013 the other day.

>> No.17282562
File: 80 KB, 600x600, download20200801030639.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>wake up 1PM
>get dressed
>drive to work
>clock in 1:50ish
>work till 8PM at a grocery store
>drive home, some times stopping for fast food
>audio book on the drive home
>come home
>if dad is awake on weekend we watch a movie
>go to my room
play vidya and browse Youtube and 4chan
>more PC
>more PC
>Go to bed at 5AM
>Listen to the confessions of St.Augustine (mostly) so I can sleep. (not a christ fag, I just like they why its written)

pic is wojak me

>> No.17282567

lol this is me on my days off

>> No.17282574
File: 33 KB, 493x512, ypvrceyhv6c21.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Get up usually around 9-11am
>read the headlines, my messages, emails & notifications
>have coffee & a smoke for breakfast
>screw around online for an hour
>have eggs & toast or a toasted salmon sandwich for lunch, with my mum
>have a smoke
>make plans for the day
>do errands, go for a walk or a drive with my mom
>hang out with friends in the evening and violate quarantine
>have more coffee, smokes, marijuana sprinkled throughout the day
>maybe do some online shopping
>order sushi from UberEats for dinner like a fucking king
>fuck around on Facebook & 4chan
>read a few chapters of my book before bed
>have a smoke
>take my meds, melatonin
>usually fall asleep around 3-4am

>> No.17282590

>‘fuck i should fix my sleeping schedule’ ‘i could try to stay up and sleep early tomorrow?’
this is me, but I work in the evening so I don't want so wait around all morning to have to go in later.
Hope when I move I will be a day time job

>> No.17282599

>go to bed usually around 3 pm
but why?

>> No.17282694

>wake up at 11am
>shower, brush teeth
>make coffee, minimal breakfast
>lay down again for 30 minutes or more
>go on the PC and try to think of what I should do to improve my live
>do nothing instead, waste time on youtube
>on a good day I go outside or do some workout
>try to read 50 pages
>dinner at 7 pm
>more pc, video games etc.
>notate the days of consecutive no fap and no alc

>> No.17282739

6.30 wake up
read player till 7.00
bush teath and toilet, read life of the saints till 7,50
Go to work, at ~9 read or put on audiobook. until 10,30 read payers till 11.
Go to the office and shitpost till lunch, 12, eat, drink coffee talk to to some of the colleagues.
13 go to reading till 2,30 payers 3.00
Shitpost till the end of the work day
17~ shower players and life of the saints till 18.30, dinner more shiposting till 22, where i say my prayers and go o bed

>> No.17282755

Holiday time fucks my schedule up too but not this bad. Are you at least writing anon?

>> No.17282772

>6pm wake up
>eat breakfast/dinner
>browse 4channel.org
>read for about an hour and watch youtube
>go to work at 1 am
>work till 9 am
>read while on the job throughout for about 3 hours all together
>also browse 4channel in between (at work right now actually)

>> No.17282901

>8-9am wake up
>make a pot of coffee, either take pills or smoke a joint
>read for an hour or three making more pots of coffee as i go taking pills or smoking as needed
>25 press ups before every joint or cig
>around 11-12 log on
>rest of the day is a free for all
>sleep around 12-2 am

basically I just make sure to read in the morning before i get out of control and want to kill myself all day

>> No.17282935

Basically my life revolves around sleeping and reading, don’t know how i feel about this

>> No.17282956
File: 68 KB, 200x203, nohope.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>wake up at 6:30am with a racing heart, take meds and finish the bottle of wine I spilled next to the bed
>go back to sleep
>wake up at 11:30am and feel like the day is already over
>leave apartment to purchase two six packs
>aimlessly mill through YouTube videos while sipping on the old hair of the dog
>try to read
>browse /lit/ until 8:00 pm
>get drunk
>open another bottle of wine
>finish it at around 10:30pm and pass out
>wake up at 3:00am, turn off the lights and get naked
>wake up at 6:30am with a racing heart etc...

>> No.17283044
File: 52 KB, 480x360, laid back.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>wake up at 3pm
>go to computer chair
>browse 4chan for a few hours
>start edging at 11pm
>play erotic games or watch porn
>coom at 2-3am
>4chan until 7am
the times change periodically but the schedule remains the same. i am trying to pick up reading but my attention span is shot so i'm struggling. got through a few pages of the introduction to mythology today so... that's progress.
no friends. no girlfriend. even when i did have friends fitting this into my daily schedule rather than once a week or every other week would drive me mad.

>> No.17283053

i'm genuinely impressed that you have the discipline to take your meds every morning.

>> No.17283090

I have arrhythmia. If I don't take them I'd die.

>> No.17283103

This is my plan too, dangerously based.

>> No.17283155

>7 am: wake up, meditate
>8 am: shower, take supplements, exercise, breakfast
>9 am: work on my novel
>10 am: work on uni stuff
>12 pm: lunch
>1 pm: read
>3 pm: work on various other projects
>6 pm: dinner, watch tv/youtube or listen to podcasts etc.
>10 pm: turn off screens, write in my diary
>11 pm: read for an hour and bed

I should spend more time on uni work but I don’t really give a fuck outside of doing well enough to get a job

>> No.17283385

Do you ever work?

>> No.17283415

Your awake 4 hours and sleep 20 hours? Pretty based I have to say.

>> No.17284300

>go to sleep 2-7pm
>sleep 6 or less usually
>wake up before 12pm cuz I can't sleep anymore
>listen to some audiobook 1-2 hours
>edit videos or kill time on 4chan/stupid apps for meeting people
>exercise for 40 minutes or something starting at 5:40-6:30am
>listen audiobook during exercising
>take shower
>if I have enough time and I'm tired enough I may or may not sleep 20 minutes before classes
>classes start at 8:00am and end at 2pm
>I may or may not split some wood depending on various factors
>now it's 2-7pm
I've tried sleeping pills and they don't work
though at the moment I enjoy not being disturbed by normalfags most of my awake hours

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