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literally my diary desu

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You wish. You probably have very bad taste and spend your days on a computer.

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I really liked the first half but it gets really boring after he goes to England
He also helped me discover a lot of late Roman early medieval poets I had never heard of

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>After he goes to England
Imagine getting filtered so hard that you weren't even capable of comprehending the plot despite the fact that there were only like 2 different things that actually happened. This board is just catastrophic holy shit

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"relating" to the characters in this book is such an unrelentingly embarrassing thing to do, you just missed the entire point of the book, you are a smelly filthy philistine, nothing points to the terrible taste and horrid misunderstanding of culture that this board is guilty of more than threads about this book, as pointed out by the people in this thread who can't even follow basic plot developments correctly.

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When people go blind, their other senses get sharper; this occurs with inner senses as well, it seems, because the complete lack of sense of humor (and inability to understand a simple joke) seems to heighten your sense of self-importance at best or indicates extreme levels of retardation at worst

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Don't act stupid you know very well that there are plenty of people who read books, including this one, with the outlook of relating to the various characters in the novels.

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