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That's all it is about.

It's all so tiresome and boring

russian lit is so shit for this reason. it's so monotonous and creatively bankrupt. especially people like dostoyevsky, whose prose is shit but people read him "for the message." i guess the message might be of revelatory nature if youre an adolescent from a first world country, but it's really not revelatory in any other case.

I much prefer Anglo or French literature.

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Dunno, I'm fucking saturated of love relationships, anon.

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can't get a bourgois artform without a bourgoisie

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And I prefer masterpieces like these:

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Bro, just imagine living somewhere where it's freezing cold during the entire fucking year and everyone is a backstabbing barbarian and the government propagates literal propaganda about materialism when you're not even allowed to properly have money.

Now imagine this on top of being punished for working too much or too little. Like, your entire schedule has to be made around the idea that you can't be noticed or bad things might happen to you or your family. This has been Russia even before the Revolution, as the Tsardom themselves had already shown signs of enforcing the morose regime of blandness and brutalism that would be consolidated by Lenin throughout their industrial revolution. Of course, they will obsess over the spirit - theirs have been crushed beyond recognition.

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>This has been Russia even before the Revolution.
Sounds closer to Russia after the Revolution if not a little better quality of life.

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Try Gogol.

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>Tsardom themselves had already shown signs of enforcing the morose regime of blandness and brutalism
They didn't really though, the peasants were being progressively emancipated, hence the existence of kulaks.

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fuck off retard.

do mods ban this guy for spamming? they should
yeah but i'm not a 15 year old nihilist. i got over this sort of bullshit. everyone does when they get sufficiently old. i get spiritualism - it's one of those things you have to solve for yourself when you're still going through a lil of that "sturm und drang" but seriously, i couldn't care less about that sorta shit now. i have other things on my mind. and that's precisely when i'd rather read some melville or mccarthy than this sort of shit
haven't read him. what's he about?

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He wrote in a variety of styles, from comedies (The Government Inspector, The Gamblers) to big serious novels like Taras Bulba (I don't like it). He paid a lot of attention to folklore (Evenings on a farm near Dikanka, Viy (the forerunner of horror)). His works are filmed, there are a lot of performances, so you can start by watching them.

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How could the metaphysics and spirituality ever become boring? I must conclude that you are a midwit.

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that sounds good! so sad that russian lit isnt that varied in general. altho by russian lit everyone on /lit/ only ever means just Tolstoyevsky anyway..

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If you haven't even read Gogol you are completely unqualified to pronounce upon Russian literature

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No. Tchekhov is not about it (he strictly isn't about it), neither is Dovlatov, nor Shalomov or what I've read of Leskov and Gorky. Bulgakov only tangentially (but, then, who isn't?).
Wait! how much russian lit have you actually read anon? Please don't say it was only Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy...

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>i got over this sorta bullshit
aggressively midwit

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This is true for every country's literature though. All literature is about the triumph of the human spirit over adversity. The only exception is The Lord of the Rings, which is about the triumph of the hobbit spirit over adversity.

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Also some sci-fi https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Noon_Universe

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the Strugatskys are excellent.

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russian lit is good but it's not the enormously massive and gigantic massive pillar of literature it's made out to be by literature critics, now about shitty books getting a lot of attention: anglo literature, specifically poetry. Anglos cannot write poetry. I am disgusted by what I see published, Wilde was a pretty shit poet and the only decent one is Blake who is so obscure nobody knows about him outside of lit circles.

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Chekhov is also about adversity (the government), that's so boring
literally who
>Wait how much russian lit have you actually read anon?
dostoyevsky, tolstoy, lermontov, turgenev


this page sums up everything that is wrong with this shitpile of country-lit

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Try experiencing some actual hardship in your sheltered Zoomer life and you'll come to appreciate their message more.

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How is this game did it come out yet?

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>Blake who is so obscure
He is one of the most famous English poets

anyway: Chaucer, Spenser, Shakespeare, Donne, Herbert, Dryden, Pope, the Romantics, Rossetti, Whitman, Dickinson, Pound, Eliot, Yeats, Crane etc. those are just the most famous ones

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Filtered, absolutely filtered.

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>Chekhov is also about adversity (the government), that's so boring
wtf??? Have you actually read him??? You could make this criticism for Gorky or whatnot, but for Chekhov it's either extremely skewed or absolutely nonsensical. I fail to remember one single >muh government passage in his work. Maybe Sakalina Islands, but it's not fiction.
(Just avoid The Seagull, you'll hate it.)

>Superfluous man
"So, there is this one single trope in russian lit, it was very popular in the middle-to-late late 1800s. Many famous authors have used this trope at one point or another Some, a lot, maybe too much. Ergo: russian lit is trash"

>dostoyevsky, tolstoy, lermontov, turgenev
You see those four authors you mentioned were writing at the same time. Maybe it's not a coincidence that they used the same tropes. And, you know, russian lit goes beyond the 1840s to 1880s, right?

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>>Chekhov is also about adversity
Moreover, if you don't like books about "adversity" at all, what do you want to read?

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>get spiritualism - it's one of those things you have to solve for yourself when you're still going through a lil of that "sturm und drang" but seriously, i couldn't care less about that sorta shit now. i have other things on my mind.
Yeah sure buddy you've completed the struggle, you've got it figured out

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at some point you just stop caring. welcome to adulthood

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You probably didn't care in the first place, it was just some sort of identity for you

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Google what?

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Filtered, absolutely filtered.

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Russia really doesn't change with its political systems. What ever you say about today's Russia, can be said about Soviet Union or tsarist Russia.

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It's like you're just discovering that cultures actually are still significantly distinct where extant. Russia's history is absolutely steeped in fucking suffering and strife. That begins to have a weight to it after long enough.

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stupidity clearly can be comfortable.

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>he thinks the modern westerner reads Dostoyevsky because they are receptive to Christian spirituality
lmao I read a lot of dumb shit on this board but this takes the cake

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>All [...] so tiresome and boring.
Fixed it for you

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Why would an atheist read someone who gives retarded takes like this?

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>reads translation
>prose is shit
Not my fault your language is so stiff, dry and useless

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Because deep down atheists know they are stupid and are ready to defer to others.

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His prose is shit in the original also.

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i read it in the original

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>This has been Russia even before the Revolution, as the Tsardom themselves had already shown signs of enforcing the morose regime of blandness and brutalism that would be consolidated by Lenin throughout their industrial revolution.
Workers in Russia had it no worse than industrial workers in cramped english or french cities.

This is just factually untrue.

Okay, so you are confirmed to be a child. Enjoy your thread, and keep reading.

>literally who
And doubly confirmed. What a shit thread.

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>Look at me! Hey! Hey, you! Yeah, you! Let's argue on the internet!

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you offer no substance to this thread and on top of that, it is not my duty to know every single russian writer to ever walk the earth, but rather it is their duty to establish themselves within the global cultural consciousness. neither mr dovahkiin nor mr shalom succeeded at this task.


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>retarded takes
atheists used to be smart and insightful when criticising religion, shamed they are reduced to a bunch of blathering idiots with not even an ounce of understanding of what they rile against

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Russophobic polish retard commence spmming his tranny shit and views

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Seek help or ngmi

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I think you didnt read even a half of that, dumbass

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Crime and Punishment gave me a strong window of reference into how the Russian Empire was so easily swayed by the swan song of Communism. I do agree that a majority of Eastern Euro literature is about struggling in the face of often insurmountable odds, with some weird metaphysics or spiritualism put in there. You can even see this in a lot of the vidya that comes out of that area (STALKER series, Metro based on EE novel).
This anon nailed it to the point I should probably delete my reply but here we are. He wrote everything else I was going to say.

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Not even Dostoevsky and Tolstoy are that
They are much more varied
Oh wait, you're just the dostojesus spammer
Kill yourself you subhuman nigger

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>Bro, just imagine living somewhere where it's freezing cold during the entire fucking year
This is just plain retarded, Russia experiences incredible heat during the summer since it has no ocean to regulate its temperature, it has extreme winters and extreme summers. The start of Crime and Punishments even mentions how hot it is in St. Petersburgh

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You have to be a slav to appreciate it fully.
Pic related is what you see when you look out of the window for the 90% of the time. I'm not being facetious and I'm not blowing things out of the proportion, it's really that bad here.
And in the areas without commieblocks, the streets are plastered all over with tasteless ads.
And that's only the aesthetic part: the economies are third-world tier, wages are low.
The only good part are women (if you gather enough courage amidst the ruin to stop being an incel) and bars / restaurants (if you live in the capital and lucky enough to have money to go there).

Russian literature is the medicine that keeps you going against the eternal struggle of which the westerners can only get a glimpse of in their daily lives.

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lmao u mad

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And Gogol is also surreal and funny.

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And still plenty of you retards are anti-communist. Don’t know how it’s possible when capitalism thoroughly demolished your nations

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I get it, something in my childhood was like this, not material, but psychological or existential, so I get it.

I wish you all the best anon, being a scandifag, I can't imagine what it would be like still to have this doomer mentality, so I can only wish you all the best and godspeed.

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lmao isn't the story in russia that particular homes/apartments are very well furnished and kept in good repair, but whenever there is some communal "good" it's trashed af?

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You haven't overcome shit which becomes clear by the way you write.

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>their duty to establish themselves within the global cultural consciousness
good luck reading harry potter, globalist fuck.

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If you want to avoid obscurantist themes, read SocRel Soviet literature like Ostrovsky's "How the Steel Was Tempered" or Krymov's "Tanker Derbent".

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>a Russian talks about the low quality of life in EE
>tankie comes out of the woodwork to blame it all on capitalism

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