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Where do I start with Judaism?

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In hell.

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Try the Old Test, you low test beta.

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The oven.

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The Pentateuch is the start.
If you're looking for a general history book you can't go wrong with Jews, God, and History by Dimont
If you want a book that can explain specific Jewish traditions try The Jewish Book of Why? by Kolatch
For some light theology read The Prophetic Imagination by Walter Brueggemann

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This is getting old

t. Jewanon

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I've never met a Jew.

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Philip Roth
Pat CONROY - beach Music and the prince of tides

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What do you dudes think about this book?

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Most people on this board haven't met Jews. They're hicks from places like Wisconsin and South Carolina, or from parts of Europe and Asia where there are nearly no Jews. That's why they're so antisemitic: because they hate what they don't understand. It's easy to scroll through Wikipedia articles of faraway people you've never met, and harder to confront the reality that Jews are just ordinary people like anyone else.

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The Bible
The Talmud
The Zohar

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This book anon

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This. Every Jew I've known has been a total bro and none of them were the least bit religious. One of my best friends in high school was a Jew and when his mom left us alone we would order bacon on pizza.

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Hardest of all is to read Separation and its Discontents, a book that only bad people read. You must protect your mind against it and avoid reading even an excerpt. This book cannot be found on libgen.rs.

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>Kevin MacDonald
You're just begging for me to not take you seriously.

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I'm begging you not to read that book. It makes all sorts of hurtful anthropological analogies, such as comparing the Jewish and Amish communities. It was actually one of Hitler's main inspirations. It radicalised him. Don't risk it, anon.

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I once punched a Jew outside a train station because I felt like it and I thought I could get away with it.

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Good for you, mate.

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His nose cut my fist.

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Oh, I didn't need any more proof that that obviously fake story never happened. But thanks anyway

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I've met a jew once. he was a legitimate, diagnosed schizo. but he was a complete bro.

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It's true, he dropped a bunch of rings like when sonic dies.

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Unironically a fascinating book. It's only around 100 pages, you can find it online

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That's not at all surprising, as >>17313851 said, we're just regular people. Just like the vast majority of Christians are extremely religious, the majority of Jews aren't very religious either, so the distinction of what makes them any different is bunk. I personally take religion more seriously, but there's not reason I should catch any more flak for it than Catholics or Buddhists or whatevers.

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What's getting old? I directed him to the Old Testament.

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>I personally take religion more seriously, but there's not reason I should catch any more flak for it than Catholics or Buddhists or whatevers.
Oy vey Schlomo, you wont get off that easily!

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Do you truly believe goyim are cattle? Be honest.

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Not at all. Why would I look down on someone who practices a different religion than my own?

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gentiles be like
>fuck jews
but also
>i shall worship a debunked jewish fan cult

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"Aman by name, Told me that there was a people scattered through the whole world, which used new laws, and acted against the customs of all nations, despised the commandments of kings, and violated by their opposition the concord of all nations.
Wherefore having learned this, and seeing one nation in opposition to all mankind using perverse laws, and going against our commandments, and disturbing the peace and concord of the provinces subject to us, We have commanded that all whom Aman shall mark out, who is chief over all the provinces, and second after the king, and whom we honour as a father, shall be utterly destroyed by their enemies, with their wives and children, and that none shall have pity on them. on the fourteenth day of the twelfth month Adar of this present year: That these wicked men going down to hell in one day, may restore to our empire the peace which they had disturbed."

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Yeah, Dimont is great. Some of the dating on the original Hebrews might be a bit off.

I'm no expert, but the introduction of Judaism and its interaction with Platonism in Christianity: The First 3,000 Years is great. Durant's Story of Civilization has a high quality and lengthy section of medieval Jewish history and scholarship.

Schloem is the gold standard of Jewish mysticism. It's also useful to get aquatinted with Gnosticism, both Christian and Jewish variations, and Platonism to understand how Jewish Merkabah mysticism fused with the Gnostic Ogdoad to become that most complex of all mystical traditions, the Kabbalah.

Maccabees (in any Catholic bible or those with Apocrypha) is an engaging primary source documenting the Jewish revolt and consequent btfoing of the Selucids.

The Great Courses has a decent overview of Jewish mysticism as well as Christian (including Gnostic) and Islamic by Father Luke Timothy Johnson (also a good whole course on Gnosticism by an academic).

I find the mystical tradition fascinating, but if you just want to focus on the political and social history, Dimont is a good starting place, and then look for focus areas like the Maccabean revolt or Jewish Roman wars for more detail.

Gordie's Israel is a quality one volume history of Israel. Not too unbiased, but it gives the Arab side of the conflict short shrift, which eliminates nuance from their side of the story.

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I met a IDF soldier once in Afghanistan. She was really cute. Told me she liked American guys because they were circumcised.

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thanks, will look into these

>I find the mystical tradition fascinating, but if you just want to focus on the political and social history
oh please do recommend texts on jewish mysticism. I have more interest in the mysticism than in the politics.

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>south carolina
how did he know

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There is a pretty big Jewish enclave in my hometown. By the time I was a kid they were third generation (most came during WWII or right after) and fully assimilated. They did well in business though and settled more in a very affluent suburb of my crime ridden and poor city. We're kind of a miny Detroit, industry left and the city went to shit and then a lot of white people left and population fell hard too.

Anyhow, some Jews still lived in the city and so about half my really close friends were Jewish.

Same as any other people. /pol/ is full of people looking for simple, Manichean answers, and anti-Semitism is good at that. They don't fit the stereotypes. One was an amazing athlete and became a ski bum. Another is a principal now and pretty damn conservative and into promoting classical Western education against the leftward bent of most schools.

The one stereotype that does kind of stand out is that all the Jews I know are fairly intelligent. More than the rest of our friend group.

Not to an extreme. I ended up going to an Stanford and Duke and aced the GRE without studying, and am the most accomplished of my friends career wise, but of our group of like 15 or so, it was the Jewish guys who got graduate degrees, and who I could discuss Homer or science with. The other guys it was more crushing beers and playing pool, chasing girls, etc.

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explain this then kike >>17313863

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>tfw your poor white rural area wasn't listed
Where's my Golden Book entry, Schlomo?

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Living on long island made me plenty antisemite but ok

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Yeah people are acting like it's ignorance that makes people anti-semetic. Try living around too many of them and you'll arrive at the same conclusion.

Jews are like any other minority friend - good on an individual basis.

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No, why would I? Your mother certainly has a bovine quality to her, but I wouldn't consider all of them cattle.

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I live around all whites here in Kentucky and it is all old, incredibly wasteful and entitled Boomers, or opiate addicts/alcoholics. Seriously, all the young people leave the rural areas. They rob houses and shit out kids that they promptly ignore or trade them as prostitutes for meth.

So it's not just minorities.

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And instead of helping your kinsfolk, you shit on them and mock them. Looks like the apple didn't fall too far from the tree.

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I hope you get your teeth kicked in. fucktard.

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Zohar anon. based.

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Hilarious. Whereabouts?

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