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>CONSEQUENTLY Goethe did NOT understand the Greeks.
Was this dude serious?

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He was doing the 18th century equivalent of baiting for (You)'s

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Hes right tho

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Prove it.

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Why did Nietzsche never live out his own philosophy? Why should anyone listen to him? All he did was write stupid books. He never achieved greatness.

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sick prussian cavalry fit brah

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Except he wasn't. It's literally red6itor-posting-soijak-tier.

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he was the kind of guy who claimed goethe never saw greece but forgot greeks had colonies in italy which goethe visited during his journey.

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Within the full context of the passage that quote comes from, he meant that Goethe didn't understand just how amoral they were.

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Silence, liberal

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Red6it's here.

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I don't know about Goethe but Nietzsche certainly didn't. The birth of tragedy is just his own Wagner/Schopenhauer inspired views about the artistic genius giving life meaning projected to the Greeks.

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>muh reddit
Come up with a better argument, liberal.

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He understood them better than Christians do.

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Doubt. How many nations did Christians conquer and raze to the ground?
Nietzsche fell off his horse he was so scared of war.

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He was the star rider of his cavalry company. They gave him the hardest, most tempermental, unbroken horse, and it threw him. No fear involved.
>”There was only one true Christian, and he died on the cross.”

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>Why did Nietzsche never live out his own philosophy? Why should anyone listen to him? All he did was write stupid books. He never achieved greatness
Nietzsche and the "Nietzsche daemon" which spoke through him are two different entities

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Are you implying b8ing and reddit shit is any different? Because it isn't.

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medics had cavalry companies? interesting

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Okay red$it

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Will to COPE

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Actually some Christian thinkers understood them quite well and incorporated them in their worldview. Thomas Aquinas for example is much closer to the Greeks than anything Nietzsche ever wrote.

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He achieved greatness through his books. Is that so hard to comprehend for the idiots making this arguments? His influence is still greater than a flash-in-the-pan dictator or CEO (many of whom were inspired to become that 'great' thing by Nietzsche.)

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No you misunderstand, you are reddit.

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>How many nations did Christians conquer and raze to the ground?

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He became a medic in the Franco-Prussian War after he left his commission as a mounted artillery officer. This is commonly known information... You’re arguing in bad faith because you’re a christcuck or other untermensch who dislikes his ideals. Sad!

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>greatness through his books
Look at this fucking nerd.
Yeah, tranny philosophy and reddit. Great legacy

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Being dismissed is a bit off from being the hero of the war.

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I don't get it.

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No you misunderstand, you are reddit.

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>Is that so hard to comprehend for the idiots making this arguments?
You underestimate just how shallow these zoomers are.

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cringe larper

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forcibly euthanize all brainlet zoomers

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>He understood them better than Christians do.

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A Christian has never made art

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>A Christian has never made art

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The only Christian artist was Christ himself, his death upon the crucifix a performance worthy of the Euripidean stage.

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>dude just become God

Outlining the facts of the matter are important but will not grant you the nature

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>who is Bach

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How can atheistcucks even compete?

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A German musician from the post-Renaissance (read: post-Christian) era of Europe

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Cope levels are off the chart.

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>Bach’s music is the only proof of God’s existence.

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bach owned a copy of the bible with margin notes on almost every page

glenn gould playing bach is like sasha baron cohen playing a samurai

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>still thinking the Renaissance was a pro-Christian movement
kek, read a book

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lmfao who's wants to go to mass tomorrow?

Nietzchecucks are the most pathetic posters on 4chan, period not even /mlp/ is this retarded

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Imagine doing these extreme mental gymnastics to imply fucking BACH was not a Christian.

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Neither Goethe nor Nietzsche understood the Greeks fully.

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Do you look to philosophers to tell you what to believe? If so then Nietzsche isn't for you.

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of course not, he was a half pajeet streetshitter. germans burning coal since the 1800s

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He wasn't

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Bach almost memed me into Christianity despite being a staunch atheist so its probably is

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William Blake, Dante, Michael Angelo, Milton, the list goes on

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everything about your post hurts my eyes with its levels of cringe. tradcath zoomtards will burn in hell for their false, dissimulating “faith.”
and you do, hmm?

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>I, a random 4chan pseud, actually understand the greeks

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What? source? I know he also larped as Polish noble

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He was incredibly close to the divine no doubt

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All of them were among the first Europeans who no longer felt fully immersed in the religion, leading them to not be true Christians and consequently create art.

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Owned and Checked
Fuck NEETch

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>will to power
Sounds like liberal cope to me.

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By your logic Christians no longer exist.

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do nietzchecucks really believe this? I'm being serious here do they really?

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I had a photo of whitearmor praying but I cant find it anymore =(

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Why is it always morons like you who understand nothing who try to talk shit? You couldn't define power in the Nietzschean sense if you tried, because you don't understand it.

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Easy. Letting men fuck your wife.
Or actually pretending to do that because you can't get a wife.

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You sound like a real fag.

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>A marriage proves its excellence by being able to put up with an occasional "exception."
- Neetch

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>cuck projecting his cuckery into a vague sentence taken out of context
Like I said, fag. Kill yourself.

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>vague sentence
>Nothing that women of significance do for their husbands, if they are men of renown and greatness, does more to make their lives easier than becoming the receptacle, as it were, of other people. Contemporaries tend to overlook many mistakes and follies and even actions of gross injustice in their great men if they can just find someone whom they can mistreat and slaughter as a true sacrificial animal in order to relieve their own feelings. Not infrequently, a woman finds within herself the ambition to offer herself for this sacrifice, and then the man can of course be quite content - provided that he is enough of an egoist to put up with having this sort of willing conducting rod for lightning, storms, and rain near him.

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This was already shown to be a shitty translation in another thread, you worthless retard.

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i dont know but im quite sure i read this shit before. i never thought it made sense until i saw this pic. doenst prove shit though

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>Bad translation
The absolute cope of neetchnigs

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he would be the perfect cuck nowadays, he fucking loved jews I can imagine making cringe appereances in tv "BTFOing" christians with Hitchens and Dawkins

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It's a bad translation.

>A voluntary victim.—There is nothing by which able women can so alleviate the lives of their husbands, should these be great and famous, as by becoming, so to speak, the receptacle for the general disfavour and occasional ill-humour of the rest of mankind. Contemporaries are usually accustomed to overlook many mistakes, follies, and even flagrant injustices in their great men if only they can find some one to maltreat and kill, as a proper victim for the relief of their feelings. A wife not infrequently has the ambition to present herself for this sacrifice, and then the husband may indeed feel satisfied,—he being enough of an egoist to have such a voluntary storm, rain, and lightning-conductor beside him.


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Or you can go read him you lazy zoomer fag

>> No.17357046

even though we already knew.

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>Freiwilliges Opferthier. — Durch Nichts erleichtern bedeutende Frauen ihren Männern, falls diese berühmt und gross sind, das Leben so sehr, als dadurch dass sie gleichsam das Gefäss der allgemeinen Ungunst und gelegentlichen Verstimmung der übrigen Menschen werden. Die Zeitgenossen pflegen ihren grossen Männern viel Fehlgriffe und Narrheiten, ja Handlungen grober Ungerechtigkeit nachzusehen, wenn sie nur Jemanden finden, den sie als eigentliches Opferthier zur Erleichterung ihres Gemüthes misshandeln und schlachten dürfen. Nicht selten findet eine Frau den Ehrgeiz in sich, sich zu dieser Opferung anzubieten, und dann kann freilich der Mann sehr zufrieden sein, — falls er nämlich Egoist genug ist, um sich einen solchen freiwilligen Blitz-, Sturm- und Regenableiter in seiner Nähe gefallen zu lassen.

it's obviously not about cucking but scapegoating. and its probably aimed at cosima wagner.

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The Will To Cuckery

>> No.17357341

No wonder your threads are always shit

>> No.17357381

How was he not?

>> No.17357460

Are neetchfaggots the worst posters on the board?

>> No.17357525

Why are anti-Nietzscheans so cringe

Seriously go seethe in privacy, posting your shit comprehension for all to see is embarrassing. You should feel bad that this is now permanently recorded.

>> No.17357533

Nietzsche absolutely understood the Greeks on a level most couldn't aspire to.

>> No.17357554

Just the opposite my friend. Anti-Nietzscheans spam shit tier "gotcha" threads and just stammer and sputter when some misunderstood passage they try to dismantle is shown to mean something they didn't understand due to lack of spirit.

>> No.17357585

Yes. I've never seen a good neetch thread.

>> No.17357592

>Socrotes rully wuz condemnin dem yoofs do

>> No.17357601

Anti-Nietzsche posters are generally uneducated zoomers with a meme-level understanding of what they’re arguing about (viz. this thread). They can’t grasp nuance, paradox, and complication (some of Nietzsche’s favorite tools), so they mock what they can’t understand while cleaving to meme ideologies like tradcath and Wagnerism. Absolutely untermensch.

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>> No.17357632

>defend cucking
>defend r/atheism shit
Yeah, people who criticize NEETch are the problem....

>> No.17357649

He needs to be bullied.

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>> No.17357680

We're not here to change your diapers and spoonfeed you. If you want to make a thread or even a post about an author, read the fucking author beforehand.

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>> No.17357695

see >>17357263
you absolute pathetic brainlets.

>> No.17357712

It's a joke retarded autist.
See >>17356897

>> No.17357723

I thought a joke was supposed to be funny?

>> No.17357738

Please go back.

>> No.17357757

Okay I'm back

>> No.17357799

Only brainlets think Nietzsche was a >>>/r/eddit atheist. His faith in God and Jesus was never fully extricated, and he has many complex thoughts on the subject. However, he, like Christ, saved his most withering vitriol for the most hypocritical and dissimulatingly faithful "servants of God," the Church and its blind followers.

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Makes no sense.

>> No.17357824

Finally read it huh.

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>The church is precisely that against which Jesus preached -- and against which he taught his disciples to fight.
>Is man one of God's blunders? Or is God one of man's blunders?
>Once spirit was God, and then it became man, and now it has become mob.

>> No.17357850

>many complex thoughts on the subject
Another proud nonreader.

"God", "immortality of the soul", "redemption", "beyond" -- Without exception, concepts to which I have never devoted any attention, or time; not even as a child. Perhaps I have never been childlike enough for them?
I do not by any means know atheism as a result; even less as an event: It is a matter of course with me, from instinct. I am too inquisitive, too questionable, too exuberant to stand for any gross answer. God is a gross answer, an indelicacy against us thinkers - at bottom merely a gross prohibition for us: you shall not think!
I am much more interested in another question,—a question upon which the "salvation of humanity" depends to a far greater degree than it does upon any piece of theological curiosity: I refer to nutrition. "How precisely must thou feed thyself in order to attain to thy maximum of power."

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How does one achieve this level of cope? Even christcucks can't do it.

>> No.17357914

>>denying the spirituality of the body in favor of >he isn't a healthmaxed pescetarian and yoga practioner>he hasn't experienced and pushed himself to recovery from painful trauma>he doesn't realize the body is the only possible temple and measure of GodBased Nietzsche revealing the advaitic essence of the corporeal as a force of God on Earth, both immanent and transcendent.

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>denying the spirituality of the body in favor of anti-physical copium
>he isn't a healthmaxed pescetarian, runner/cyclist, hiker and yoga practioner
>he hasn't experienced and pushed himself to recovery from painful trauma
>he doesn't realize the body is the only possible temple and measure of God
Based Nietzsche revealing the advaitic essence of the corporeal as a force of God on Earth, both immanent and transcendent.
He is the anti-cope.

>> No.17357945

I'm oding on reddit here.

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>> No.17358090

>He never achieved greatness.
But he did? Otherwise we would not discuss him on an anime image board.

>> No.17358127

I guarantee you can't explain what he means there.

>> No.17358213

This has to be a joke he didn't write this...

>> No.17358513

I'm sure it's deep.

>> No.17358663

>“In this moment, I am euphoric. Not because of any phony god's blessings. But because, I am enlightened by my intelligence.” - Friedrich Nietzsche
holy shit Christcucks FOREVER BTFO

>> No.17358996

>His influence
is only on the sex addicts, atheists, women who are seen as virtuous by Nietzsche

>> No.17358998

It's not deep, but it's not contrarian either. All he's saying is that he's too skeptical for God. It's from Ecce Homo, which is part autobiography, part manual for navigating the rest of his books.

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>> No.17359157

>claimed goethe never saw greece
who cares

>> No.17359225

Nietzsche apparently.

>> No.17359283

Imagine writng a manual for your readers after saying it's not for the plebs.

>> No.17359711

>who is Wagner

>> No.17359876

a true pagan

>> No.17359895

He enlisted first as a cavalry officer, then was discharged because of his injury, then re-enlisted later on as a medic.

>> No.17360495

despite him saying the contrarty and embracing christianity?

>> No.17360513

Other people, like Alex Kierkegaard, have lived by his philosophy and achieved greatness, how about that?

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>> No.17361206

he was projecting

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>> No.17361883

you're coping anon get yourself checked

>> No.17361896

Nietzsche's comments on Stoicism show that at best he didn't understand them.
But then, Stoicism knowledge was pretty bad in his era.

>> No.17361954

>But then, Stoicism knowledge was pretty bad in his era.
Right. Nearly everything Nietzsche ever wrote was in response to a book he read, usually second hand literature. People here give him shit for misunderstanding others but it does usually boil down to others' misunderstandings with no German alternative readership at the time.

What's more important is not whether the reading is accurate but what philosophy he's personally espousing in his commentary, which seems to get overlooked here.

>> No.17361957

>they were brutes
Sounds just like the stupid masses.

>> No.17361965

A worse philosophy. Because it was just bad stoicism without ever understanding it.

>> No.17361988

Philosophy is not hierarchical in the way you're suggesting. It's unique to the individual espousing it. What's hierarchical in the world is one's individual power and force. If he had access to a better understanding of the Stoics, his commentary would change without any personal embarrassment, because it's not the attack that matters for him, but the expression of the self and its strengthening.

>> No.17362000

>Philosophy is not hierarchical in the way you're suggesting.
>will to power

>> No.17362002

>It's unique to the individual espousing it.

>> No.17362004

A philosophy is unique to a perspective. Will to power is the ontological premise from which perspectivism arises. Perspectives are not hierarchical, but the individual's power that they emerge from, and the force they have on the world, are hierarchical.

>> No.17362012

>What's hierarchical in the world is one's individual power and force.

>> No.17362017

>If he had access to a better understanding of the Stoics

>> No.17362023

>his commentary would change without any personal embarrassment
Doubt. Why didn't he read Plato?

>> No.17362032

>because it's not the attack that matters for him

>> No.17362033

>but the expression of the self and its strengthening.
Did he dox himself on kiwi farms or something?

>> No.17362044

Sounds really dumb.

>> No.17362059

lmao. Is this worse than the OP quote?

>> No.17362109

Power there means something akin to energy, as in what configuration of energy you are. Force means the application of that energy on the world.

He read Plato, but he also read second hand literature, as well as other philosophers. A lot of his criticisms are adapted from Schopenhauer's and other philosophers.

You're both overlooking something vital in Nietzsche's philosophy, which is that will to power is not merely conscious ego-driven action. It covers all of life. Nietzsche's style of espousing his philosophy through commentary and disjointed aphorisms is intricately woven into the philosophy itself. There are "contradictions" throughout his work and he rejected systematization because a logical / mathematical consistency would fail to convey his ideas, including that life has its own consistency for us regardless of our immediate interests, that that consistency is forever inconsistent with our individual animal logic, and that this consistency is constantly involved in the structuring of our individual reality. Without these ideas, he wouldn't readily commit "contradictions" to paper, even to the dismay of his personal relationships.

>> No.17362141

what a load of mumbo jumbo desu

>> No.17362154

It's mumbo jumbo to you because you don't read.

>> No.17362263

To be fair, you have to have a very high will to power to understand Nietzsche. The knowledge of a hammer is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of greek psychology most of his insights will go over a typical rearder's head. There’s also nietzsche's nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterisation - his personal philosophy draws heavily from Kant's pessimism, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these jokes, to realise that they’re not just funny- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike Nietzsche truly ARE idiots - of course they wouldn’t appreciate, for instance, the magnificence of Nietzsche's existential catchphrase “it is only as an aesthetic phenomenon that existence and the world are eternally justified” which itself is a cryptic reference to Kant's aesthetic weakness. I’m smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Ubermensch’s genius wit unfolds itself before their very own eyes. What fools.. how I pity them.

>> No.17362282

>as Ubermensch’s moment of euphoria unfolds itself

>> No.17362488

He didn't understand anything about them, he just projects his own nonsense on them. The Christians on the other hand, now these are people who understood the Greeks well.

>> No.17362524

Christians understand the laws of the Greeks, but not their will to power.

>> No.17362549

The will to power is a Nietzsche meme and it has nothing to do with greek culture

>> No.17362562

Will to power has to do with every culture.

>> No.17362839


>> No.17363255

He understood it perfectly -- I'll leave it as a riddle for you why he responded the way he did (hint: it has to do with perspectivism)

He was an astounding philologist with access to first-degree sources. Stop lying you rat.

>> No.17363265

How does an omnipresent cosmic force not have to do with every culture?

>> No.17363279

>omnipresent cosmic force
How is it?

>> No.17363300

How is it not?

>> No.17363302

Philologists were the queer theorists of the 18st century.

>> No.17363311

How is it?

>> No.17363331

How is nature omnipresent / cosmic?

>> No.17363338

>t. has absolutely no idea what the concept of the will of power is about
protip: read schopi first

>> No.17363342

How is the will to power an omnipresent cosmic force?

>> No.17363351

It is by being a designation for the concept "nature" in Nietzsche's philosophy.

>> No.17363353

Well what the fuck is it if not that? What do you think will to power is?

>> No.17363365

>neetch said so

>> No.17363373

I agree with what he says because I see it the same way as him, not because he said it. You're the one who doesn't understand the idea.

>> No.17363416

Why are we still here?

>> No.17363425

It's a shit theory. You like it because you're a fag.

>> No.17363436

>I don't know what the theory entails at all but it's shit
Okay child.

>> No.17363468

How is it?

>> No.17363475

Fucking energizer bunny here look at him go.

>> No.17363521

>what the concept of the will of power is about
What is it?

>> No.17363563

A dissipative system

>> No.17363580

So pseud shit.

>> No.17363594

Yes, pseud shit. Now can you leave the board and go back to Twitter / Youtube? Your mind-numbing faggotry is tiring.

>> No.17363606

Will to Power is just diary of a wimpy kid.

>> No.17363610

So you're pre-dissipated. How can there be power?

>> No.17363622

An organism is a dissipative structure. How can there be organisms then? Have you thought about this?

>> No.17363631


>> No.17363640

>Implying Niggeritch did

>> No.17363644

So it's becoming for larpers.

>> No.17363653

He understood them better than anyone.

>> No.17363659

A simple "no" would have sufficed

>> No.17363705

Will to COPE

>> No.17363707

If by understood you mean project one’s own modern and romantic notions onto them and entirely anachronistically recast the main theme of ancient Hellas as a dualism between the philosophies of Kant and Schopenhauer then yes, he did.

>> No.17363724

Have you thought about what it means that Nietzsche died in his mom's basement?

>> No.17363729

>philosophies of Kant and Schopenhauer
Rather between the world as representation aspect of Schopenhauer that agrees with Kant (Apollonian) and the world as will aspect (Dionysian).

>> No.17363744

You haven't read Nietzsche.

>> No.17363775

>The famous Lobeck in particular crawled into this world of mysterious states with all the venerable certainty of a worm that has dried up between books, and persuaded himself that it was scientific to be glib and childish to the point of nausea, - Lobeck spared no expense of scholarship in establishing that these curiosities really did not amount to anything. In fact, a few of the insights that the priests shared with the orgy participants might not have been entirely worthless, like the fact that wine stimulates desires, or that people can sometimes live on fruit, or that plants bloom in the spring and wilt in the fall. And the disconcerting wealth of rites, symbols, and myths of orgiastic origin that ran riot in the ancient world - all of this inspires Lobeck to new levels of brilliance. 'When the Greeks did not have anything else to do', he says (Ablaophamus I, 672), 'they laughed, jumped, and lounged about; and sometimes they sat down, cried, and complained, since occasionally people like doing this too. Other people then came along and looked for some sort of reason for this unusual behavior; and so countless legends and myths arose to explain these customs. At the same time, people thought that the funny doings that happened to take place on the festival day were necessary parts of the celebration, and kept them on as a vital part of the religious service.' - This is detestable drivel; a Lobeck cannot be taken seriously for an instant. We get a very different impression when we examine the idea of 'Greece' developed by Winckelmann and Goethe and find that it is incompatible with the element at the root of Dionysian art - the orgiastic rite. As a matter of fact, I have no doubt that Goethe would have totally excluded anything of this kind from the possibilities of the Greek soul. THAT IS WHAT GOETHE DID NOT UNDERSTAND THE GREEKS. The fundamental fact of the Hellenic instinct - its 'will to life' - expresses itself only in the Dionysian mysteries, in the psychology of the Dionysian state. What did the Hellenes guarantee for themselves with these mysteries? Eternal life, the eternal return of life; the future promised by the past and the past consecrated to the future; the triumphal yes to life over and above all death and change; the true life as the overall continuation of life through procreation, through the mysteries of sexuality. That is why the sexual symbol was inherently venerable for the Greeks, the truly profound element in the whole of ancient piety. All the details about the acts of procreation, pregnancy, and birth inspired the highest and most solemn feelings. In the doctrines of the mysteries, pain is pronounced holy: the 'woes of a woman in labor' sanctify pain in general, - all becoming and growth, everything that guarantees the future involves pain... There has to be an eternal 'agony of the woman in labor' so that there can be an eternal joy of creation, so that the will to life can eternally affirm itself.

>> No.17363794

>The word 'Dionysus' means all of this: I do not know any higher symbolism than this Greek symbolism of the Dionysian. It gives religious expression to the most profound instinct of life, directed towards the future of life, the eternity of life, - the pathway to life, procreation as the holy path... It was Christianity with its fundamental ressentiment against life that first made sexuality into something unclean, it threw filth on the origin, the presupposition of our life....

>> No.17363795

Will to suck my dick, faggot.

>> No.17363821

CONSEQUENTLY Nietzsche did NOT understand shit.

>> No.17363908

That’s pretty standard interpretation of the Birth of Tragedy my cognitively impaired and illiterate friend.

>> No.17364010

He BTFO Kant and Copenhauer.

>> No.17364118

>doesn’t even understand what’s being discussed
Do you by any chance have sub-Saharan African ancestry?

>> No.17364365

>directed towards the future of life

>> No.17365139

>Alex Kierkegaard

>> No.17366493


>> No.17366860

He talks about becoming the bridge to the superman, not going straight to the superman.

>> No.17366992


>> No.17367339

Cuck by day. Superman by night.

>> No.17368460

Projection is strong with this anon. And no you will never be the latter.

>> No.17368708

>tradcath zoomtards will burn in hell for their false, dissimulating “faith.”
Care to explain for the thread

>> No.17368950

>Why are anti-Nietzscheans so cringe
postmodernism is cringier, dwt

>> No.17368997

>>What's more important is not whether the reading is accurate but what philosophy he's personally espousing in his commentary,

>> No.17369135

>no longer felt fully immersed
This is such a blatantly ignorant statement that it has to be bait. In case it isnt, please understand that failing to be "immersed," in the faith is half the point of it.

>> No.17369778

Postmodernism isn't a philosophy

>> No.17370677

>Two more weeks until he crosses the Rubicon.
>The Ubermensch just flew over my house.

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